Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally...a trail run!!!

It has been way too long since Velcro and I were on the trails! It wasn't until today that I realized how much I LOVE running trails and getting my feet muddy! There is just something so real and humbling about getting dirty and running amongst nature! I love it! Velcro loves it! And it's my escape and my time!

I had planned on attempting a decent run! But it was halted when we had to slow down and wait for a Rottie to get ahead of us.....once I realized my time would be a joke, Velcro and i decided to just have fun! We traipsed thru mid, ran thru bushes, and looked for bunnies!

The sun was out but it was setting and cooling off. And we witnessed a beautiful sunday sunset! No better way to end a trail run than to see a beautiful sunset and to realize just how lucky you are!! I wish I could take each one of you out on the trails with me, in person! You are all invited!!! Come visit and run the trails with Velcro and I!!

Next up for me, PCTR Malibu creek 25K. YIKES! who knows if I'm ready for the PCTR hills but I'll be there and if I have to finish by walking I will!!! Bring it on!! This will be my longest trail race to date!!!

Also, If you can make it to NYC on March 19th for our Tweetup, here is the invite:

RUN: 5.32 miles with Velcro on the trails (1:41)

Friday, February 26, 2010



RUN: 2.63 miles (33:39) before work with Velcro

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is it Friday yet

I am tired! So didn't want to run this morning! Hit snooze and slept for an additional 20 minutes which basically knocked me from running-or did it! I finished all the morning stuff and realized I had a bit of time!! I could run-it would be short but it would be something. So I got my running stuff on and went out for a quickie but a goody!!! So glad I did because I would have felt like a fat slob if I hadn't!!!

RUN: 2.0 miles with Velcro before working

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Semi-Wordless Wednesday...

I ran a short quad loosening run this morning before work. It felt nice! It always feels nice! The rain is coming, I'm working long hours and who knows when Ill get another run in-hopefully tomorrow! But my right quad feels better today than the past 2 days!!!

RUN: 2.63 miles with Velcro (35:22)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pasadena Half Marathon.....check

Another Half Marathon is in the books. The Pasadena Half is now the 4th Half I've completed in 43 days with very little training due to my fantastic job! Here is what my weekly mileage looks like since I started working my 68+ work weeks:

week of Jan 3rd: 3.14 miles, 4.2 miles
week of Jan 10th: 13.1 miles (Half)
week of Jan 17th: 4.0 miles, 3.6 miles, 4.25 miles
week of Jan 24th: 13.1 (Half), 3.1 miles, 5.3 miles
week of Jan 31st: 5.1 miles, 3.1 miles. 3.06 miles
week of Feb 7th: 13.1 miles (Half), 2.00 miles, 3.05 miles
week of Feb 14th: 5.2 miles, 3.05 miles, 2.41 miles
week of Feb 21st: 13.1 miles (Half)....TBD

As you can see, I have a really shitty training schedule! Unfortunately, there isn't much I can do about it unless I don't want to get any sleep! So I run when I can! And I am running alot of Half Marathons as my long runs-my feeling is, if I've paid money for a Half, I will get my ass out of bed on a Sunday morning and run!! So that is kinda why I've been running all these Half's.....

So onto today's Pasadena Half.....I woke up this morning to stars in the sky...hmmm, that means no clouds! Now, I live about 40 miles from Pasadena and the way can be drastically different up in the valley.

I fed the kitties, took a COLD shower (I have no hot water right now and haven't since Thursday because the water heater in our building is busted, broken, shit-it's putting out COLD ass water!) and made oatmeal, toast and a boiled egg to take with me!

I was in the car at 545am, heading to Burbank to pick up my race support aka my dad! He's really enjoying going to all of these events with me! And it's really nice to see my girl, Velcro, right before the finish! They are always standing near the finish so my dad can take pictures of me and so that I can see my girl! What's funny is that as soon as Velcro sees me she wants to race to the finish with me!

We got to Pasadena around 6:15am. The race organizers must have hired a Location person from the Film Industry, because there were tons of yellow signs directing drivers to the parking! Amazing signage!!

We parked in one of the numerous parking garages at Pasadena City College, which is where the race started and would finish. I put my shoes on, gather my 2 water bottles and my sport beans and pb&j and we headed to the start area because I had to visit the porta potties!!

We made it to the VERY LONG porta potty line around 6:30 and I thought I had plenty of time-wholly shit man, I missed the official start because I was standing in the stupid line for forever!! They needed more porta potties in that area. Of course once I did my pre-race pee and headed to the start, we came across another collection of porta potties-guess I know now!

It was kinda odd starting with a small group of people, all the people standing in the porta potty line! I was behind all the walkers that's how far back I was. But since it was chip timed I didn't panic but I did want to pass the large groups of walkers-they were having fun!!

I think I started off a bit too fast, trying to make up time-which was really stupid considering it didn't matter when i crossed the start line-stupid Penny! But sometimes I can be stubborn and stupid!

The weather was pretty damn nice!! It had drizzled briefly before the start but was now cool and overcast! The sun was trying to poke out from the clouds and did a couple of times. And it wasn't too cool-yet, in true California fashion, alot of runners were decked out in long pants, gloves, long sleeved shirts and sweatshirts. Really, I had on a tank top and my running skirt and still ended up pouring water over myself near the end of the race. I must boil inside!

Now, I have lived in LA for quite awhile now and have worked in Pasadena lots! I should know that it sits in the Foothills and is somewhat hilly. Yeah, didn't even think about it! The race had us running thru some beautiful neighborhoods. past the Rose Bowl headquarters, down Colorado Blvd-alot of these historic streets appear flat when you are driving-but they are that long long uphill-not steep but gradually goes up. Until we reached the neighborhood that took us down down down toward the Rose Bowl. Now when one runs down what usually follows is an uphill! And this race had a few uphills!

I so wanted to get my sub 2:30 today. The running conditions, weather wise, were perfect and I felt pretty damn good-even though I got a super shitty sleep last night and kept waking up every hour! But it wasn't to be today! The hills and my lack of training got the best of my sub 2:30! I tried to push myself, and picked up some time with the downhill to the finish. But when you just can't get alot of decent runs in-it makes it hard to kick it up another notch while racing a Half!

But I finished, I feel pretty damn good now (which is important as I start another long 68+ hour work week at 630am tomorrow). I was able to spend time with my dad and brother after the race, Velcro chased squirrels in their yard , I took a HOT shower at my dads house and I took a nice little nap when I got home!

I know I have a sub 2:30 in me again-it's been YEARS since I've run a sub 2:30-but I'm determined! Maybe I should get a house husband so that I have more time to train...????

RUN: 13.1 miles ( 2:39:37)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

One more day until Friday

Velcro and I went on a run this morning! I'm not getting alot of sleep because of the Olympics! I get home from work and I MUST turn on my tivo to watch the primetime sports! Last nite was no different! But I was determined to get up this morning and run before work, since I didn't have to leave my house until 630am! So I set my alarm for up, fed the kitties, shoved my running stuff on and put Velcro's harness on-that is her sign that we are either going out in the car (not happening at 5am) or going running! She doesn't even grab her morning Tennis ball-because she knows it's run time!

We set out for my normal 3 miles before work. That's about all I could muster, time wise, this morning and on 5 hours of sleep! Almost a mile in, I noticed Velcro had her eye on something and was all of a sudden pulling on the leash. I looked to my left and saw "this dark shape" running toward us. There is nothing better than having a German Shepherd come racing at you, crossing the street while it is still dark, while you are running. Great!!! I HATE that! Now don't get me wrong, Velcro is off leash when she goes to the park at odd hours or even during the day. BUT, I do have complete verbal control over her-and if there is a Tennis Ball in my hand-she could care less about anything else, human or dog. So, I was a little pissed off, to say the least, to see this dog racing full bore at us barking and growling! I should carry some sort of mace or something on our runs, since it seems to be Pit Bulls that run around loose. But I haven't yet. So I stopped rather than continue running, as the owner tried to call her dog off. I've found the best thing to do is stand your ground, say NO very loudly and kick if you need to! Dog fights SUCK!

The poor owner of the dog, who kept trying and trying to get her dog to listen, was finally able to call him off. I had a bag of poop in my hand-I would have thrown it at him! She apologized numerous times and we continued on our run-but seriously, if you own a dog-please know your dog....if you think you don't have verbal control over your dog-maybe playing next to the sidewalk is a bad idea!! The park is big-there were better areas for her to be with her boy!

The problem is, Velcro has been attacked before. When she was 4 months old, she was attacked by 4 adults dogs-so she immediately gets her guard up when anything comes running toward her! Cattle Dogs NEVER forget.....

We continued our run, adrenaline pumping-boy the last 2 miles were faster than the first one! It felt really good to get out before work today! I felt like a super slug yesterday!!

Ooops-lunch is almost over!

Wednesday: 40 pushups, 100 situps, 2 planks- 1 min and 45 sec
Thursday: 3.05 mile run with Velcro

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You can't keep me down!

Thank you for listening to my venting last nite! I wanted to run last nite when I got home, but in true film biz tradition, I wasn't home until 10pm. So I watched the olympics, had a glass of wine and a 1/4 of a red velvet cupcake! I only got 5 hours of sleepbut woke up in better spirits! You can't keep me down! I am a strong financially independent single mother of an amazing 18 year old! Bring your best guys, bring your best!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sick and tired of it!

I'm venting! So I apologize ahead of time! I am sick and tired of "being one of the guys"... TIRED of it! Why is it that I'm "one of the guys" just because I can carry a 60-80 lb camera on my shoulder, because I don't wear gobs of makep at work, because I can't wear cute clothes at work because I carry heavy ass equipment for a living, I'm financially independent and I don't need a mans $$$$, because I'm a single mother to an 18 year old? TIRED of being "one of the guys" I'm over it!

One of the reasons I hate the film business is because of this single aspect! I'm not viewed as a woman! I am "one of the guys" and who would want to date "one of the guys?"

This all came about or came to a head because of a text message I just received from a guy i have liked for a very long time! In between movies or tv shows we've tried to get together, but trying to schedule anything in this business is hard!

Well I just found out today that he met someone (nothing personal but probably a girl in a "girl field" like hair or wardrobe-not camera) and they are 33 weeks pregnant! Wholly fuck! The last thing I knew was that he was getting a divorce from hi wife and that we were trying to get together! Talk about bring completely rocketed by information!

I hate LA! Hate it! I hate the weather and I also hate the fact that most of the men who are single here are looking for the quintesential California girl - blonde, fake boobs, skinny and in need of a man for financial and emotional support! Hmm I don't fall into that category!

My parents raised me to be a strong woman! And I am! But why can't I meet someone that will fall in love with what I bring to the table?

Over it all! And this just after a shitty Valentines Day with stupid love birds! Makes me sick!

I want to get out of here!

In honor of President's Day and the end of that stupid Valentines Weekend....

I came out of my shell and RAN! Yes you heard that correctly...after sitting on my ass all weekend hibernating from all that pink and all those "people in love for one day" I put my running shoes on last night, paused Tivo and went out for a run with my favorite running partner-Ms Velcro!

We ran down to the harbor, which is beautiful at night because there are lights lights and more lights! It was nice....

Now I'm working. Why can't all work weeks be 4 days?? I think the productivity level would go way up if we all had 3 day weekends!!

Next stop Pasadena Half this Sunday. I've heard that it's suppose to rain this weekend? WOOT WOOT!!!! Really!!!!???? YEAH!!!! And for all of you asking, No I am not running the LA Marathon on the 21st. Instead I'll be in NYC running the NYC Half Marathon!

Monday RUN: 5.2 miles with Velcro (1:12) this was a 2 poop run for Velcro as well as being a numerous stop light and second half uphill....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Valentines Day alone-Bah Humbug....lets drive out of LA! and Save the Peak!

It's Valentines Day. I HATE Valentines Day! I've become a bit of a hater when it comes to relationships! My last one was a debacle of the utmost degree-you name it the ass hole did it and now I really don't have the patience for "love birds" sorry if I offend but it's just the way I feel! I don't think there is a decent man alive in Los Angeles and if there is he's married or gay! So what is a single girl to do on a 3 day valentines weekend where all I see is flowers, chocolate, and PINK (and less you forget I LOVE pink but not today!) drive out of LA on an impromptu road trip to a "romantic" area, wine country! Let me preface this by saying, I was driving up to Camarillo (just south of Ventura) yesterday anyway to deliver a box to my son. Seems he had bought some girl a Valentines day Fortune cookie-did he remember his poor mom-NO! That is all i'll say on the subject. So I decided to continue driving so that I could visit, taste and buy some of my favorite wines from Melville Winery. I also put in an order for my most favorite favorite Pinot Noir evah!!! 2008 Carrie's Pinot comes out in march and I put in my order for 4 bottles of the small lot wine. Yikes should have ordered more! The last small lot of Carrie's Pinot I had was fantastic so I was determined to have more than one bottle this time!

Since I was up in Santa Barbara County anyway and my trusty companion, Velcro, was riding shotgun, I decided to visit another of my favorite spots, Jalama Beach! Normally I camp at Jalama-but since this was a three day weekend, if I didn't get up there Thursday or at the latest Friday, I wouldn't have gotten a camping spot-so it was a drive out for a brisk walk on the beach with Velcro. If you've never been to Jalama Beach, you have to be a fan of cold beaches! This is not the typical Southern California beach. The wind whips off the ocean and howls! Sand kicks up, the surf is huge and it calls for layers and layers of clothing! I normally run on the beach, but today we walked-the head wind heading back was awesome! It is The PERFECT PENNY place and the perfect place for me to watch the sunset last nite! I have needed my Jalama fix. It has been about 2 years since I've been camping's the perfect place for me and in my anti-Valentines mood it was what I needed! It's my Happy Place! What would have topped it off was a nice glass of wine while watching the sunset with the wind howling but I had to drive back to sunny warm Los Angeles.....

Now, onto the Hollywood sign. I know a few of you who follow me on twitter are wonder what the hell is going on with the Hollywood sign.....well i can tell you as of today the sign reads: Save The Peak. Don't worry-the Hollywood sign will be back to it's "normal" spelling on Tuesday. SO you LA Marathoners coming to town to see the sign-it will read: HOLLYWOOD. But the reason the sign is covered for the long weekend is to help drum up money to purchase the land,which is called the Cahuenga peak, which is to the left of the sign. This land was originally owned by Howard Hughes and was sold fairly recently and purchased by a Chicago area company. The land is now back on the selling block and The Trust for Public Land has taken up the fight to Save the Peak. They have until April 14th to raise 12.5 million dollars so that this land may be handed over to Griffith Park! All for a good cause!!!

So, if you LOVE the HOLLYWOOD sign and oppose seeing huge house dotting the hillside above this icon please help Save the Cahuenga Peak so that this land may become public and we can all enjoy it! Check out these websites:

Save the Cahuenga Peak

The Trust for Public Land

As for exercise, yeah I've done some!!!

Tuesday: A very Tired run 2.00 mile run with Velcro (27:07)
Wednesday: 50 situps on the balance ball and 20 girl pushups
Thursday: Run 3.05 miles with Velcro (37:41)
Friday: 50 situps on the balance ball and 30 girl pushups

Also, here is the twtvite for my trip to NYC for the NYC Half Marathon....I need someone other than moi to pick a fun place to eat drink and be very merry!!

NYC Tweetup to commemorate Southbaygirl's visit to the Big Apple

Also, I think I'm going to run the Pasadena Half Marathon on Feb 21st...yeah another Half-I'm crazy but they make good training runs for me while I'm working my crazy schedule! Any takers for the Pasadena Half?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Surf City Half Marathon Race Report....

SUN! That about sums up my race today! SUN! ok, there was more to it than that.

I arrived in Huntington Beach around 620am and headed to the PCH parking lots-wholly shit there were alot of people there! I was in a lot about a mile away from the start. The Heffers were in HB, so I parked and stood in an empty spot waiting for them and waiting and waiting-a guy tried to pull into the spot and I turned him away-he wasn't too happy with me! Oh well dude!

Once the Heffers arrived and I dispensed the bib bags, we headed to the bathrooms and the shuttle buses. We were lucky to get on a bus right away! But what a round about way we had to go to get to the start! They ended up dropping us off behind the Hyatt. It was just a short walk to the thousands of people in the start corral. Now, they had wave times posted-but i didn't see one sign separating the waves....I think we ended up being in wave 8 and we were pretty darn close to the start! How did they figure all of that out??

The half started at 7:45am, I started at 8:06am....hmmm sun and a late start-my FAVORITE conditions!

The good thing about wearing a blue tutu-you are easily recognizable by people on the lookout for the "blue tutu girl" and that's what happened at the start! I got to meet Solorunner, Burbsonthego and Anotorias and started the race with these fantastic women! It was awesome meeting fellow runners, bloggers and tweeters at the start! I still had my Heffers in the same area-so the start was with MANY friends, new and old!

We started and the first thing I noticed were how many people were running this race! WOW! Loads of people! And we were in wave 8 and there were LOTS of runners behind us! In hindsight, i should have moved closer to the start to get an additional 15 minutes in cooler sunshine! Not that it would have made that much of a difference! At the beginning I had this lovely man come up behind me to say hello, it was Mr PR not ER himself, Glenn! (BTW, Glenn got a PR!)

Off we went heading south on PCH for about a mile and a half! I was going to try a new strategy this race since 2 weeks ago at Carlsbad I bonked bad! I was going to run and walk and remember at mile 5 to eat my peanut butter and jelly! I ran the first 2 miles and then remember I wanted to do some walking to conserve my energy since I knew it was going to be sapped by the sun. This strategy worked pretty well. I kept passing this older lady who would moan everytime I passed her-it was kinda funny!

You know, wearing a tutu or any costume for that matter is a GREAT way to meet people during a race and to have your picture taken! I can't tell you how many people ran up to me saying "great tutu" or great outfit or the random people taking my picture. Did I look that funny? i thought I looked kinda cute!

As the miles ticked, we headed up the area called the bluffs-yes hills! Sun and hills-fun. But I plodded slowly up these hills and when i couldn't go anymore, I walked! I kept telling myself, self, this is your 3rd half in 6 weeks and you've been working 68+ hour work weeks and not training so you have nothing to prove to anyone but to finish and not hurt yourself-especially since I have a full long week of work starting at 630am tomorrow. SO I tried to run smart! And I think I did a good job of that!

Just past mile 5, I lost Aka Alice. She stopped at the medical tent for vaseline and I decided this was the perfect time to inhale my peanut butter and jelly! So I did! I was not going to bonk like I did 2 weeks ago! No bonking or hurling in a tutu! it was bad enough that i was hurling snot rockets while running in a tutu-it's not really ladylike!

After mile 5 there was a downhill back to PCH-and this is when it became an out and back and the sun started to pick on me! But I kept churning over those legs-telling myself to keep going! I wasn't feeling tired, but the sun was baking down on my face(even with my hat), chest and arms. It was sucking the ever-so-bubbly-Colts-life out of me with each step! But I told myself I wasn't going to give up and that there was nothing I could do about the weather but suck it up and complain later! Not that i didn't curse the sun everytime I stopped! What happened to the PERFECT running weather from the day before? The overcast, windy and wet weather??? Why couldn't that have been today?

Oh well.

The turnaround was around 8.5 miles, I think. I really don't like anything that is out and back! I'd much rather do a loop or a point to point! Because now i was running past all the same things! And there were a few slight inclines along the way back! But I kept plodding! looking down keeping the sun off my face-ha!

By mile 9 I was pouring 2 cups of water all over my body at each water stop! I had on a white COLTS tank-kinda felt like i was in a white wet t-shirt contest! But I had to do something, I was baking, literally! (yes, dork me forgot to put on sunscreen and I proceeded to get burned! who gets burned in Feb? me! Ms Scottish roots white girl). Plod plod plod. My time was starting to slow-but i thought I could still reach 2:30, I had hit the 10 mile mark under 2 hours which was a HUGE milestone for me! **twirls and pats on my back** so I thought if I pushed it I could reach that mythical sub Penny-run faster!!! Then all of a sudden some guy comes running past me and snaps a picture of me? Wow-really??? That was funny and made me smile! The people Iw as meeting just because I was wearing a tutu!!

Yeah, NO! That sub 2:30 went away as the 2:30 pace group got farther and farther in front of wilting Penny! Why do I run in California? Oh yeah, I live here-my bad! I knew it was gone when I hit the 12.5 mile mark at 2:30-POO!!!! Another sub 2:30 attempt out the window! Oh well! I was going to finish strong and rock my blue tutu!!

Once I hit the finishing stretch and could see the finish I kicked it in, a bit! Come on Penny-finish strong and get a good finish line picture!!!

I crossed the line in 2:37:47. And you know what-this is the fastest half I've run since Carlsbad 2009! This was my 3rd half in 6 weeks and it was my fastest! And in conditions that I hate! So I am quite pleased!! Especially considering my training has really taken a rapid decline since starting working on GLEE. Maybe running a half every other weekend is good for me! They are my long runs with LOTS of support!!

After crossing the finish line, I headed to the area we, me and The heffers, had picked as a meeting spot! This race has a beer garden-but wow, the line was so long!! We decided not to indulge in a we walked back to the car! Of course, before we left, I got to see Glenn, aka PR not ER! The two people I really wanted to see though were Lisa (who had the race of her life-her Marathon redemption) and Sara. There were just so many people!! But i was able to talk to Lisa on the phone and give her congrats on a fantastic race! And I think she and I are going to try to run a 5 mile trail race in orange County on Saturday!!

All in all, no a bad day! I finished and i wasn't tired-just dry, hot and sunburn. COuld I have gone faster-yes but not in the sun! If it had been overcast and cooler-yes I think it would have been a bit of a different race for me! But all in all, I'm very happy with my results considering I ran 2 5 milers last weekend, and 2 3 mile runs this week while working a 68 hour work week! Very Happy!!!

BTW, I finished my California Dreaming Series today! I got a kick ass jacket and a fancy California medal! The sun was worth it to finish the series and get additional Bling!

Race Results:

2:37:47 Pace 12:03

3 mile split: 34:12 Pace 11:24
8.2 mile split: 1:34:41 Pace 11:33

Overall: 8374/11783
Sex place: 4806/7515
Age Div: 744/1095

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Surf City Half Marathon Expo.....

I slept until about 930am this morning! Boy I needed it. By the time we wrapped our weeks worth of GLEE shooting, I had worked 68 hours in 5 days and I was like a burnt piece of toast! All I could think about was coming home! When i got home, I poured myself a big ass glass of wine and sat on the couch and watch Grey's Anatomy..only to wake up at 130am with the tv on-hate that! I plodded to my comfy bed and slept until 930am! I LOVE my bed!!

I headed to Huntington beach around noon today to pick up 6 race bibs! Yeah I was the "bib lady" today!! And am now an honorary Heffer because of my "bib lady" status! Aka Alice had a very busy weekend-so I offered to be the "bib lady" for her and her fellow Heffers..

When I got home, I stopped by my favorite pizza place for my pre-race pizza! The boys at Bonello's Pizza know when I come in I'm running a race the next day! It's become my ritual! They have killer pizza!!

My outfit is put together and waiting for tomorrow! I figured out my tutu issue-actually, the wardrobe dept of GLEE figured out my tutu issue! They had a blast and were thrilled to help! When i got my tutu back friday night I put it on and did a couple of shots with my tutu-Matt Morrison thought I was nuts! Maybe I am!

I'm ready for Surf City! This race is all about fun! I'm meeting the Heffers at 630am in a beach parking lot for the bib transaction! And I'm hoping to meet fellow runners and tweeters: solorunner and burbsonthego and Lisa who is running the marathon! But there will be loads of friends running that i hope to see at the beer garden: Glenn, Billy, Aron......who else???

Friday, February 5, 2010


I can't tell you how happy I am that it's friday! I'm exhausted and sick and tired of working! We've been working minimum of 14 hour work days which means I've been up each day 18-20 hours! 6 hours of sleep is just not enough recovery sleep!!

Just a little update on my Tutu-the GLEE wardrobe dept is altering my tutu!! They are adding elastic to the skinny girl tutu so that it can sit on my hips where I wear my running skirt! There was no way I could run with the skinny girl waist hugging Tutu around my waist while taking shortened breaths because of the compression around my midsection! I hopefully get it back today-i'd better since I'm not working tomorrow...must get my tutu!

My run this morning was shit! I was tired and didn't want to run! But I got my expanding ass out in the grey overcast skies and ran! I ran around the neighborhood so I got some hill running in! Once I got past the shitty super slow first mile I began to feel a tad better!! It was not the way I wanted to run with the Surf City Half this sunday! But what can I do! I have ZERO control over the hours I work! I am merely a pawn! I show up to wk when told and leave when we have finished all our shooting! So I have to suck it up and run when I can and not expect greatness just mediocrity! But I ran!! That is good and I had a great time with Velcro this morning!!

And I am no longer garminless!!!

RUN: 3.05 miles with the girl!
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday T's

Let's start with the good first... I ran this morning! Yes I got my fat tired ass out of bed, before another long ass day of work, and ran!!!! I know-send up the fireworks!!!! Penny ran!!! Woot woot!

My TANK is EMPTY!!! And I am TIRED! I do not know how I can muster an attempt at a 2:30 Half this sunday at Surf City! I might as well just forget about it and go and have FUN!! Maybe I can get my 2:30 Half in NYC??? And seriously, could I get a 2:30 at Surf City while running in sunshine and a TUTU??

Speaking of my TUTU-HELP!! Fat girls shouldn't order tutu's from a dancewear company!! Seriously! I felt like I was trying on skinny girl clothes! I should have bought the "plus size" tutu! I opened the box and pulled out this beautiful blue tutu! Nicely made with a 2" wide elastic waistband....hmmmm that might be a problem! But I mushed forward and put my running skirt on and then pulled my tutu over it! Ha ha ha ha ha!! Funny shit!

I have a high waist-which sucks for all running skirts etc-i weat them lower on my hips-WELL this tutu is made to ride on your waist! I tried that-yeah, wow that looked awful! So I pulled it down to my hips! Ha ha ha ha ha!! Jelly roll, tummy rolls whatever you want to call the fat rolls that some of us have around our middle when we try to put our mature thyroid issue ridden body into something that was made for a stick figure!

Well this fat chick isn't going to run with some fat roll coming over the top of a tutu!! So I started stretching the entire tutu-loved to hear the pull of stitches coming out in order to lessen the tummy roll! Well that was better but because I pulled some of the stitches out, some of the tulle is loose. DING idea! Maybe I should pull all the pretty blue tulle off the tummy roll producing 2" elasticated waist band and make my own tutu???? Hmm, Penny, you should have done that from the beginning! Now you are stuck with ONE day to figure out your COLTS running outfit!! HELP!!!!!

So the fat Girl Tutu hotline/helpline is now open for affer, advice, jokes, antidotes....bring it on people! Help a girl out!!!

Off to my day job on GLEE.....another a 14 hour day here I come!!

RUN: another garminless 3?? Something run with Velcro in a SLOW as MOLASSES jog!!
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