Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am Half Marathon Fanatic #302

Woo Hoo! I knew I was nuts but now all these Half's I've been running with a week apart have elevated me to Half Marathon Fanatic Status. I am a lowly Neptune level-but I'm sure my Fanatic status will challenge me to run more!!!! Bring it on!!! Woo hoo!!!

On running news, Velcro and I ran tonight! Another Garminless 5 miler down to the harbor and back! It was pleasant-considering I didn't want to get off my couch!!

Tomorrow, I must be at work at 630am! Fun times!! I'm hoping to try my hand at dancing at lunch! yes, clutzy me will be attempting to dance at GLEE dance rehearsals during my lunch hour-thought it might be fun cross training....I'll let you know how it goes!!

Remember, Surf City half is this sunday! I hope my blue Tutu arrives soon!! And now that I'm a fanatic, I'm thinking of running the Pasadena Half on Feb 21st!

RUN: 5 miles with Velcro

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What? A Saturday morning run? Really?

Yes, you hear that right...I was able to run this morning! I actually got off work early and was home by 8pm last night-absolutely unheard of! So what did I do? went to bed early since I've been sick so that I could get up and run this morning! Yeah, my big party days are over-it's all about getting enough sleep to run!!

I told myself I wasn't going to set an alarm this morning! Since my flu has now deposited itself into my sinus' I'm fighting the inevitable sinus infection! So it's all about sleep sleep sleep and of course while running snot rockets snot rockets and more snot rockets!

As you all know from my previous posts, Ms garmin is DEAD! And yes to answer all those posts about the master reset-yes I have tried and tried the master reset-NOTHING! She is DEAD! So i'll be purchasing a new one tonight and then I'm going to send my 205 back to garmin to see if they can repair it. If they can, I will give it to my son!

ok, on to my run this morning. We started later than I had hoped-but sleep is very important to me right now especially since I run Surf City on sunday! This will be the final leg of the California Dreamin Series-yeah baby I get a jacket and a cool ass medal!!! SWEET! oh yeah back to my run, we started late but it was still cool-the weather lady called it cold-um, NO! It was perfect if not a bit warm for me. Funny, all the runners that were out this morning had on long sleeves, running tights, I the freak???

Well, Velcro and I decided to run along the coast! I hadn't run paseo del mar in a very long time and I needed to see the ocean! So off we went to Pt Fermin Park. the other reason I was running this route is I know the mileage-and without Ms Garmin I didn't have to think I could just run and enjoy the morning with Velcro as i shot snot out of my congested snot filled head! Wow I'm congested! that's all i'm going to say!

Velcro and I had a nice run! We ran a bit in White Point nature Preserve-so she got to sniff and be off leash! This run has gradual climbs but no major hills! Around mile 5, when we stopped to fill up my water bottle, Velcro hurled-wow, does this run in my family? Guess she doesn't like running in the sun either! Luckily we were very close to the end, so I let her sit on the grass for a bit, drink some water and then we continued!

I mapped my run, 5.36 miles give or take a turn or two....that's about right from memory! So I'm pretty happy with that run especially on a Saturday morning! And the only reason I had an early night at work on Friday was because there is some sort of stomach flu going around our set! We could only shoot one scene on Friday! So it made for a short day-11 hours!

When I came home I realized I stunk! Stinky penny! had to jump in the shower because I was getting my hair cut! Yes, I did something for ME! And I know have pretty girl hair!!

Tomorrow, I hope to get at least a 6 or more mile run in! I think that will be perfect since I have my third half in 6 weeks on Sunday! Bring it on Surf City!!! I have my outfit picked out-a royal blue tutu and my Colts tank! Yes, running on Super Bowl Sunday and I'll be decked out in Colts Blue! The only bummer to my outfit could be rain-I don't have a Colts rain jacket!

BTW, if any of you are interested, my sister and my niece, who live in England, are coming over to run the San Francisco Half Marathon with me on July 25th! Running the Golden Gate Bridge again!! Who wants to join this family affair of mine????

RUN: 5.3 miles with Velcro

Friday, January 29, 2010

Post sicky run!

It's Friday and I'm sitting in the "McKinley High School" auditorium waiting for our cast to arrive! We have a few sicks actors...

I started feeling like ass on monday afternoon! A sore throat was the first sign-never a good sign for me! I thought it was just because I had run a half the day before-NOPE! Tuesday came around and I felt horrible! I was doing a lot of steadicam with Cheerios on stilts and I was exhausted and winded! For a runner to not want to exercise while working-i'm sick!! Luckily on tuesday, the C camera was wrapped early. The C camera 1st came to me and asked if I wanted to go home-HELL YES! As the A camera 1st I am usually on set the longest so this was very exciting! I went home and jumped into bed! I was going to let the 1st AC know by 730am on wed if I was staying home!

650am Wednesday I decided I was not going into work! So once I knew I wasn't coming into work, I went back to bed! And slept until 1130am! Needless to say, I didn't get out of my pajamas at all on wednesday! Velcro wasn't happy about not going to the park! But she was happy to have me home, as were the kitties! There is nothing better,when you're sick, than snuggling with your furry babies! It was perfect!! I slept, napped, inhaled loads of fluids and didn't leave my house! Awesome!

I found out wednesday evening, that our work day had been cancelled thursday due to some "hurling" actors! Woo hoo!! A paid thursday for me while I recover from what I think was "the flu." Good thing I got a flu shot this year! I would have been down for 5-6 days instead of 2!

Thursday afternoon I began to feel human! I actually got dressed! And left my house with Velcro!! And then I began to feel better and better! I vacuumed and then made a Kale and leek soup! I was going to go see Avatar but decided to stay home and order The Hurt Locker-wow what a good movie!!

I felt so good that I decided I'd take Velcro on a shirt slow run! It was a 630pn run. It was dark and it was a Garminless run! Ms Garmin is DEAD! She won't power up at all! She won't even re-set! She's DEAD! I have to get another one before surf city Feb 7th-i will have runners withdrawal if I run a half without a Garmin!

So off Velcro and I went on our night run! When I felt even the tiniest bit tired I walked! I was not going to over due it! But we both needed to be out!! I have no idea my time! But I ran most if it and walked when I felt a cough or if I felt I was over exerting myself! I got home and felt WHOLE again! You don't realize how much you need running until you can't run!!

Now it's friday, I'm at work and we haven't shot anything! There is a stomach virus going around our set! Lea got sick and was hurling on wednesday and now Amber is hurling! I don't want the hurling bug I just had the flu!

This weekend is about rest and Penny! Getting my hair cut tomorrow and I hope to get a 6-8 mile run in on sunday!! I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!!

THURSDAY: RUN: 3.1 miles w/Velcro
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Carlsbad Half Marathon Race report

Wow where to start! Well. first of all I must thank everyone who donated to my charity for this race, Labrador Rescuers! I raised $2523.10! I am absolutely thrilled!!! I was the top fundraiser which is very cool but what I am even more excite about is that as a group, the runners running for Labrador Rescuers raised over $20,000! How fantastic is that!!! Every bit of that money goes to the dogs!!!! So I feel very honored, humbled and proud to have helped! So thank you all!!

We arrived in Carlsbad around 11:30am. I wanted to get to the expo at a decent hour so I could walk around and also so I could meet the Labrador Rescuer volunteers! I got to hug and love on the many Labs they had at the expo! I LOVE the fact that I can run for an animal charity!! means the world to me!

I picked up my race number and goodie bag, and my dad and I cruised around the expo! I stopped by the Gypsyrunner booth to buy a few things and to say hello to Amy Lambert. Remember to check out her website! She has awesome running accessories!! I also had to buy my obligatory long sleeved Carlsbad Half shirt-gotta show off by wearing it at work!

We popped out briefly to meet one of the official photographers of the Carlsbad Marathon (she also volunteers for Labrador rescuers) and that's when I ran into Irene and her husband Michael! They were both running the half. Irene is a bit faster than me...but hey most people are a bit faster than me!! Oh well! it was wonderful seeing them again!

My dad and I left the expo and went to check into our hotel! We choose a pet friendly hotel, since I always bring Velcro on these short race trips! She and my dad are my race support! We stayed at the LaQuinta Inn and Suites-first time I've ever stayed there. And I'll be staying there again. I was very pleased with the accommodation and it's pet friendliness!

Dinner was at 6pm. My friend Christina and Ben were down from LA,Christina was running her first long race in over a year. So we were going to go to dinner. Before I came to Carlsbad, I contacted Meg of Meg Runs! since Meg and her husband were running the full. I LOVE meeting fellow bloggers-so it seemed like a fantastic idea! I didn't know that this was the first "blogger meetup" for Meg-it was like a blind date! We had dinner at Viglucci's in Encinitas...and it was fantastic! We had a great dinner and great conversation! Meg and her husband Steve and amazing people!! If you get the chance to meet them-do it!! It was like we were old friends who hadn't seen each other in years! I really do enjoy meeting fellow bloggers-and it's great to meet fellow bloggers who i feel I have so much in common with. of course, Meg speaks fluent Spanish-I do not....and she's a BQ-hmmm I am not...ok well we don't have everything in common! All ic an tell you is that it was a great evening and the perfect way to end my Half marathon was an early evening since Meg and Steve were running the full, which started at 6am! Not me...I'm the slacker Half marathon runner!! 7:30am start for us 13.1ers!

Race day.....I was up at 5:10-way too early but it's hard for me to gauge time since I always have cats and Velcro to deal with before leaving in the morning. This morning I didn't have either, since my dad was going to be Velcro's keeper.

My dad drove Christina and I to the start. We had figured out the backway so that we didn't get stuck in traffic heading into the Westfield mall to park! So we got there pretty darn early! We dashed to the Carls Jr to use the ladies room and then walked to the start area. It was about 48 degrees when we got there. Everyone was bundled up....I had bought a cheap Sherpa hat and long socks which I cut up for arm warmers for the morning. I knew it was going to be "clear and sunny" so I didn't want any extra clothes on or around me!! I ended up ditching my hat early and then the arm warmers....the one thing I had forgotten to get were gloves! Silly fingers were freezing especially holding onto my water bottles!

The start was in waves. me being a turtle, was in wave 5! So we started around 7:45...hmmm didn't bode well for me evading the sun! Well, there wasn't much i could do! I had hoped for overcast and cool-I got cool and clear blue skies and sun.....I was going to have to deal!

I started off pretty strong and was feeling pretty good. The sun was out and my fingers warmed up but I was getting hit by the sun. My hat was shielding me well-but I really don't like running in the sun, even if it's cool. The first 6.6 miles were pretty good. I hit the halfway mark at 1:17:53, a 11:48 pace. I was pretty happy with this, so I continued on and almost immediately saw my dad and Velcro! I LOVE seeing my girl when I'm running! I so wish I could run these races with her!

I headed back to the start/finish area. At this point it's kinda hilly...down then up and down then up...but I knew the course so it wasn't a surprise. Around mile 9 Ms Garmin started shutting off-WTF? I'd turn it back on again and them bam off. It had a good charge-yikes has Ms Garmin finally done? So I was dealing with my lack of Garmin and trying to plot my 2:30 Half time when BAM i hit mile 10 and Hello nausea.. I HATE throwing up and all of a sudden I was feeling the urge to hurl! YUCK! So i walked....I thought walking would make me feel better. And it did for a bit so i started running. but then i realized I had ZERO energy and walked some more...then ran. You can see the pattern developing! I had no garmin and I was walking and running. When I reached mile 11.5, I came across a marathoner who was having a VERY hard time of it! She was a Team in Training runner and was having major cramps,and had been since mile 15. She was standing on the hill backwards with a grimace on her face attempting to bend down. Since I had written off beating my 2:30, I asked her if she wanted someone to walk with her.She said yes, so off we went. She was running for her dad , who had died of Lymphoma when she was a kid. Inearly burst into tears! She had set out this morning, with her husband, to get a BQ=but her hopes were dashed at mile 15, so at this point she just wanted to finish! And she did, with her husband by her side!! I left her when her husband came up and ran to the finish! I was determined to finish strong...please Penny don't hurl at the finish! That would make a really sucky but maybe really cool finish line picture!!!

I got my medal, water and called my dad to see where he was! he was just leaving the hotel-so i told him I'd meet him at the Carls Jr! So I walked-collecting my food goodie bag and walked and walked. It was probably good for me to do all this walking! because I feel pretty damn good right now!

Am I thrilled with my performance? Not really! I so wanted to run a 2;30 but I guess this was not the day..and then it hit me.....I hadn't made my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which I normally run with nor had I eaten any of my sport beans! I had bonked and felt ill at mile 10 due to the lack of fuel and taking 2 tylenol. What a stupid idiot!! I know better. What was I thinking? Ha ha obviously i wasn't thinking!

So when I got to my dad and Velcro the first thing I had to do was eat. I was ravenous!!! I ahd eaten my oatmeal and banana this morning before the race but nothing during the race-I obviously can't do that! So we dashed into the Boston Market and I got Mac and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, corn and a biscuit! We drove back to the hotel and I inhaled my food. Yes, you can call my Penny the Food Vacuum!

I showered and we left Carlsbad....had to get back home fairly early since I have to be at work tomorrow at 6:30am! Yes, we have a weeks worth of performances on GLEE this week-a VERY big week which means a pretty long work week! I'm going to guess on a 69 hour work week! Maybe my hurling feeling and walking is a blessing in disguise. it will make tomorrow much better!!

All in all, I'm happy! Did I want a faster time-HELL YES!! Will it happen one day-I sure do hope so! But did I feel good about what I had done for my charity of choice, Labrador Rescuers-YES! I'm awfully proud! it feels good to surpass your goal and run for a charity!!

My next race is in 2 weeks. The Surf City half Marathon in Huntington beach on Super Bowl Sunday! I already have my race outfit picked-my Indianapolis Colts tank!!! yeah baby-GO COLTS!!! I think there will be a tweetup at Surf City and it will be my third Half Marathon in 6 weeks!

Until I run again....good night and thank you to all who supported me during my run today!! I can't tell you how much your words and support mean to me! I have the best blogger and twitter friends evah!!! I am a lucky girl!!! Thanks so much for being my friend!

RUN: 13.1 miles 2:41:48

Friday, January 22, 2010

Next Stop Carlsbad!

Today I drove home in rush hour traffic! It was really odd! Wow-rush hour traffic sucks! Now you might be wondering why I was actually in traffic at 5pm since I usually work well into the wee hours of saturday! Not today! I decided to only work a half a day since I'm running the Carlsbad Half Marathon on sunday! I needed some time to run, rest , carbo load, pack, clean and sleep (which I'm going to be doing momentarily)!

I ran tonight after sitting in traffic for over an hour! Velcro and I got a 46 degree night run in and it felt great! Wow I have missed running! Work has just consummed my time! I'm going to have to change that!

Tomorrow I head south to Carlsbad! My dad is coming as my race support and Velcro watcher! My friend Christina is running the half as well-we have our hotels booked and dinner planned! Speaking of dinner, we will be dining italian style with Meg og Meg Runs! She and her hubby are running Carlsbad as well! It will be super fun to meet another blogger! I can't wait!!

A quick Thank You to everyone who donated to my charity for Carlsbad, Labrador Rescuers! I raised over $2500 for Labrador Rescuers! I am thrilled and overwhelmed by the generous nature of everyone!! Thank you all!!! Your kindness, generosity and support means the world to me! I hope to do you all proud on sunday!

Until Carlsbad!
Good Night!

RUN: 4.25 mile run with Velcro

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a quick run in between storms

Rain drops keep falling on my head......I LOVE the rain we've been getting here this week! Torrential downpours, thunder, lightning, tornadoes....I feel like I'm back in Tennessee! The flooding and mudslides aren't good....

Once again, I'm getting peeled like an orange at work. Long hours, little sleep, no life-all is back to normal! I did run on Sunday-after watching the Golden Globes and tweeting about it. By the way, if you live under a rock and didn't know GLEE won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy, Musical Yeah baby! I worked on season 1 and 2 of Mad men when they won a Golden Globe and Emmy and now GLEE...I love this streak I'm on :-)

The only bummer about work, the hours! We've been working 14-15 hour days. And this old body is having a very hard time adjusting! I just couldn't run on Monday and Tuesday-way too tired but I managed to get my fat arse up and out this morning before work! It felt great to run but it was SLOW! I was tired! And still am. I'm hoping to get another run in tomorrow morning before work. And then Friday, drum roll please.........I am leaving after lunch!! WOOT! yeah, I might actually be home at a "normal person" hour! I'm having another st Assistant come in and finish the day for me so that I might attempt to get a decent night sleep since...

I'm running the Carlsbad Half Marathon on Sunday for Labrador Rescuers! I reached my goal of raising $2000! I'm thrilled! If you were kind enough to donate your hard earned money, thank you very much! If you were unable to donate at this time-I completely understand! I'll most likely be running this race again next year and trying to raise even more money! And if you still want to donate-DONATE!!! I'd love to raise as much money as possible!!! Here is a shortened link to my donation site:

Sun RUN: 4.0 gloriously cool dark miles w/Velcro
Wed RUN: 3.6 slow ass miles w/Velcro

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Wholly crap I am tired! I just finished my first full week back on GLEE. A 68.5 hour WORK week (that doesn't include my commuting time). I got home at 4am on Saturday morning-T-I-R-E-D! So I didn't do anything yesterday. Come to think of it, I didn't do anything at all last week!

I ran the 13.1 a week ago, and I was pretty darn sore the next few days-but I had already decided not to run those 2 days-needed to get my "work" legs back under me. Well, 14-15 hour work days are not easy! And with an 1 1/2 hour commute, even harder!! So I didn't run at all this week. But I'm kinda happy, because my left foot was pretty darn sore after the race. I iced it when I'd get home-I think staying off it (ha ha that's funny because I'm on my feet ALL day long) ok, I think not running on it before standing on my feet for 14-15 hours a day helped! Because my foot feels pretty darn good now! I'm going to test it out tonight on my run! First run in a week. I need to get 6-8 in tonight. I CAN DO IT!

On another note, I am ONE WEEK away from the Carlsbad Half Marathon! The past 2 years I have run this race for a FANTASTIC charity, Labrador Rescuers! I have one week to reach my goal! I set a $2000 goal-a high goal when we are in a recession and when there has just been a huge catastrophe in Haiti, but I'm trying to stay positive that I can reach my goal or maybe even surpass it! As a group, Labrador Rescuers has not raised what they wanted, they are just over I have even more motivation to reach or surpass my $2000 goal!! CAN YOU HELP??? Any amount! Even if it's $1, it all adds up and helps these dogs!! Please, if you can and want to donate any amount, please help!!!

Yet another note, I was having a chat with RunningLaur of When I get a Little Run, Run, Run about ideas for runners-well she took the ideas(seems she and I had been thinking about a "fund" of some sort for runners) and RAN with it!!! Please check out this new site, Runner's Swap. And if you have any ideas or suggestions, let her know,or me.

ok....I'm off to have breakfast and watch football! I WILL RUN TONIGHT! Yes I will!! So look for an actual running post later!

Golden Globes are on tonight! My GLEEks are up for 4 awards! I have my TIVO set to cheer them on! We have a later call tomorrow morning than normal-just in case they go to parties! Lets WIN those GLOBES!

And remember, if you can donate any amount to my charity that would be FANTASTIC!!!!! it's tax deductible!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Inaugural Los Angeles 13.1 is in the bag!

13.1 miles done-it wasn't my fastest nor was it my slowest! As a matter of fact this was the fastest half marathon I've run in 4 half's.....well maybe it wasn't so bad after all!

It was hard getting up at 4:45am on a Sunday, especially after my 15 hour work day on Friday and my lazy Saturday! But I got up. I had set all my running stuff out the night before so that I wouldn't be flailing around at 5am in the morning!

I left the house around 5:45am-arriving in the Venice/Santa Monica area around 6:15am-tons of time to put my shoes on, gather all my "stuff" and walk to the start!

This was the inaugural Los Angeles 13.1 so I knew it wouldn't be super busy! Well, the porta potty lines were fairly short but there were more runners than I had expected! And alot of first time half marathoners! Which I LOVED! It's awesome to see so many people getting into running!

The race was supposed to start at 7:13am...that came and went and we waited for the LAPD to come back to the start to escort the lead pack runners out!

I think we ended up starting around 7:20-and much to my "joy" HA, as soon as we started running the sun started creeping up into the sky warming the already 60 degree temps of the "balmy Southern California winter". I was not happy! I started warming up right away! I had my makeshift arm warmers on with my pink tank as I waited at the start. I looked around and saw so many runners with long sleeved shirts, tights and gloves and's not that cold people! Aren't you going to burn up once you start running???? Well I will and did! As soon as I started running south on the Venice Boardwalk, past the numerous pot stores, I started getting toasty warm. The makeshift arm warmers were pushed down to my wrists, and eventually tied around my braid. It was not going to be a day of "perfect temps" for Penny!

And yeah, I spent most of the run hiding from the sun. Do you know how hard that is when you are running on Venice Blvd and there are NO trees!! hard! I ended up shifting my hat, ghetto style, to the side where the sun was beating down on my face! Why was it sunny and hot? Why?? I hate sunny and hot!

I know you all must think I sound like a broken record about the sun and heat and that it really cant be that bad-well, it is. I overheat very easily! And have since I was a kid! I remember playing a tennis match in junior high school and getting incredibly ill from the heat. Seems my body has issues dealing with the heat! And to add insult to injury, today, around mile 9, my asthma started really screwing with me-gotta love running and having a hard time getting a full breath! It's a scary feeling! Did I have a puffer with me-NO! Stupid Penny! So I walked until the shortness of breath went away!

Now, I went into the race with absolutely zero expectations! This was a spur of the moment decision! I was supposed to run a trail race in Northern California, but for a few reasons, I couldn't make the drive up. So, I was left without a race or long run for this weekend! So when I got offered entry to this race, I decided it was going to be a training run for the Carlsbad Half which is in 2 weeks! But, that's hard to do when you get out there and are running! Especially when I saw that my sub 2:30 was within reach! But as soon as I hit mile 9 and realized I had to walk, I knew the sub 2:30 was gone! Oh well! I'd try to finish as strong as possible!!

Considering everything (the not-so-perfect running weather and the shortness of breath) it wasn't a horrible time! It was faster than the last 3 half marathon's I've run! That's something!

I ended up finishing in 2:39:51. So close yet so far from the sub 2:30! But it's within reach, I know it! It might not happen while I'm working 65-70 hour work weeks though...and that's what my GLEE schedule is looking like! I guess, until I can work less hours, my running might take a back seat-which sucks! But momma's gotta pay the bills!!

The highlight of my dad-my ice bath and an iced cold Coors Light! It was fantastic! I don't normally take an ice bath after a half-but since I have a full week of work, I thought no harm no foul! And WOW! I forgot how fantastic they are! frightful to drop into, but once youa re in and numb-fantastic! Of course, pounding a beer helped immensely!

Once again, Thank you so very much, Lindsay, for the entry into this race! I really needed this long run!! I know I grumble about the heat-but I had a great time, in a sun and heat kind of way! I will send you the heat and sun for the cold weather!!! Thanks so much!!!

RUN: 13.1 miles 2:39:51

Saturday, January 9, 2010

another 13.1? Am I crazy?

Well tomorrow I'll be running the Inaugural 13.1 here in Los Angeles. The race starts at 7:13am.

I was scheduled to run a trail race with JoLynn in Northern California tomorrow. I SO wanted to run the race! But finances and time made it impossible, so earlier this week I contacted JoLynn and told her I couldn't make it up! I was hoping she could find someone to run in my place!

Well, the person who got my spot in the PCTR event tomorrow is Aron! And I was thrilled that the spot and the entrance fee wasn't going to waste!! But I was bummed because I really wanted to run!!

Then out of the blue, I was contacted by Lindsay of Chasing the Kenyans about an entry into the Inaugural Los Angeles 13.1 race. Now, I had never met Lindsay, I had read her blog but that's about the extent of our connection. But here she was contacting me about a comp entry in the race. An entry that she had won but was now unable to use! I was floored! Wow!! there are great people out there! I've decided the good people are usually runners or pet people!!

So I am now running tomorrow. Running a half marathon thanks to Lindsay! talk about paying it forward...two race entries handed off within a few days-how cool is that! Mine hasn't gone to waste since Aron is running in my place and Lindsay's winning entry isn't going to waste since she was so gracious as to offer it to me!

Yippee! I'm running tomorrow! It wont be fast, it might be ugly but I'll be there! I needed a long run this weekend for numerous reasons! I've already started being pounded by long work hours! (We started shooting GLEE on Wednesday and we shot 3 long days (43 work hours in 3 days)) and I have the Carlsbad Half in 2 weeks and then the Surf City Half 2 weeks after that! I need to run as much as possible and I know with my work schedule I'll be scrambling for the time on the streets! So I'm thrilled I can get a long run in on a course with race support!

To everyone racing tomorrow-GOOD LUCK and KICK SOME BOOTY!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NYC here I come!!

Half-Marathon registration status: Accepted
Entry number: 491937

NYC on March 21st here I come!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cross Country drive, a new friend and a run before I start GLEE....bring on 2010

What a week! As most of you know, I spent 3 days driving from Nashville to California this past week. I left on New Years Eve for my first leg, Nashville to Oklahoma City. I had to be in OKC to watch my Tennessee Vols play Virginia Tech-I should have just continued driving for the entire night-for my Vols didn't show up to play! And I will now being swallowing my BIG ORANGE PRIDE and I'll have to don a Virginia Tech t-shirt, courtesy of Anne, as part of the wager we had on the game! Stupid boys who didn't show up to play football! I got over that rather quickly, 2 glasses of wine and sleeping in a scary, loud, party filled Studio Motel 6. Yeah, I wont be staying there again!

Day #2 found me leaving Oklahoma City of a VERY COLD morning-my fingers were frozen! I actually had to put the Carhart jacket on to survive! I had made plans to finally meet Reese, of Running Through Time, at the only Starbucks, on my way out of town, that was open on New Years day at 745am! You see, I usually stop in Oklahoma City on my way to Nashville and on my way back to California. Both times I hadn't met Reese-so we weren't going to miss this opportunity!

I LOVE meeting blogging friends! Reese knew me right away! Could it have been the fragile California girl bursting thru the door in layers upon layers of clothes with a car full of animals looking at her? Yeah, I think all of that gave me away!

Reese and I sat and talked. We talked about running, travelling, Boston, ultra's and of course the cold! It's always nice finally meeting a person you have been following, reading and getting to know! I feel like I've become friends with all my blogging peeps, but it's so different when you finally get to meet them!! I plan on meeting more and more of my blogging friends this year!

After my Starbucks meet, Velcro, the kitties and I hit the road! Our goal destination, Holbrook Arizona. If I could make it to Holbrook, day #3 would be shorter! Day #1 had been an 11 hour drive from Nashville to OKC, OKC to Holbrook, AZ ended up being a 12 hour drive. We were west bound and down. Only stopping to pee and fill up my little diesel!

I've stayed in Holbrook, Arizona numerous times before-all in the same hotel. I decided I was going to choose the other Best Western this trip-especially after my colorful stay at the Studio Motel 6! What a GREAT choice I made! The Best Western Arizonian is a keeper! And I'll be staying there anytime I drive on I-40 thru Holbrook! Fantastic! Very pet friendly and just a nice place! I think we were all very happy to be in the room! The kitties raced around the room and Velcro jumped from bed to bed like a pent of pre-teen! It made me laugh!

Day #3 found us driving back into the desert! Holbrook, Arizona to Los Angeles! By now, I was a little tired of driving and feeling a bit sinusy! Could it be the descent from altitude to the desert? Could it be the wonderful dry winds that were blowing that always wreak havoc on my sinus'? Who knows, but all I know is that I immediately started getting thirsty and hot....yep, I was back in the sunny West!

We made it home by 4pm-we made great time! Of course it helps when you drive west, gaining hours as you cross the time zones. Makes for a much more pleasant drive!

We were exhausted when we got home! I got all the furry babies in the house and unpacked the car! I so wanted to run but after 3 days in the car the only thing I was doing was melding with my couch! As a matter of fact, I did that the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday! I had planned a run with my friend Christina on Sunday-but she bailed and I didn't feel 100% so I took the opportunity to rest and watch tons of movies while curled up on my couch in a blankie! And it felt GREAT!!!

Day #1 of my 2010 work career...that was today! I continued my camera prep for GLEE. we start shooting the back 9 episodes on Wednesday. And it couldn't have come at a better time for me! Financially, I so needed to get back to work right away!! Being a single parent isn't easy! And don't let anyone tell you that your kids get cheaper as they get older-ha!

Since I hadn't run yesterday and I'm feeling like a chubby girl. This morning, when I woke up before my alarm (I must still be on central time), I decided to don my running skirt(since it's been 70 here in So Cal) and get my fat chubby ass and mid section out for a much needed first run of 2010! And it was a beauty! The sunrise was phenomenal! And I was running with my favorite running partner, Velcro! You know, sometimes life doesn't get much better than that!

Since it's 2010, I guess I need to let everyone in on a few of my New Years Resolutions!
  • Well, like most people, I'd like to lose some weight. This has been a struggle for me since i was diagnosed with a thyroid condition! Seems the only way i can lose weight is to have a boyfriend walkout on me-damn I dropped 20 lbs FAST then!! how can i bottle that and sell it? I'll figure out this thyroid thing-might have to go see an Endocrinologist...gotta find the time for that
  • Save more money for my son's school tuition and housing for the next school year! We're not taking any financial aid or loans. We didn't want to be strapped with that-so it's out of pocket expenses almost all year long! But he's worth it! I only have one son!
  • I'd like to have more of a life. This is the hard one. you see, when I work I have zero life(working 70hrs a week doesn't leave much time for socializing) but I'm determined to try! I guess that's why I have always tried to run as many events on the weekend even when I'm exhausted!
  • I want to run 1000 miles this year! I was short of that this year! 1000 miles here I come!!
  • and last nut not least. I want to run that sub 2:30 Half marathon and I SO WANT to get into the NYC Marathon lottery for 2010! I think I have another full marathon in me! I've run NYC before and loved it and want to do it again-this time with a bunch of my blogging friends!

Here is to a fantastic, peaceful, happy and fun 2010! I'm hoping this new year brings me more joy and happiness and fulfillment! Now I must get ready for 4 months of solid work on GLEE! Wednesday starts long hours for the next 4 months! If I don't visit you everyday-please don't take it personally! I think the world of all of you and feel so incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends in my life now! Thank you!

RUN: 3.14 "chubby chick in a running skirt" miles with Velcro (43:48)