Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Running Adventures in Northumberland

I am on my vacation right now. Came over to the UK to visit my family. I had a lovely time with my aunt and uncle in Scotland for a few days! We did so many wonderful things in a short short period of time!

Whiskey tasting, visiting family and a 4.6 mile "hill walk"... More like a mountain walk! All up hill!! It was wonderful though! I took summit pictures! I've now officially done my first summit in Scotland!!!

I then headed east to spend time with my sister in Northumberland. Yesterday I had a wonderful run of 6.5-7 miles!! We went to the Wooler Duck Pond and I ran around there a couple of times then ran back to the village. Then I was taken up to the top of the road that runs thru the Northumberland National Park, dropped off and looked around! Nothing but beautiful scenery and sheep!!! Awesome!!!! And off I ran!! Loving every cool crisp minute of my run and occasionally stopping to take a pic and say hello to the sheep who I'm sure we're wondering what in the hell I was doing!!!!

I'm hoping for at least a 4 mile run today... We'll see if I can drag my niece out for a run to show her how to "have fun and run" because as you all know, I am the queen of that!!

Until my next post....

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