Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have been off an entire month.....and I haven't blogged for 2 months-I am a blog slacker! I just havent had anything to blog about! I havent run any races since the Fresno Half Marathon so nothing really to write about!

I've been running-but even my running has suffered! I have lost my mojo! Running is a chore and it hasnt been fun!

I dont know if thats because I was so mentally and physically exhausted from my 11 months of working 70 hour work weeks. maybe my body just said NO! I've been sleeping! And running -as these pictures can prove! Nothing longer than 5 miles until the 10th of July when i struggled thru 9 miles!

Ugh! I have the San Francisco 2nd Half on July 31st-and I think I'm going to DIE!!! I'm not ready but must run it 1) because I have to get out of LA and 2) I want the new special "Half it All Challenge" medal for participants running the 1st and 2nd Half's in consecutive years! I will be the first group to get the special medal-the things i will do for a medal!!!

Other than that I have done nothing with my time off! I didnt take a trip, I've spent most of my time at home with my dogs, yes dogs....I have a new addition who is a fantastic running companion as well!

My new dog, Ceilidh (K-Lee) loves to run!! and she and Velcro have fallen into the perfect running pattern! Ceilidh on the right and Velcro on the left! The Double Buddy System rocks!

As for what happens next....well, I'd love to go on a trip soon-really need to go camping, but I think I'm running out of time!

I have the San Fran half on the 31st and then some "hopeful" races after that! It all depends if I get that "mojo" back. Come on mojo, where are you???

Anyone want to run the last 3-5 miles in San Francisco with me???? Let me know...I will accept all the help I can take!


thepawsitivethinker said...

Missed you! Glad to see you're back. Nice looking friend for Velcro. Would like to see your running setup with two dogs. OnTheOtherEndOfTheLeash...has moved over to wordpress and updated to ThePawsitiveThinker. Stop by for a visit!

Anne said...

Your newest addition to the family is super cute. No surprise she fit in so well. And good luck on those hills in SF!

lindsay said...

Those special medals are quite motivating! I didn't run the Goofy for "fun". I'm glad ceilidh has taken well to running - and that Velcro likes her new running partner. I'll run the last 3.5 with you in spirit! :)

Jo Lynn said...

Who was that random dog in the photo with you, all by himself? It looked like a baby australian shep but not Velcro or your new little one.

Kristy said...

I love all your pictures with your girls!! Your going to do great in San Francisco...just have fun, just like you told me when I was running LA Marathon!!


Glenn Jones said...

Boy - do *I* know what you are going through. I've been "broken" for a year now.....