Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hi, remember me?? I'm still here-just, I really fell off the blogger radar for awhile but I'm back! and I'm unemployed and sleeping! The past 2 nights I have gotten 9 hours of sleep-wow, is this what most people feel like?

I finished work on the first season of my tv show on Wednesday. I wrapped my camera truck and came home and I think my body said "whew"...because I stayed in the rest of the day and did NOTHING but sit on my couch and veg!

Our last week of work was pretty long. The past couple of days were short-and I had very mixed feelings. I'm exhausted and I am so looking forward to having some free time to do things for me and to hang out with my furbabies and to run more, but I also need to work! No work means no money-and with a teenage son in college, work is a necessity! I know I'll get some work-but I always have that feeling of "I'll never work again!"

But I'm somewhat used to this-the tv season runs for about 10 months. TV shows usually start right after the 4th July and shoot until the end of April. So May is always a slow month-so I'm going to try not to freak out that I dont have work and enjoy my time off!! I plan on running and running and getting back into swimming!!

As for the work front, I think I might be up for a movie that would take me to Michigan in June, possibly May. And then who knows what will happen after that! I hope I go back to my show-but I haven't hear officially yet....

As for my running, I have done some since I last, was my last post like over a week ago??? Blog Slacker!!!

Some of you might have guessed, I did not run the Lake Casitas Half-luckily, I was able to defer to another of their races-so I picked the Camarillo Half in October! I just couldn't get up at 4 am on a sunday when I knew I had a hellish week on tap at work! And when my son bailed on running with me, the extra bonus of driving 2 hours was gone!! I really felt guilty about bailing-since I had done that before with a PCTR trail race 2 weeks before (that was because I felt sick) I think my body was rebelling and was saying NO!!! So I've been listening!

On April 24th, we had our wrap party. Many of my twitter friends know which dress I finally chose and the trials and tribulations of attempting to be a "girl" and getting ready! Yes, I did buy a dress and I did have my hair done! Actually, it was flat-ironed for the very first time-and boy was I freaking out as she was doing it.....does it burn my hair because it sure looked like it was frying my locks! But I do love my hair straight! One day, I'll get my hair straightened again....but I think I'll stick to being a tomboy!! So much easier-but here are a few pics from the event:

On sunday, April 25th, I was lucky to meet a few of my twitter friends, @PickyPalate and @sitbones. It's so cool to meet fellow twitter/blogger friends-finally, after you've "talked" to them for a long period of time. it's like seeing a long lost friend!!! I love the twitter and blogging community that I have been lucky enough to have found!!!

We had breakfast at a VERY dog friendly restaurant in Laguna Beach called Madison Square Garden & Cafe. The owner walks around with dog biscuits in his pocket!! It was fantastic meeting these amazing women-and wow can @PickyPalate cook-she brought us a home made cookie-it was delicious!!


April 18th - 6.00 miles with Velcro at night (1:17)
April 21st - 3.05 miles before work with Velcro ( 42:15)
April 23rd - 3.04 miles with Velcro before work ( 39:41)
April 24th - 3.1 mile run with Velcro before our wrap party (in the sun UGH!)
April 27th - 3.11 mile run before work with Velcro (39:43)

and I hope to run today-it's windy and cool, but I still have a few errands to run before I can officially say I'm on "vacation"...Vacation?? will I be taking one? Well, I hope to go camping at some point. Jalama Beach is calling my name. I had thought about renting a house on the beach in Northern California or Oregon but we'll see. My mom is having hip replacement surgery on May 11th, so I'll be travelling back and forth to Tennessee during May.I had thought about jumping on a plane to the UK to visit my sister-but I have to hear about this movie in Michigan first. My guess, I'll be hanging in So Cal collecting my unemployment!

Here are some pics from the past few weeks.....

Oh, and if you are in Orange County this Sunday and are cheering for the OC Marathon runners-I'll be out there plodding along on the Half Marathon course! The race starts at 6:30am in Newport Beach on Sunday-come and cheer!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

woo hoo it's friday!

I can't tell you how excited I am for the weekend! I'm so tired! All I want to do is sleep! But I won't be sleeping until quite a bit later, since I didn't start work until 11:30am!

I was lucky enough to get 7 hours of sleep last nite! I felt rested when I woke up but still tired!! But that didn't stop me from getting my running gear on and hitting the pavement with Velcro! And it took alot because it was sunny! Luckily it was kinda windy!

3.7 miles before work! Better than a kick in the head! So glad I got out there! Even if I feel I'm the slowest runner ever!!!

On Sunday, I'll be running the Lake Casitas Half Marathon! I think this is the first running of the race so it will probably be small! The course is on roads and bike trails! I'm hoping for cool weather!

The exciting part- my son and his roommate will be running the 5k that is associated with the race! I'm so excited my son will be running a race with me!!! I can't wait!

RUN: 3.7 miles before work with Velcro

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hump Day!

Wow I'm tired! I had a very long day yesterday! Worked a 15.5 hour day and I only managed 6 hours of sleep that was not very restful! I woke up tired and cranky but still forced myself out for a short run! The sun was out, but I was so tired I didn't really notice! It was nice getting out and getting the blood flowing! I felt immediately better- but of course now I'm fading fast!!

RUN: 2.2 miles

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Failure of sorts....

I had grand plans for this weekend-but yet again, it seems my body and sleep decided it had plans for the weekend!

I had set visitors on Friday, Matthew go-wagon and his wife were in Long Beach on a mini-vacation, so they stopped by the set and watched a performance! They left at 8pm-and I continued to work, until about 1am. the only saving grace-I was very close to my house! I got home around 1:15 and sat on the couch opened a bottle of wine and vegged until about 2:30am-UGH, there goes my sleep pattern!

I didn't get up until about 9:30am-I didn't set an alarm, I decided that I'd wake up when I woke up-of course, that didn't happen because I woke up to Velcro hurling! Gotta love cleaning up dog vomit first thing in the morning-at least I didn't step in it like I usually do the kitty vomit (there was some of that too!)

Saturday was bust! I didn't leave my house at all. Come to think of it, I think I may have stayed in my pj's all day long! I have no idea what I did. I did begin to wake up around 5-6pm-that's not good considering I needed to get up at 5:30am on Sunday to go to the New member run for the So Cal Trail Headz.

So I attempted to go to bed early-but that didn't happen. I just could not go to sleep. Around midnight, I think I began to doze off-yikes up in 5 1/2 hours? It's like working. Well, the alarm went off-and I shut it off. There was no way I could get out of bed. My body wouldn't move! So I listened to it, like a grownup!! And went back to sleep until about 8:30am.

Do I feel like a flake, failure, slug for not getting up and out the door by 6:30 to go run a trail run and join the So Cal Trail Headz? YES!!! But did my body need to sleep? YES! I was still tired all day long! I think i'm physically and mentally exhausted. I have 2 1/2 weeks left of work then I'm unemployed until the next job comes around! I'm hoping for maybe a week or two off and then work!

So, as I was sitting on my arse watching the Masters waiting for the rain, that never materialized. I decided that if I didn't go for my run before 6pm, I wouldn't do it! So I told myself, when the Masters finishes we will go running no matter the weather.

Well, 4:45pm and the sun was out and it was warm-UGH! But I knew my slow pace would translate to a cool finish-and that it did!!! Velcro and I did a large loop. Started at the house headed to the ocean and ran around the nature preserve before dumping back onto the roads and heading back home. It was a mix run with trails and roads and lots of hills! And it felt really nice to get out-even though I had ZERO energy and felt blah!

I'm tired of feeling blah! I don't know if i'm burned out or exhausted. It's hard to tell! I know once I get a bit more free time and can catch up on sleep, I'll feel better. But right now I feel completely out of it and slug slow when I do run! I'm not getting any faster-I'm getting slower!! But I guess a run or a few runs is better than nothing! maybe a weekend away with the furbabies is a necessity!

We'll see. Until that time it's work work work!!! We start our last episode on Wednesday! It will be a busy 9 days!!

And on April 19th, I will be an official Boston marathon stalker!!!!!! I'm stalking 2 fantastic superb women Alett and Meg. Please send them lots of support!

Sunday: RUN: 8.00 miles (1:53)-this was 8 minutes faster than last weeks 8 miler, that's a plus, I guess.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's HOT and a few race decisions....

ok, seriously, it's April and it does NOT NEED TO BE 80 degrees out! I cant stand this weather! Notice the brillant blue sky in the pictures. I dont see a cloud???? How can I run with ZERO CLOUDS???? I've run the past 2 days-and it's just sucked!!! Yesterday I developed a banger of a sinus headache afterwards-that I had all day long! The pain finally went away after I took some migraine formula drugs! Today, I decided on a new tactic! I down an entire glass of NUUN Berry formula (which I LOVE) and then went running and then downed another one upon my return from my sun induced haze! Then I jumped in the shower, went to work and drank another water bottle full of NUUN. Guess what-headache averted!!! I felt it coming on and fought it off with electrolytes!! Could it be that simple??? My sinus' are screwed anyway-but they must be affected by the sun and heat as well. Because these sinus headaches I get sit right in my eyeballs and hurt! And when you use your eyes as much as I do at work-really sucks for them to be hurting!!!

I still have an appointment set to see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist-because I've had too many sinus headaches! Of course stress could be involved! Guess I need to go live in the Pacific Northwest on a farm!!

So, I didnt get into the NYC Marathon. I'm really bummed! Very bummed as a matter of fact! So what did I do...registered for the Marine Corp marathon on the 31st October in DC. What am I thinking?? I don't have the time to train for a full marathon on my absolutely ridiculous work schedule!! I have lost my mind! But it sounded good at the time. Of course, then I found out I might be able to run NYCM for one of the official charities. This was after I registered for MCM. I cant run 2 marathons in a week-stupid! So I'm trying not to think about NYC. I have my dearest friend, Maryland Girl, who lives in the DC area. She has already said she'd be my sherpa.....hell, I'm hoping she gets sucked into the marathon spell and runs it!!!!

It's thursday, I'm at lunch (at 5pm) and I have no races this weekend!!! cry cry cry!! I need a half to run this sunday!!! I was supposed to run the US Half this weekend in San Fran-but I felt I just couldnt make the drive from LA to San Fran and then come back and work a 70 hour work week next Tara will be running as me!!! You go get em girl!!! Make this old lady proud!!! I so wanted to meet Roadbunner aka Sandra this weekend!!! But I guess that will have to wait for San Fran in July!!! I promise I wont be a flake!

ok....what does this weekend hold-I'm going to RUN! I think it's supposed to rain on sunday so I'll be out hopefully running 10 miles in the rain!!! Sounds like HEAVEN to me!!! I'm also going to register for the Nike Womens Half and the Salinas Valley Half marathon! Salinas Valley is in August and has a wine tasting afterwards! Sounds like my kind of event!!!

I think next weekend I'm going to run the Lake Casitas Half-anyone interested in joining me???

Wednesday: RUN: 2.64 miles before work with Velcro
Thursday: RUN: 3.0 miles before work with Velcro

Monday, April 5, 2010

I like having a 4 day weekend and Monday's off!

I just want it known that I like 4 day weekends and I like having Monday's off!! I might have to figure out a way to only work 4 days a week-hmmmmm. I like being at home-but alas I like having money as well, so i must work!

I had these fantastic plans to run all weekend long! But my body had different thoughts! It was like it gave in to my bed! I feel like all i did was sleep and feel like crap! yep, my body was rebelling and recovering from the punishment I have put it thru! I've slept more this weekend than I have in months!

My first day off was friday and I didnt do ANYTHING! I didnt set my alarm and slept in until about 9am! and I dont think i left my house at all on Friday-well, Velcro did go out to pee and poo and play!

Saturday, I got up early! Well, it helped that I went to bed at 9pm on Friday night! Yep, I am a rockin party animal!! I had breakfast planned with my LA BF at 8:30am, so i wanted to get a longish run in before pigging out! So Velcro and I ran down to the Cruise Ship terminal and back ( a 5 miler) before I went to eat stuffed French Toast-YUMMY!! It was really nice doing something social with one of the very few female friends I have in the film business! We had a really nice time and cried-her dog, Payton, has just been diagnosed with Diabetes, and isn't doing great! I have a diabetic cat, so I was trying to help-but whenever you hear bad news about your furbaby, no one can really make you feel better!! I'm here for her if she needs me! And we cried together!

The rest of Saturday was a wash! I sat in my house and watched my tivo shows and movies! Loved it!!! I picked up my carbo load pizza and came home and went to bed early. You see I had registered for the PCTR Sycamore Canyon 30K trail race that was being run on Sunday the 4th.

Yeah, guess my body had other ideas about what it wanted to do on Sunday! I woke up to my alarm at 5:50am with a nasty sore throat and feeling blah! I got out of bed and just knew that running an 18+ mile trail race in the mountains with aid stations being miles apart might not be a wise decision on my part! So I did a very adult thing and decided that I was not going to be running the race! My fear was being between aid stations and really feeling bad! And of course, since I'm a back of the packer, I wouldn't have anyone really behind me! Do I feel like a slacker and a loser for not running? Hell yes! Am I glad I made the decision to stay home? Hell Yes! When I woke up again at 9am and realized just how crappy I felt I was very glad I had been an adult! The race was 30 minutes in , the sun was shining (at my house) and I felt like I had been run over by a Mack truck. Yeah, 18+ miles feeling like this would have been miserable especially if it had been sunny! Yeah, i'm a wimp! But, I learned alot about my body and when to say NO after having double pneumonia! I listen to my body now!

I didnt get out of my pj's until about 7pm. But prior to that, I was woken up from a couch slumber by my couch rolling. I thought Velcro was scratching or schnorfling and then looked down and saw that she was on the floor sleeping. Then all of a sudden I see everything in my house swaying and moving-yeah, the entire house! Well, I live in a condo, so our entire building was swaying! Good thing I live on the 2nd floor! My apt wont be flattened in the big one! Yes, it was an EARTHQUAKE! a 7.2 in Mexico, around Mexicali. a 7.2 is a MASSIVE earthquake! And I very rarely feel earthquakes where I live-well, I felt this one and it lasted quite awhile! i'd say a good 30 sec of rolling! At least it was the rolling type! The jolt ones are scary!

I of course then became the twitter earthquake updater. I am a USGS geek!! Love that website! And there were tons of aftershocks happening! I didnt feel them but my peeps in San Diego were getting a rocking and rolling Easter Sunday!

Now that i was up, I started getting hungry and was craving Indian food. Yep, no Indian place around me so I'd have to get out of the pj's to go pick up my craving! Yummy-it was so worth it! (I'm actually having the leftovers right now for lunch!)

I went to bed early again last night, falling asleep to Brothers and Sisters. My alarm went off at 7am this morning-my LAST day of my long holiday! Gotta love the fact that the GLEE cast was singing at the White House today! Should I get up...wait...what is that I hear?? rain?! Could that be RAIN!!! woo hoo! hell yes I'm getting up so I can run in the RAIN!!

It didnt happen right away-I had to get up, have my tea, feed the cats etc. When I finally was ready to run, I put on my Sugoi Hydrolite Rain Jacket

and my new Asics Elements hat

and got Velcro ready. I set a towel out by the door so that I could dry my wet dog after the run!

We left the house and it was pissing down rain! I absolutely LOVE running in the rain! I loved my new hat-the rain drops were rolling off of it (yeah, it's waterproof) and my rain jacket was working fantastically....and then BAM, about 7 minutes into my run , the rain stops! WTF!! are you kidding me?? What is that in the sky? Blue sky and sun?? NOOOOOOOO!!! Am I the only person who who purposely went out to run in the rain to be greeted by blue sky, sunshine and warming temps in my rain jacket and black Asics elements hat! I ended stripping down to my jogging bra-and you know how often I do that! Just about NEVER!!! My torso never sees the light of day while running! But i was turning into a sauna with the sun and the rain jacket! I had already striped off my long sleeved shirt that I had on as well. Well, it was raining pretty hard when i left my house!!

I really wanted to get at least a 7 miler in today! And I had second thoughts about how far I'd go with the sun! I still wasn't feeling great! But I plodded on and decided a run to the Breakwater and back would be nice! And hopefully I'd be running into rain! ha ha! NO!

I'm glad I had the forethought to take a water bottle with me-Velcro and I needed it! It started to get warm even though I was stripped down to my bra! We snapped pics, as we always do, and headed home....Could I just get Jeannie snapped back home? I did not plan on this sun shit!!

It wasn't a fast run, as a matter of fact it was pretty damn slow! But I did have various times of undress, Velcro must stop to pee and poop and sniff and of course the numerous picture taking opportunities add up to super slow Penny! Oh well, I'm not winning anything!! And I have fun! It was my time out running with my girl!!

I'm very happy I was able to get some sort of long run in this weekend! Especially after missing the 30K on sunday!!! The running weekend wasn't a complete failure!!

Tomorrow, it's back to work! Only a 4 day work week this week. Then after that 2 more weeks of shooting and I'll be filing for unemployment!! Not sure when I'll be working again! Must save $$$

Saturday: RUN: 5.11 ( 1:06) with Velcro
Monday: RUN: 8.0 miles (2:01) with Velcro in the RAIN oops NO SUN!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

thursday is my friday

I have a 4 day weekend coming up!!!! Bring it on!!! I so need it! Do I have plans? hmmm, sleep, run, fix up my sons room and just hang with my furbabies!

I was able to get a run in this morning-havent done much running this week since I've been dealing with the rescue Siamese that came into the house on tuesday night! So maybe the half marathon on saturday and/or the 30K trail race on sunday is a stupid idea-i'm sure I'll run one of them!!!

I have my bottle of wine ready for me when I get home.....breakfast out tomorrow and then a run and beers tomorrow with friends!! a LIFE!!!! woo hoo!!!

It's Velcro's barkday tomorrow, the 2nd. She's going to be 6 years! My petsitter picked up a barkday cake for her today! She is so spoiled!!! Check out Velcro's blog to see the cake!

Until tomorrow!!!

Tuesday: RUN 1.8 miles
Thursday: RUN: 3.06 miles with Velcro