Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the cliffnote version of the carlsbad half marathon

First of all thank you to everyone who donated to Labrador Rescuers, my charity of choice for the Carlsbad Half! I raised over $3600!

On race day I so wanted to run a fast race. It didn't happen! It was sunny (not a cloud in the sky) and I knew it was going to be warm! Not my favorite running conditions at all!

I started off strong but around mile 9.5 the inhaler came out and I felt the heat and sun starting to win!

I was gunning for 2:30, I was on pace for it for a bit and then bam it was gone!

Oh well 2:41:58 is about what I run. Guess sun and heat are my nemesis and maybe I should rethink races in Southern California!

One day I hope to have a post 40 year old PR......

I will post a longer race report and more pics from Saturday nights dinner and Sundays race when I find I have a break from work! Ha ha ha!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

a sunday long run.... Cobwebs

12.3 miles with 800' of elevation climb! Yep we had a "girls" long run yesterday morning! And it was fantastic! The four of us, Kristy, Lauren, Jordan and me each have a weekend. This Sunday was my day to map a route. And since I live in a hilly place, the Palos Verdes Peninsula- our long run was HILLS.

We started around 6:30. The sun was just beginning to start it's rise- I was secretly hoping for clouds- but I knew that wasn't going to happen. The weekend was warm, in the 80's and cloudless so this was going to be a sun- filled and warm run a the hours ticked by! Can this be done now while the sun isn't out?

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to run with a group!! We had a blast! We ran hills and more hills. We stopped for a potty break at the starbucks on Palos Verdes Drive west and snapped a picture. Then we continued on. I had dropped a mini aid station in Portuguese Bend around mile 7. A bottle of water and some m&m's. I was the only one who inhaled m&m's at mile 7 but the water was gone in a matter of minutes!

We continued on. We were now on the Palos Verdes Half marathon route and my home turf. I knew the hills we'd be running. And the sun was coming up.

Each of us alternated with running the hills strong. There was some walking involved but we each tried to run the hills as strong as we could.

We were running a point to point- and ended at my house! The point to point was awesome! I hate running loops. And running hills would have made a loop absolutely miserable!

I ended with 12.3 miles. The latter quarter of my run I started getting a headache. I couldn't suck down enough fluids. The joy of running in the sun and heat! Just one if many reasons I dislike running in the sun.

We all went out to breakfast afterwards! A great way to end a wonderful Sunday! Each Sunday, as long as one of us isn't racing, we will be meeting for our Sunday long run! I'm so lucky to have a group of girls I can run with! Lucky lucky me!

My runs then past 3 days have been 3.5 miles on Saturday. That was to make up for my lack of a Friday run! 12.3 miles on Sunday and a "working out the cobwebs" run this morning before work of 1.5 miles.

This weekend is the Carlsbad Half Marathon that I run every year for Labrador Rescuers! You can still donate I you'd like!

Now I must continue working!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's 3:30am and I'm sitting out on a football field working. It's cold, i'm tired and I've had enough fun for the night and the week! First week back after vacation has been tough! But I've actually run quite a bit this week!

Sunday I ran 7 with the girls! Monday was a 4:30am wakeup- so there wasn't any running on that day but I did muster a one minute plank and 50 situps on the balance ball.

The rest of the week was short runs. I ran 2 miles on Tuesday and Wednesday (taking 2 minutes off my slug time) then 3 miles on Thursday and 3.5 miles before working all night... I'm still working and it's now 3:45am.... Can I go to bed yet???

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 2010 in Pictures....

I just want to thank you all for making 2010 such a fun and amazing year for my running! I met so many amazing people-and I call you all friends!! I ran a total of 972.21 miles for 2010. A November burnout and a december sickness sidelined my attempt at 1000 miles for the year-but I'll try again next year!

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I'm hoping 2011 is just as good and I hopefully will get to meet more new friends! I have a list upcoming races that I'm interested in running in 2011, some of those include:

Carlsbad Half
Surf City Half
Leona Divide 30K
Eugene Marathon
PCTR Big Basin Redwoods
NYC Marathon

I'm sure my list will get longer-it always does.

and remember, if you'd like to donate to my charity for the Carlsbad Half Marathon, you still have time.....all it takes is $1 thats it! A $1 goes a long way! Thanks so much!