Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yeah I ran the Hollywood Half 1 1/2 months ago.....

I'm still here. Yes I'm a blogging slacker-I blame work! But now that "Glee" is on hiatus, I have no excuse I thought I'd start my summer blogging by trying to remember the Hollywood Half on Saturday April, 7, 2012... started very early, which I LOVE because I LOVE running in the dark! I ran this race with Kristy, it was to be her last race as a single lady...shit I should have played "All the Single Ladies" while we were running! Well i screwed up the bachelorette race!

The race started at Universal City Walk and then dumped down into Hollywood. The route was nice as was the start time, but it started to get hot and windy and I was battling an injury.

And that injury really put a damper on this race. I had been dealing with a hamstring issue, by dealing I meant to say running on it and ignoring it! Well, that was a bad idea, because my body started to compensate for it and around mile 5 I felt this twinge in my knee.

Damn, I dont have knee issues.... but I did for this race. And I had to walk...and walk and walk and walk. We actually walked from mile 8, because my knee was in too much pain to run. Let me just say, it's pretty hard walking the last 5 miles of a Half Marathon, especially when you are a runner!!! Tough thing to do!

But Kristy and I had fun. I fed her beer before the race, because it was her bachelorette race and no one hurled!!! Thats a win!

The best part of the race? Being handed an iced cold beer as I hobbled across the finish line by my dear friend, and a running Elvis, Bob. Boy that beer tasted so damn good!

Personal Worst, time wise but a fun time with my friends!