Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Inaugural California Classic Fresno Half Marathon

Yeah I know stupid! But how can one pass up a road trip with Kristy?? And to run and finally meet Row? And to see Ms V again?? Yeah thats why I'm putting myself thru another half marathon 7 days after Palos Verdes. I will say, this was planned months ago well before I fell into my running funk!

So tomorrow I will attempt to have FUN!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do I have to write this race report?

Palos Verdes Half Marathon...May 14, 2011...the NEW course....
line for the buses to the start

I had grand plans to beat last years time...yeah, I should have known that would be almost impossible after working and getting beat up for 10 months and getting 6 hours of sleep every night. On top of that, the week before the half I worked 46 hours in 3 days- then had an 8 hour wrap day on thursday-total of 56 hours worked in 4 days. Needless to say, all i wanted to do was sleep-but didn't do much of that on friday and then BAM sunday I'm up at the butt-crack of dawn to run a half marathon. Seriously, what was I thinking???

Well, this year the Palos Verdes Marathon and Half were being run on a new course! It no longer started in San Pedro and ran up the 'Western Hill"...this year parking was satellite and everyone was being bused to the start line which was right beside the Terranea resort.

Dont get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Terranea Resort-love it....but I just knew this was not going to be the Palos Verdes home-feel course. This was going to be a tour of fancy houses, thru fancy neighborhoods with very few porta potties and honking cars.

I didn't like the new course at all. The start was uphill towards the Lunada Bay area. At Hawthorne Blvd, we took a left into a rather posh neighborhood. Hmm, where are the porta potties?? We saw the sea, then if was hidden by houses! We ran thru neighborhoods-and I'm sure they didnt want us here! no porta potties! Why are we running down some sort of alley???

A porta potty!!! But the line was ridiculous-and there were specatators standing in line...come on really?? So I plodded on. I had decided to run a 5/1 as a test....I thought since I was tired this might be the best way for me not to die....of course this course was supposed to be "flatter"...ha ha ha ..I don't think so...

I really had to pee now. We ran along Paseo del Mar to Palos Verdes Drive the lookout there were a few people cheering.. but no porta potty! At this point my bladder was screaming at me. I was stopping at the next one-I didn't care how many people were standing in line!

Finally we made it back into Lunada Bay and there was heaven, ONE porta potty. I swear everyone in front of me stopped to pee! They were all complaining about the lack of porta needless to say, I lost a bit of time standing in line. Not that it really matters since I wasn't winning the race.

I had been running with the same people throughout the race. Kinda nice to see the same shirts when i passed them and in turn when they passed me.

We were now heading back to the start area.....up a hill to the downhill finish..oh wait.. TEASE you get to run past the finish for another 1.5 miles then turn back and run back! Ha Ha Ha!! Look at all the runners coming into the finish-not you penny because you are as slow as molasses and you are bringing up the rear! Good thing I saw Emil here cheering! Took my mind off the fact that I wasn't finishing but continuing to run!

The last 3 miles sucked ass and were horrible! My back was hurting, I had passed the finish line already and what a Debbie Downer that is! I did see my friend Vinnie Torres who was running the full. He was hurting but was powering thru! I just wanted to be finished! Just after the final turnaround at Wayfarers Chapel, I stopped to take a picture and as I started back running, fell off the curb and fell on my left hand! Stupid Penny. My hand hurt a bit and of course it didn't make my back feel any better, but I didn't hurt myself. But now I had to run about a mile uphill.

Really? A mile uphill back to the finish that I had already passed? Good thing I wasn't running the marathon, they had to run this course twice! I would have killed myself if I had passed the finish line 3 times before actually finishing!

I was done! I was not having fun and just wanted to finish. The only positive-the downhill to the finish. And I ran it all, picking up my slow slug like pace and running in with a girl i had met who liked my shirt ("my running partner has 4 paws shirt) because she runs with her dog as well!!

DONE! In an altogether crappy time of 2:48:39-absolute CRAP! To say i was a bit disappointed would be an understatement. I know, I should be happy that i ran after the week and the prior 10 months of work I had just finished. But I was disappointed, frustrated, irritated...

I got my finishers shirt, took my finishers picture and headed toward the small expo at Terranea and the food and shuttles.

By this time it was cold and windy. I had thrown away my throwaway (i had thought about picking it up since we ran back the way we ran out butI didn't !). So I put my finishers shirt on and put my arms inside and headed to the LONG ASS shuttle line. Seriously, I stood in line waiting for a bus for 45 minutes! HORRIBLE!!! this was by far the worst part of the race-and I already said I didn't like the new course. Once on the bus, I was one of the lucky ones to be standing as we made our way up Hawthorne Blvd, our 15 minute drive to the Shops at the Promenade and parking.

horrible...thank goodness for a Starbucks at the parking structure. I'm sure they made a killing off of runners!

All in all, I am really disappointed in my local race! I dont think i will run it again if they keep this course!

RUN: 13.1 miles in an abysmal 2:48:39

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wow over a month since my last post-ULTIMATE FAIL!

I am finally finished shooting season 2 of GLEE. Now I have time to run, tweet, blog, sleep, eat you name it! So what did I decided to do....I'm running the Palos Verdes Half Marathon tomorrow! This is my local route-but with a new course this year! I dont know if I'm ready but I'll be at the start line with a smile on my face! I would like to beat last years time and to finish happy!! I'll be writing a race report tomorrow since I have LOTS of time now!!!

Now I must get some sleep! I slept 11 hours last nite-until 11 am, cant be doing that tonight!!!

Race starts at 7:30am! Go me!