Sunday, September 27, 2009

XTERRA Pt Mugu 11K Trail Race

It's been a LONG week! I just finished a Cold Case double up episode on Thursday-I had the great fortune of working outside in the heat on Wednesday for about 14 hours, Thursday we worked a 16 hour day and I only got 4.5 hours a sleep before heading to a 13 hour day on Private Practice. So when Saturday arrived-I slept in until 1030am and didn't do diddly squat! I had wanted to run-since I was running the race on Sunday, but I just couldn't muster leaving my house on Saturday. I was SO TIRED! I was able to go to bed fairly early, which I was very happy about.

I woke up at 5am on sunday. I had made my peanut butter and jelly sandwich last nite. I boiled 2 eggs and made coffee(for my dad) and tea for me. I was going to be picking up my dad around 630am so that he and Velcro could be there to cheer me crossing the finish line! I walked outside and to my joy the marine layer was socking us in. I knew it would stay like this near the coast! I was just hoping it would last thru the race, which started at 8:50pm.

We arrived at Pt Mugu around 7:35am. I checked in got my t-shirt, number and goody bag and headed back to the car to get my shoes on and gather my water and gatorade, sport beans and peanut butter and jelly. The marine layer was still socking the coast in but as I looked up towards the large mountain I was going to be climbing, I saw the sun! NOOOOOO! Stay away sun!

The 18K left at 8:30am. The 11K, which was my race, started at 8:50am. Way too late for my liking! Who starts a race that late?? I've never started a race that late-EVER! I knew I was going to be in for some sun-because as soon as we started the sun came out! SHIT 7+ miles running on the trails up hill with sun and the heat we've been having??? Are you fucking kidding me....why was I doing this again?? Oh yeah, because for some reason I actually like running up hills on the trails. But I'd rather do them in overcast and cool days. Not scorching sun and heat!

Well, the first mile was literally a scramble up the valley floor and by scamble I mean scrambling over rocks on the LaJolla Valley Loop Trail. And yes it was up hill. As a matter of fact, the first 5 miles were up hill! At mile 2.7 we hit the Overlook Fire road. And yes the fire road was uphill in the heat and sun with ZERO shade! Right around mile 5, the fire road brought us to the Ray Miller Trail. And I knew this was downhill! I could see the ocean and the fog in the valley... and I had run this trail running PCTR Sycamore canyon-so I knew it was all downhill from here...I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But after 5 miles going up, downhill can be kinda difficult. But I ran it prety darn fast. I wasn't going to kill myself on the downhill. After all i do have to be at work at 6:12am tomorrow! I ran down and down and it got cooler and cooler...why did this race start so late???

My dad and velcro were at the finish line. The finish was literally a scramble up rocks to cross the line. My dad said quite a few people crashed and burned and fell at the finish. It was pretty treacherous-especially for the 18Kers....he was actually worried that i might face plant as well. I REFUSE to face plant when there is a photographer at the finish!!!!

All in all it was hard! Probably made harder because my work week was hell! I had crappy sleep thursday and friday and it was as hot as hades and the sun was shining. Yep, my FAVORITE running conditions. But I finished and I wasn't DFL!! Three cheers for that!!! It was fun. I stunk afterwards and Velcro had a field day licking the salty sweat off my face!!

After the race, we drove to CSUCI and picked up my son. I took him out for lunch. We ended up spending a wonderful day together! He is LOVING school and is very happy!! I loved hearing the joy in his voice and seeing it on his face! he has found himself and is blossoming!! I am a proud happy mom!!

RUN: 7.32 miles on the trails UP HILL without Velcro ( 1:46)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

0'Dark thirty and a bit of fog!

Alarm-4am.....feed cats, put running stuff on that I laiout last nite and out the door at 430am. The cool foggy air was an absolute godsend and pleasure to run in this morning! Misty drops on my face...cutting thru the fog-just dog and I.. This is why I love running! It's my time! I'm not the fastest of runners but I'm dedicated to the sport I love and that I find great inner joy and peace doing! I LOVE RUNNING!

RUN: 3.14 miles with the great pee and poo machine, Velcro (39:04)
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Monday, September 21, 2009


Yeah...wrapping work at 345am on saturday, getting home around 420am and in bed by 430am doesn't make for a productive running weekend! Especially when I had to be up at 915am saturday morning to go to the dentist! Nothing I love more than working a 16 hour day and being up for over 20 hours and then getting up to go sit in a dentist chair!! Fun Times! Needless to say, I did not go back to sleep on saturday! I had to watch Tennessee show up against Florida. Doesn't mean I wasn't layed out flat on my couch all day-thabk god for tivo! For I found myself nodding off....nothing better than rewinding what you've missed!!

Velcro wasn't a very happy dog! I didn't do anything sat but lounge! We were supposed to go sheep herding saturday nite-but that had been cancelled friday due to the warm temps-again! Thank goodness it was cancelled! It would have been an ugly 2 hour drive there and back on very little sleep!!

Sunday I was supposed to, or had hoped to, race in the Long Beach Triathlon. Big FAIL!! I just couldn't do it after being beat up friday shooting day and nite ext in the heat and then into the wee hours of saturday. So sunday, I didn't set an alarm! I woke up when my body felt like waking up! It was still fairly early! 830am! I had wanted to sleep later but oh well! It was already too hot to run in the morning, so I started cleaning the house! And then I went to IKEA to buy a comfy rocking chair for my balcony! I chucked stuff out, cleaned! It was great!! And HOT! Gotta love it when it's hot and you're moving shit in a non airconditioned house! So when the sun began to set and it started to slightly cool off I had a decision to make-run or sit down with a glass of wine on my balcony in my new chair and relax....I chose to relax! I just needed some time for me...sitting with my furry beasts outside with a glass of wine, candles and the cool quiet air! It was really pleasant!! But I felt like a failure!!! FAILED at exercise this weekend!!! FAIL!

I somewhat made up for it this morning! I set my alarm for 4am and got a pre-work 5k in! I was out the door at 540am for my drive to Warner Brothers! Cold Case for another 4 days then Private Practice on friday then....I think I'm off for a week!!!! I'm sure that won't be the case as we get closer to next week-but I can dream!!

I have the XTERRA Pt Mugu 11K on sunday....a trail race! I've never run an XTERRA race....but I know the trails and opted for the shorter distance since my running has taken a hit since February!

Ok...back to work!! I hope everyone had a brilliant weekend!!

Friday: RUN: 2.67 miles with Velcro (33:33)
Monday: RUN 3.14 miles with Velcro (40:35) at4:30am
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

When will the heat go away??

I've had enough of the sun and heat! ENOUGH!!! Do you hear me summer...GO AWAY!

I've been working on a full episode double up of Cold Case-8 days of work. So I'm back to my 13 hour+ work days and 18 hour awake days! So when I can get any run in-it's a happy day for Penny!!

Yesterday I was fortunate to get a run in before the dreaded heat and sun began to eat away at me! But today-nope! I got home last nite around 1130pm and it took me about an hour to unwind! I had to watch GLEE! So in bed by 1am-yikes up 19 hours!! So I was able to sleep in until 830am today since I was leaving the house at 1015am-work starts at noon.....

But running at 9am, not a good idea for me! Sun was up, heat was kicking in and I was miserable as was Velcro! But I got my arse out and exercised before another long day!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!! I'll be shooting a split call in Chinatown tomorrow...yes noon call and working until 2am! Can't wait!!! But I'm happy to be working!!!

Wed: RUN 3.08 miles w/Velcro (39:17)

Thurs: RUN 2.50 miles w/Velcro (35:49)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Wow...what a shitty long run I ran this morning! Let me preface this post with an update on my stupidity. The last meal i ate yesterday was at 1pm at a bar watching Tennessee lose to UCLA. I had a veggie burger and fries and 2 beers. That's all the food I had yesterday! No dinner-STUPID!

So when I woke up at 7:45am this morning I decided at the last minute that I was going to run my 8 miler from my house. I had thought about driving to the trails. So I took one teaspoon of peanut butter and had my cup of tea, drank some gatorade, filled up my big water bottle and Velcro and i were off. It was still overcast so it felt good. But I knew immediately that I had ZERO energy! I took alot to motivate my ass out the door...and now that i was out I was feeling super sluggish and crappy! But stubborn stupid Penny decided to keep going!

I ran from my house toward the ocean. Once to the ocean, I took a right and headed to my trails. I ran first in White Point nature preserve then about .5 on the roads dropped me into Ocean Trails. Now let me just say, I don't live in a flat place! My town stands in for San Francisco in movie shoots. So I run alot of hills-and this run was no different.

When I got into Ocean Trails, I had just run about 3 miles....and here I was running on the trails.

Of course, as soon as I got on the dirt, I began to feel a bit better. I don't know what it is about running on trails that motivates me! But I know exactly how far these trails are so i was already beginning to calculate my return trip-it was looking like my 8 mile runw as going to be longer!

We ran down to the beach, and I felt ok. I powered up the hills, walking a few steps when I had to and then running again, but the lack of fuel in my body was really beginning to take it's toll! Yes, I had ZERO energy!!

We made it down to the beach and luckily found a tennis ball-whew, 10 minutes of rest! thank god! If I was only I Dream of Jeannie-I could twitch and be home!

Back up the hill from the beach we went. This is when it really started to hit me! OMG, it was so hard! I did not want to be running! I wanted to be at home with a beer in my hand, not trudging up an f-ing hill with my dog slowly following behind me....but still lucky, the sun wasn't out!

We made it to the parking lot above Trump national and Velcro and i ran into some friends! Whew, another 10 or so minutes of talking and rest! It could either be a good thing or a bad thing. i thought-OMG, I have a HUGE hill to run up now and I've been talking and standing for about 10 minutes. Will my legs continue???

They did, I had to walk, but I got to the top of that godforsaken hill and we got back on the trails again! We didn't have long until we'd be running on the beloved dirt, rocks and softness would soon be gone...I'd be on the hard concrete.....and this is when I started dreaming about my beer.....I was twittering complaints! yes I was looking for any excuse to quit and needed support! I was at 8 miles and I had at least 2 miles left and half of that was all up hill.

Seriousy, what was I thinking when I started this run? I wasn't thinking obviously! At around 9.3 miles I crested the hill and knew that it was all down hill. Of course, I couldn't give up. The sun was starting to peek out of the clouds...NO!!!

At this point I was really hating myself! I know better than to do something so stupid as to run without fuel in my body! I had eaten a larabar at mile 7-but lets face the facts, that wasn't going to make up for the lack of fuel at the start!

This is when I started to cry...9.3 miles and I'm crying running. Poor Velcro wasn't sure what was happening to me. She kept tugging at the leash looking at me. I felt sheer exhaustion! My legs weren't tired I just had nothing in the tank! NOTHING! It was now affecting me emotionally. God, please just get me home!!!

I got home. I've never been so happy to hit the stop on Ms Garmin! OMG-this was THE WORST run I have ever done! EVER! And I've been running a hell of a long time!! WORST!

I will never do that again. But I just wasn't hungry last nite. I was a bit down-always get a bit down on my birthday! I turned down a birthday dinner last nite-just didn't want to go out!It was spur of the moment-but by the time they wanted to go out I had had a shitty day already! All i wanted to do last nite was crawl into bed and sleep! So I'm sure my BONK fest was a big time mixture of lack of fuel and my slight depressed nature at turning 44 on 9/11 and working a 15 hour day on my birthday, then saturday rolls around-the day I was going to celebrate. I had sent an email out to my friends a week ago asking who would like to get together on saturday nite to help me celebrate. Only one person replied-and that person doesn't live in California! Yeah, I was a bit down. I sometimes feel so alone here! It's a wierd feeling knowing that your great friends are your blogging/twitter friends!

That's was awful and I will never allow myself to run in that condition again!!

RUN: 10.7 miles with Velcro (2:54)

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 and Happy Birthday to Me!

Remembering 9/'s been 8 years and I still wake up sad! I vividly remember that day 8 years was my birthday, as it is every year, and I woke up happy and was waiting to get my phone call from my mom-instead I was told to turn the tv off and I saw the horror of the attack!

I honor the 2755 people who died on 9/11. You will always be a part of my day! Rest in Peace.

As for me on this day, I am heading out for a run and then heading to work with the 10 Red Velvet Cupcakes I bought for my birthday, yesterday from! No, I'm not eating them all!! But I try to embrace this day and male it as happy as I possibly can! I always seem to wake up a little depressed on my birthday now. But I try to make it a happy day!

Off for my birthday run!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update on Conquer the Bridge 5.3 miler and a quick jog after work

I just wanted to update my mile splits as per Ms Garmin. You see, the timing mats for the Conquer the Bridge were at the start and finish. There wasn't a mat a the turnaround pint. And, as I realized, he course wasn't 5 miles but 5.3 as per Ms Garmin. So the official results have the same finish time-but I had the race longer than the timing was calculated to, so here are my splits-which are better than a 12:05 official result pace!

Mile 1: 11:07 flat to the start of the climb
Mile 2: 11:36 uphill
Mile 3: 11:15 up, down and uphill
Mile 4: 13:15 uphill
Mile 5: 10:36 downhill
Mile .3: 2:58:14

Rock on, ME!

I just came back from a quick "jog." I got off work early and was home by 8pm!! Unheard of! I was invited to the GLEE premiere and after party tonight...but silly me didn't take a cute outfit to wear when I left for work this morning, so I came straight home. I'm glad I did, because I got a cool evening run in with my slowpoke dog!

Remember to watch GLEE tomorrow, Wednesday night, on FOX!

RUN: 3.07 miles with Velcro (41:47)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Conquer the Bridge 5 miler

I came, I conquered, I realized running Ocean Trails help run the up and down parts of the Vincent Thomas bridge!

I woke up at 6am this morning after I had made a homemade pizza last nite as my carbo load! It was DELICIOUS!! Thanks Amy for a great idea!!! I had my tea and English muffin with peanut butter and fed all of the furry babies! I took Velcro out to play with her tennis ball and then I started to motivate for the race. I didn't have far to go-the start was oh about 1.5 miles from my house! I had thought about running there and back-but I procrastinated this morning, so stupid me drove! But it will be ok when I swim this afternoon!!

I got to the start with TONS of time to spare! There was a sea of people! I had heard yesterday, when I picked up my bib, that they were expecting about 1200-1500 people. Well, there were way more than that at the start and alot were registering for the race! YIKES!! I'm glad I preregistered!

They announced that the start would be delayed by 5 minutes to allow as many runners to register but that was as long as they could delay since Cal Trans had set an 11am bridge opening!

So at 8:10am off we went!!! I was so excited and ready to run this race! They haven't allowed anyone to walk/run over this bridge since the last time this race was run in 1992!!! So this was something I couldn't and wouldn't pass up!!

It started off flat on harbor blvd but I knew it would soon be up hill! I've driven this bridge enough times to know it's STEEP!! And here we were getting ready for the approx one mile climb!

I really wanted to run up the bridge on both sides as much as possible! Only walking when I absolutely had to! And I was going to run down the other side! And I pretty much accomplished it! I walked once on the first uphill-I was very happy with this! I was running at a hill shuffle-pushing myself to keep going! The sun was beginning to peak out from the clouds-I actually told the sun to GO AWAY! it listened to me, briefly!

At the top of the bridge I took a pic and then headed down! I didn't race down-no point in falling down and going BOOM! I saw the turn around point way down at the end! I didn't feel too bad-the leaders were just starting their uphill and I was near the end of the downhill-hey I'm not so turtle like!!

They had mentioned on the website and before the race that the only water station would be at the turnaround point right before Navy Way. There was an uphill before the turnaround and then bam, alot of people stopped for water. So glad I brought both my water and gatorade!!

Now it was back up the bridge!! This side was going to be harder-I had seen the leaders running up this side and they looked tired! And I was right. I had to speed walk up this side a couple more than the first. I'd run after walking a bit but that last part of the second uphill was tough!! But once at the top, I looked at my watch and the distance and realized I might be able to break the 1:00 mark for this 5 mile down hill we went and I just ran!! And ran.

At the turn to the final home stretch I looked down at Ms Garmin and she read 4.6 miles-only .4 tenths left and I had lots of time! But the finish line sure did look farther than .4 miles-and it was!!

When I crossed the finish line, and I passed a few runners on my way to the timing mat, I looked down and saw 5.3 miles! and 1:00!!! I would have finished under and hour if it had been 5 miles...

I so wanted to be under 1:00-but all in all I'm pretty darn happy! It was sunny for the second part of the race-and you all know how much I LOVE running when it's sunny!! And considering how tough this race was and how steep and long the uphills were and how sunny it was and how warm it was getting, I'm pretty darn pleased!! And this will be a new PR for an 8K road race!!! Go ME!

I got to see Mary, the Green Girl, come down the first side of the bridge and cross the finish line! You go girl!!!

RUN: 5.3 miles 1:00:43
Pace: 12:09
Overall Place: 770 out of ????
Div W 40-44: 88 out of ????
Women: 335 out of ????

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ocean Trails on a coolish sunday

I hit snooze a few times this morning. I had a hard time falling asleep last nite-the Mexican food i ate for dinner was sitting in my stomach hating me! And then I found out some very sad news from Melanie (2nd Chances). Please stop by her blog and give her love and support!

So I woke up this morning and my stomach still didn't feel right-Mexican isn't good pre run food! But I was determined to get out there since I saw clouds in the sky!!!

We started around 7:45, a little late but it was cool and there was a slight breeze! And tomorrow the Conquer the Bridge 5 miler is starting at 8am, so might as well see what the weather might be like on race day. So off Velcro and i went. I was planning the 4 mile route today-Velcro immediately pooped upon entering the trails....she poops in the same place! And off we went.

The first thing I noticed-it was a bit humid today! Can winter hurry up and get here! PLEASE! I'm a bit tired of this nasty weather-I'd like cool, grey cloudy skies with some rain please!

I wanted this to be a decent run, so I didn't stop at the first picture taking rock-I think Velcro was happy about that! She's not enjoying having her picture taken on runs-she thinks I'm angry at her for getting her to stand on my lap! Silly cattle dogs. She usually jumps right off after she hears the click of the camera.

Lots of dogs out today-all dogs Velcro the butt sniffing wasn't extensive today!

We got down to the beach, and the great hunt for a tennis ball started! And VOILA.....we found one! I timed our "ball playtime" and figured out I stay at least 10 minutes on the beach throwing the ball for my girl! I'm going to start deducting that from my total time run!!

After our 10 minute "ball playtime" we headed back up the trail-back to the car, running into a few more dogs....some butt sniffing and we were off. I wanted to beat the sun, which was trying hard to poke out of the clouds!! And we did!! Whew!!

All in all a nice run! I love my trail runs!

Afterwards, Velcro and I drove to Redondo Beach. I had to pick up my race number and t-shirt for the Conquer the Bridge 5 miler that takes place tomorrow morning at 8am! I'm so excited I get to run over another bridge! The Vincent Thomas Bridge is the 3rd largest suspension bridge in California!! and I wanted to treat myself to a yummy breakfast. I went to Zazou in Redondo and had french toast and tea, as my girl slept at my feet!

I'm home now...watching track and field and debating what to do for the rest of the day. I think I'll try to see a movie and get a swim in before the pool closes at 4:45!

RUN: 4.28 miles with Velcro on the trails 1:02

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

At 5pm, yet another fire broke out on the Palos Verdes Peninsula! We also found out today that the Station Fire, which is THE LARGEST FIRE EVER in LA COUNTY, was started by someone-yes ARSON! How sick is that!!!

So my post today is about thanks! Thanks to the amazing firefighters who have braved their lives, the heat, the huge fires to protect the houses all over LA!! THANK YOU!!! I couldn't and wouldn't do what you do-would scare the shit out of me, even though I was training to take the physical agility test for the fire dept when I was in my 30's!

So tonight, when i went on my trail run with Velcro and i saw an amazing sunset, partly because of the smokey skies, I had alot to be happy about! What an amazing place I live! yes, I've complained lately about the horrible heat-and it's been hot! But sunsets like tonight make me realize just how lucky I am!! I live in a beautiful place, get to see beautiful sunsets, have an amazing son (who will be down this weekend), have an amazing dog, my girl and constant companion Velcro, wonderful cats, an amazing family, wonderful friends who always seem to be there for me no matter what, my health, a job.....what else can I say? i am lucky and very thankful!!

And what a great run we had tonight! It was hot all day, so I left my trail run for as late as I could! We actually had to dump off onto the roads because I, silly me, didn't take a headlamp, and it got quite dark! We ran ocean trails!! I love ocean trails! And there is something serene and peaceful about a trail run at sunset! And I felt good! I'm feeling a bit better not running before work! And last night I had a long day! 14 hours worked so it ended being about an 18 hour day for me....needless to say, I planned on sleeping in this morning (yep 8am is sleeping in for me!)

But Velcro and i had a really good run! I powered up all the hills as much as I could...and then I'd power walk briefly and then run! We didn't stay at the beach that long-just a few tennis ball throws and we were back on the trails! i was racing the sun afterall! And we lost. Had to take a detour and jump onto the streets to finish-which actually extended our run by almost a mile! So things happen for a reason!!

Tomorrow, I'm working on brothers and Sisters. I have a 6:42am call at Disney! All that means is I will have a Friday night! I should be finished working by 8pm!!! And my son arrives tomorrow for the long weekend! he's taking the train down, for the first time ever! I'm really excited for him!!

We don't have nothing big planned for the weekend! Sheep herding on Saturday as long as the fires and smoke don't interfere and a cookout with my son, dad, brother and Velcro. Then on Monday,I will Conquer the Bridge! yes I'll be running the Vincent Thomas Bridge-the third largest suspension bridge in California. And you know how I LOVE bridges!! it's a 5 should be fun-and the views from the bridge are awesome!!

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful holiday weekend!! Off to bed I go!

RUN: 5.01 miles on the trails with Velcro at sunset (1:18)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September starts off with a Brick!

I had today off! As a matter of fact, I have the BEST work schedule this week: M,W,F...feels like I'm back in school again!

A little update on last weekend-it was HOT!! Saturday, I didn't do shite! Lounged around trying to stay cool! The furry beasts and I LOVE the one air conditioned room!! But once Saturday night rolled around, I felt really guilty that I hadn't done anything. So I set my alarm for 6am Sunday so I could get a trail run in with Velcro. And 6am rolled around and I had to drag my arse out of my comfy bed.....But Velcro and I ran. A really nice morning trail run at Ocean Trails before the scorching heat hit again! I finally felt like I had accomplished something!!

Sunday night, I met a few friends for sunset drinks at the new resort on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Terranea. It was a very nice night and a beautiful sunset!!

Monday-I worked. I did some pre-work planks, but since I had to be up at 4:30 to leave at 5:30-I decided 3:30am might be a bit too early to run! So PLANKS were the order of the day. I started off with a 1 minute plank then a 45 sec plank then 100 situps.

Today was one of my days off! I opened up my package from Roadbunner-my size large Balega socks from the giveaway! Thanks mario for choosing my number!!! I LOVE Balega socks! And then I mailed Roadbunner her Haggis from Scotland!

4pm brought an unwanted visit to the dentist-UGH I hate going to the dentist! I swear as I get older the dentist visits get worse and worse. This one was to replace a crown! This was the long appointment-hell 2 hours I was in the chair! the left side of my face was so numb, yes I got extra novacaine because I started feeling tingly nerve stuff! And Novacaine really freaks me out!! Makes my heart race....I had to really try to calm my heart down with deep breaths and relaxation!

There is nothing better than the sound and smell of your tooth being drilled!! And teeth, pretty ugly once you take the pretty enamel part off!! UGLY!! I now have the temporary crown on-it feels funny. And I'll be back in about a week and a half for the permanent crown! Fun Times!

After my 2 hour stint in the dentist chair, I was desperate to do something. It was now 6pm-Velcro needed exercise and i really wanted to swim and run. So I dashed home, threw on my swimming stuff and headed to the pool! I had planned on .5 mile swim so that Velcro and i could get at least a 4 mile run in afterwards!

I swam a 1/4 mile breaststoke non stop. Then I had to change my goggles.I was having MAJOR goggle issues! Non of them seem to fit properly! Maybe it's my head or my eyes. I'm always getting water in the left goggle. Got any suggestions for goggles??

Then I swam a 1/4 mile freestyle. Changing goggles. Finally found a tinted pair that were ok-not great. I guess they let the least amount of water in the left side without fogging!

I wanted to swim just a few more, so I swam 2 laps of breaststroke and then 2 of freestyle and I was done. Time to go run!!

I got home-threw on my running skirt and grabbed my super stoked, amped up dog and off we went for our run down to the harbor! We ran past about 6 fireman out exercising, I thanked them for doing what they do, and continued running! We ran past Velcro's favorite area, the fountains! Took a quick picture then headed back! the last part of this run is all up hill, one of those long, over 1 mile long, hills....Velcro had had enough! And I was pretty cooked as well!! But it felt awesome!!

Now-a glass of wine and dinner!! Good night all! Working tomorrow on Private Practice.

Sun RUN: 5.5 miles on the Trails
Mon PLANKS: 1 min, 45 sec
Tue SWIM: .61 miles RUN: 4.32 miles (57:32)