Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Inaugural California Classic Fresno Half Marathon

Yeah I know stupid! But how can one pass up a road trip with Kristy?? And to run and finally meet Row? And to see Ms V again?? Yeah thats why I'm putting myself thru another half marathon 7 days after Palos Verdes. I will say, this was planned months ago well before I fell into my running funk!

So tomorrow I will attempt to have FUN!

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Toronto Girl West said...

Have a blast buddy!!!!!!!!

Aka Alice said...

I've been following your road trip on FB all day. It looks like no matter what happens in the 1/2, you all are having a great time in Fab Fresno!

Jean said...

Road trips are awesome! :) Hope it was a great adventure!

Madison said...

B2B action! Hope it was a good one!

Kristy said...

"I WANNA SEE YOUR PECOCK..COCK..COCK YOUR PEACOCK" the song of our "Kristy & Penny Road Trip to Fresno 2011" Thank you Katy Perry!

Emily said...


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