Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Inaugural Los Angeles 13.1 is in the bag!

13.1 miles done-it wasn't my fastest nor was it my slowest! As a matter of fact this was the fastest half marathon I've run in 4 half's.....well maybe it wasn't so bad after all!

It was hard getting up at 4:45am on a Sunday, especially after my 15 hour work day on Friday and my lazy Saturday! But I got up. I had set all my running stuff out the night before so that I wouldn't be flailing around at 5am in the morning!

I left the house around 5:45am-arriving in the Venice/Santa Monica area around 6:15am-tons of time to put my shoes on, gather all my "stuff" and walk to the start!

This was the inaugural Los Angeles 13.1 so I knew it wouldn't be super busy! Well, the porta potty lines were fairly short but there were more runners than I had expected! And alot of first time half marathoners! Which I LOVED! It's awesome to see so many people getting into running!

The race was supposed to start at 7:13am...that came and went and we waited for the LAPD to come back to the start to escort the lead pack runners out!

I think we ended up starting around 7:20-and much to my "joy" HA, as soon as we started running the sun started creeping up into the sky warming the already 60 degree temps of the "balmy Southern California winter". I was not happy! I started warming up right away! I had my makeshift arm warmers on with my pink tank as I waited at the start. I looked around and saw so many runners with long sleeved shirts, tights and gloves and's not that cold people! Aren't you going to burn up once you start running???? Well I will and did! As soon as I started running south on the Venice Boardwalk, past the numerous pot stores, I started getting toasty warm. The makeshift arm warmers were pushed down to my wrists, and eventually tied around my braid. It was not going to be a day of "perfect temps" for Penny!

And yeah, I spent most of the run hiding from the sun. Do you know how hard that is when you are running on Venice Blvd and there are NO trees!! hard! I ended up shifting my hat, ghetto style, to the side where the sun was beating down on my face! Why was it sunny and hot? Why?? I hate sunny and hot!

I know you all must think I sound like a broken record about the sun and heat and that it really cant be that bad-well, it is. I overheat very easily! And have since I was a kid! I remember playing a tennis match in junior high school and getting incredibly ill from the heat. Seems my body has issues dealing with the heat! And to add insult to injury, today, around mile 9, my asthma started really screwing with me-gotta love running and having a hard time getting a full breath! It's a scary feeling! Did I have a puffer with me-NO! Stupid Penny! So I walked until the shortness of breath went away!

Now, I went into the race with absolutely zero expectations! This was a spur of the moment decision! I was supposed to run a trail race in Northern California, but for a few reasons, I couldn't make the drive up. So, I was left without a race or long run for this weekend! So when I got offered entry to this race, I decided it was going to be a training run for the Carlsbad Half which is in 2 weeks! But, that's hard to do when you get out there and are running! Especially when I saw that my sub 2:30 was within reach! But as soon as I hit mile 9 and realized I had to walk, I knew the sub 2:30 was gone! Oh well! I'd try to finish as strong as possible!!

Considering everything (the not-so-perfect running weather and the shortness of breath) it wasn't a horrible time! It was faster than the last 3 half marathon's I've run! That's something!

I ended up finishing in 2:39:51. So close yet so far from the sub 2:30! But it's within reach, I know it! It might not happen while I'm working 65-70 hour work weeks though...and that's what my GLEE schedule is looking like! I guess, until I can work less hours, my running might take a back seat-which sucks! But momma's gotta pay the bills!!

The highlight of my dad-my ice bath and an iced cold Coors Light! It was fantastic! I don't normally take an ice bath after a half-but since I have a full week of work, I thought no harm no foul! And WOW! I forgot how fantastic they are! frightful to drop into, but once youa re in and numb-fantastic! Of course, pounding a beer helped immensely!

Once again, Thank you so very much, Lindsay, for the entry into this race! I really needed this long run!! I know I grumble about the heat-but I had a great time, in a sun and heat kind of way! I will send you the heat and sun for the cold weather!!! Thanks so much!!!

RUN: 13.1 miles 2:39:51


Zoƫ said...

Congrats on an awesome race, Penny! Love the ice bath with a Coors Light...I'm sure that felt FANTASTIC! :) Have a great week!

Anne said...

I'd imagine a cold beer after a hot run would make any ice bath a little less unpleasant. Great job on your fastest half in awhile.

Jocelyn said...

Sucks that the sun was in your eyes. I hate that too. Everything is always so glary! But oh how I wish it was 60 degrees in NYC. You'll get your cold weather when you do the NYC 1/2. Congrats on a great finish! :)

Kerrie T. said...

So crazy that you ran this spur of the moment! I totally agree with you on the heat. I'm from the Sacramento Valley. I moved to Seattle to get away from the heat. I am one of the...oh maybe...10 people in the Puget Sound area with air conditioning. So, good job!

EricaH said...

your such a trooper after a long day Friday getting up and running a great half, congratulations!!!

D10 said...

Nicely done! You have been loading up on the work hours! Super cute pictures!

runningcommentaries said...

That race looked really, really fun. I miss LA so much!

annienz said...

Your race shedule sounds as nuts as my sister's. Never mind doing that on top of your work schedule!!!! Well done on your fastest half.


Lara said...

I hate the heat too; 72 degrees is my limit, because then I start really over-heating on a long run. I'll bet the ice bath felt GREAST though! I've never done that after a race but I'm sure it's coming!

lindsay said...

Congrats on your race penny!! I'm so glad you were able to use the entry and had fun :) I'm not sorry about the temp though... I will trade you the 'teens! ;) I complain about working 50-55 hrs... Not sure how you manage 70!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

I am going to have to remember the beer while in the ice bath. Good work P!

Jean said...

Great job, Penny! Is that the medal you got in one of the pictures? That thing is sweet! The ice cold beer following the race is a good thing too! Very well done, and a great start to the New Year!

Irene said...

Oh, that's wonderful! Looks like this was a goooooood one!

Erika Jean said...

congrats on your run! I with I had the passion for running :-/ I feel ya on the heat - I have issues with humidity!

Brrr. I don't think I could do an ice bath!!!

Terri said...

OMG, when you mentioned all the people in long sleeve shirts, hats, gloves, etc., I just started cracking up. Send those people up here to the NE - I'd have to crack up seeing all of that!

Penny, I'm feeling good things about your race at the end of this month! Especially with how well you did with this one, even with the heat and asthma problems.

Just think of how fast you're going to move along in the cold in NYC! THAT kind of cold makes you move no matter how much you want to walk. You know if you do, you'll freeze to death!

Lisa said...

congratulations on your race! Nice job for a "training run." I think that sub-2:30 is definitely possible in Carlsbad, just take advantage of the downhills on the rolling hills.

I love that medal! That is pretty cool. I bet you got a great tech shirt too. The half in Irvine gave cotton t's and tiny medals. But there were trees! LOL.

Great job!