Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My last run of 2009!

My last run of 2009! That's kinda sad to me! But i ran today and it was perfect weather! 38 degrees, overcast and then it started to rain! wow! I will miss these perfect running conditions! I may be the ONLY person who is not looking forward to running when I get back to California! You just can't take the Scot out of a girl!

Velcro and I went running around 330pm. My son "just didn't feel like it" so i decided to get a slightly longer run in today since he wasn't joining me. Usually, i run about 3 miles with my kid-but since he was still in his pj's hanging out, I opted for a 5 miler! I wanted to run to my 8th grade school, my favorite school building evah! So off Velcro and I went! I knew I'd have to improvise and add to the route but it was worth it! It was so nice running around the large property where I started running! Yes, I started my track career at West End Junior High in the 8th grade! I ran the 800m-and I trained around the huge .7 mile loop that I ran today! But today, I really enjoyed it! Not that I didn't when i was in the 8th grade-but now I really appreciate my running!

Today is the 30th december! My mothers birthday! I had alot to do today! I had to pack the car for my 3 day trip back to California, had to run for the last time of 2009 and we had a dinner reservation at one of our favorite Wine bars in Nashville, Rumors. We go there every year for my moms birthday-usually we drink wine and eat some tapas and appetizers! Tonight we dove into the tapas, three cheese grits being my favorite, and had some scrumptious entrees! It was a wonderful 65th birthday celebration for my mom! A great way to end my 8-9 days in Nashville.

I'm really going to miss Nashville. I wont miss my parents leaving the radio on all night long or getting up at 5am but I will miss them and everything wonderful about my hometown! I never realize how much I miss it until I come for Christmas and leave! I really do love it here!

Tomorrow, i start my drive! The weather isn't looking great! By Little Rock, Ark I have to make my decision about my driving route. I usually drive I-40, but there appears to be a winter storm making it's way into Oklahoma-which is where I would be driving to tomorrow night. So it's either I-40 thru Oklahoma City onto Flagstaff, Az and then into LA or I-30 to I-20 to I-10-the southern warmer route. It might be the choice tomorrow for many reasons! i can't afford to be trapped in a snow storm with 4 animals and I have to work on the 4th! Actually, i have a running "date" with my on again/off again running partner, Christina, for sunday!

BTW-everyone must watch the Tennessee/Virginia Tech football game tomorrow, the 31st at 730pm eastern, 630 central 530 mountain and arizona and 430pm in California!! Rocky Top baby!!! I have a little wager with Anne at Run DMZ.....I do not want to be seen in a Virginia Tech T-shirt! Come on VOLS you gotta put the Hokies down!!! I want a breakfast with my friend, Anne, and I really want to see Anne in a fantastic Orange Tennessee t-shirt running/hiking the trails!

Rocky Top will always be, Home Sweet Home to me!
Good Ole Rocky Top!
Rocky Top TENNESSEE!!!

RUN: 5.12 miles with Velcro (1:09)

Monday, December 28, 2009

A chilly Monday run with my kid's cold outside! But it felt good-except that once again I felt like I was going to hurl for the first 2 miles of this short 3 mile run! I have no idea what's going on! I'm wondering if it's stress related! because it does go away after about 2 miles!

Yeah, stupid me is stressing about money and driving back to LA in a couple of days. So I'm beginning to think that's what this hurling feeling is all about! I didn't work alot in december and got hammered with housing fees for my son....lets just say the bank account took a hit. And that's hard to deal with when you are 2000 miles away from your bank! oh well....2009 hasn't been a good year for many people...mine was good until december! no work means no money! but that changes as soon as I get back to LA. So I'm sure this sick feeling will go away! I hope!

I have 2 more days in nashville. must buy a few postcards, get an even chillier run in today and at some point we will go wine tasting! That's a must when we come to visit! My mom's birthday is also tomorrow so we usually head to a great wine bar for tasty treats and wonderful wine!!

I start my drive back on December 31st. That is the day of the Chick-fil-a bowl in Atlanta Georgia....Tennessee vs Virginia Tech! I have my Sirius satellite radio ready to go so that I can listen to the game as I'm making my way into Oklahoma City or Dallas-depending on the weather. My route will be a "game day decision" and I'll be cheering for my TENNESSEE VOLS no matter where I am! So Willie and Reese-if I come thru OKC, you must cheer for my Vols and if I go thru Dallas, all you Texans must cheer for my Vols.

BTW, Please stop over on the 31st December and wish Willie a Happy Birthday! And if any of you know Shannon(@Hendy2) down in Texas, it's her birthday on the 31st as well!!! Happy Birthday to you both!!!

RUN: 3.08 with my son and Velcro (37:21) running in 39 degree weather!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

sunday sunday....

I thought I was going to puke for the first 3 miles! I so wanted to stop, turn around, and go home-but decided to push on! I couldn't give up with perfect running weather! 40 degrees and overcast! I was not going to give up and get a ride back when I've been in perfect running weather! So I plodded along. Stopping when i felt like I was going to hurl...and then I get right back on the running horse and continue! thank goodness i had a major distraction in Velcro! I think she knew I really didn't want to be running. So she took every opportunity to roll on the ground, grab her leash-basically make me smile and laugh and forget about hurling!

Well, after about 3 miles, I finally began to feel better! I don't know what happened! I had been feeling ill yesterday, so it must have been a holdover from the day before. But I beat it! So i decided to make the best of the perfect running weather and decided I might as well get a decent run in! So I extended it as much as i could! I ran a few hills a few flats so some lovely sights and had a wonderful "sunset" run with my girl! I ended up having a wonderful run!! Even if I did want to hurl from the get go!

RUN: 6.0 miles with velcro (1:18)

On another note, a few of us silly humans who blog for their dogs,that would be me,have put together a Dogs that blog, Australian cattle Dog Edition, 2010 calendar that we have just put up for sale! The proceeds of the sale of the calendars go to new hope Cattle Dog rescue! If you are an animal lover and still don't have a 2010 calendar-why don't you think about buying one of these!!!! They make great gifts as well!! Check out Velcro!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful day with your families! It's cold and wet here in Nashville-we didn't get a white Christmas but the change in weather has been wonderful!!! So I'm pretty darn happy!

Yesterday, my son and I ran our Christmas Eve dash! 3 miles of fun with my kid! He loved it and so did I! I just finished my Christmas run. I had hoped my only child would join me for a Christmas dash around Vanderbilt University -but he seems a little tired since he woke up at 5am this morning! Yes, you heard me correctly, an 18 year old college student got up at 5am-unheard of!! So I wasn't expecting a "yeah mom' when I yelled up to his room to see if he wanted to join me for a run! I'm sure the 39 degree weather wasn't too appealing to him either! I, on the other hand LOVE the cool weather!! So my constant running companion, Velcro, joined me!!

Here are a few shots from Christmas Eve and from our early Christmas morning!

We had alot of fun opening presents from Santa! We had a very nice morning and I am very lucky to have received a wonderful gift from my dad aka Santa, a Samsung HD video camera! Yes, I will now be obsessed with taking videos of both my races and of course Velcro!

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope all of you are enjoying this holiday as much as I am! I am so very glad I made the 3 day cross country trek with all 4 animals so that I could be home for Christmas! I love spending time with my family in Nashville!

Dec 24th RUN 3.01 miles with Velcro and my son (36:56)

Dec 25th RUN: 4.1 miles (53:44) with Velcro

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

After 3 days in the car, I'm in Nashville

In a nutshell, my 3 day driving trip from LA to nashville was relatively uneventful! The cats were fantastic-no fights! And velcro was a spectacular co-pilot! She's not very good with a map! Good thing I got a degree in geography and have the map thing down!

I'll upload pics from the trip-most of them are the animals or self portraits of me in the car. the things you'll do when you drive 12-14 hours a day! Velcro thinks my singing talents rock!!

I arrived in Nashville yesterday at 6:45pm. The first day we left LA late, 10:20am. I had to drop my son off at the airport, so I knew the day would be a tough drive! Still, I made it to Holbrook, AZ on Route 66. I knew the hotel I stayed in-it had been a stop on my return trip last year!

Day #2 took me from Holbrook, AZ to El Reno, OK (which is about 26 miles west of Oklahoma City). It was a LONG day-about 14 hours driving! but i knew if I made it to OKC on day #2, I would make nashville on day #3-and that was the goal!

needless to say, when i pulled into the driveway of my parents house, I was so ready to sit down and have a glass of wine! And I got my glass of wine as soon as all the animals were settled inside! I was exhausted! I hadn't slept well at all on the entire trip! Waking up at 4am central time when you're from Pacific time pretty much sucks ass! So I was in bed by about 930pm last nite.

And guess what-up at 4am this morning! All my twitter friends know about my lack of sleep on my trip. I luckily was able to go back to sleep this morning-sleeping until about 645am! It was still kinda dark!

After sitting in the car for 3 days-and not exercising since sunday morning, i was in DESPERATE need of a run today!! So, I shoved on my running skirt and my long sleeved shirt (what was I thinking?????) and off Velcro and I went!

Today's run was partially fulfilling the one mile for the Winter Misery One Mile Virtual race started by RunningLaur. One mile!!! I had wanted to print out my bib and actually run with it-but i was a loser and forgot! So instead, I dressed for cold weather only to be greeted by VERY mild middle Tennessee weather. I BURNED up on my run and actually stripped down to my jog bra. Now dear friends, I Penny, NEVER just run in a jog bra!! I am way to insecure about my aging body!! But i just couldn't stand it and had to take the long sleeved shirt that was causing me to overheat off!! yeah, I'm in Tennessee where men leer and honk when you're out running-imagine me, the not super skinny girl, out running with a running skirt and a jog bra-don't worry, the long sleeved shirt was covering the roll of winter blubber that seems to have collected around my middle! Damn wine!

Went off on a tangent-yeah the Winter Misery One Miler-it was misery but not because of the cold-because it was warmer than i had imagined and I dressed for cold-stupid me! At my run time it was 55 degrees, a balmy 55 degrees. I dressed like it was 40-good thing I took my hat off at the last minute! ha! So mile 2 was for you little snowman!! It was a miserable one mile run in 12:52-uphill, in a long sleeved shirt sweating my fat ass and middle off!

But I ran and I ran 5.68 miles in 1:30-yeah, I know it's slow...but I was running hills-Nashville hills around the Vanderbilt area and running with Velcro, who has to pee, poo and sniff everything!! And top it all off with an overheating chubby chick-yeah..slow...but it felt SO GOOD after sitting in the car for 3 days!!!

Tomorrow, I hope to run in the rain-and this time the long sleeved shirt wont turn me into an internal sauna!!!

I leave you with a lovely picture of Christmas lights! Only in Tennessee, ok maybe in some other southern states, will you see a pickup truck decorated and lit up with christmas lights!!! A priceless piece of Southern Americana!

How do you know you're back in the south? You go to Dunkin Donuts in Memphis to order a HOT Tea and the lovely girl behind the counter asks if I'd like sweetened or unsweetened Tea!! really?? made me giggle!!

On that happy southern note, I want to wish EVERYONE a very happy holidays!! I hope you have a spectacular time with your families!! I know I'm having a great time back home in nashville-I have so needed a dose of the South!!!

RUN: 5.68 miles around the Vanderbilt area with Velcro (1:30)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Holidays and East Bound and Down!

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I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!! I start my trek back to Tennessee so I wont be uploading much running details for the next few days!! But once I'm back in the homeland, I'll be running my arse off!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The holidays mean Football Bowls and a wager! Bring it on!!!

First of all-I ran this morning! Wasn't the best run-actually it was pretty crappy because my left foot has started to hurt again. So today I made an appointment for prolotheraphy tomorrow! Heading to see Dr Peter Fields for prolotheraphy on my left foot! Going to nip this pain in the bud!

I worked today-prepping GLEE. Yes we start shooting GLEE again on January 6th. So I've been hanging out at Panavision prepping my cameras!

Now onto important things like College Football! Yes my Tennessee Volunteers will be playing in the Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta on New Years Eve! Yep!!! ROCKY TOP BABY!!! And it just so happens that a fellow runner/blogger, Anne, is a fan of the opposing team, Virginia Tech. So it was only fitting that since we both live in Southern California, we should have a wager on the here it is:

1. The other must wear the winning school's T-shirt on a run/walk/hike and photograph it for proof while hanging their head in shame.

and (because we have decided it should be a 2 part wager)

2. The losing wager treats the winner to breakfast after a meetup at the winner's part of SoCal or some place in between.

So, game on!! The wager is set and I'll be singing ROCKY TOP all the way back to TENNESSEE!!!! GO VOLS!!!

RUN: 3.10 miles w/Velcro (41:35)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two-a-day Tuesday

My 2-a-day Tuesday started off with a 7am run with Velcro and ended with a 5pm run with my son and Velcro. In the middle of he day was loads of driving so the two runs were necessary!

The runs weren't long but it was so nice to get out twice and run with my two favorite runners! I can't tell you how happy I am that my son actually is enjoying running and wants to run and run with me! Makes me cry! Wow! A parents dream-to have a child who doesn't do drugs and wants to be healthy! I can't ask for anymore!

RUN: 3.05 Miles w/Velcro in the morning
RUN: 3.0 miles w/Velcro and my son in the evening

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa to the Sea Half Marathon Relay Race Report

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho....Happy Holidays! Today was the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon relay for my son and I! I've never run a relay,I had never run a race decked out in festive attire and my son's 6.55 miles was going to be the longest "race" he had run! So today was a first in alot of ways!

I got up at 4:15am-wow it comes early on a sunday morning. I had to feed all the animals and then get ready. We had to be on the road by 5:15 to drive up to Oxnard-at least a 1 hour 15 minute trip! I got my son up at 4:45am-nothing better than a grumpy teenager before 5am!

we got on the road at 5:15 and my son immediately fell back asleep! I, on the other hand, cranked the tunes and was singing! Amazing the contrast a "few" years gives you!

We arrived in Oxnard around 6:30. The buses for the start line were leaving at 6:45 and 7am. I stopped by the porta potties and then found out where the relay shuttle was leaving so that I might leave my only child with a way to the 6.55 mile mark. They had school buses for the runners heading to the start and Toyota courtesy vans for the 24 relay team members.

I got to the start line, deposited the unwrapped toys we had purchased(and that were asked for) for this race. The toys were being dropped off underneath the large Santa (ie The Santa to the Sea race!) It was wonderful to see all these runners bringing amazing toys! these toys will be distributed next weekend by Santa to the areas under privileged kids!

There were a good number of people wearing Santa hats! A few dressed up in festive attire. I had on my Tennessee Vols Santa hat, subtle bells and bobbles hanging from my braided pigtails, jingle bells on my shoes,a "I'm on holiday" t-shirt and festive arm warmers in green and red with faux fur (a great target sock accessory!)

We had about 30 minutes to wait before the start. This was a chip tag timed event. but since I was running the relay, I didn't have a timing tag on. Felt kinda odd not running with a tag-but honestly, they would have hindered the melodic jingle of my bells on my shoes! But there wasn't a mat at the start, so it didn't really matter! Luckily, the race wasn't that big-about 455 people total. So it's not like I was waiting a half hour to cross the start!

Since I wasn't running the full half, I was going to try to run as fast as my old feeble body would allow! But the sun was out! My beloved overcast and wet skies had disappeared and we had sunshine-YUCK! And here I was running in a double shirt, arm warmers, a Santa hat.....ugh! Word of warning-if you plan on donning festive attire and Santa hats to run be prepared to SWEAT and get hot! Wholly cow!! Thought my head was going to explode! talk about a sweaty brow....I had to take the Santa hat off a few times to let my head breathe! And I took off my underlayer capilene shirt, while running, because I was beginning to expire! Who knew that the HUGE rain storm that we had over night and even first thing in the morning would yield a cloudless sunny sky for the 8am race start! yet again, I think I might have been the only person bummed to see the sun!

The race started north of the 101 freeway, right in front of the Santa. We crossed over the overpass and headed south, running amongst the strawberry fields of Oxnard. The first half of this race wasn't super scenic! It started off in an agricultural area and then moved into the neighborhoods. I took this leg because my son wanted to cross the finish line!

It was a pretty flat course. We only had 2 hills. One at the very beginning and the other just before mile 6. I started off at a nice clip-for me and then slowed down. I credit the speed decrease to my head beginning to sweat and my body heat rising....maybe next time i'll try to find a super lightweight Santa hat to run in or hope that the rains continue! But, hey-this was supposed to be fun for me!! i was jingling every step and my braids were jingling as well-I was a jingle bell machine-good thing I had music in my ears-I might have driven myself nuts!

When we came into downtown Oxnard, I knew we were nearing the relay handoff. The relay runners were waiting at 6.55 miles which was perfectly located at Park Plaza. I, as a mother, felt very happy and relieved that my only son was waiting in a safe place while I pounded the streets!

I took off my garmin around mile 6.4, preparing to hand off to my son! He's never run with a garmin, so i wanted to be able to show him his mile splits! I saw him waiting for me. He was stretching and getting ready! he had his Nike hat on-wait...where was the Tennessee Santa hat that WE, as Team Planet Ynnep, had planned to run in....had he bailed on the team theme?? YES he did! he had his Nike hat on. As i approached him I told him to take it off-that he was going to boil with it on. I handed him Ms Garmin and off he went to the screaming of "go go go" from his crazy mother!!

I was now with the other relay runners...I grabbed a pretzel from the aid station and we waited for the shuttle back to the finish. This was the only hitch, so far, in the race! We waited longer than all of us planned for a shuttle. I think they only had one shuttle for the relay runners. Of course there were only 24 relay teams! But still. I wanted to get back to the finish as soon as possible so I could prepare for the photo ops of my kid racing to the finish!!

Finally the shuttle arrived and we were on our way! 7 runners piled into a Toyota times!

I arrived at the start about 1:47 into the half marathon. Alot of runners were coming in. I honestly didn't know what to expect from my son! He's a faster runner than I am, helps being 18, but I know he hasn't run consistently and had sprained his ankle trail running about 4 weeks i just waited. I ran my leg in, roughly, 1:07, so i thought maybe he's be in around 2:14....when we hit 2:15, nothing. Ok, maybe he was walking some-that's ok...panic was not setting in yet. I was just so excited to see him!

Finally, I saw him turn the corner! It was around 2:26 on the official clock and there he was...GO GRIFFIN! I screamed!!! Go!! I snapped 2 pictures and told him to run! Just at that moment the "old guy" (as my kid called him) started to sprint to the finish. my son said he wasn't going to let the "old guy" beat him...wait a minute-that guy looked about my age! He crossed the finish line in 2:27:23! At miles 9,10 and 11 he had to walk some because of his ankle. But the last 2.1 miles he ran it in! I'll have to investigate this ankle issue!

I raced to the other side of the finish line and snapped some more pics while getting my own medal!! I was so happy and so proud!! And the best son said "that was great!" can you see the smile that was on my face!!! OMG-he had a great time and wants to run more races!!! I'm in heaven!! Just then, we saw a crowd of people rush the finish....seems Julia Roberts had picked this little race to run her first(I think) half marathon! She finished in 2:29:47 BTW with a pace of 11:26.

My son said, "oh i passed her near the end"...yep, my kid ran past Julia Roberts!! It was so cute to see her three kids hugging her at the finish-then the mass rush of fans wanting a picture....come on, can you please leave her alone and let her enjoy this moment with her kids! WOW-wouldn't want to be famous!

We didn't stay long after that! We got snacks and jumped in the car to head home. Stopping at a Starbucks in Malibu to get tea, hot chocolate and snacks for our drive home! I think my boy was tired! Maybe not from the race completely but from the early wakeup. Right now, he's napping with his Invigorator compression socks on while I blog! He's allowed!!! I'm so proud!

Wow...what a great time! I think it was one of the funnest races i've done-and it's because I got to share the race experience with my son!! I can't wait to race with him again! he actually wants to run this again next year-maybe running the half by himself! I think he has the bug!! Love it!!

As for the organizational level of this 2nd Annual race! I think they did a great job!! The Volunteers were awesome! Everything went smoothly with the buses and shuttles and the Finish line was very festive! Each runners name was yelled out as they crossed the finish line! Gotta love that!!

Well done Santa to the Sea race organizers!! Well done!!

To read about the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon race and see some pics taken by the Ventura County Star.

RUN: 13.17 miles-6.55 miles per runner
First 6.55 miles were mine(you can tell by the increase in the pace after mile 6)
Mile 1 - 10:28
Mile 2 - 10:32
Mile 3 - 11:20
Mile 4 - 11:18
Mile 5 - 11:45
Mile 6 - 11:22
Mile 7 - 9:34
Mile 8 - 9:58
Mile 9 - 12:29
Mile 10 - 14:40
Mile 11 - 13:53
Mile 12 - 9:24
Mile 13 - 9:23
Mile.17 - 1:50:70

Total Time: 2:27:23
Avg pace: 11:15

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My week in pictures and a few choice words...

It's Saturday night. 7pm. I've had my carbo load dinner of pizza and a beer-I think I want another beer! My son and I are running in the Santa to the Sea Half marathon relay tomorrow morning! I get the first leg and he'll finish us off! He's already told me I need to run fast-ha ha! He wants to win-I think he's running with the wrong mom! I didn't run today-wanted to especially since it was raining-but I spent all day driving in the rain! We had to go register our team, Team Planet Ynnep, and pick up our race numbers, tech t-shirts and get our race outfits figured out! It is a festive race so I will be decked out in festive attire!! And so will my son! We have matching Tennessee Vols santa hats!!

On the work front, I worked Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on 24 and Brothers and Sisters. Three long days-two 14 hour days and then a 12 hour day!I'm happy to have gotten 3 days of work this week! It enabled me to get a few decent runs in on Monday and Tuesday. But once I started working, I was fighting for sleep! I did get a short wake up run on Friday! I got out-better than doing nothing!!

Tonight I plan on going to bed early and trying to catch up on some sleep I didn't get at the end of this week!! Must be well rested for the race tomorrow since my son "wants to win" ha ha ha ha!! I'll try my darnedest!!

Tues: RUN: 3.15 miles w/Velcro (44:04)
Fri: RUN: 2.22 miles w/Velcro (29:25) I struggled-I was SO TIRED!

Monday, December 7, 2009

a windy and wild christmas light run

It rained today! *cheers* and it is windy *cheers* and cold *cheers* so what did I want to do today? RUN! But I realized that i had lost my one running hat-stupid me left it in Redondo Beach when i ran the strand (and I lost one of my amphipod hand helds!) Stupid me. So since it was cold, wet and windy I needed a hat! I remember seeing a really nice Nike one at Dick's. It was lightweight and had a ponytail hole! Perfect for me! So I headed there to pick up the Nike Lightweight Running Skullcap. Which I LOVE!! it's the perfect weight for me, tight around my head (and covered my ears) and allowed me to wear my ponytail braid which is the only way I can run with the thick hair I have! This is a great hat! But it's not fleece-so if you get really cold and want a really warm hat-this one might not be for you!
Shop Nike for Shoes, Clothing & Gear. Start shopping now at

While I was there, I realized I had only one pair of capri running tights. Might as well get a new pair! I bought the Under Armour Heatgear Capri Tights. I love the fabric and they appear to be seamless-perfect for this non-capri wearing runner! I hate anything on my legs while I'm running-so if they have seems or rub funny-that is the end. I bought an XL-since that is usually the size I buy in bottoms and in tops.

When I got home and started getting ready to run, the rain had stopped but the wind had picked up and it was getting dark. Perfect opportunity to try my two new running items! So I pulled on my new capris-oh they felt nice-my long sleeved shirt and my hat. Ms Garmin was charged and my shuffle was primed and ready to play Silver Sun Pickups!

Off we went into the wild windy monday night! Well, lets just say XL were not needed! I actually bought a pair of capris that were too big! That NEVER happens to me! I spent the first half mile pulling them up because I felt they were falling off! Did I say that this NEVER happens to me!! Once I got used to the feel of them, I wasn't constantly pulling them up. I still think they are too big-and they do run a little larger than normal! So I'll be getting a pair of L! But I found them incredibly comfortable, once i stopped pulling them up past my ass!

On to my run! HEAVENLY conditions! Windy, wet and cold! I LOVED it! I felt like i could run forever! Heat zaps my energy-well this weather was feeding my energy! I thrive on these conditions! Why can't it be like this all the time! It was dark, windy, wet and cold. Every condition i love to run in! Did I say how much I LOVED running tonight! Loved it! velcro and I had a great time! We saw houses decorated with Christmas lights. velcro met a few doggies. Velcro sniffed grass at every other yard. She pee'd pooped and grabbed my leash in excitement!! Another fun-filled run with my girl!

It was a great run! I felt free and alive! Finally, the weather I've been waiting for is here!!!! bring on the winter LA!!! Penny is ready and waiting for you!!
RUN: 5.2 miles with Velcro (1:16)