Monday, August 23, 2010

Proud Mama

My son ran 10 miles yesterday with me! His first long run and the farthest distance he's ever run! And he loved it!!

He's running his first half marathon in October in Camarillo and just yesterday decided he wants to run the Marine Corp Marathon in 2011! Can you say Proud Mama!!!

I ran 12.5 yesterday with Velcro! It got warm and the sun was out (my favorite conditions) so I was happy to be done as was Velcro!

We started at 6am- later than I had planned but getting a 19 year old up on a Sunday morning at 5am is a chore! But he did it and ended up having a great run!!

I went a little further- I needed to run 14 yesterday but with the sun and heat and Velcro I felt I needed to stop. I also was meeting alot of people at Hennesseys for breakast- yep a Bloody Mary after a run is heavenly!!!

I've been averaging about 3 runs per week while I've been working! They have been roughly between 3-4 miles. I guess that's better than not running! My training plan has called for 6 and 7 miles during the week but I just don't have the time! I hope what I'm doing is good enough to plod thru the Marine Corp Marathon!

On a completely separate note, my birthday is coming up on September 11th. I'm thinking of running a race on the 11th- this one has some appeal to me: in Big Bear or there is a 9/11 run in Irvine. I'll be doing one of these to celebrate my bday- let me know if you want to join me!

Ad if you are around later on the 11th I'm thinking of drinks and possibly dinner at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes. I'd love you to join me- I'll be watching my Tennessee Vols play Oregon starting at 4pm at Nelsons overlooking the ocean at Terranea... Come by!

Back to work!

Wednesday RUN: 3 miles
Thursday RUN: 2.5 miles
Friday RUN 4 miles
Sunday: RUN 12.5 miles

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Friday, August 20, 2010

TGIF...... Woot Woot!

I'm tired! I'm not quite sure how I'm going to manage to run the Marine Corp Marathon on October 31st. I'm being peeled, diced and quartered with the hours I'm working. I'm still managing to run three times a week even working the 68+ hour work weeks. Once again we're on track for another 68 hour work week. 68.4 last week and probably te same this week. I am TIRED!!

I mustered a 3 miler on Tuesday! That was after our 14.6 hour Monday. That's a hard way to start the week. It made my 3 miler suck ass- but I got up and out of bed with my girl.

I skipped Wednesday, I was just too tired!
I opted for the extra 30 minutes of sleep. I know it's not alot but I'll take any extra I can get!

Thursday I has hoped for a decent run but my trusty running partner, Velcro, hurled while we were out. So I cut our run short! Must take care of my girl!

We worked until midnight last nite- another 14.1 hour day. So I slept late, if you can call 8am sleeping late! I wanted to get a "decent" run in before work today. But I has strikes against it: 1) last nite at work we were shooting on a set that had "fine paticulate matter" on the walls- I have no idea what it was but it bothered me. I felt like a 50lb weight was being pushed down onto my chest. It kept tightening and tightening, I started getting short of breath and out came my puffer! Puff puff... And when I could I stepped off the stage to breathe "clean LA air" ha ha! And 2) it was sunny and hot already!!

Velcro and I ran. It was slow, hot and sweaty. We stopped when Velcro needed shade. We consummed all of our water out of my handheld. Yeah sun sucks! I didn't notice issues with my breathing- probably because it was slow and I walked when I had to. But now, I am feeling a heaviness in my chest- I'm not thrilled with this feeling at all! I feel kinda miserable! I can't believe I'll be working until at least 1am if not later (earlier)... Yep it's a FRATURDAY!

Tuesday: RUN: 3.0 miles
Thursday: RUN: 2.5 miles
Friday: RUN: 4.1 miles

Have I mentioned that I am so happy it's Friday! I have a long run set up with my gal J. Notorias and then a bday run for @liloruns afterwards! And he best part... I am only working 4 days next week- moving my son into school on Friday.

I'm still hoping to run the Mosesto Midnight Half next Saturday night and then I'll also be running the Disneyland Half over the labor day weekend. I am really going to hae to push myself to run longer than 13 miles on my Sundays!! I think I'm going to have to beg friends to drag my butt out and run! If I am held accountable and am meeting people to run I won't "skip" my long runs!

Now... Time to sit and wait until we finish lighting this performance that we are shooting. I'm so hoping for a short day! Ha!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010


67.5 hours ... The number of hours I worked last week. I'm guessing this week will be more if yesterday is any indication of how my work weeks are going: 14 hours worked, 19 hours awake, 6 hours of sleep last nite.

Even though I felt like I had been hit by a train this morning, I still got a run in before work. It wasn't great- as a matter of fact it was pretty slow. I could have quit in the first 2 miles but I pushed thru! When I hit the 2 mile mark I finally started to feel better! I finished "strong" - of course "strong" is a relative term when the start o my run feels like ass! But I did it! I got out there and got some miles in and now I'm at working "hoping" we only work 12 hours today!!

RUN: 3.5 miles with Velcro (44:34)

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I was TIRED on Saturday. Lazed about most of the day. I ran a few errands but didn't run.

Sunday was my "long run" day and I had a "running date" in hermosa beach with one of my Twitter running friends @liloruns. I was super excited! We started at 6:30 under a marine layer and headed north. I think we were both happy we had someone else running with us because I wasn't super motivated and neither was she! Staying in bed on Sunday was a HUGE option! But we were out there!

Around mile 8.5 my back really started hurting. The same thing happened the last time I ran on the strand. Hmm maybe concrete and me don't get along! We finished our 10 miles strong! My back was sore but I tried to ignore it because we were now heading to breakast with @kristyLPants at Hennesseys!

It was a wonderful morning with wonderful new friends! I hope to run many more runs with both of them!

Monday was my day off- good thing! I woke up tired! I was so happy that we worked a short day! I was home by 8pm!!! Woot woot! I was too tired to run but went to bed early so I could get up at 4:15am this morning to run!

And yes I was up at 4:15am and out the door at 4:45am for my run with Velcro! There aren't many people out at that hour-and none running!! Velcro and I saw 3 ducks and a woman and her dog and that was it!!! But what a beautiful morning! I really do love being the only person out running! It was incredibly peaceful!!!

Now I'm at work! I'll be looking forward to my lunchtime nap. Hopefully we don't have a long day so I can do it all again tomorrow!

Sunday: 10.1 miles (2:03:47)
Tuesday 3.07 miles (39:21)

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Friday, August 6, 2010


Thank goodness today is Friday! This is the first full week of work being completed-so happy it's Friday! I'm a bit tired! I thought the week would be "short"- of course that is a relative term in the film industry.

Let me re- cap the past weekend. Ut SUCKED!! My cat, Perfy, has IBD ad GI Lymphoma and Saturday and sunday i thought I was losing him!!! He was super Ill, lethargic and projectile vomitted 3 times on Saturday! I knew he'd have "bad days" but wow- this was a bad 2 days!! I ran 5 miles Saturday morning before knowing how sick my cat was. I spent the rest of the day hovering around him. Sunday I had 10 miles in the books. I woke up Sunday and Perfy wasn't any better. Needless to say I hadn't slept well at all and now I was supposed to go run 10 miles in the sun? NO! I decided to try for an evening run of 10 miles. What I didn't realize was how spent I was! I had spent Sunday willing Perfy to eat and drink!! Because those are the two criteria I use with aging animals- if they continue to eat and drink then I willdo whatever I can for them. But assoon as they stop eating- that is usually a sign. Perfy wasn't keeping his food down. Nothing like seeing a cat projectile vomit! Unfortunately, I didn't have a bag of fluids in the house- sobi was attempting to give him water in a syringe!

At this point, I had to go out and run. My son and I headed to the ocean. I had planned 10 miles but knew as soon as I started that 10 miles wasn't going to happen! I was crying and had zero energy!!! I pushed and pushed thru tears and a beautiful sunset!!! But I ran 5 ugly slow miles filled wih stops and crying breaks! But I did it!! I finished and felt spent an exhausted but a tad better!

I got home and Perfy was off the bed drinking water!! Good news!! I had picked up some chicken baby food after running- I put a little bit on a spoon and tempted him-he ate it!!!! He was still lethargic but he was eating!!!

Monday started my first full week of work! The "goal" has been to finish our work days in 12 hours (that's 12 hours shooting) with our 1 hour lunch- that would be a 13 hour day at work for me! I will accept that- last season we were doing 14-15 hours worked!

Monday and Tuesday were held to 12 hours! I had 6:30am calls- so I didn't run. Monday is a normal rest day and I was suppose to run 5 on Tuesday (hmm 5 miles before work has NEVER happened for me). I'd have to have gotten up at 3:30am to get 5 miles in- yeah NO. So I waited to run on Wednesday since I didn't have to be at work until 8:30am.

Wednesday I powered thru a 4 mile run before work!! So proud of myself! That's the longest "Pre-work" run I've done in a very long time! I felt great! We worked outside half of the day- yeah in the sun and heat... It started sucking the life out of me! And when we for into our stage aka the cave, I felt fried! And then it started- our first 14 hour work day!! Brutal! With the hour lunch and my commute time and "getting ready" time, working a 14 hour day means I'm up for about 19-20 hours!

I got 6 hours of sleep Wednesday night. I had to run beore work! Had to!! Must get 3 runs in during the week and a long run on Sundays if I'm going to attempt Marine Corp Marathon in October! 3 ugly miles were all I accomplished Thursday morning. They were ugly and slow but I got my arse out of bed and onto the streets!!

Yep- worked another 14 hour day yesterday! I was up for 19 hours yet again! Getting up after just 6.5 hours of sleep was harder today than yesterday!! I set my alarm to get 3 miles in! Wow- they were a hard 3!! I could have so hit snooze and slept but I knew I'd be very disappointed in myself. So off Velcro and I went for a slogfest of 3 miles! I felt like crap before running but felt so much better afterwards!!

So all in all, considering I've just started workig again and I don't quite have my work legs under me, I'm happy with my runs!!!

Tomorrow I'm sleeping!!! And I'm FINALLY getting my new Asics Gel Nimbus womens size 12! Only taken 3 weeks to get them from Asics!!

Sunday I will get those 10 miles in that I missed last weekend!

Tuesday 4.5 miles
Thursday 2.5 miles
Saturday 5 miles
Sunday 5 miles
Wednesday 4 miles
Thursday 3 miles
Friday 3 miles

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