Monday, November 30, 2009

Restless sleep and awake before 4am......

I set my alarm for 4am last night. Was in bed by 930(what a party animal I am!) I didn't have the most restful sleep. I woke up at 1230 and then around 330 tossing and turning until my alarm went off. I thought I had overslept! Never a good feeling when you live an hour minimum from work! But I hadn't! My alarm went off and I jumped out of bed! I know crazy! But I had been up for about 30 minutes so it wasn't like I had woken from a deep sleep!

Brrr it was a little chilly this morning! Found my slippers(pink of course) and trotted into the kitchen to turn my kettle on and feed the meowing beasties! I had to have my tea before running! Had to!! TEA! Velcro knew something was up because my running stuff was out and on the bed-then I was putting it on! She knew it was time for a run!

Now, I'm usually in a pretty good mood but this morning I woke up in a shitty mood! Cranky, teary and it's not even that time of the month! But I have financial things on my mind! December is a notoriously slow time in the film business! December 18th will be the last day of work for any film or tv show until January 4th. That's a little over 2 weeks of no work which means no paycheck! That's a hard thing at Christmas. And an even harder thing for me since I haven't been on a full time job! To add to it. My son's tuition is due in full at the beginning of January along with a partial housing payment! Yeah worrying about $$$ really sucks! And it made me cranky, pissy and upset this morning! I've been able to give my son everything, as a single parent, but sometimes my strong tough exterior gets smacked down. That was me this morning!

A run was necessary for my mental well being!! But it took at least a mile to get me out of my funk! Velcro so knew something was up! She kept looking up at me and grabbing the leash! I always tell her I love her when we are running and pet her head! She then knows that everything is ok-i hadn't done that yet and she was egging me with that look and the leash grab! She was trying her doggie darndest to get out of my funk!! That is why Velcro is such an amazing dog! She knows me better than any man has ever understood or known me! She knows when I'm down and knows how to get me out of my funk! How could I run angry with such a cutie pie pounding the pavements with me at 430am? She put a smile on my face!! And I fiished my run feelng better and decided running some sprints in my breezeway would end this run perfectly! Yeah, Velcro was looking at me like I was nuts!!

I feel better!! Not great but better! I still have money woes-but what is new! The life of a single parent with a financially non-existent ex. But all is good!! I'm healthy, I have a job-not full time right now but I'm working and I have an amazing family!! I can pull thru this funk!!!

And I feel better writing it all down! So thank you!
I'm working today-on NCIS. Here today and tomorrow and then Private Practice on thursday! 3 days of work is better than zero days of work!

RUN: 3.0 miles at 430am w/Velcro (41:09)
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A vegetarian on the road.....

So I have a bit of a dilemma.... in about 3 weeks, I'll be driving cross country from California to Tennessee for the Christmas holidays! I do this every year, with ALL of my animals...yeah I know-I'm NUTS! But I have great animals! They are great travelers and it's kinda fun! Not many people can say they travel cross country with 3 cats and a dog! But my dilemma is food! I'm a vegetarian and I'm really torn as to how to approach this trip. Obviously, with all the animals, space is at a premium. I carry a small cooler, dc, because I have to carry insulin for one of my cats-but it isn't huge. So carrying 3-4 days worth of meals for me isn't really possible. I could maybe carry a day or 2. The key is I don't eat fast food-but when you are driving thru the middle of the country, sometimes you have no choice. As Roadbunner reminded me, the mom and pop diners are a thing of the past! So I thought I'd poll my blogging friends to see what you guys think! I found this website that details every vegan and vegetarian option at all the fast food restaurants-it's kinda scary reading it to be honest! makes me want to eat salad the entire trip-but I can't survive off of rabbit food alone. I will print out some of the restaurants I might find on my trip so that when I'm caught in the back of beyond starving I wont dive into those McDonald fries that are cooked with a beef derivative-NASTY! Thanks Maritza!!

So if you have any ideas about what I should take-good compact traveling meals that can be stored outside of a cooler?? or where I should eat as I drive along I-40 toward my beloved Tennessee or if I should attempt to survive off of Denny's-YIKES! please let me know!!! I'll take any suggestions to heart and if you want to throw any recipes at me-go for it!! Remember-I'm a single human traveling with 4 animals....I'll be that crazy traveling pet lady on I-40 BEWARE.....

WALK: 2.0 miles w/Velcro

Saturday, November 28, 2009

it was windy cool and wet when I woke up today

yes that's right-it's WINTER in Southern California! That means cooler weather, wind and SOMETIMES rain! I didn't hear the rain-but the streets and sidewalks were wet so it must have rained! But when I got out to run this morning it was windy, cool and SUNNY! Ugh-what is up with the sun. It was raining this morning in San Diego-where did my rain go???? I rain in crystal blue skies! Seriously there wasn't one cloud in the sky! But at least it was cooler and windy...but that dreaded sun was still out to make my runs hell!

But it was cool and windy so I was loving it! Still not cold enough to wear capri tights-so I was in a running skirt and a short sleeved shirt-no tank top today!

I have to admit it was a beautiful morning! Just Velcro and I out pounding the streets listening to Ministry, Bon Jovi and The Cure.....what a mix!

We, of course, had the normal slow run. Velcro had alot of sniffing and pee mail to leave today! But I'm thrilled to have a running partner! So I make it a fun event for both of us! I run faster during races without my these runs are for the two of us!

I was hoping to get a long run in tomorrow with C my human running partner. But she's sick. SO it will be Velcro and I again tomorrow night for a sunset run! I take my son back to school for his last few weeks of classes and finals. He'll come back in 3 weeks.

Lots of things to look forward to in the next couple of months:

Dec 5th- Carhart Wine Pickup party on
Dec 6th-My friend is singing at The Oyster House-her birthday
Dec 9th-Rover Rescue Wine tasting
Dec 12th -a Christmas party..hmm..I have a race the next day...hmmm
Dec 13th-Santa to the Sea Half Marathon-hopefully running the relay with my son!
Dec 19th-TENNESSEE vs USC Basketball game at Galen Center! My tickets arrived today!
Dec 20th-I start my drive back to Tennessee for Christmas
Jan 10th - PCTR Angel Island 16K with JoLynn!!!!
Jan 24th - Carlsbad Half Marathon
Feb 7th-Surf City Half Marathon
Feb 13th Mens Jail Mug Run 5K
Feb 28th RnR New Orleans Half Marathon with Michelle and Jen?
Mar 7th-PCTR Malibu Creek 25K
Mar 13th-Lakewood Mug Run 5K
Mar 14th-Xterra Black Mountain 15K
Mar 27th-Century Mug Run 5K
Apr 3rd-Special Mug Run 5K
Apr 11th-Race for the Roses Half Marathon Portland, OR w/ Alisa?

wow...full calendar already! Let me know if you are running any of these events so we can get together!!

RUN: 4.63 miles w/Velcro 55:03

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Long Beach Turkey Trot 10K........

Happy Thanksgiving! One of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving morning is to run a Turkey Trot. I normally just run a 5K but this year I decided to run the 10K. And i'm glad I did! Not because the weather was perfect-because, for me, it was far from perfect! The Santa Ana winds have been blowing which means it's sunny, hot and dry! My most favorite conditions to run in! Tack on the fact, when the Santa Ana's blow-I usually have killer sinus headaches and usually develop a sinus infection. I LOVE this weather.... ha! I knew the conditions were going to be perfect for other people this morning but I tried not to be too bummed about it!

The Long Beach Turkey Trot had 4 race times this year. 7am for a 5K, 7:30 for a 5K and a 10K (this was the time I entered), 8:30 was the official start of the 5K and 10K and then a 9am start for a 5K and 10K. I knew I had to run early! And boy was I happy about it! I wouldn't be in contention for awards because I was running in the 7:30 am wave of the 10k, but I would forgo an award, he he, to run when it's cooler. HA! Cooler-yeah right! Just not as hot!

I wasn't able to get my race packet last night because I was working. So I went a little earlier today! Good thing I'm a bit anal about getting there early-I needed it to pick up my t-shirt(a girl shirt) and my race number. Seems they felt there weren't alot of last names S-Z. They separated last names alot better at the beginning of the alphabet: A-B, C-E, F-I, J-K, L-M, N-R and then us-our line was the longest! But I had plenty of time!

I got my race number and shirt and headed back to the car with my dad and velcro in tow, to get my water and gatorade and my new arm warmers (socks!) because it was a tad chilly, until I started running!

There were over 4500 people registered for all of the start times! I think 7:30 was the most popular because there were alot of people at the start line. Now these races aren't chip timed or anything-it's a fun run. So I spent the first mile in a people jam! There isn't alot of space once all the people funnel down to the bike path from the parking lot. But I got into a good pace and was feeling good. The sun was at my back (that is a good thing).

We headed west, toward downtown Long Beach from the Belmont Shore pier. The 10k would take us well into the marina and then back. I was feeling pretty comfortable in my pace. I tried not to look at my watch too much! I really didn't want to pressure myself into running a particular time. I had a dry congested nose and was just out to have fun!

I walked just past mile 2.5 miles so I could take in some water and gatorade and off I went. It was warming up....and I'd soon be running back with the sun in my face-yuck!

I had been pacing off the same people. A couple in USC shirts, a woman who had a hat on that said you trail a snail and two women in the running skirt polka dot skirt. We all made it to the turnaround point and started heading back to the pier. I passed the snail lady-I'm slow don't get me wrong, but I was feeling decent this morning (could it be my power-balance bracelet?).

At around mile 4.5 one of the USC runners, the guy, was walking. And since I had my Tennessee hat on I decided to try to give him a push. So I said come on USC, come on USC and he started to pick it up. I decided I was not going to allow 2 USC supporters to beat this Tennessee gal so I began to pick it up a bit. I couldn't have him pass me! I had passed snail lady and now I had the 2 USC peeps behind me....come on penny!

During the last mile, the sun was trying to cook me. But I kept pushing. I walked once to consume water and gatorade and then started up again! I was going to finish strong!

The finish brings us up by the Belmont Brewing Company and then into the little park at the pool. There were a bunch of people just wandering and walking in from the 7am 5K but I was passing them and wanted to finish strong! And I did-and then is aw my Velcro! My dad snapped pictures around the finish line of a few runners decked out in Thanksgiving attire and then snapped some pics of me and my happiness to see my girl! I couldn't run with her today-no dogs allowed on the beach bike path! So this was run without my running partner!!

The plus or fun part about this race is the free pies to random people at the end of the race! I didn't get a pie! Poo! Two years in a row I didn't get a pie! Seems this year my running number had to end in zero to get a pie! Oh well. I was going to make two pumpkin pies anyway!!

I really had a good time-even though it was sunny, dry and hot! I felt pretty good and we immediately came home and I started cooking!

It was a wonderful way to start a fun-filled family day! And no, my son did not run the race with me. he was sleeping! He had spent the entire day yesterday at Disneyland and didn't get in until after 1am...poor teenager! He was sleepy! I'll get him out for a run sometime this weekend!

RUN: 6.12 miles (1:10.09)
mile 1 pace 11:15
mile 2 pace 10:57
mile 3 pace 10:54
Mile 4 pace 11:21
mile 5 pace 10:33
mile 6 pace 11:01
mile .12 pace 1:08

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Gotta love when my alarm goes off at 420am! But I was determined to get a run in before work today! It was a short run-but I was out before 5am pounding the pavements so I feel that is a success! It woke me up and gave me quality time with Velcro!

RUN: 2.6 miles
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Monday, November 23, 2009


Happiness is going out for a sunset trail run with my son and Velcro! And I got to do that last night! It was a beautiful evening! Beautiful sunset-and running with my kid who all of a sudden has found and loves to run!! Proud momma!!

I bought him a pair of trail shoes on saturday. I couldn't have him running or hiking trails in road shoes! So he was trying them out for the first time! I think he liked them and I think he had a relly good time! He initially grumbled when I said we were going to go for a trail run after seeing the movie "The Blind Side" which, by the way is very good! But I told him-once we get out there you'll feel better! And he said "yeah I know"...and he did!

I had purchased a headlamp for him as well (all of this stems from a trail run he did at school with a few people. They started off late and were running/hiking in the dark! None of them were prepared! So i decided my kid would be prepared the next time he went out on the trails!). I stated using the headlamp on the way back and then handed off to him since it's his. He might as well get used to it! It's nice to know that at least he has a few items that will benefit him if he's caught in the dark again!!

It was a wonderful run! We then came home and I cooked dinner-meat for him and Velcro and veggies for me! Yes, Velcro gets her food made for her every sunday! It's actually cheaper than buying the canned food!! Spoiled? probably? oh well. I think both my son and Velcro might be spoiled! But you live life once and I only have one son!

Today, I hope to get a short run in at sunset, maybe with my kid again! And then I have 2 days of work on NCIS before my vacation! I'm running the Long Beach Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving! I'll be running the 10K at 730am and hopefully I can persuade my son to run the 5K!! It's the perfect way to start a holiday!!

I'm also looking for a fun peppy person to run the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon relay with me on Dec 13. It starts at the Santa on the 101 and runs to Oxnard. The relay is a 2 person team running 6.55 miles-any takers???? I want the santa medal!!! If I don't get a relay partner I'll run the Half by my lonesome!

RUN: 4.08 mile trail run w/my son and Velcro (1:05)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A saturday 5 miler in the books

5 miles done this morning before the end of College Gameday and before the football games started! It was just a run around my neighborhood. I felt pretty darn sluggish when I started! Went to bed to late last nite and just couldn't motivate when my alarm went off at 7am. But i knew if I didn't get out in the morning-I wouldn't run. And that's what happened to me yesterday! But not today!

I tried to get my son to run with me today-ha ha ha! Yeah, NO. he was sleeping! So it was Velcro and I. I planned on running my normal 3 mile route around my neighborhood, which is pretty darn hilly. But once I started running I began to feel better! So I decided to keep running! And run I did-adding 2 miles on to my planned 3 mile run!

It was pretty cool when i started. Loved that-but the stupid sun was trying it's hardest to break thru the clouds and make me miserable!! It finally did break thru but then the clouds swallowed her up again!!

it wasn't fast-my run's with Velcro tend to be slow. We have the initial pee and poo session(at the start of the run) then of course we must pee-lots! And then sniff whatever we smell. And if we see a dog we must have the neighborhood meet and greet! And with the picture taking and the street lights-my speed is never fast. But I never said I was a fast runner.....but I'm beginning to think maybe slow is good! I know alot of runners who have been injured-they are much faster runners than slowpoke me-maybe, just maybe my speed, or lack of speed, is helping me stay healthy and unhurt?

RUN: 5.00 miles (1:09)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My first run after Malibu

Have I said how much I HATE running when it's sunny and hot, hell I even hate warm weather....well tonight just solidified my belief that i should only run when it's cool and dark or getting dark(or just getting light) because my run tonight felt AWESOME!! I worked today-prepped 2 cameras for my day on Brothers and Sisters tomorrow, so i felt I had to get out and do something!

I was tired when I got home today. I sat on the couch watching tv-usually a BIG mistake!! But I got myself up, shoved my running skirt on(yes it's that cool) and Velcro and I left the house....and we just started running! We met Velcro's boyfriend, Reggie, as we turned the corner-so she had to stop and sniff and play. But then we were off. We ran our normal , somewhat hilly, route (i know nut job!). When I got to the point to go home or extend the run by a mile I decided to extend the run! I felt that good and energetic! I'm not sure where or how this "get up and go" invaded my body tonight. maybe it's that magical bracelet I bought at the Malibu expo....hmmm

well....I'll be keeping tabs on how I feel etc and report back about my Power Balance bracelet.

Now I must get ready for work tomorrow. Eat dinner, cozy up on the couch and watch NCIS......

RUN: 4.13 miles w/Velcro (55:55)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Malibu Half Marathon Race Report....

SUN.....HEAT....DRY....WIND....HILLS I could finish my post just with that and if you know me you know that these were not the"perfect running conditions" that I kept hearing before my race started! Oh HELL NO!! What part of sun beating down on your face and your right side as your slogging your fat ass up a LONG ASS hill just to see another LONG ASS hill and another and I think another! I was wishing for more wind!! because at least the wind lessened the sun baking ME!! But if you ignore all of that-the course was beautiful with gorgeous views. And let me be honest. I wouldn't have been too bothered by the hills had it been overcast, cool and maybe drizzly!! BUT sun and hills for poor petal Penny....yeah NO!

But let me start a the beginning. This race was a point to point course-which I LOVE! The full started at the Camarillo airport at 7am and the Half started at 830am at Thornhill Broome Beach, which was 14 miles from the full start, on PCH. The total number of competitors, I was told, was 1300. 1/3 were running the full and 2/3 the half.

I got to Zuma beach around 7am. The buses for the Half were leaving between 630-73o for an 830am start. Is that late??? I think so. The reasoning behind the late Half start was for us to start as the "elite" full runners had just passed....

There were a bunch of super peppy people at the start! Alot of groups of runners running together! I wish i had someone to run with!! But alas, i had no takers! But I wasn't going to miss the Inaugural Malibu Half Marathon! So I was going to race this hilly course without a fellow runner!!

We started at 840am-um, later than 830!! A few of the Full Marathon leaders had just passed our start and we were off. It was a sea of people...heading south on PCH into the sun...what is that bright, gold ball in the sky that is making my face red???

The first mile was fairly congested. As we proceeded south, the crowds started to spread out. I wanted to run this race as strong as I could. Unfortunately, when I got to the start and realized I had already taken off my long sleeved top and hat-I know today might not be my day. But I was going to press on as hard as I could-without being stupid! You see, I have suffered from Hyponaremia. It occurred during and after the last LA Marathon I ran. I threw up, was disoriented and was just out of it! I couldn't eat and all I wanted to do was sleep! Gatorade saved me! So I have become extra careful and vigilante about running in the heat and making sure I have enough fluids that replenish my electrolytes!

So, I knew with the temps and the sun that I was going to have to run a smart Penny race!! And I think I did that!This was not going to be the race I broke that stupid 2:30 barrier! But i was going to try my best. If I had to walk, I'd walk....

And here is Ms Garmin's time and my splits:


Mile 1 - 11:23
Mile 2 - 12:30
Mile 3 - 11:31
Mile 4 - 12:06
Mile 5 - 12:48
Mile 6 - 14:24
Mile 7 - 11:50
Mile 8 - 14:18
Mile 9 - 12:30
Mile 10 - 13:30
Mile 11 - 13:23
Mile 12 - 11:50
Mile 13 - 11:57
Mile .1 - 1:23:35

The official results have 2 times-not quite sure which was is correct. I'm going to take the faster one! 2:43:41.7 and 2:46:08.2. I think it's chip time and clock time! Hell yes I'll take under 2:45!!! Woot!! On this course HELL YES!! And that's 15 minutes faster than the San Fran Half I ran in Penny perfect conditions!!

Back to the run...I started off strong and then we hit the hills. Actually, most of the half was hilly! And were not talking little hills. We're talking LONG f-ing hills that just kept going and going. I kept pulling my crappy white hat down as low as it would go-it wouldn't go as low as I wanted! My arms were baking, my face was baking......where's the shade??? oh there wasn't any-ok that's a bit of a lie...there was a little bit of shade as we were running up the hills around mile 9-10... this is when I saw one of the three Running Malibu Barbi's. it was Danica running up one of the many hills in her pink tutu! I love pink!! I would have worn a pink tutu.....I probably would have cursed it as the sun began to bake me...but I would have worn it. I think I'm cute in pink....

My dad and velcro were waiting for me at the finish! I was tweeting during my walk breaks and texting my dad mile updates so that he could be in a prime spot to catch running shots of me! he loves coming to these events. He thinks I'm nuts but loves it! And there is nothing better than seeing Velcro's face after a hard race! And there she and my dad were right before Mile 13!!! Once again I ran away from velcro and she was a bit confused! She wanted to run with me-but she would have HATED this run!!

The last mile I really picked it up! Of course the last bit was downhill. And I looked at Ms Garmin and so wanted to break the 2:45 mark! So I powered down the hill-stopped for a quick Velcro hug and continued on to the finish line which was just around the corner! I passed a few people with this spurt of energy....I don't know where it came from but I powered across the finish line, trying to catch my breath a bit-yikes Asthma go away! And I was given my medal-which ROCKS and a beach towel! What a cool gift!!

I inhaled some ZICO coconut water(which was the official sports drink of the race) and headed back to where I had last seen my dad. Wait, LOVE that coconut water-need more! Yep, went back for more!

I walked to the car and was waiting for my dad-where the hell is he? Seems he and Velcro had followed me to the finish and he and I missed each other. Dad...come to the car I want the beer I requested when i finished!! Papa arrived and I got my "beer" an O'Douls. I laughed and told him I wanted a real beer! I did get a real beer and boy did it taste GREAT!

Don't get me wrong-this is a lovely course, hard, but beautiful! It was just made harder, for me, because of the dreaded SUN!! I would do it again-but I'll be doing a rain dance a week before the race!! The race organizers did a SPECTACULAR job putting this race together and with the logistics! I tip my hat to them! An inaugural race can either be great or a disaster-this race had great organization, great volunteers and a great spirit!

I now have a brutal headache and am trying to rehydrate....I hate running in the sun! I never feel like this when i run at night or under grey skies!! But I didn't give up! I thought about it but i didn't!!! I finished and finished strong running in conditions that I absolutely HATE!! I'm quite proud of my 2:43:41.7 thank you very much!! Take that Malibu! You didn't take Penny as your prisoner!! WOOT!

RUN: 13.1 miles in the SUNNY HOT DRY California winter-HA!