Sunday, October 24, 2010

One week until the Marine Corp Marathon

yeah, stupid me is running a marathon in 7 days! What was I thinking??? This week was supposed to be a short run weekend-it ended up being a sleep weekend for me! I did run both days but it was at night. last night Velcro and i got a short evening run in before bed. We were supposed to run the race for the rescues this morning but all i wanted to do was sleep. So I knew i had to run tonight! Well how lucky was I!! It was sunny this morning when I was supposed to run and as the day progressed the weather got more perfect! When i set out for my trail run (yes i ran a trail run tonight-I was jonesing for dirt!) it was raining! That wonderful misty rain! I had my new bamboo long sleeved shirt on from and off we went!

It was absolutely fantastic! We got wet and dirty, the mud was caked on the soles of my trail shoes but I didnt care! It felt so freeing and I realized how much I miss trail running!!! I think it's my favorite and where I feel at home!!! We were soaked and I loved it.I LOVE rain! I love when it rains in Los Angeles. I might be the only person who likes it when it rains here. Funny, the only people out on the trails today were dog owners!

Now on to this pesky marathon I am running. What was I thinking when I signed up for it? Obviously I wasnt thinking. Do I feel ready-honestly I have no idea. I have run 3 marathons before, the last being NYC in 2004-thats like a lifetime ago. I do have one thing going for me, I'm an older smarter runner now! I probably wont be any faster but I will pay attention to other things!

So on Friday morning I fly to Washington DC. There is a "tweetup" friday nite. I'm being picked up from the airport and wisked to the tweetup. We will then be hitting the expo on saturday. I think there is a dinner on saturday night-then i will try to get my west coast time zone body onto east coast time so i can get sleep and get up early to run 26.2 miles. Seriously, what was I thinking!!

If you care, here is my bib# for the Marine Corp Marathon. Bib # 11127 I will be accepting all kinds of cheers and support from anyone who cares to send me texts, emails, tweets, facebook comments-they will all be accepted on October 31st 2010!

Thank you!

Bib# 11127

Oct 13 RUN: 3.11 miles with Velcro before work (42:38)
Oct 14 RUN: 2.00 miles with Velcro before work (27:14)
Oct 15 RUN 3.5 miles with Velcro before work (43:04)
Oct 17 RUN 18 miles (LB Half + 5 miles)
Oct 19 RUN 1.5 miles with Velcro before work (22:28)
Oct 21 RUN 3.15 miles with Velcro before work (47:07)
Oct 22 RUN 2.6 miles with Velcro before work (34:26)
Oct 23 RUN 3.12 miles with Velcro (44:38)
Oct 24 RUN 5.61 miles on the trails with Velcro ( 1:37)

BTW here are 2 of my official race photos from long beach and my favorite picture, Velcro kisses after the race!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Long Beach Half Marathon Race report plus some added miles

well since I had such a craptastic run last weekend, I felt the need to run 18-20 today! I had registered for the Long Beach Half Marathon already so I had 2 choices. Run the half and tack on miles or run the full and run 18-20 on the course and bail. Well, I wanted a medal-yeah I know it's all about the bling! So I stuck with the Half. I had alot of friends running the half as well, so I thought that would be fun! In hindsight, I only saw 2 of my friends and probably could have run the full course but then I wouldn't have had a great race experience!!

with the Heffers
The weekend started with a dinner last night, put together by Glenn! I took my dad, since he was down to be "race support and Velcro sitter" while I ran. It was a nice turnout. The Heffer's were there-they ALWAYS make me laugh! Glenn and his son were there, Maggie, Mary...a nice turnout. I had a yummy Rigatoni dish and a glass of wine! I know-I was racing the next day, but since I don't drink at all during the week due to my work hours, Friday and Saturdays are the only days I'm allowed to experience a nice glass of red, in this case it was a Malbec!

The heffers!
with mary
Glenn with his son and carol

As always it's super nice seeing all my twitter/blogging running friends! I'm always thrilled to realize I have amazing friends!!! You guys rock!! and I think we should do this before every race!!!

Now onto the running portion of this post:

mile 12/25 water stop
Yes, I did sign up to run the half. Did I think about running 18-20 miles on the full course? Yes....I probably should have done it but then I wouldn't have been able to run the 4.5 miles with Velcro before heading down to the very crowded start area. Velcro and I ran down Ocean Blvd, towards the 12 mile mark of the half. We saw all the amazing volunteers setting up the water tables and really enjoyed "our" time. I really wish I could run these races with her-but understand why dogs aren't allowed! (Even though I did see a girl running with her dog and kinda made me grumble! I listen to the rules and don't bring my dog...) Oh well...

this was the outfit I decided to run in. Since it's October, I opted for PINK. I know that's a stretch for me since I seem to own alot of pink. But I really wanted to try a race in my Bamboo shirt and just felt like it was a pink day for me!!! I love these bamboo shirts-they are from and they have great sayings! Now here is my plug:

If you buy anything from and add Penny/Labrador Rescuers in the comments section at checkout, 20% will go to my charity, Labrador rescuers, for the Carlsbad half Marathon in january! This is a no brainer way to donate to my charity and get stuff for YOU!! Just saying....check them out and if you do buy something PLEASE add Penny/Labrador Rescuers in the comment section so the doggies get money!!

Plug over....

I tried to meet up with Kristy @KristyLPants at the start, but we just couldnt find each other-might have to do with the non-existent cell service at the start! I was lucky to have found Karen @Torontogirlwest. She was in wave 5-and that was the only place I could enter the wave areas since I had arrived at the start later than most! Those silly extra miles I had put in!

Now, I had planned to run this as a training run. I wasnt going to race it at all. I needed miles and I was going to get GOOD miles in anyway I can-so how lucky was I to run into Karen and to be reminded that this was her first half marathon! I told her I'd run with her as long as she wanted me to! Now I had a plan!!!

We started around 7:30am-the race had 6 waves and we were in wave 5. No biggy-everything is chip timed and I wasn't fighting the sun!! yes, the marine layer socked in Long Beach and it was cool, crisp and overcast!! Perfect running weather!

I asked Karen what her normal pace was and I tried to stick to that. She had been having ITB issues, so she wasn't sure how this race was going to go. But I'd try to help her out as much as I could!

I forgot how flat this race is!! Of course you have the inclines up Queensway bridge and then back into downtown, but all in all a pretty flat course. I'm not sure if I know how to run flats! ha ha!

Karen was doing great! She ran solid until about mile 2 then we started walk breaks.  It was so nice to run with someone-most races I run by myself! I tried to be as supportive as possible and was so very happy to have met a new friend and to be helping her and in turn she was helping me!

We ran a nice easy even pace throughout the entire race. Around mile 9, Karen't ITB was really beginning to bother her. At this point you never know if you should push someone because thats what they want or slow them down and make sure they take care of an injury. I tried to find a middle ground-tried to be smart and make sure she didn't hurt herself but also push her a little bit.

Throughout the race I was tweeting. Karen had been told NOT to tweet by Ron @Punkrockrunner  "he he" he never said I couldn't tweet!! The out pouring of support for Karen was really awesome! There is something about someone running their first "long" race! It's such a wonderful feeling! And I was so incredibly lucky to be sharing this with her!

Just after mile 12, and around Esperanza on Ocean, Karen told me-"dont let me stop-even if I want to don't let me stop" we were SO CLOSE to the finish we could hear it! So i said ok and we were off! She was going to finish and finish strong!

As we turned onto Shoreline Drive and she could see the finish line, I think she began to get emotional. I could see it in her face-and it made me get very emotional. I actually started crying when we crossed the finish line! WOW! I cant tell you the last time I got that emotional at a race! It was wonderful and really made me reflect on my running and running in general! I LOVE running! I think I  re-found my love for running today-and it was thanks to Karen!!!!

yes she has 2 birds on her shoulder and yes she was walking the race
I had a fantastic day!!! It wasn't my fastest race-but I had fun, really enjoyed running and didn't care about my time! I had the great pleasure of running with a new friend and watching her joy in finishing her first half marathon, Not that I'm, jaded, but they have become just that, another half marathon. I vaguely remember my "first" half was a long time ago...I want to get that feeling back! I remember my first marathon, I've run 3, but not since 2004, so running Marine Corp in 2 weeks might be like running a first marathon again!

Today I ran the Long Beach Half Marathon in my slowest time but it was by far the most fun and most fulfilling race I've run! I had a running re-birth of sorts today! I realized why I love running and why I love the friends I have met along the way! Some days it's not about "the time" it's about the experience!

Today was an awesome "experience"


RUN: 4.8 miles before the race with Velcro
RUN: 13.1 miles with Karen 3:01:24

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lost Dog in San Clemente, California-please repost and Help if you can

Apollo is a 2 year old Black Labrador Mix. He has a small patch of white on his chest and is around 55 lbs. He was wearing a black collar.
He was last seen on Saturday, Oct. 9th at approximately 2pm in the canyons around Talega Golf Course in San Clemente near La Plata and Hermosa. Apollo was recently rescued from the shelter where he was turned in by his owner.
He is up to date on shots. He is likely confused and scared out there on his own. We need your help! If you have seen or found Apollo, or are in the San Clemente area and are able to help us look for him, please contact us at 619-819-0234.

Labrador Rescuers

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Camarillo Half Marathon Race report (a week late) and a crap run today....

This is a week late. But what's new. My blogging lately has been shit! I have no excuses-well I could say work-but I use that excuse for my crappy runs!

I signed up for this race a LONG time ago. I was given a free entry because I was unable to run the Lake Casitas Half, which is put on by the same company. So when the date neared-I debated if I should use this race as a long run for my Marine Corp Marathon training. I decided that would be a good idea-so I decided to run the full. Then my son decided he wanted to run his first half-and we picked Camarillo, since he goes to college in Camarillo and the route ran right past the entrance to the school.

Yeah, my kid was going to be running his first half!! Proud Mom. As we got closer to bib pickup day, my kid told me he'd really like to run the half with me. Hmm, ok, I guess I can put off my 20 miler to the following weekend and run the half with him.

When we got to the packet pickup, at Sports Authority, I realized just how small this race was. Two lines-one for the full and one for the half. I had been emailing back and forth with the race director, Bill Escobar, about my entry-transferring it from Lake Casitas and then changing it to the full. So once I got there, I stood in the line for the full marathon. Only to find out my name wasn't on ANY list. Hmm, I guess all those emails back and forth caused my transfer to disappear.

I was a little peeved. I was going to have to fill out an entry form. But I was determined that the emails about my registration transfer wasn't going to be for naught!

I was able to register for the half. So I was happy. My son got his bib and t-shirt and then I had to front the money for my son's roommate who decided at the last minute to run the half (youth!). He didn't realize races cost money though-this was his first ever race!

We spent longer there than I had planned! My dad and Velcro had come up with me. So after an hour, we dropped them back off at school and headed back home. AT this hour on a Saturday it was about a 2-2.5 hour drive. At this point I was exhausted and just wanted to be home! I had to settle into my pre-race mode.

I had told my kid we'd pick them up at 6:30am, since the half started at 8am. 8am-really??? Late, don't you think?? The full started at 7am. Why couldn't the half start at 7am?

Once we got home, I started laying out my stuff. I had to make dinner for my dad and I and had to open the wine for my father. He was on a mini-vacation. It was late and I was trying to organize my stuff and food and water for my son and his roommate.
Flat Camarillo
I should have known then that something was going to be forgotten....I wouldn't know what until we were at the race!

As usual, I got a crappy sleep. I was concerned that the start time would be changed since we were in a bit of a heat wave. But it didn't. We picked up the teenagers around 6:45-yeah we were late-and headed to the start.

Plenty of parking at this race!! It started near the Camarillo airport. We had scoped it out the day before-sure didn't want to get lost on race day.

We arrived with plenty of time and I started gathering all my stuff. handed off water bottles to the two boys and started pulling my stuff out of my bag-OMG, I looked in my my absolute HORROR, I had forgotten my orthotics. WTF!! How absolutely stupid, idiotic could I have possibly been! I haven't run without orthotics in over 5 years! The first thing I thought-there is no way I can run this race. But then I remembered my son had specifically asked me to run the half with him-so I was going to have to suck it up and be a "mom" a stupid mom but a mom and run this race with my kid. I was not happy about it at all!

To say I wasn't a bit concerned about this, would be an understatement. My shoes felt odd!! Lots of room in them-just not a good feeling. I luckily had some vet wrap with me, so I made "poor man orthotics" and wrapped both of my feet. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I decided to "try" my feet out-so I took Velcro for a short run before the race, 2 miles. They felt different. Stupid!

We all headed to the start, I ran into a friend of mine, who had gone looking for me on the full course, oops! And then before I knew it the gun was off and we were off. My dad took a pic of all of us at the start, but it was a bit blurry because Velcro was pulling on the leash as she saw her beloved mom running off without her! An I might add, as soon as we started, my son and his roommate were off, leaving me in the dust!! Seriously!! WTF! I was going to be running this race, without orthotics, and by myself!

This is when I decided I was going to baby my feet and attempt a 3/1 run/walk ratio. I thought this might be a good idea. And it might save my feet. I was really liking it! Feeling pretty good-considering. I was keeping a nice pace and was  ping-ponging past a group of three who were doing a 5/1. Hmm, not a bad strategy! maybe this is a good running strategy for me. I would occasionally see my kid-yeah he was ahead of me. Good thing he had his own water bottle. Taking water would be the BEST thing I did at this race!!

We met up with the full marathon runners around their 11 mile mark. The one thing I noticed-not alot of water tables-and the ones that were there had a few volunteers and not alot of water. Good thing-it was overcast! But it was a bit humid and water would be a necessity for the full runners. What I didn't realize, since I never use the electrolytes out on course, was the lack of electrolytes on course-none! Supposedly they showed up late!

I saw my son's girlfriend at a water stop-she was volunteering! I thanked her! This race didn't have alot of volunteers, so I really wanted to thank the ones that showed up! The race had also said there was going to be music on the course-none! Good thing I hadn't forgotten my shuffle!!

Around mile 9-10, the wraps on my feet began to hurt. So I decided to drop to a 2/1. Much better. i actually stopped and loosened the wraps a bit-helped a bit but what would have been better was to have had my ORTHOTICS!!!

I saw my friend up ahead-he had pushed ahead at the start, but I was slowly reeling him in! Hey maybe this run/walk stuff works! I finally reached him just after mile 10. Right about when we were heading back to the Camarillo airport. The bummer about this race-you run right past the finish line! What a tease!!!

At this point the water stations out on the roads were non-existent. I saw marathoners grabbing water jugs off tables and leaving them on the street just to have another marathoner pick it up and chug! I was SO GLAD i carried my own water. i was drinking it and usually fill up at aid stations, but I decided I didnt want to take any water away from the full runners!

We passed the finish and headed around the airport for another 2 miles or so. This is when I saw my son's roomie and then my son. My kid was hurting and said he was starving! Glad he had water though! I continued on. I had so wanted to run a faster race, but once i realized I had forgotten my orthotics, I decided finishing without an injury would be the wisest choice! And I was beginning to hurt-in places that don't normally hurt! Lets just finish this race NOW!!

Finally a water table-on the turnaround to the final mile stretch. There were some beat up runners out there. i passed a guy who was hurting. I offered him some NUUN-he declined. I felt really bad for him-I think he was going to hurl.

Come on finish. I was done. I was sore and I wanted to take the wraps off my f-ing feet!! As I took the second to last right before the final turn to the finish, I began to feel a bit disappointed in myself. I could have run this race faster! Oh well, no point crying over spilled milk now! Just finish and free your feet!

I finished, pushed it at the end, I was following a marathoner who got her BQ! That made me smile! When i crossed the finish I saw my dad and Velcro!! But didn't see my son. Seems he was SO STARVING he was inhaling pancakes instead of cheering his aging mother in! Teenagers!!

I'm so proud of my son!! He got this medal and he is very proud! And so am I!! I think he has the bug! I'm hoping he does!! I have another couple races lined up for him...psst don't tell him!!

he did a good job for a first-he learned alot and actually said he wishes he had stayed with me. I had the pb&j and NUUN! He'll learn and improve-he is young! He has his PR and now he has a time to beat!!! And I know he wants to beat it!

My time: 2:39:53
my son's time: 2:31:28

Now since I didn't run 20 last weekend, I had 20 planned for this weekend. I was supposed to be running The City to the Sea Half from San Luis Obispo to Pismo Beach with @petfxr. But my plans were thrown a curve when i got sick! I woke up on Wednesday feeling like ass! I went into work, and tried all day to find someone to cover me. Alas no one was available. So I worked sick! There is nothing worse than running around shooting a performance when you have chills, aches, a headache and feel like crap. I knew that I was ill-all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep! I lined up someone to come in on Thursday in case I woke up Thursday morning feeling crappy-and guess what. I woke up feeling crappy! So I stayed at home and slept!

I usually don't run on Mondays-and depending on my work schedule try to get a run in on Tuesday, but usually by Wednesday, I'm back to my short pre-work runs. But not this week. I was SORE on Monday and Tuesday and then Wednesday I felt like ass. Thursday I was sick, and when Friday arrived and I woke up, I didn't feel 100%. So I did the adult thing and didn't run! And decided that heading north this weekend and running a race wasn't the best idea! So I cancelled my plans and stayed home. rest and a run on Sunday were my new plans.

I lounged all day and last nite decided to try a run. It had been 6 days since I had moved my legs. I waited until dark, because for some ungodly reason we have HOT weather again. Hello, it's OCTOBER-I'm sick and tired of heat and sun!!! Velcro and i got a nice 3 miler in-but I felt tired!! I had made plans to run with @KristyLPants. On the calendar was 20 miles...hmm, feeling the way I was feeling, 20 was going to be hard.

I found out late last nite that @KristyLPants wasn't going to be able to make it, so I was going to be running by myself around my hood. I decided to start the run with velcro-she so hates it when I leave her. We left the house around 5:30. And all i hear were fog horns! I was going to try to run a 1.5/1 since I was running 20. Velcro was happy with that-gave her opportunities to walk and sniff!

This is how the morning started-foggy and damp! Heaven!!! I wanted it to stay like this. But that wasn't going to happen. It was going to get hot! And I was already not feeling it! I was tired and sluggish-I guess I didnt give myself enough time to recover!! STUPID!

We ran. It was nice until mile 9! thats when I had a meltdown and cried! I was feeling awful! I had zero energy and just couldn't do it! I am so disappointed in myself!! I cried, Velcro consoled me.She doesn't like it when i cry!! I love my dog. I tweeted that I suck and that i was going to quit and not run Marine Corp-wow, what amazing friends I have on twitter!!! I cried reading such wonderful responses. I know we all have bad days. I was only running a training run, I wasn't running Portland in the rain (even though I would have LOVED to have been there in the rain) and I wasn't running Chicago in ridiculous heat (no I would NOT have been a happy camper running a full in that heat!!). I had no right or reason to whine! So I shut up..thats when we were greeted by a black female lab, who decided to follow us. And you know me-I cant have that! We stopped our run at 10.5 miles and went door to door at 8:30am knocking on doors trying to find out where this beautiful girl lived! I should have taken her home-her owners were completely clueless!!

At this point, I was over my meltdown. I was till a bit emotional and felt crappy, but I wanted to get some decent mileage I put my head down, tried to ignore my aching body and Velcro and I continued on at our slow as molasses pace. We finished in the sun and heat. We were so slow, we finished 13 miles 1 hour slower than i run a half marathon-P I T I F U L!!!! Absolutely        P I T I F U L! I do remember, I didn't turn my garmin off while I was searching for the dog's maybe it wasn't as slow as I initially thought-but still CRAP!!

I didn't get 20 miles in. Not even close! And are these crappy slow 13 even worth it??? I'm running the Long Beach half next weekend-now I'm thinking I should run the full and try to get my 20 miles in on course-and if I feel good (ha ha ha) maybe finish!!

yeah I know-crazy!!

Pilates tomorrow!! We are starting a monday Pilates class at work-very excited about that!! It will be a nice way to exercise on my non-running day!!!

26th Sept - 14 miles
27th Sept - 50 balance ball situps
28th Sept - 75 balance ball situps, planks: 1 min/36 sec
29th Sept -  75 situps
30 Sept - RUN: 3.1 miles
1 Oct - RUN: 3 miles "NAKED"
3 Oct - Run: 2 miles + Half Marathon= 15 miles
9 Oct - RUN: 3.1 miles
10 Oct - RUN: 13 miles