Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the cliffnote version of the carlsbad half marathon

First of all thank you to everyone who donated to Labrador Rescuers, my charity of choice for the Carlsbad Half! I raised over $3600!

On race day I so wanted to run a fast race. It didn't happen! It was sunny (not a cloud in the sky) and I knew it was going to be warm! Not my favorite running conditions at all!

I started off strong but around mile 9.5 the inhaler came out and I felt the heat and sun starting to win!

I was gunning for 2:30, I was on pace for it for a bit and then bam it was gone!

Oh well 2:41:58 is about what I run. Guess sun and heat are my nemesis and maybe I should rethink races in Southern California!

One day I hope to have a post 40 year old PR......

I will post a longer race report and more pics from Saturday nights dinner and Sundays race when I find I have a break from work! Ha ha ha!

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Her Name Is Rio said...

Love the medal- *high five*! Can't wait for work to give you a break so we can read more about it!

Nobel4Lit said...

Great going raising that money! I ran Carlsbad a few years back and thought it was a very pretty race!

The Green Girl said...

I agree, let's only do races in places where there's snow! I hate hot weather, too.

I can't wait to read the entire race report but congratulations on finishing - in the heat!

Jill said...

That medal is AWESOME! Sorry you didn't get the time you were shooting for....you'll get it!

Irene said...

That beer looks pretty darn good. Perhaps I'll make up for it and have one THIS weekend. I'm glad we finished the race together. Thanks so much!

Glenn Jones said...

Yeah - but who would've thought thtit would be an 80 degree, Santa Ana wind day in late January! Great job getting it done. At least you're out running HMs (unlike the reader).

lindsay said...

you ran an awesome time with your workload and your love for the sun...

ok, i'm a bad friend!! for some reason i thought the race was this weekend. although either way, i was really slack about donating. is it too late? or can i still donate? :( i'm sorry!!! i am so slack!

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