Sunday, October 24, 2010

One week until the Marine Corp Marathon

yeah, stupid me is running a marathon in 7 days! What was I thinking??? This week was supposed to be a short run weekend-it ended up being a sleep weekend for me! I did run both days but it was at night. last night Velcro and i got a short evening run in before bed. We were supposed to run the race for the rescues this morning but all i wanted to do was sleep. So I knew i had to run tonight! Well how lucky was I!! It was sunny this morning when I was supposed to run and as the day progressed the weather got more perfect! When i set out for my trail run (yes i ran a trail run tonight-I was jonesing for dirt!) it was raining! That wonderful misty rain! I had my new bamboo long sleeved shirt on from and off we went!

It was absolutely fantastic! We got wet and dirty, the mud was caked on the soles of my trail shoes but I didnt care! It felt so freeing and I realized how much I miss trail running!!! I think it's my favorite and where I feel at home!!! We were soaked and I loved it.I LOVE rain! I love when it rains in Los Angeles. I might be the only person who likes it when it rains here. Funny, the only people out on the trails today were dog owners!

Now on to this pesky marathon I am running. What was I thinking when I signed up for it? Obviously I wasnt thinking. Do I feel ready-honestly I have no idea. I have run 3 marathons before, the last being NYC in 2004-thats like a lifetime ago. I do have one thing going for me, I'm an older smarter runner now! I probably wont be any faster but I will pay attention to other things!

So on Friday morning I fly to Washington DC. There is a "tweetup" friday nite. I'm being picked up from the airport and wisked to the tweetup. We will then be hitting the expo on saturday. I think there is a dinner on saturday night-then i will try to get my west coast time zone body onto east coast time so i can get sleep and get up early to run 26.2 miles. Seriously, what was I thinking!!

If you care, here is my bib# for the Marine Corp Marathon. Bib # 11127 I will be accepting all kinds of cheers and support from anyone who cares to send me texts, emails, tweets, facebook comments-they will all be accepted on October 31st 2010!

Thank you!

Bib# 11127

Oct 13 RUN: 3.11 miles with Velcro before work (42:38)
Oct 14 RUN: 2.00 miles with Velcro before work (27:14)
Oct 15 RUN 3.5 miles with Velcro before work (43:04)
Oct 17 RUN 18 miles (LB Half + 5 miles)
Oct 19 RUN 1.5 miles with Velcro before work (22:28)
Oct 21 RUN 3.15 miles with Velcro before work (47:07)
Oct 22 RUN 2.6 miles with Velcro before work (34:26)
Oct 23 RUN 3.12 miles with Velcro (44:38)
Oct 24 RUN 5.61 miles on the trails with Velcro ( 1:37)

BTW here are 2 of my official race photos from long beach and my favorite picture, Velcro kisses after the race!


Madison said...

Have a wonderful time in DC and enjoy the run! I will send some tweets your way on race day! Go Penny!!!

Ewa said...

I don't know why people don't like rain. Rain is fun!
Glad you had a cool run.
Good luck and lots of fun in DC.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Can't wait!!! We are going to have fun!

Ann said...

Love the Velcro kisses pic!

Lisa said...

I am in awe of people who run marathons. Have a great trip and good luck!

The Green Girl said...

Good luck, Penny. I am so excited for you!

Her Name is Rio said...

Have fun in DC! Good luck!

Glenn Jones said...

Have fun! I'll be stalking errrr followng!

Terri said...

LOVE the Velcro kisses! I love it when Ruthie kisses me, it makes me feel so loved.

I remember when I first started reading your blog, you had posted pics of the Ocean Trails, and how jealous I was. If I come out to visit you, we will have to run along there together, so everything can come full circle.

I don't know how your body can do everything you do - traveling across the country, then running a crazy 26.2, and then flying back again!