Monday, June 28, 2010


Ciamar a tha an latha?'
'Bha e Uabhasach cach

How was your day?'
'It was terribly cack (Shit)

Yeah, thats how I feel today! I had a good weekend. Ran a long run on Friday with Jordan and Ashley in the beach cities under overcast skies, made a trip to San Diego Friday afternoon and ran again with@runnrgrl, Bettie and @AKAalice,lazed about Saturday watching the World Cup, Track and Field and then Sunday did roughly he same thing but added "Ironman stalker" to my list of accomplishments! I realized i was so amped up last night from "stalking" @Smellycents and @PunkRockRunner that I couldnt' go to bed. But alas, Monday waits for no one, not even an "Ironman stalker" and I was up at 6am to begin my week. What do I have to do today or for the rest of the week? Absolute nothing, zilch! I'm over being unemployed! I have loads of time to do all kinds of things but no money! I haven't had a paycheck since April-don't get me wrong, I needed some time off and I am collecting unemployment, but my mortgage and my son's college tuition and housing (that they seem to want to start collecting in June) don't give a flying shit that I'm eating thru my savings and paying all of this by myself! I know-I should feel lucky, I do have a job I'm going back to but we don't start shooting until July 28th. That's another month. i might go nuts by then!

I have all these races I really want to do in Nor Cal in July, before I head up for San Fran Half. Yeah, I know, hotels in San Fran are expensive-yeah I don't know why or how I'll be dealing with this-luckily my sister is coming over to run the race with me. Maybe I'll win the lottery or something....guess I have to play all of this by ear.

I know, waaa, waaa, waaa...I have my health, a job to go back to, a roof over my head, a loving family and fantabulous friends-but this is my blog and I want and need to vent about what is bothering me right now....

So here I sit in a "cach" mood. My son is at school, I just got called for 2 days on a tv show-but it's with a camera I've never worked with (you cant really go work as a 1st AC and not know the camera) seems everyone wants to shoot with the RED camera-yeah, I don't know that one. maybe I should spend this week and go get familiar with it. But even when you do that, you never really know it unless you work with it-double edge sword!

I'm also stressing over my cat, Perf. He has GI Lymphoma-well, suspected GI Lymphoma. The ultrasound saw indications of it BUT since he is absolutely awful at the vet and stresses and loses hair when he goes to the vet, I have decided against a biopsy (which would be a definitive diagnosis) and chemo. So I am "attempting" to treat him with Pred and Green Tea Extract (which has been shown to slow tumor growth). Well he is AWFUL! He foams at the mouth when I give him pills or liquid. He's losing hair on his neck, from stress, when I give him pills and the little shit wont eat his food when I hide pills or even the crushed up version of the Green Tea Extract. It's not getting better or easier-it's getting worse-and I am VERY good at administering meds to my zoo!

On the running front, because that seems to be something that is going fairly well except that I live in my Zensah sleeves or my Compression socks because of shin issues (yeah, I think it's time for new shoes-but I cant justify spending the money on shoes when I have huge college bills due 11th July) so I am trying to take care of my shins as best I can until I start working....

I have run. I ran on Thursday, Ran twice on Friday, and ran yesterday. Not too shabby! I guess. Am i ready for San Fran-hell to the No. But what's new! I never seem to be able to feel confident and ready for a race! Even when I have time, life seems to catch up with me. So i'll just continue on this road and try to keep my head high and attempt to smile and realize I am lucky and this is just a blip on the radar screen of life.

Oh well, I realize this post seems completely ridiculous and useless. Sorry! I'll try to get out of my funk today. Wish I could run this race, Dirty Dozen 6 hour, before San Fran-might make me feel a bit more comfortable about the race.

Thursday: RUN: 3.53 miles with Velcro (41:24)
RUN: 10.5 miles with people (2:20)
RUN: 4.2 miles in San Diego with people
RUN: 4.22 miles with Velcro (49:38)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A run with The Buddy System

I recently received The Buddy System as a gift. I had seen this dog leash system before and had wanted to get one-but just never did! I decided to try it today on a short run.

Now let me give you a few specs on how Velcro and I run:
1) Velcro wears a harness
2) Velcro ALWAYS runs behind me on my left side
3) Velcro doesn't pull at all but occasionally will drag when she's hot/tired

So armed with the knowledge of how my dog runs/walks on a leash. I decided to try a run with the Buddy System on without the lunge buster (because Velcro doesn't lunge or chase anything while we are running). I put the belt on and then added the leash to the loop that moves freely around the belt and attached it to Velcro's harness. And we were off!

First of all let me say-YEAH, my left hand is now FREE and I dont have a constant pull on my left side. I felt such immediate freedom in running! I loved the Buddy System from the first step!!! I will not run without it! I might get the extension to add to the leash-but I didn't need it (until Velcro wanted to roll in the grass-thats when I needed a little extra length).

Why haven't I been running with this until now? Stupid me! It's fantastic! We tried it with Velcro in front of me and behind me-I felt nothing! The belt was very comfortable around my waist. I had it quite loose (really never felt it) and with the loop that can move all around the belt-even if your dog moves from one side to another-there is freedom. Now I wont get "dog leash elbow" again!!!

If you walk or run with your dog or dogs, I would highly recommend getting one of these. You can get additional attachments for more than one dog. I obviously haven't tried it with two dogs so I don't have a review for that!

I loved it! It will be added to all my running stuff!



This is what I received:

The Buddy System (size regular) in Red/Reflective - Retails for $37 (you can buy without the reflective stripe for $26)

The Lunge Buster - retails for $12.50

if I were to add an accessory it would be the Extend-a-Buddy which retails for $7 or $12.50 for the reflective stripe version.

All these prices are for the Regular Dog System. They do have the Buddy System specifically for small dogs as well. Please check out their website. You can buy online or find a retailer close to you!

I love this product!! Did I say I LOVE this product?

How was the run you ask? Well, I left right when the sun came out-so as you can guess-the run was crap! Velcro was hot, I was hot-we looked for shade, consumed lots of water (the both of us since she drinks out of my Amphipod Handheld Lite

RUN: 3.1 miles with Velcro in the **aack** SUN (37:54)

Monday, June 21, 2010

June Gloom in the LBC...

My son started summer school today. I had planned on taking him to school early in the morning, so I laid out my running stuff and at 6am this morning, while watching the World Cup, I got my son up, fed the furbabies and got ready for my run and the short drive to Long Beach.

My son wanted to be there at 7:30am-perfect, I'd be able to get a short run in after dropping him off.

Velcro and I parked on Ocean. It was overcast-thick June Gloom! Wonderful! So off we went. i really didn't have any plans on a distance. Since I didn't do a long run this weekend, I kinda felt I needed to do something over 6 miles, but it was weather dependent-since I was starting rather late.

We ran down Ocean and just kept running! We're not allowed to run on the bike path on the beach-so we weren't on the "outbound" section of the Long Beach marathon but we ran the last portion of it!

We ran onto the Peninsula-all the way to the jetty and then turned around. OMG, it's still overcast! And we were at 4 miles! Could I possibly be getting an 8 miler in under June Gloom? That would be heaven.

It wasn't a fast run. With Velcro, the runs aren't the fastest- but they are with my girl so they are wonderful! This portion of the run would be slightly uphill. Velcro was a little warm today-might have been the distance and the fact that she wears fur-so she was getting water out of my amphipod whenever she wanted!

8.2 miles completed with ZERO SUN!! Woot Woot!!! I'm very happy we just continued on!!


RUN: 8.2 miles with Velcro (1:36)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

OMG never again

So Yesterday, Velcro and I went on a sunny warm run. I thought we would get the marine layer for the entire run-ha...the God of Sun had other plans for me! he wanted me to feel his power, strength and warmth...whatever...give me the God of Overcast anyday!

We got a slow 4 miles in. I didn't take my bottle of water with me and once the sun came out Velcro got a little warm. So I was giving her time in the shade. i felt like a super bad doggie mom! I ALWAYS carry a running water bottle for her and I and today I forgot! Might be because I was in fulls tress mode for this Runners World photo shoot that I was heading to, with Velcro (thank God) at 1pm.

OMG, why did I agree and want to do this photo shoot? I gave up my PCTR Angel Island 25K to put myself thru stress? I had been feeling sick to my stomach trying to figure out what I should wear. I don't do "in front of the camera stuff" unless it's with my camera around people I know! This photo shoot was so out of my comfort zone. I know you will all say, Hell No to this but I am a very shy person when I'm in a new situation. And I like to stay in the background-I don't "flaunt" myself, might be why I work behind the scenes!

Well, i laid out all my stuff and then freaked when I couldn't find my shoes-yeah stupid me ended up taking my older running shoes, the ones that are a bit darker and dirtier, to the photo shoot. the photographer was heard saying "those have alot of miles on them"....yeah dork photographer, in my fear and stress of picking the "perfect" outfit for a Runners World photo shoot I grabbed the wrong shoes-yeah stupid me and now I'm kicking myself for it!

All I can say is I am SO GLAD this photo shoot included Velcro. I wouldn't have done it had it just been me. And I still feel I wasn't laid back and "me" at all. I was so nervous to be in front of that camera. I had to go thru hair, makeup and wardrobe before heading to the "shooting area" come on-me, in makeup and having hairspray on my ponytail? so out of my comfort level!!

We got to the "backdrop" and thats all it was us and a backdrop! I thought they might have the dogs on a podium so that I could hide my knees behind Velcro but no! (I had put some makeup on my knees so that my ouchies were't glowing like some sort of neon sign!)

I wouldn't have done this photo shoot had it just been me. And I still feel I wasn't laid back and "me" at all. I was so nervous to be in front of that camera. I had to go thru hair, makeup and wardrobe before heading to the "shooting area" come on-me, in makeup and having hairspray on my ponytail? so out of my comfort level!!

We had our pictures taken with each other (the first set just had my legs-can they use those!??) then they shot Velcro by herself. I was at ease at this point because I was off camera being a "stage mom" to my girl. She was SO good-she listened and stayed in position-she was FANTASTIC!!! But after a certain amount of time, my stubborn cattle dog decided "that was enough" and she walked off the backdrop and lights and sat beside one of the carts. Thats my girl.

Thats when they took pictures of just me-OMG can you say "VOMIT?" Wholly shit it was awful. I was having my shirt pulled down, my jog bra adjusted so that your couldn't see it, told to pull my ponytail back (come on I want people to know I have hair!!!) It was awful. I felt so self conscious, fat, ugly, inadequate, nervous and stiff. I just know they were saying "this girl is awful-she just cant relax" Yeah that was me....maybe I should have had a beer before hand to calm myself down!

Luckily, Velcro and I needed more pictures taken together. And this time I was down on her level. the photographer kept telling me to be tall-get taller than Velcro's ears and dont hide behind them (um, thats the whole point of being in the picture with my dog-she's the star and I'm in the background!). I think we had some decent pictures taken in this position. She was on my knee, I was turned to the side with my face looking out....who knows. I've kinda blanked about the entire thing!

After they finished shooting us (mind you there were about 17 other people and dogs who were invited to this photoshoot so who knows if Velcro and I will be chosen) the videographer asked if he could interview me. OMG....I said yes but hell no-we go from still to moving and now I have to talk? This is like acting-did I say there is a reason I'm behind the camera!!!

I felt like I was awful-I'm sure I sounded like an ass and if they use my ramblings I hope they edit any part where I sound like a complete moron! But the videographer was definitely not a runner and didn't know what questions to ask. I had a mike on myself and was sitting in front of the video camera on a couch, with Velcro, looking at that horrible red light on the camera-yep red means RECORDING!

As soon as we were finished and I answered the questions he asked. The mike came on and the sound engineer started asking questions about Velcro-because his brother had a cattle dog. I was very talkative then and spoke about her. The videographer then said "that was great stuff I wish we had been rolling" ...great does that mean I sounded like an idiot when i as on camera??? Shit!!

Of course, the day after, I'm thinking about all the things I could have said and how I could have stood that might have looked more comfortable on camera. Why did I do this? I hope that at least a picture of Velcro makes it into the September issue-because then it would have been worth missing my race....but if none of our pictures make it into the article and I missed running in the "foggy, misty place" in Nor Cal I will be upset. I'll also be upset because I was absolutely exhausted when I got home after the shoot-my blood pressure must have been so high-I had better make it in to put my body thru so much stress!

I did get a free pair of shoes for all my stress. But they are mens-could it be possible that Runners World doesn't have womens size 12 lying around? I got Reebok Aztrec 2 shoes-I looked them up, they are a neutral shoe. I might end up giving them away in a giveaway-mens shoes tend to be too wide for me!


Saturday: RUN 4.0 miles with Velcro (50:46)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Solstice Watermelon 5 Mile Race

An evening race on a Thursday! This is a first for me! I NEVER have free time to run a race on a thursday night at this what it's like to have a life when you work a "real job?"

I coerced my son to run this race-well i signed him up and told him he was running!Aren't I the best mom ever?? I knew once he was out there he'd have a blast and want to beat was the hours before the race when he was sitting on his computer that he was complaining that he didn't want to run!

The race started at 6pm at El Dorado Park in Long Beach. Not that far away from me but at rush hour who knew how long it would take us. We left at 4:45-so glad we did-we arrived at 5:30 for a 6pm race. Parking was $5 cash -yeah, I didnt know that and only had $3. Thankfully the wonderful parking attendant let me in for $3. next year, I'll pay the remaining $2.

We went to the packet pickup-we got our race numbers and our goody bags. I had asked for an XL shirt, which i always get. OMG-these shirts ran VERY LARGE! I was swimming in my XL-I'll be able to wear it as a dress it's so big! That got me giggling, and I didnt stop! I was there to have fun-much to my son's horror! I was snapping pictures and acting silly and embarrassing him-gotta love that!

The race is one of the oldest races in Long beach-very low key! It benefits track teams and some middle schools and Long Beach City College. So there were alot of young track runners out for this race-that means FAST! I did get to see Mary, The Running Green Girl, and Erica, Rad Runner before the start. We all run at different paces so we usually see each other at the start and finish!
We started at 6pm-I was so hoping it would start later so that the stupid sun could go down and the cool evening air could greet us-not so lucky!! And of course, today was warmer than the rest of the week and warmer than this weekend is going to be-of course because I was running a race!

I wanted to beat my last 5 mile race time which was at the Conquer The Bridge 5 miler-yeah, over the Vincent Thomas Bridge. yeah, no comparison-this is a flat race that was not. But this is in sun that race wasn't!

Off we went and off Rad Runner went and off my son went. he did look back at me before I started to eat his dust! What a nice son! No point in holding him back since he's 19-a bit younger than my 44.

It was hot. Why can't I run a race in the dark? or fog? or cold? Why must there always be son and heat? I just don't get it. Yeah, living in Southern California doesn't help with my need and want for a cool foggy race! I pushed the first 2 miles, sweating, and then began to get a tight chest-puff time! I took my puffer out of my handy dandy "asthmapal". Have I said how much I love this little pack! It ROCKS!! I don't even notice it's on my leg! I highly recommend getting one if you are like me and need to puff during hot/humid races....

Oh yeah, the race-it sucked. And it was hot. The race didn't suck-just the weather. I had never been to El Dorado Park-it's pretty damn big and has lots of water, archery sites, birds. It was nice! I like running in a place I've never been to before! I was counting down the miles-come on 5 miles!!! Get me out of this cruddy weather!!

Of course about an hour after we finished it was cool and the sun was setting! Why couldnt we have run later? The only bummer about this race was NO MEDAL! The 3K walkers got medals but the 5 mile runners did not. Hmmm, not quite sure if I understand that reasoning. But we got a watermelon, a seedless watermelon at that! I cant hang it on my wall but I could throw it at someone or onto the street.

We stayed around a little while they gave away awards and raffle prizes. I won a cute Watermelon umbrella. I was so excited. i actually asked if they had any of the umbrellas left since one of the young "track kids" had won one. He was twirling it and I wanted to twirl it too!!

All in all, it was a fun race! A very low key race put on by residents of Long Beach. I love supporting these smaller community races!! They have a Winter Solstice race as well-they give away Christmas trees at that one.....wonder how big they are!BTW, I ran this race in my Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra running skirt-LOVED it!!! I had my iPhone in the pocket of the compression shorts and the skirt didn't come down or anything! I may have found my new running skirt!!

RUN: 5.0 miles in the sun and heat without my Velcro**insert tears here** (56:39)

Official results:

My son: 54:03
Me: 56:27

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still hunting for the Running Skirt...and fall down go boom

I had been buying and running in Atalanta running skirts, which are da bomb! But alas, they are no longer being made-AAAHHHH! Luckily I have 4 skirts and 2 of their capris, so all is not lost but I must now find a running skirt that is as good as the commitment skirts!

I have a few skirts from Runningskirts but I was having some issues with putting a heavy phone in the side pocket. So I continue to look.

Yesterday, I stopped by Sporteve in Culver City because I knew they sold the skirtsports running skirts. The one I've been interested in trying is the Gym Ultra Girl running skirt. I tried it on and really liked the feel of the fabric, the shorts underneath and the length of the skirt! While I was there, I also bought a Brooks PR Mesh Skort (since it was on sale for only $9).

Last night I ran in the Skirtsports Gym Ultra Girl for the first time. A short 3 mile test run in the new skirt. It has 2 pockets, on the shorts. Which is new for me since my running skirts have the pockets on the skirt!! But it has pockets-which is very important to me!! So I thought it was worth a try! Off Velcro and I went, and into the left pocket went the iPhone. I felt initially the skirt was falling down-I kept hiking it up. I had bought a Large-now I'm wondering if the medium would be a better fit for me. Once I got running, the "hiking up" issues subsided and it was a very comfortable skirt to run in!! I love the fabric and the feel of it! I tried my cell phone again in the pockets of the shorts-this time on the right-and I finished my run with no iPhone in my hand! All in all I was VERY pleased with this skirt! I have a very high waist, so finding a running skirt that sits properly on my waist and does hike up to my crotch is sometimes very hard! But the Gym Ultra Girl is a little longer so it was GOOD! The price of this skirt is $60, which seems to be the going price for running skirts these days.

This morning, I decided to try the Brooks PR Mesh Skort, my $9 purchase! This skirt only has one SMALL pocket in the back of the skirt-thats it. Not good for me since I use these pockets to carry my phone, sport beans, pb&j sandwiches etc. But I was willing to give it a try. The first thing I noticed and didnt like was the tight band around the bottom of the shorts. Horrible-why would you design the shorts this way?? I opted for the same distance run this morning as I did last night-just to see how this skirt held up to last nights. I HATED the Brooks PR Mesh Skort! besides the fact that I was running with my phone in my hand-mega FAIL-the shorts kept riding up and curling up toward my crotch. Seriously?? They have this seriously tight band around the bottom of the shorts-which feels odd-and the shorts dont stay in one place? All i did was pull the shorts down throughtout the entire run! This might have contributed to my "fall down and go boom" today on my run.

Well, the skirt, the crappy sidewalk and my 50lb weight! Yeah, down I went onto my right hand (holding my iPhone I might add) and both knees! Ouch! Scuffed and bloody!! Not the way I wanted to run this morning! Nor do I want yucky looking knees for my Runners World photo shoot on Saturday! Oh well. I brushed myself off and continued my run. My right knee was throbbing a bit but I had to get home.

I've since cleaned my knees and have put neosporin on them! Lets hope for pretty knees on Saturday!!

RUN:3.1 miles with Velcro (38:41)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Runners World here I come.....

So alot has happened since my post this morning! I was all set to drive up north to run the PCTR Angel Island 25K. I had emailed Jo Lynn and Stacey-everything was set...then I received an email from the Assistant Photo Editor of Runners World concerning an article they are doing for the September issue about Runners and their dogs.

Attention, L.A.-Area Dog Lovers!

06/10/2010 11:46 AM

running-with-dogjpgDo you run with your dog? Do you live in or around Los Angeles? Would you like the chance to appear in Runner's World? If so, we'd like to hear from you!

Runner's World is casting for a "runners and their dogs" photo shoot to take place within the next two weeks near LA.

If you're interested, please e-mail us at

Please include the following information:

* Your name
* Your dog’s name
* Your contact info (e-mail and phone number)
* A brief bio about you and your dog
* A few photos of you and your dog

Thank you!

- The Editors

You see, I had been clued into this "casting call" by numerous people because they were asking for runners and their dogs in LA. Well of course I submitted pictures and info on Velcro and I...and then thought nothing about it until this morning! It seems we were chosen along with other runners and their dogs for the photo shoot. Here is what part of the email said:

Hi Penny and Velcro,

I am writing you in reference to your submission for the Runner’s World runners and dogs story. We would like to invite you to participate in our photo shoot, which will take place in a photo studio in West Hollywood, California, this Saturday, June 19th.

We will be taking portraits of you and your dog for the September 2010 issue and possibly also interview you for a video component.

You would need to wear running clothes and running shoes to the shoot. No hats and no sunglasses. A number of portraits will be taken throughout the day with various runners and their dogs. Your total time on set with be approximately 2 hours in length and please be flexible with your time and allow for some waiting. Please let us know if your dog is comfortable/friendly with other dogs, as there will be other pets on set.

That's just a portion of the email. Well, I initially turned it down because I REALLY wanted to run Angel island. but then I began to think about this chance...and sent out a message on Facebook and Twitter asking everyone what they thought I should do-well the overwhelming consensus was "the photo shoot." So I decided to do the photo shoot with my running partner Velcro! When will this gal EVER be asked to be in a photo shoot for Runners World? Never! And it's with my only running partner, Velcro! I began to think this was perfect and a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and for Velcro!

So come Saturday, I will not be racing in the cool misty place also known as Angel Island, but I'll be in a photo studio with other runners getting my picture taken and possibly being interviewed for a video piece they are doing as well! YIKES! what have I gotten myself into! I'm a behind the camera person! I think I'd feel more comfortable running 15 miles on the trails but I am stepping way out of my comfort zone and I'll be "posing" so that I will always have something super cool to remind me of my favorite running partner EVER, Velcro!

Wish me luck!!

Needless to say, i had loads of energy for my short run this morning. I felt great!! Wow! nothing like a little boost to make someone feel better!!

I'll try to take pictures of us there, but if it's anything like any other set, I might not be able to.....

here is to normal people being in the September issue of Runners World-for I am as normal and non-model like as they come!

RUN: 3.04 miles with Velcro 38:03


It's Tuesday and I'm already exhausted! It has been a very busy few days!! We ran, well, I ran the 5K race on Saturday and was exhausted. Why was I more tired from that stupid 5K than from any longer races I've run? Yeah, I know I ran faster-Bleck!

Well, the rest of Saturday was a bust except for watching the World Cup and college teenage love (now known as CTL) ...yeah, I got to see it all weekend long. Aack! I love my son, don't get me wrong, and his girlfriend is lovely, BUT I don't want to be surrounded by the constant touching, hugging, kissing like the world is coming to an end!

Sunday morning we went out to breakfast-I had planned on running in the evening since the World Cup was on in the morning-and I find myself glued to my television and twitter. It's fun-good thing I'm unemployed, how could I watch all these games if I was working?

We went to the trails on Sunday night! The "CTL" couple were going to walk and I was hitting the trails with Velcro for bunny chasing and dirt! I have missed my trails and I have missed Ocean Trails. I was tired and the first mile was horrific and I so wanted to turn back. I felt ill-but I sucked it up and kept running! I had to get even a shortish long run on the trails!

The sun was setting, well, you couldn't really see the sun since the marine layer was in-HEAVEN, so it was getting darker and darker-which is what I LOVE! I powered thru the miles I was feeling ill until I began to feel better. i think just getting out there made me feel better!!

I was supposed to meet the CTL couple at the beach, I would run past my car first on the way to the car-hey look they are in there. Get out of the car!! We were going to the beach so Velcro could play catch with her tennis ball and I could do sprints in the sand chasing her! maybe I should have left them in the car. Velcro and I ran down to the beach, they strolled. Velcro and I played in the sand and ran, they stood. It's really funny!! But they were out there!

I got a decent trail run in! better than sitting on my ass which i could have done very easily!! We went home and made burgers, I cooked **meat** for them and I have a black bean burger and we had a nice dinner!

Monday I was up at 6am-we, my son and I, wait Me, I had to sign onto his Long Beach City College account to "try" to get a math class. Registration was starting at 7am-and these Math classes, that he MUST TAKE AND PASS this summer, have been highly impacted all over town! it seems all of the classes are full. So we were fighting for this class. It was still open at 7am-so we hoofed it to the campus (since he had to get a prerequisite cleared before he could register-don't ask me why we didn't do this on Thursday, we tried, but they "couldn't since we didn't have an official transcript with us....hmm, we didn't have an official transcript on Monday morning at 7:30am either....) and one of the lovely ladies in Admissions and Records worked her magic and to her amazement and my sheer JOY he got into the class!!! Admissions and Records couldn't believe he got in!!!

But our Monday wasn't finished-yet again, he was classified as an out-of-state student, so we had to collect paystubs, checking account info, tax copies-to submit to Admissions and records. We gathered all his stuff, went back and wow, now we need all of my stuff! Come on people-a little information and good communication goes a long way!!! And maybe we can have a vit of uniformity between these community colleges. He's 19- under California Community Colleges "rules" at the age of 19 the student decides his state of residency (who cares if mom pays for everything) but it seems that Long Beach City College could care less that he's 19 and wanted all of my info....ugh! But I had it all since I feel like all I've done on my hiatus is deal with summer school and residency issues!

He got the class! That is all I care about!! He's still classified as out-of-state, but all the paperwork went in at 3pm yesterday so i'll give it a day or two! I'm thrilled! I have been stressing about this f-ing math class for a month! This mandatory math class that he MUST pass during the summer or he cant go back to his beloved California State University Channel Islands with his CTL.

I have vented....if you can call it venting. I'm sure my BP has been elevated from the constant worry and stress. And I'm not working-I deep down hate that and I think it does affect me in some way, even though I'm quite happy to have the time off (and in hindsight needed the time off to deal with all of this stuff)! But I'd like to work. I don't like eating into the money i've saved for that "rainy day" which is now. maybe I'm a bit down, might be why i'm having a hard time motivating to run!!

But i had better get out there and run. I have 2 races coming up in the next 5 days! On Thursday night, we ( my son and I) are running the Summer Solstice Watermelon 5 mile run at El Dorado park in Long Beach. And then on Saturday, I'm running the PCTR Angel Island 25K up in Northern California with Jo Lynn and Stacey. I am SO excited to be 1)running up in Nor Cal please please please let there be cool weather and fog!! and 2) with Jo Lynn and Stacey at a trail race! We are going to have so much fun!!

I'm hoping to see Sandra when I'm up there as well!! I hope it all works out!

Today, it's world cup morning and then a run this evening. I must get a run in this evening. I had a horrible sleep last night. I was woken up twice by my ex-boyfriend making two appearances in my dreams-not calling them dreams now, calling them nightmares! Must clear my head!!

ps..... I hope everyone noticed the beautiful shade of BROWN we have on our Southern California Trails! That's because it hardly f-ing rains here! rain makes GREEN!!! I want GREEN!!!!!

Sunday: RUN 5.22 miles with Velcro on the trails (1:27)
Monday: WALK: 1.7 miles with my son and Velcro (37:01)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wrigley River Run 5K

I realized when i woke up on saturday morning that i was running a 5K. What is a 5K and how do you run one? I hadn't run a 5K in a year-and it was this race. Hmm, doesnt 5K mean go fast and dont stop? yeah, right ok-thats me!

The Wrigley River 5K and 10K is a nice community activity. A small neighborhood race-non chip timed that takes you onto the LA River Trail. I like to support the small community races-so I am going to try to run this race every year!!

This year I signed up my son and his girlfriend. They only walked the 5K-"walk" how do you walk a 5K-that's harder than running a 5K!

Well, I didn't have enough sleep. We had gone out to dinner the night before, went to Shakespeare by the Sea and I had had a few glasses of wine, so getting up at 6am wasn't the easiest for me. But I got up, had tea and breakfast and woke the teenagers! That was hard! The 5K was starting at 8:30-yikes late-so we didnt really have to get there until about 8am, but I wanted to get them into the spirit and we had to pick up our race packets.

I knew I was going to see Mary, The Green Girl, at this race. I had met her here last year and knew she was racing again this year. Always fun to see people you know at races!!

The 5K started on time and I was going to TRY to run as fast as my chubby legs and crappy lungs could run! Of course like any short race, everyone took off fast. Seriously, are these people trying to make me keel over and die with these speeds. I kept to MY pace and tried to run MY race instead. Which, lets face the fact, isn't super fast but seemed to be faster than i run my longer races!

It was a bit humid. And humidity doesn't make my breathing any easier! I was running at "quite a clip" for me! And I really didn't want to stop and walk-but I was leaving that up to how my lungs were feeling! I did walk thru the first water stop. Then we headed up to the LA River Trail. i really should run this more often-not that the river is beautiful-but it's kinda funky and very LAish that we call some dumpy crappy concrete sided waterway a river!

5K's really suck ass-I'm not good at running fast! I had to take a few "tokes" of my puffer because I felt like I was beginning to gasp for a breathe. Don't know if it's speed, humidity or both. But the puffer came out, I inhaled, and I continued-so desperate to get a 5K back into the 30's....alas, it was not to be. I was beaten again by me. I'm pretty happy with my time and my race-fastest I've run in a long time! And I felt it. I realize to all of you FAST people, my 31:45 is pedestrian in nature....but I'm pretty happy considering most of my runs are "jaunts" with my 50lb weight!

Since this was a non-chip timed race, I really wanted to make sure I had my Garmin click on and off right when I crossed the start and finish line. My Garmin said 31:45 while the official time said 31:54. I'm taking my Garmin time!

I ended up going back to run in with Mary and then continued back to run in with my son and his girlfriend who were "strolling and holding hands" AAACCCK!!! Strolling and holding hands in a 5K? WTF??? Teenage Love makes me want to VOMIT!

Saturday: RUN 3.1 miles 31:45
Overall Place: 125/272
Div Place: 4/9
Pace: 10:14