Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I hope to get back into it soon

I have been a true slacker blogger!!!! Haven't blogged for forever! But we've still been running! Our lives have really been thrown upside down since I started work at the end of July! We had to move out of the condo because the HOA said I had too many dogs and wanted me to get rid of one... Over my dead effing body! So we moved out! And moved into my brothers house and I started looking for a house! I found a house! And I do believe I close on October 18th! Very excited, scared, nervous! But it will be awesome! I will say my runs with the pups have really kept my stress level down!!! As soon as I am in and settled... I hope to get my blogging back in swing, my running back to race level and I hope to transform my back yard into my little oasis!

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