Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Cliff Note Version of the San Fran Half Race Report

I went, I ate, I saw LOTS of friends, I ran, it was foggy and cool, I finished with a course PR bettering last years time by 7 minutes.

I will write a more detailed, picture filled race report on Saturday! I am back to work now so my time is limited and this race report will take some time!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

A HOT weekend.....

The sun was out all weekend. And I am not a big fan of the sun or heat! Yeah pretty much hate it! I realize those are harsh words but I am an overcast and rain lover-it's just who I am!!! Must be my Scottish mother and all the summers I spent in Scotland away from the scorching sun and heat of the South.

So Needless to say, I was not happy about the sun being up and out when i woke up (just thought I'd say that today, Monday, I woke up to the marine layer-of course this is my rest day! Typical!)

Saturday I didn't realize just how warm it was when I started my run at 7am. Way too late! What was I thinking? Oh well-what could I do at this point? Not much but suck it up and get out there. I wanted to do about 4 or 5 miles.

Off Velcro and I went-heading toward the cruise ship terminals. I know this route can give me a 4 or a 5 miler. Ugh-it was HOT and sunny! And there was NO SHADE on my run. Velcro and I were sucking water down-thank goodness there are water fountains on this route!

We got back to the house and literally collapsed-it was horrible! Bleck I hate this weather!

On Sunday, I HAD to get a long run in. I had set my alarm for 5am-but for some reason I was exhausted when I heard that alarm and changed it to 6am. I have been SO TIRED lately. I realized it had been about 5 days since I've had my Thyroid medication. I mail order my pills-and I left it until the very last minute-I guess I left it too late. For they didnt arrive for 5 days. So I'm sure my Thyoid was screaming!. I've been a bit depressed and tired...gotta love that stupid Thyroid!

But I forced myself up at 6am and got out the door around 6:45-yeah late! Ugh!

In my mind I wanted to do 8 miles. And 8 miles was on my Marathon Training Plan for Sunday. Yeah, that started this past week as well. Great!!! Lets see how long I can keep this up once I start working!

I had originally wanted to run a new route-but I wasnt able to map it out and thought it might be toasty warm since it took me away from the ocean. So i fell back on a route I knew, which took me to the beloved ocean where it is usually cooler! And I was running in my "free Runners World Photo Shoot" shoes....hmmm I had run the Rockin the OC Half in them and wasn't too thrilled because I felt my back twinging!

It was sunny!!! And it was warm, even at 7am. At least it was going to be a little cooler than it would have been if I had gone inland!

I had both of my water bottles with me and was running with Velcro. I was a bit concerned about her running so far with the temps increasing. So I took more walk breaks than I probably needed (I needed some don't get me wrong!) And we occasionally stopped so that she could get a lie down in the shade!

Luckily she drinks out of my Amphipod handheld!! And there were quite a few water fountains on our route-so I filled up whenever we passed a water fountain! Cant imagine what it must feel like to run in a fur coat in the sun and heat! Who else runs with their dogs? Do you stop more? Does your dog drink out of your water bottles? Do you carry a bowl for your dog? Maybe I'm the only one who is overly concerned about my dog. If I'm hot I know she is! Back to our run!

We were heading back from our turnaround point and I saw a VERY welcome sight-a marine layer working it's way in! Wow!! Couldn't have come at a better time! I was beginning to really be hurting! My back was screaming at me! Damn these free shoes! I don't know what it is-they are not my Asics Gel Nimbus! Oh how I miss you Asics Gel Nimbus! You are on order (since my womens size 12 is not normally in any running store including mine!) I will have you SOON, I hope!

I had to put off buying them since $120 is alot to drop when you aren't working! But at this point, after running the Rockin the OC Half in these Rebook Aztrecs, I had to order them!!

With the marine layer coming in,the temps began to drop! Sheer joy!! Physically and mentally it was a huge difference! Something positive to combat the pain in my back!

I'm sure by now I have psyched myself out about running in the heat and sun. But if you burn like I do, have breathing issues and asthma attacks when the heat and sun are present and feel an over all "sucking of your life" you too might psyche yourself out and feel an overall BLECK when you run in the sun. Yeah, I'm sure it's mental-but I'd better there are some of you who do the same when it's overcast or raining??!Oh well-time to conquer the rest of the flat and head up the .75 mile uphill that I put at mile 7.5! All this in preparation (mental) for San Francisco that is this Sunday!

I will just tell you that it was a bit easier to run the uphill with a marine layer! The road I run up is in the midst of construction-so all the sidewalks have been ripped up. It's curvy and people FLY up and down this road-so I don't necessarily like running on the road on this stretch (think F1-love the corners!) but I had to!

I was happy when i got to a sidewalk portion so that I could leave the wanna be F1 drivers to their own devices! And concentrate on "no pain" "no pain"

Just a little more uphill until the final mile and a half which is relatively flat or downhill. My neighborhood is fairly hilly! Some pretty steep climbs! I seem to love to sprinkle them into my runs!At this point the marine layer had come in pretty heavy! The sun was losing it's battle!!! And I immediately was feeling better! If only my back would STOP! I had to stop and stretch it. And then the start up was hard! Sorry Velcro no breaks for you or momma wont be running anymore! Thank goodness for no sunshine for my back was winning this battle!

We finally made it back to the house! 9 miles completed. One more than my Marine Corp Marathon training plan had specified but a good pre-San Francisco Half Marathon run! I felt good-except for my aching back! OUCH!

I hobbled inside-yeah, it was that stiff, and sat down on my couch. i realize this could have been a HUGE mistake. Good possibility of not getting up from the couch! But I had to get off my feet and put my back on a soft surface! So sore and stiff!! Horrible! It felt like I had run in shoes that had 100 miles over their "bad" limit. It was that sore!

And this morning-I got out of bed like an old lady! Stiff and sore! That hasn't happened in years! I bought a temperpedic bed to remedy that ever happening again!

So what to do. Well, my Asics Gel Nimbus are ordered-and I'm hoping they arrive this week. I still have an older pair. They are hovering around the mileage limit-but at this rate I'd say they are a better pick than running any long distance in the Rebook Aztrecs! They may be relegated to "work shoes"

I start prepping for Glee tomorrow-so I think I'll try to get evening trail runs in before I leave for San Francisco on Friday morning. I want to run a few this week but I dont think I can put my back thru all of that on the roads!

Remember, if you are going to be in San Francisco this weekend for the race we have a tweetup going on Friday starting at 6pm at The Royal Exchange. It's near the San Francisco host hotel. Please stop by-our little meet up starts at 6pm. Here is the invite: we will have a raffle with some great "prizes" also, some of us will be "carbo loading" at Il Fornaio on saturday night at 6pm....we have a reservation but if you'd like to "join us" so to speak, I'm sure you can make a reservation ( and join us!

Saturday: RUN 5.1 miles with Velcro (1:00)
Sunday: RUN 9.0 miles with Velcro (1:50)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to the Trails I go......

The SUN is back! My morning lovely cool crisp heavenly overcast is gone! We are being pummeled by heat and I am not happy about it! I am in hiding during the day! You wont catch this pale girl out in the heat and sun! Because I've been taking my kid to summer school in the morning, I had been running later than normal. So now, that it's sunny and warm at 7am, I had to run at night last nite. Lets just say, if you are a morning runner, it's damn hard to get up and moving in the evening! And that's what I felt like last night! I felt like I had been run over by a big ass train! Exhausted! Of course, sitting in a house without ac when it's butt-ugly hot outside doesnt make for a sprightly evening person!
So around 6:30, Velcro and I headed to Ocean Trails. I really want to get trail runs in this week for a few reasons:

  • hills! Need those since San Fran is less than 2 weeks away
  • I am trying to avoid running in the Reebok shoes until my Asics Gel Nimbus arrive (sad I realize)
So, we will be running trails as much as I can this week! I do love the trails. There is something about running in dirt, up hills, sweating (ok, I dont like sweating), getting peeled by the hills and then being able to go down! I just really enjoy it!

The sun was still pretty high when we started. I pulled my cap down as low as possible over my eyes and off we went! I only had one water bottle with me-I nearly forgot it!

Because I was so tired, and it took alot to get me started. I was yawning and miserable, I decided I'd just do about 3 miles, But once I get out there, I cant not do at least 4 miles! Feels like such a waste! So I decided to run the same route as I did the day before. Wow, what a difference a day makes!! It was like night and day! I couldn't run today! legs felt like someone had poured lead into them!!!

But I kept plodding away! I think it's a little easier to run trails when you just dont want to run at all-well, mentally easier maybe not physically easier! So many things to distract you-sunsets, bunnies, lizards, bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies! Yes, it was bunny hour-sunset usually is! And Velcro was having fun when she saw the bunnies but not liking the heat. She and I make the perfect running partners!! I do wish I could have gone farther today-but I guess I should be very happy that I got out when I could have stayed by my computer!! But staying indoors makes me crazy-and nothing will make your day better like a run!!

We ended feeling good! But boy it took me at least 2 miles to feel better! That really sucks when your run is only 4 miles long!! Half of it was crap and half was ok! Hey, at least i got out there and enjoyed the dirt and the sunset!!

Now, an update of sorts.

The San Francisco Marathon and Half Marathon is in less than 2 weeks-Yikes!! Wht do I do this to myself. I have had 3 months off-I should be in the best shape of my life-but life sometimes doesnt allow you to be selfish. And mine has been spent dealing with my son and his summer school and being a bit down about not working and eating into my savings. But luckily, that will be coming to a halt. Work starts next week and then BAM, San Fran!

I think I am more prepared this year than last year! I will be heading up there on Friday and we have set up a "tweetup/meet and greet" on Friday night. So if you are in San Francisco on Friday for the race or not, please join us at The Royal Exchange. It is a few blocks from the Host Hotel and it will be fun to meet lots of new people! Here is the link to the invite: We have enough people to reserve the backroom.

Hope to see you in San Fran! And I hope to continue running as much as I can before work starts!!

Tuesday: RUN 4.0 miles (53:16) on the trails with Velcro

Monday, July 12, 2010

I "Rocked the OC" in a "little" Half Marathon....

I signed up and participated in my very first Charlie Alewine racing even this past Saturday. The "Rockin the OC" Half Marathon. I had heard "interesting" things about the events-most not positive, but i'm a big believer in trying it out for myself-hell, I might like it! He puts on races, I swear, every weekend! Usually half marathons and Fulls-sometimes longer. Some on trails some on "roads/pavement." I had read some descriptions of some of the races and opted, and was lucky that it wasn't sold out (he limits his "races" to 25 people) to a race along the beach in Huntington Beach.  I chose this race for numerous reasons: 

  • I'm running the San Fran Half in 2 weeks and needed a long run because I just don't have the discipline to get my fat ass out there by myself and run 13 miles without having spent $$ on it.
  • it was beside the ocean which meant a HIGH possibility of overcast for a good portion of my 2 and a half hours out there pounding away!
  • Unlike many of his races, this "half" was an out and back-not 3 or 6 loops of the same course! (I might have shot myself if I had to do that!)
So, here I was, in the OC running this "very low key half marathon." I had heard most participants are members of Marathon Maniacs and run the marathon-yep, there were quite a few marathon maniacs out there running but I represented my group, the Half Fanatics, and I was surprised that there were more people running the Half (16) than the Full(13) hmm yeah that is more than 25 people..I found out, there are ALOT of regulars!

He gives you the option of starting early, but you aren't eligible for the "trophy" for the top 3 places! In hindsight, maybe I should have started early but it was fun starting with "the pack" Yet felt rather odd running a "race" with such a small group of people-felt like a group out for a training run!

I had decided I was going to run this "race" a particular way. I'd run .9 walk for .1 and then run again. I was running in my "free" shoes the Rebbok Aztrecs 2 that I had received as a gift from the Runners World photo shoot. I hadn't run any long distance in these shoes-so I was a little wary! And this was a training run after-all!

I headed south from the "start line" at Sunset beach. BTW, if you want a "race with a "race number" these might not be the races for you! I did get a tech t-shirt but no race number. But, there were only 25 oops 29 runners!

We headed south on the beach path. The first thing i noticed was the large number of people out at 7:30am at the beach! And the large number of people bundled up like it was friggin winter carrying fire wood to the beach and starting fires in the fire pits-really? On did bother me was the smoke from these said fire pits-hmm-sucked! I LOVE to inhale smoke as I'm running! Love it! There was at least a mile and a half of "fire pit heaven" and then we made our way to the Huntington Beach Dog beach area-my kind of beach! Dogs! Velcro and I have been there once-but since she's not  big fan of water or large packs of dogs, we dont really frequent the Dog Beach much. But I love seeing happy dogs playing in the water and on the sand!

Keep pushing south, Penny. I know we had to run past the Huntington Beach Pier and I saw it in the distance. Lots of people out running! So technically speaking, I could drive down there and do a long run and "technically" I wouldnt be running alone! I just kept plodding along, lets face the facts, my pace is a plod! I'm a happy plodder, but a plodder none0the-less!

The first aid station was supposed to be around mile 4.5, but it was earlier-I think alot of people ran past it. I talked to two girls around the HB Pier who were looking for the aid station-I had to tell them that they had past it. So if you run these "races" look for the 2 orange water coolers on a small table-they have water and Gatorade.

Charlie had said that we would see a huge turnaround chalk mark on the path once we ran passed the pier. I started seeing fellow "racers" so I knew I was close-yep, couldn't miss it! Boy, was I happy I was only doing one loop of this! It's pretty and flat but an out and back is enough for me, but an out and back and then back out and back again?? HELL! Woot Woot for only doing the Half!

Heading back along the same way I came, I began to see Marathon Maniac runners-I think some of these guys had started earlier. I was keeping a pretty decent pace and was sticking to my run .9 walk .1. The turnaround was at 6.55 and now I was around mile 8 just past the pier. This is when my tummy, intestines whatever decided to cramp! Wow Bubba!! What is going on??? NO-we will not be causing the Penster to stop and go potty!! NO! I did have to walk and was a tad concerned that this was going to turn into "one of those runs" but it didn't. The cramping subsided but the heaviness was there and never left. My only guess, I deviated from my normal pre-race meal the night before. I usually have pasta or make a pizza, last night I decided to "try something new" ha ha, yeah, I wont be doing that again!

I was inhaling my NUUN, hoping it might help and it was a tad humid. I had re-filled my NUUN bottle right past the pier, so I should be "good to go" to the finish!  I didn't want to stop again-because even though it was a training run-stupid me still wanted to break 2:30! Stupid! I should have known better than to think running the first "long" run in a pair of shoes I've never run that far in nor a brand of shoe I have ever bought (I've run in Asics Gel Nimbus for YEARS).

Around mile 10.5, Todd, the barefoot runner (come on-you all know who I'm talking about-I see him at SO MANY races!!) caught up to me. He had said he'd been trying to catch me and that I was doing a nice pace, a consistent pace! He runs alot of Charlie's events and runs with his camera! He's a fellow "if I'm slow I'm going to have fun runner" so he and I talked for a bit. It was super nice to breakup the race and chat with someone!! I would have continued to run with him if I hadn't seen a couple coming up from the dog beach with a red and blue cattle dog! I had to stop and admire their beautiful cattle dogs! Us cattle dog owners stick together! By this point Todd was ahead of me, and my penguin pace didn't allow for me to pick up the pace to catch him! So the headphones went back on and I got into my own little running world. 
 ** I had forgotten to mention that I had lost my shuffle somewhere in my car before the race. To say I was freaking out about it was an understatement! Luckily, i have an iPhone, so I wasn't music-less-but it was different running without easy access to the controls!**

This is when my lower back started to stiffen up-now I don't know if it was the shoes or the hard path I was running on but it was getting sore. I hate that! Come on, cant I run a long run without "something" happening? Guess not. And then, bam, I was back in the "firepit area" More and more people had arrived, churches were gathering, surf camps were setting up and people were settling in for a DAY at the beach burning wood in their firepits. First of all, seriously a firepit and fire at 10am on a Saturday in Southern California? and all DAY at the beach? Are these people crazy? I had already had enough of the beach-I could sense the sun wanting to breakthru my beloved overcast!!

I saw the finish! It was at the restrooms at the Sunset Beach border. YEAH!!!! Done!! But not under 2;30! BOO! My garmin said 2;34;10 and the "official time" was 2:35:35. Not absolutely horrible but not what I wanted! Oh well. One day!!

The official results were:

2:35:35 13/16 Half Marathon runners-hell yes I wasn't LAST!!! woot woot!!!

And I was handed my medal-I guess I didn't finish in the top 3 to get a trophy! Ha Ha Ha!!

What kinda bummed me out was that when I got to the finish, I saw a few people stretching, who had "finished" but who hadn't passed me after the pier. one woman in particular. She and another woman had stopped at the pier and I never passed one of the women again on the way back-hmmmmmm. Joys of no chip timing. At least I know that I completed my "race"

Now, I know a few of you are interested in my experience with a Charlie Alewine race. The half marathon cost $50 the full $60-so the full is a way better bargain for your money! I was a little disappointed that I didn't get a race number!Now, I don't know the reasoning for this-my guess is he doesn't have permits and we basically look like a group out for a training run with a few aid stations. I didn't have a big issue with that! I got a tech t-shirt, which is better than some "official races" I've run and the people were lovely!! They all said hello when they passed me and smiled and talked! That was a very nice experience! So I'm sure I would do another of his races. BUT, I wont do a 3 or 6 or 12 loop course! Hell to the NO!!! It will be an out and back for this girl!!

Now onto my trail run today. Yes, I got back in the dirt! Oh DIRT how I have missed you! I have ignored you and I am so very sorry!! It has been a few weeks since our last contact-I know that is awful but I promise I will NEVER stray far from you for that long again!

I headed out late. No excuse! The World Cup is finished and it was a rest day on the Tour. I was just sitting on my fat ass piddling! I finally realized if I didn't get out soon it would be sunny and I'd be in hiding! So off Velcro and I went to my beloved Ocean Trails! We started off at Trump National-this isn't normally the place I park, but I had planned on a short run today, maybe 3 miles. Just to get my "trail legs" back! Once I got out there I realized how much I LOVE the trails! The sun was trying it's darnedest to breakthrough the clouds, but to my surprise there was fog rolling in!! Yeah, the sun was not going to ruin my run! So I went a little further! Velcro and I got 4 miles in-in hindsight I should have gone farther but I only brought one water bottle with me and since Velcro drinks out of it when we run I was low on water! But I was thrilled with our run! Hills, dirt and overcast! Loved it! We finished and I felt pretty darn good! Velcro had been dragging though. When she was off leash she was lagging behind more than normal so i had to put her on The Buddy System (which works wonderfully on the trails as well!). After our run we went and sat on the grass overlooking Catalina Island on the green grass of Trump National. I love my local trail!!
 All in all it was a decent running weekend. I had planned on running the MLB 5K on Sunday but  Iwas a bit tired from running the Half on Saturday, so i opted for sleeping in until about 7:30am! Yeah, it's sad when sleeping in is before 8am!

I was supposed to work this week on re-shoots of a movie, but it cancelled. But I think I've picked up a day on a commercial on Thursday and then next week I start prepping my camera package for Glee.

July 23rd I head to San Francisco to run the First half with my sister and my niece who are flying in from England to run the race with me (it will be there very first Half Marathon). I'm really excited!!

I'm trying to organize drinks on Friday night-so please let me know if you'll be there on Friday! I'll be there Friday to Sunday. Gotta drive back to LA on Sunday so i can work! Yes I'm driving and then we go...back to my "fun schedule".....Marine Corp Marathon here I come in October! I will be leaning on ALL of you to help motivate my ass on the weekends! I'll have to get long runs in!!

Thursday 8 July : RUN 3.32 miles with Velcro (39:28)
Saturday 10 July: RUN 13.1 miles Rockin the OC Half 2:35:35
Monday 12 July: RUN 4.0 miles with Velcro at Ocean Trails (52:13)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Het is al begin om nu te klikken"

"Het is al begin om nu te klikken" Dutch for "it's all beginning to click now" in celebration of Holland being in the World Cup Final

My July 4th was a complete and utter bust! I didn't go to Santa Barbara to run the 15K, I couldn't justify paying money and driving 2 hours to run 9 miles, so I decided to stay home and run 10 miles-HA! What a fucking joke! And what a disaster! I ran alright, I ran 2.23 hideous, shitty, tear-filled miles! I felt AWFUL! I felt sluggish, fat, exhausted, emotional, my back hurt, my shins hurt, I was hungry-you name it it happened so I said "screw this" and ran home! I was not going to put myself thru a sufferfest! The run didn't warrant any pictures! That is how bad it was!

The rest of the day I spent cleaning! Scrubbing floors and tiles! There is nothing better that a cathartic cleaning session to clear your mind!

To say I wasn't disappointed with my shitty 4th of July run would be a lie! I was very disappointed!! VERY! So I decided to try again that night! I had a small running window-in between the sun setting and my cousin flying into LAX. But I got out there, with my "trusty partner" and we ran and it felt better! It wasn't great but it was better!!

I was then in psuedo mom mode to my cousin (who, I might add, is only 2 years younger than my son). She had flown in from NYC and stopped for the night before a LONG trip to a remote island in Indonesia! She was flying out of LAX on Monday the 5th-so we did breakfast and hung out at the Tom Bradley International Terminal for a few hours. Yep, I need to go overseas again! It's been way too long!! But no trips for me until next summer!

After she was safely tucked away into the bowels of the Secured area of the North Terminal of Tom Bradley, my son and I headed up to Burbank to see my dad and to check out my new little Scamp camper, all 13' of her! I can not wait until I get to take her out on little trips!!!! But that wont happen until December when I drive her back from Tennessee. She will be taking a little trip without me! My dad, sister and niece will be driving cross country back to Tennessee after the San Francisco half marathon!

Have I mentioned how AMAZING the weather has been the past week! I realize the East Coast is getting BAKER, BROILED AND FRIED right now...but I personally can happily say I am enjoying the Southern California summer right now! This may not last, but the June Gloom that has pushed into July has been fantastic!!! I only see the sun for about 3-4 hours a day! It finally breaks thru the overcast around 2pm and of course then it slowly starts to set! It's been 60 degrees, cool and overcast! HEAVEN!!! I don't mean to rub it in-and I really am not, for when all the rest of you have fantastic autumn, winter and spring weather, we have SUN and HEAT! So I am taking this "change of seasons" and running with it so to speak!

I have had two of the best back to back runs the past 2 days that I have had in a long time! I don't know if it was the shitty run on the 4th or if it's the weather. But the past 2 days I've felt strong and happy running!! I'm sure the 60 degree overcast weather has ALOT to do with it. I am very strongly influenced by temperature and sun (or lack of sun as the case may be). I also am running in new shoes. I had to retire one of my pair of Asics Gel Nimbus, I was getting shin pain and lower back pain, so I have been running in the Reebok Aztrec 2's I received as a "gift" from the Running World photo shoot! I just realized these shoes come out Fall/Winter 2010...hmm, they arent bad! But Yeah for free new shoes! I cant quite drop $120 on a new pair of Asics quite yet-not until I start getting regular paychecks again. Soon, not yet but soon!

And of course I'm running every run with the Buddy System Hands-free Leash System which I LOVE!! It has completely changed my runs with Velcro! I absolutely LOVE having both hands free and no leash to deal with!! If you run with a dog or two dogs you MUST try this system out!! It is so easy!!! And I'm not getting "leash elbow".....try it!!! It works great and I think would be so easy for anyone's dog!

Of course, I'm still down about money-but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am working 3 days on re-shoots of some movie next week, then I'll start prepping for Season 2 and then it's San Francisco Half Marathon time! I'm actually really looking forward to the race! I have been purposely running up alot of hills and making my runs "hilly" runs, which the last 2 runs have been. maybe it's the hills I like????

So I'm on the road back. I'm feeling better, feeling stronger, still a bit freaked about money but that is silly and that too will no longer
be a big worry!

Sunday July 4th: RUN: 2.23 miles with Velcro (27:05)
                          RUN: 4.10 miles with Velcro (47:52)
Tuesday July 6th: RUN: 4.6 miles with Velcro (52:23)
Wednesday July 7th: RUN 4.5 miles with Velcro (51:55)

Ga Holland! Ga Holland!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gelukkige 4 van Juli

Happy 4th of July!!

I had every plan to run a 4th of July race but I got hit by one of my infamous and horrible sinus eyeball headaches! I had plans to drive up to Santa Barbara and run a 15K. But after the day I had the slight thought of sitting in the car for 2 hours, running 9 miles and then sitting in the car for another 2 hours or more just didn't sound very appealing. So, I'm going to force myself to get up and go for a 10 miler with Velcro in my hood! It will be my own way of celebrating the 4th (it's also free, which is a good thing right now!)

Needless to say, I did not run on the 3rd because my eyeball felt like it had needles being stabbed into it! Excedrin Migraine ROCKS! Enough said!

I did run on the 2nd. That's when i felt my head start to hurt-so what do I do? I go out right when the marine layer burned off and I run 5 miles in the sun. Yeah-sure fire way for me to get a headache. I felt it coming on but I wanted those 5 miles-so I just pushed thru the hated sun and warmth run. Even Velcro was miserable on that run! Why do I do that to us? Because I'm stupid and stubborn and had to watch the worldcup!!!

So hopefully the 4th of July brings a 10 miler.....then next saturday I have a Charlie Alewine Half marathon- yeah I know....they are small and some people have had "issues" or haven't liked his races-but I thought 1) it's in Huntington Beach so it's near the water and 2) it's close to my house and 3) he says everyone gets a medal-and I'm a sucker for a medal!! and 4) Velcro can run with me! (ok, I think Velcro running with me was the selling point)

I'm hoping I will have a decent base for the San Francisco half on the 25th. Good thing I live in a hilly place. I still feel like a slacker! But come hell or highwater, ready or not, I will be running the San Francisco Half with my sister and niece, who are flying in from England to run their very first half marathons! How exciting is that!!!!

Friday: RUN: 5.0 miles with Velcro in the sun (57:32)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pourquoi je cours......

why do I run? Well, I started off running track in the 7th grade. I ran the 800mm because it was a "distance" event and I was not fast enough to run sprints. Hell, I wasn't fast enough to run the 800mm either but I did it!

When i got to high school, I didn't run track-and I sometimes get really irritated with that. But I've always been a bit of a tomboy and sports person-so I played volleyball, basketball and tennis. I lettered in all three but Volleyball was my sport. I'd run on my own at home but never competitively.

When I went to college(The University of Tennessee) I had thought it would be fantastic to try out for the Volleyball team, but once I got there and realized most of the girls were over 6' and if I was lucky to get chosen for an SEC team, I'd be a walk on and probably never play and would practice from 5-8am every morning....hmm,I decided yeah NO. So i played club volleyball and started running again with a group of girls in my dorm, at night before we all went to the bar!

I did a year abroad in Wales, loved it and would recommend a year abroad for everyone, and played volleyball for the University of Wales, Swansea team. Yeah, I'm a studette! It was amazing-the team consisted of so many foreigners, it was really cool! I also really got back into running again while I was there-nothing like running along the sea in the rain and overcast!!

My running has always been there and it has always been my drug! I've gone thru patches of greatness and thru patches of dodgy/sketchy running...but I have always fallen back on my love of running!

My reasons for running have changed over the many years I've been doing it. Initially, it was a sport I thought I was decent at. Then in college it was a way to keep the freshman 15 off....but also became a very social activity with some of the girls in my freshman dorm.

While in Swansea, I also ran to keep the beer weight off but it was the start of my obsession with running! I'd run before dinner every night-and the feeling I'd get was hard to describe! I think this is when it really began to hit me that running was going to be the sport of choice for me...the sport I loved and the sport I would need to do!

And it has remained this way for me. Now don't get me wrong...I've had pretty shitty years (yeah the 2 1/2 years with the ex when we ate good food, drank alot and did nothing athletic-I gained alot of weight and began to really hate myself!) When my ex walked out on me-I was devastated. I lost weight, became a vegetarian and decided that NO ONE and NO MAN would ever change my life like that again-and they sure as hell wouldn't take away my running!!

So now, I run for ME! I run to keep the post 40 weight off as well, but running is a part of me. It makes me whole, clears my head, brings a smile to my face when I'm in a shitty mood, makes me cry when i'm emotional. Running is my drug!Running is my church! Running is my time with Velcro-just she and I and no one else! And I need it to survive! My mother can always tell when i havent run-because she says I get short and nasty! Yeah-I NEED running. I may not be fast or win races but I NEED to run to survive and to stay peppy penny.

Now, it's not only my drug and part of my life but it has become my social life! I have met so many friends from running-wow! It's so cool!! I feel like my running friends, even the ones I haven't met yet, get me and understand me!! You guys sure as hell understand me wanting and needing to run! Alot of people don't get that at all!! I have "girlfriends" now....working in the entertainment industry, I've never really had alot of "girlfriends" but that has changed in the past couple of years-lets call it the post ex years.

So,why do you run? what got you started running?? I always want to hear others stories. For me it was athletic first and then developed into my passion and love. But what about you?

Tuesday: RUN: 5.26 miles with Velcro (1:01)
Thursday: RUN: 3.6 miles with Velcro (39:54)