Sunday, July 15, 2012 for NYC is going......

OMG, trying to motivate for a long run is impossible! I am coming up with every excuse in the book to not leave my house-today, the Tour de France!

I wanted to run 10 miles today, actually got up at 6am to get out there early but just couldnt do it. All of a sudden it's after 9 am and still overcast. the TdF was over and i had no excuse! So off I went with my two Long Distance Low riders, ceilidh and Jack Sparrow. I was gunning for 6-8 miles at this point. I thought anything is better than nothing.....

I was lucky that the sun stayed hidden for 5 miles of my run and it was till pretty cool with a breeze. The dogs were having fun but we were sucking down water and I was sluggish. But we kept going. Walking when we had to etc.

All of a sudden I realized the route I picked I could probably get 8.5- 9 miles....ok....this wasnt going to be too horrible of a day afterall.

Mile 8 the sun was out in full force and it took everything I had to run. I just hate that big orange ball in the sky!! And I dont have a fur coat on like the pups! But we plugged away and..VOILA we ran 10 miles!!!

Woot Woot!!! Big kudos and a slap on the back for slug me!!! cant believe I did it with all the negativity I went into this run was slow slow slow but it was 10 miles!!!


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One thing to work for me. It is to avoid to think about it. Set a time and date and just do it.

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