Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coastal Trails LaJolla Canyon 5.5 mile race

A saturday race??? What was I thinking?? I coerced a twitter friend, Kari, to run this race with me. So when she signed up I knew I couldn't back down. But wow, when saturday morning came around (and that was yesterday) , after the work week I had had, and I had to get up on a rainy saturday morning at 5:15am, I was really wondering what had gotten into me! I usually cant do anything on saturdays!! I veg on my couch! Not today!

So I fed the cats, made my tea, shoved my clothes on (that I had laid out 2 days before) and grabbed velcro and we headed to the car. I took my greek yogurt with me and ate it in the car. We had to pick up my son first, who is on the way anyway, and ended up getting to LaJolla Canyon around 7:20am. the race started at 8am but I had to pick up my bib and find Kari.
with kari

I had Velcro, so i was easy to spot! We both picked up our bibs and then I headed back to the car with velcro and my son and put my shoes and dirty girl gaiters on.

All the distances started at 8am. Us short 5 milers (it ended up being 5.5 miles) had the pink ribbons. We headed up the hill. Yep, up up up! I started off tired and it took me a bit to get into climbing!

We walked the steeps and ran with very short steps some of the less steep parts. Kari and I talked the entire time! Just getting to know each other! We passed a few people and maneuvered thru some awesome mud!! I was expecting it to still be raining-but we ended up getting brilliant blue sky and about 48 degrees. perfect temps-I had wanted to rain...but instead of rain we got MUD and lots of it!

Parts of the uphill were muddy and then it would be dry! After going thru the mud, i felt like I had mud snow shoes on. It was awesome and squishy!!

I knew the downhill would be entertaining especially going thru the mud! But I was enjoying the beautiful views, the cool crisp air and a friend to run with and squishy mud! can you tell i was enjoying the mud???

We made it to the top of the hill and were greeted by a true mud fest! it was awesome! Slip sliding away. Mud collected on my shoes, slop slop was great!

At the turnaround point, I decided to tie my shoe laces a bit more. I had felt my heel pulling out of my shoes every step I took in the mud. So with my tighter shoe laces, off we went down the hill and into the downhill mud!
mud during the race

The first mud we hit was spectacular. We ran thru it and I realized how much easier it was to run thru it than to walk thru it. So off we went! We ran down the entire hill, thru the mud, passing people and chatting up a storm! We would pull to the side when the "speedy kids" running the longer distances came by. And in true trail running fashion each one of them said "great job ladies" I love trail runners! No matter what your ability, you are cheered on!!!

On our way down, we passed a hiker entered into the 5 mile race who had given up on the mud and taken off her shoes!! She said she just couldn't take the feeling of her feet coming out of her shoes every time she went thru the mud. I don't know if I could have done that! Happy with my shoes and playing in the mud.

We were racing down the hill-I looked down and saw we were running around a 10 min pace on the trails thru the mud-not too shabby!

post race mud accumulation
I mentioned to Kari how great I was feeling. i'm not sure how or why...maybe it was the cool weather. It sure wasn't the great amount of sleep I got! But i really felt great and was having such a great time!!

We got to the finish and were cheered across the finish line. I saw the time of, not too shabby considering the elevation climb, about 1200'. and the mud we ran thru!

I had an amazing time. And to top it all off, I was first in my Age group!! Yes 1st!!!!! That has never happened! I was the only one in my age group but I was still 1st!!!!!! I got a medal!! Woot Woot!!!

I realized today that trail running and races are my favorite!!! I have now signed up for next sundays PCTR Malibu Creek 25K! A stream crossing will be in my future next sunday as well as a 6 mile uphill! Bring on the trails!!!

RUN: 5.5 miles on the trails approx. 1200' elevation climb 1:25:08

Untitled by southbaygirl at Garmin Connect - Details


DaysRun said...

I'm getting good at asking where you get things - so where did you get the gaiters? Love the paw print.

Madison said...

I also want to know more about those paw print gaiters. I love them!

You are so hardcore to run muddy trails in uncertain weather. I didn't even want to do my long run outside because I was afraid of getting rained on. Of course that never happened but still.

Jean said...

What a beautiful area to run! Great job, Penny. I am glad you had such a fantastic time at this event. Sounds fabulous, and it is always fun to get a little muddy at races!

Mark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Willie said...

Great job! 1st is 1st no matter what. Glad you love the muddy trails.

Aka Alice said... like mud?

Beautiful views!

DaysRun said...

Hey dog lover - got my first giveaway going on! Hint, hint! Nudge, nudge! Lots of goodies for you and Velcro!

Irene said...


The Green Girl said...

Wow, look at you and your trail races - you're on a roll!

I love those gaiters, so cute and so you!

George said...

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