Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I run with alot of "stuff" .... When running with Velcro I have the buddy system leash and then long runs consist of 2 handheld water bottles, my garmin, my shuffle, my asthma pal on my ankle with my puffer, my road id, a pb&j sandwich, sport beans and possibly reflective items or a head lamp if I'm running in the dark. And of course don't forget the white or light colored clothing.

While out for my long run this past Sunday, which I was determined to get in before te 100+ temps arrived, I started in the dark w/Velcro, so I had ALL of my "stuff". I have to carry water for myself and Velcro. And since I was running more than 8 miles, all the "stuff" was a necessity for me! I ended up running past a girl, who was not running long, with NOTHING! She had on all black, while running in the dark. Now granted, I'd live to run NAKED, but I just can't do it while battling the elements of So Cal heat! Need water, need puffer, addicted to my Garmin, love my music.....one day... One day.

I did get 14 miles in on Sunday. I wanted 15 but the sun came up and the heat started to rise. And as all of you know, we have had MISERABLE heat the past 3 days! Over 100+ temps each day! Yeah, this white northern European girl doesn't do well in heat- anything over 70, 100? Craziness!

I ran 14. It sucked ass! And it hurt me for the rest of the day! I felt dehydrated and literally napped on and off all day long. But I guess I got the mileage in!

This Sunday, I'm running the Camarillo marathon. I'm using it as a training run. If needed, I can dump off the course at mile 23. I will try to finish- but this is my last long run before Marine Corp Marathon on October 31st.

The past 2 days I've done core work. Hoping to run tomorrow! Hoping. My left ankle and leg are a bit sore and tight- stupid me rolled it 2 miles into my 14- stupid stupid stupid!!! But I continued on....Velcro ran 9 miles with me and then I struggled thru 5 by myself in the sun. I ire hope I'm ready for MCM. I'll know more after this weekend!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

My First 20 miler since October 2004

yeah, its obviously been a few years since I've been in marathon training mode.it feels kinda nice in that "punish yourself" kind of way!

I was a complete flake on the long run last weekend-so I really needed to get the miles in this weekend. I was lucky, I was home from work by 1:45am, so I was in bed and sleeping by 3am. Thats an early night!!

I slept until about 10am (well, I was up at 7am to feed my furbabies and to give one of my cats his insulin then I went back to sleep). I didn't really plane anything on Saturday-never do! It was a rest day and a day to run all of my errands since I had this long run planned for Sunday!

I was VERY fortunate that Kristy said YES to my plea to run the last 13 miles with me! We planned on a Huntington Beach run. I was going to get there and run 7 before running 13 with her.
I, of course, got off to a late start. i find it very difficult to motivate early on my weekend since I'm always up at the butt crack of dawn to go to work. But I got up and headed to Huntington Beach. I had "planned" on getting there by 6pm-ha ha, yeah that didn't happen! I arrived around 6:30 and started running around 6:40! I knew I'd have to cut my portion short and pick it up with Kristy or afterwards.

I headed north on PCH from Sunset Beach to Seal Beach. I ran past the Anaheim wetlands area (never even knew it existed!) and turned around at the 3 mile mark. Kristy was heading to the parking area and I didn't want to start our portion super late in case the sun made an appearance!

When I got to our meeting area, I had run 6 miles-ok, I needed 14 to get my 20 miles in. Kristy and I headed south-we noticed that Charlie Alewine was there-he had a "race" running. I was feeling ok at this point.

I was taking my sport beans and was feeling pretty good with my nutrition. I was pounding my NUUN-it felt a bit humid today. I was having issues with my Nathan sprint bottle-i would fill it up and all of a sudden it was half full-I think it leaks! I wont be taking it on long runs again!

I just didn't "have it" today. Don't know why-probably the 1 1/2 glasses of wine I had last nite-stupid me! Stupid! I know better but just had to have that wine!

I began to feel blah around mile 10. It wasn't a fueling issue but a lower back issue. And when my lower back starts to go-it affects everything!

I tried to ignore it and walked when I needed to. Thank goodness Kristy was there! I would have quit and hit the bar for an ice cold brewski had I been alone!! But she pushed me-it was fantastic!! When I had to walk, I'd follow Kristy...it was wonderful having a good friend to run with! She is a rockstar!!

We made it to the "boring" section of the run that seems to go on forever!! I like the dog beach section-it gave me doggie distractions!!

I really had to push myself and this was really when my back was seizing up! OUCH!! It was hurting! I had to stop and stretch it. Walk it out-but it did get to the point when stopping was hurting more than running! So I had to really suck it up!

My back is my "Achilles heel". I have ruptured L4 and L5-they've been ruptured since I was 24, so I expect my back to act up-it is my weak area. But I'm now concerned that my core strength has taken a nose dive!! I've been doing situps but I'll have to get back to planks! Must improve my core!

All in all I'm relatively pleased. my goal was to run 20 miles-and I did. It wasn't fast at all and it hurt but I had great support and I finished-and I finished strong....the last mile I began to feel better-probably because I knew I was closer to that ice cold BEER!! And yes, I was going to get that BEER!!! It was my motivation from about mile 16!!

After we finished, Kristy and I headed to the harbor House in Sunset Beach. We sat at the bar, instead of waiting for a table. I, of course, immediately ordered 3 drinks: Mr Pibb, Water and a Fat Tire. Wow, my beer tasted SO GOOD! I could have had so many more-but decided one was enough!!

I inhaled a delicious veggie burger and fries and really started to feel better! My back was SUPER stiff-especially after sitting but my tummy felt good. You know, other than my back-I felt pretty darn good!

Kristy and I separated and went our separate ways! I am so thankful and blessed to have such wonderful friends, who run, who will run with my snail-like self!!! Wow, I am one lucky gal!!

Yes, I napped. Got home, put football on and fell asleep on the couch with Velcro and one of my kitties!

Now, I feel fantastic. i'm tired and I'm going to bed like a good "old person" but considering I just ran the longest I've run since 2004-it's all good!!

Next up, 16 miles next weekend-who's in?? and then the Camarillo Marathon on October 3rd. Don't get silly people, I run at a pedestrian pace and am using Camarillo as a training run. I've looked at the map and I can bail off the course very close to the finish at mile 23 if I need to! I'm running this race because my son will be running the half marathon-his first ever half marathon! So proud!!!

RUN: 20 miles with Kristy (4:22)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A wrap up and what's on the horizon...

Yes I am actually sitting at my computer (rather than on my iPhone) writing a post...** GASP** I'm actually shopping online, since I never have the time to go to the store to get necessary items and waiting for my TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS to play Florida. 102,000 people are in Neyland Stadium waiting for the game...I am 1 person in my house! GO VOLS!

I wanted to start with an update on my running for September since I have been such a blog slacker and a Daily Mile slacker. There just aren't enough hours in the day!

Sept 1-4: 7.56 miles total
Sept 5-11: 28.66 miles total
Sept 12-18: 9.12 miles (lets hope I get out for a short run tonight)

Tomorrow, I have a 20 miler on the book. I'll be heading out to Huntington Beach for an early start! I'm running 7 miles by myself then will be meeting Kristy for an additional 13 miles! I opted to run alone before meeting Kristy-it will be nice to have company on those last miles! I'm actually really looking forward to my run tomorrow. I need it physically and mentally! I think it's all of a sudden hit me that stupid me is running a marathon on October 31st. When I ran my last marathon (NYC in 2004) I thought it would be my last! Working the hours I work, I thought I'd never be able to put in the training. Now don't get me wrong, I probably still haven't put in the training that would make me fast or strong, but I think I have put in runs when exhausted and have gotten out there and toughed out long runs by myself! So I am VERY excited to be running with Kristy tomorrow!!

What's coming up in the future....

well, I'm running 20 tomorrow, and then I'll "work hard" to get at least 3 runs of 3 miles or more in before working during the week, Next weekend calls for 16 miles. There is a PCTR Santa Cruz race next sunday-but thats awfully far to drive to run a 29K.... Anyone want to run 16 miles on Sept 26th???

As for October:

My son will be running his first half marathon on October 3rd at the Camarillo Marathon/Half. So what should I do that day? Run 7 miles. But the following weekend has me running 20 miles. Hmm I have a The City to the Sea half in Pismo Beach on Oct 10th, so I think I'll run 20-22 miles of the Camarillo Marathon on October 3rd. Hell, maybe if I'm feeling good, I'll attempt to finish it....might walk in but why not!! Then there is the Long Beach Half Marathon on October 17th and then i have to decide if I want to run RnR LA, Run for the Rescues or the Coastal Trail Runs Malibu Canyon 10k or 25k on Sunday October 24....the week before the Marine Corp Marathon ***GASP*** my first marathon in 6 years....what was I thinking???

To make matters sillier-I am thinking of tackling the Catalina Island Eco-Marathon and then possibly the PCTR Santa Monica Mountains 50K. Have I completely lost my mind? I think so!!!

So here's to running and some races in my future! I hope I get to see some of you out there!!

I have once again registerd for the Carlsbad Half Marathon on January 23rd. I will be running for Labrador Rescuers for the 3rd year in a row! I've reached and surpassed my fundraising goal each year, and I hope to do it again this year! If you can spare ANY amount to help this fantastic organization rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Labradors, please go to my secure donation page remember your donation is tax-deductible!!!

Penny's 20100 Carlsbad Half Marathon Fundraising page

Happy Running!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

blog slacker!

Wow! I must really blog more! I have been a #1 blog slacker! So I'm putting it in writing here right now that I will blog more!

And I do have runs to blog about! My training for the Marine Corp Marathon is happening. I wish I had more free time to train but I guess everyone wishes that!

I ran a crappy 16 miler 2 weekends ago. I was supposedtorun an 18 this past weekend but with my birthday- yeah that didn't happen! But the prior weekend was a recovery weekend, and I ran the Disneyland half- so I needed a rest weekend!

I got a really nice 6 miler in on sat the 11th. It was a wonderful birthday run with Velcro! Then started my birthday!

Our work hours have been somewhat reasonable lately! 12 hour days! I'll take it! It's amazing how much better I feel when I'm getting 6-6 1/2 hours of sleep instead of 5!

We wrapped early from work last nite and I forced my fat tired chubby self out the door for a shirt run! Especially since I was a running slacker thus weekend! And this morning I got my sleepy fat ass out of bed to run 2.8 miles before racing to work. I ran this morning with the imapmyrun app- my garmin isn't charging! And I was short on time- I so wanted to get at least 3 miles in but I guess any miles are better than no miles!!!

This weekend I WILL be running my 18-20 miles! I will! You can all yell at me if I flake! Sunday in Huntington Beach I'll be there- so if any of you want to join me or will be out there on Sunday early morning- let me know!!

Sat: 6 mile birthday run
Mon: 2.75 miles at 9pm
Tues: 2.8 miles at 5am

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Saturday, September 11, 2010


We will never forget....

I will never forget. This day will always have a tinge of sadness even though it is my birthday

Monday, September 6, 2010

Disneyland Half Marathon race report

I lucked into running this race!! I hadn't registered, and as many of you know, these races sell out.So I began the great twitter search for a race bib...and I found one!!! The one and only PunkRockRunner, Ron, wasnt able to run Disneyland this year, so I (lucky me) inherited Ron's bib!!! Now running as Ron comes with a lot of pressure-for he is an IronMan!!! I decided that since I couldnt run as an IronMan, I'd run in a way Ron might never attempt-in a tutu with 2 other tutu running girls!!!

I woke up at 9:30am after getting about 6 hours of sleep. I had a full day planned so I had to get to the expo early and race thru it! I didnt have any problems getting my bib and goody bag. The expo had the same cast of characters! I was able to see my friends from Gypsyrunner.com and bought some Nathon Sprint water bottles. I've been wanting to try these.

After staying at the expo for about an hour I was gone-I had a vet appointment at 1pm and then had to watch my Tennessee Vols play their first game. Then I had a dinner in Anaheim planned with Sandra and Audrey! They had come down from Nor Cal so I was determined to see them since I didnt know if we'd meet up in the morning! Wow, eating out in the Disney area before the half marathon is crazy!! The waits were ridiculous!! But we finally found a place in garden grove and had our italian carbo load. We finished around 10pm and I drove them back to their hotel and I headed home. I was hoping to get to bed immediately when I got home but great plans dont necessarily happen the way you want them! I think I finally fell asleep at 11:30pm.

2:30am........beep beep beep beep beep beep....wholly shit man, 2:30 am is not morning!! It's night!! But this was when I had to get up!! 3 hours of sleep-oh this was going to be fun!! I left my house at 3:07am-yikes 7 minutes late. My animals were VERY confused!! I realized as I was about 5 miles from my house that I had left my shuffle and my garmin happily charging in my house! Seriously Penny?? WTF! If I had been running by myself, I would have turned around, but I was running this race with my 2 friends, Lauren and Kristy, so I thought I'd be ok running "naked" for the first time ever!!!

I arrived at kristy's house around 3:45am-I had to have my tutu "fitted" to my amazon frame! Lauren had made my tutu (yes I am forever grateful and in awe of her tutu making abilities!). I was wide awake and super chipper at this point! Must have been the lack of sleep...so I decided it would be fun to carbo load again before the race, so I pounded a pre-race beer!! I realized I had a good chance of sucking wind due to the lack of sleep I had gotten the night before, so why not try a new tactic! We left Kristy's house at 4:15 to make it to Disneyland by 4:30.

Traffic??? Really? at 4:30 in the effing morning on a sunday! Crazy! We found parking on the Mickey level and headed to the start area. I was in Corral G but Kristy and Lauren were in Corral D-so we were going to try to get in D. No problems-the Corral nazi's weren't out yet (like in San Fran!)

We had gone to the porta potty coming out of the parking structure around 4:45..we passed porta potties heading to Corral D but once we got into Corral D and the throngs of people started pushing into the area, we realized we would not be able to go back and pee....hmmm....Kristy and I had to pee! And by the time we got to the start our bladders were full. Yeah, mine was filled with water and a beer but hey! The silver lining......the marine layer had come in right as we started!!!! Overcast skies! HEAVEN!

It seems everyone else had to pee as well-for every bathroom, once you crossed the start line, was packed! We waited until we got into the park and lucked out with a bathroom. As we were coming out of it the line was huge!

Lets just say, I'm not a HUGE Disney fan. I've been to Disneyland once and thats it. But I really enjoyed running thru the park and snapping pics of the characters. We realized once we got into the park and the course narrowed that a PR coming out of a deep Corral might not happen. So we decided to run as fast as we could thru the park, take pics and enjoy!! And that's what we did!! I snapped as many pics as I could. We stopped at took group pics! This was the first race I've run with friends, beside running last years SF Half with Stacey! I was having a blast and didnt even notice I wasn't listening to music! I kept looking down at my wrist-oops no garmin!

Once we got out of the park the race got deathly dull! Wholly shit, there must be a better route the course could take winding it's way to Angels Stadium! We ran thru the ugly industrial/commercial area of Anaheim. There were high school bands and cheerleaders but OMG....the scenery was horrible! But we were heading to Angel Stadium, which we'd run into and out of!!

Angle Stadium-ok, this part was cool!! We ran on the outside track...there were tons of people in the stadium and outside and they had a camera so that everyone ended up being on the Jumbotron! Cool!!! very cool!!

with Dave Mari
Now we had about 3 miles left of ugly Anaheim roads until we got back into the park area! We had been running together most of the race! We'd separate for a bit either to take pics with someone (I saw Dave Mari and had to take a pic with my marathon Maniac and Half Fanatic friend) or to walk but would always run together. But around mile 10 Kristy and I lost Lauren. She sent me a text message to keep going so Kristy and I continued on without our third!

I have to admit, I was feeling pretty good! I realize the pace thru the park was slow due to circumstances we had absolutely no control over, but once out of the park we were holding steady to a decent pace. I normally hit the wall around mile 10-11 of a half but it didnt happen this time. Hmm was it the beer :-) or maybe it's the long training runs I've been doing!!!??? Whatever it was I was feeling good!

I knew a good time was gone-that was ruined in the park-but I wanted to finish strong so that I could have a decent training "race" and I did! I felt great coming into the last mile and began to pick up the pace!! It was still overcast and I felt like I could have run alot farther!! I took off after Kristy said go ahead (she's been battling shin issues) and powered past people to the finish!

with Audrey
I inhaled water, a banana and a bagel and headed to the family reunion area. We were wondering where lauren was and had "planned" to meet people at the H area of the family reunion area. Lauren had gotten sick so we were a bit concerned! I did get to see Audrey in the finish line area! She had her Coast to Coast medal dangling around her neck, lucky girl!!! and then I ran into Eva, one of my twitter friends, who had flown in from New York to finish her Coast to Coast experience. Hmmm, I want one of those Coast to Coast medals!!! Guess I might actually think about doing Goofy in January-yeah I know sick girl!!! Then who walks up but Bob! Bob and his wife had run the half (I had seen Bob in Corral D early in the morning before eating his dust!)
with Eva

The time wasnt great-I knew it wouldnt be fast when we got bogged down in the park! And we did stop to snap pictures. So Ron, I'm sorry to disappoint you with a crappy time to add to your times! Sorry! But I had a great time and really appreciate your generosity!!!!! You looked HAWT in a tutu! I hope you get lots of pictures!! :-)

RUN: 13.1 miles
Chip Time: 2:55:36

Overall, it was a fun race that I think someone should do once! Running thru the park is fun but outside the park make sure you have your music with you because there are ZERO sights!!! But what fun i had!!!! I had a great time running with Kristy and Lauren! Thank you so very much, ladies!!!!!

with Kristy

Would I do it again....YES because now I want that Coast to Coast Medal. I'm already being poked and prodded to do the Goofy Challenge in january then I could finish the Coast to Coast at home at Disneyland in September. yes, there is a small appeal...I'd like to get all that BLING!!! So I am thinking about it!!! Let me get thru the next few months races and then I'll make a decision...of course if it's close to selling out you might have to pester me!!

Ron...nice Tutu and bling!


My San Francisco Half Marathon race report-VERY LATE!!!

well....what can I say-San Francisco is probably one of my favorite US cities! I LOVE it! The weather is a HUGE attraction since I am not a sun lover!!!

at the Fairmont Hotel
I had coerced my sister and niece to run this race with me. They were coming over to the US from England for their holiday, so why not add a first ever half marathon into the mix! yeah why not!! I had given them months notice to train so it was all good! I p-lanned on it being a mini vacation! I took a day off from work and drove up-picking them up at the airport on Friday! We went to the expo and then hit the Fairmont Hotel for a much needed friday evening cocktail!!!

We had a BLAST!!! we met lots of friends, wandered around San Francisco (drank and ate delicious food) a of course ran a phenomenal race in phenomenal running conditions, cold and foggy!! My favorite!!

Bart Yasso

Friday we had a tweetup! met some awsome peeps! ms V and Bart Yasso included-lucky me!!! We had a greta turnout at the tweetup! And it was fantastic to meet people I felt like I had "known" for years!!! MsV rocks!!

dinner w/Glenn, Meg and the Heffers-not pictured
After hanging out and vegging in the afternoon, we had dinner plans with a bunch of friends from Oklahoma and San Diego! I love these blogger, twitter meetups! What amazing friends I have met thru running! It makes going to out of town races so much fun!!!!

Ellie, moi and Ms RBR
 As far as times go. Well, my sister and niece rocked it! They are way faster than me-so they took off around mile 1 and I was left eating their dust and taking pictures!! They were running without a camera so I decided to take as many for them as I could! Yeah, that's why I was so slow!!! ha ha ha!!

My goal for this race was to beat last years time. I was in slightly better shape this year, but still hadn't run anything over 13 miles. But I finished feeling somewhat ok. This isn't the easiest course and the hills coming off the Golden gate are kinda a kick in the ass but I knew what to expect! Doesn't mean it makes the race any easier!! ha ha ha!! But I do this race for the Golden Gate bridge because I LOVE running bridges!!!

Here were my times from last year and this year:

celebratory mimosa

2009- 2:50:36
2010 - 2:43:12

I love this race!!! Love it. I think it's on my list every year-and maybe one day I'll do the full!!!

Run: 13.1 miles

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Disneyland Half Marathon......

Yep I am one lucky gal!! Tomorrow I will be the proud runner of none other than THE IRONMAN himself, PunkRockRunner's DIsneyland bib! Yep that is me, Ron, running tomorrow! Ron asked that I "not run too fast" ha ha ha.... Guess he hasn't seen my race times! Don't worry Ron, nothing to worry about! I am a bit concerned at the official pictures you might see of me! I'll be in a tutu! I hope I don't ruin your reputation!!!

It's been super warm here lately! I am not happy about the possibility of it being warm while I'm running but with a 6am start I'm hoping it doesn't warm up too much!

I have to leave my house at 3am to meet up with my fellow tutu wearing gals, Kristy and Lauren! That means up at 2:30- maybe I should just stay up!

I'll be taking los of pictures! I don't think a PR of any kind is in the cards for tomorrow- alot of first timers in this race! So we have deemed this a fun raining run! We'll be picture happy!!!

I'll be tweeting while I run! And unlike the San Fran Half report (which I still haven't written up-yeah I'm a slacker) I will try my best to write a race report tomorrow! Complete with pics!!!

I hope to do you proud, Ron!!!

Dinner tonight with Sandra and Audrey and I will get to meet lots of Twitter friends tomorrow!!!!

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