Saturday, August 29, 2009

My friday, smoke free, run

I was a running slacker wed and thursday! I had every intention of running thursday nite when I got home from prepping but I got home, turned on the news and found out a fire had started in Rancho Palos Verdes! Right across from Trump National Golf Course where my beloved Ocean Trails are! The fire was burning up the hill and canyon, away from Ocean Trails, but into the Potuguese Nature Preserve-another place Velcro and I run!

The fire season has begun! But this is the first time a fire had been so close to me and was burning places I know, have been to and places where I run! It really makes you think!

Rancho Palos Verdes is a very densely populated area-the fire was racing up the canyon to all these houses! Horses and thousands of people were evacuated! There was smoke in the air and helicopters all over the place!

I was sitting glued to the tv watching the news thursday nite not knowing if they could gain control of the fire! It was about 5 miles from me!

I went to bed at midnight on thursday and woke up friday to crystal clear blue skies and ash on my car! The firefighters had gained a little control over the fire after fighting it all night! Helicopter drops were made all night long(they were using night vision to fly) and when I woke up the fire was about 35% contained and the winds had shifted! The winds were now blowing the smoke up into LA and away from the Palos Verdes Peninsula(which is where I live).

So I ran! I was tired but I ran! It wasn't far and I had been working all week and was working friday, but I ran! And as always, even though it was way too hot for me when I started running! I ran! The heat and the sun sucked the life out of me, but I ran!!

When I left the house friday, I started driving north to Santa Clarita. I was driving into the smoke filled area! We've been super lucky by me! The winds have been blowing the smoke away from PV and the harbor and up into LA. I drove into a smoke bank! It was unbelievable to see! It really looks like LA is under siege or a nuclear blast has gone off with all the smoke!

I had a headache all day yesterday! Luckily we were working inside-but the smoke damage had already been done to my sinus'

This morning-slept in! By the time I got up it was 8am and way too hot to run!! It hit a whopping 103 at my house yesterday! And I'm expecting it to be around 99-100 today! My pale white scottish self will not be running in this weather until it's dark!

I had to put in the rolling ac unit into my bedroom on thursday nite! I had to have a room that was cool where we, me and my furry babies, could escape to from the heat! It is UGLY here right now!

So that being said-i'm in my cool air condituoned bedroom typing this on my tv is in the non-air conditioned rest of the house as is my computer! Maybe I should go see a movie!!

Friday: RUN: 3.14 miles w/ Velcro (41:38)
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Monday, August 24, 2009

A Brick !! or as close to a swim/run brick as I'll get!

Yep, got my lazy ass up and out the door to work out tonight at 6:30. i was tired after yesterday! But I really wanted to get into the pool-it's been HOT here in LA and I hate this weather! I hide during the day and come out when the sun starts to set and it gets cooler!

I got to the pool around 7pm-I would have had plenty of time to get that mile swim in again, but my arms just didn't feel it! So I decided I'd be happy with a half a mile swim-better than nothing! I felt it. I was alternating breaststroke and freestyle and then a few lengths of breaststroke, freestyle.....etc...but when i hit the half mile mark I knew I was done. So I got out of the pool, shoved my clothes on and raced home-had to run with Velcro!

When i got home, I threw my running clothes on, put Velcro's harness on and we were out the door. Transition time was sucky but this is as close to a swim/run brick as I'll get swimming in my community pool! So I'm very proud of myself!!

I decided to run to the harbor tonight. It's downhill and then once we turnaround it's uphill-thought this would be a nice way to end my day! I felt surprisingly good starting off-couldn't quite believe it! Of course, when I run with Velcro we have pee and poo breaks. And that didn't change on this run! Velcro was very "sniffy" today! Seemed like every lamp post had "pee mail" deposited on it!

We ran to the fountains-the dreaded fountains that velcro hates! They dance to music like the Bellagio fountains (they are made by the same fountain people who made the Bellagio fountains but ours aren't as big) and I think they are beautiful but Velcro is freaked out by them! So what do i do-run past them!

The run back up to the house was harder-it was uphill but I plodded along....I'd walk a few steps and then push on again! I was determined to make this a decent run and in turn a decent brick! And i think it was decent considering I've never really done one before!

I'm now having a much needed glass of wine and cooking Leek and Potato soup-yummy! And then it's off to bed for Penny! I'm working the next 4 days! 2 days of Brothers and Sisters and 2 days of NCIS-the good thing-2 of those 4 days are prep at Panavision so I can take Velcro and will probably get to run when I get home!

SWIM: 932 yards/852 meters = .53 miles
RUN: 4.33 miles with Velcro (58:36)

I'm a blogger slacker!

I have no excuse! I have been working, about 3-4 days a week. I've run a bit, I've been swimming and sleeping! I managed a 4 mile trail run the day after my son arrived-yes he ran with me and enjoyed it!!!

I got 9 hours of sleep last night! I thought I was going to have an exercise heavy week this week-because i only had 2 days of work on Thursday and Friday, but I think that has just changed. I think I just added 2 more days of work, tomorrow and Brothers and Sisters and NCIS is on my work schedule for this week!

I really wanted to visit everyone's blog but the past week has been busy busy busy with work and getting my son ready for college. We moved him in on Friday and I haven't spoken to him since I left on Friday night! I think he's having a good time! Classes started today, 9am was his first class!

I kinda layed low this weekend. Was a little down after taking him to school and especially when he didn't reply to any of my text messages. So I didn't do anything Saturday-of course that was also because my quads were SCREAMING at me from my 3 mile run and then pilates class on Friday morning before the move in! SCREAMING! what was I thinking working with a 3 lb medicine ball at pilates when I hadn't been in oh maybe 10 months...silly me!

But yesterday I kicked it in. I got my lazy ass off the couch and swam and ran! And I felt GOOD! And tired!! I have to say it was awesome getting in the water yesterday when it was hot!! I swam the first 1/4 mile without stopping! I interspersed freestyle into my breaststroke....I though swimming a mile would be tiresome but I broke it down into 1/4 mile counts and it was much easier! .98 miles swum!!!Yeah me!

I picked up my new shoes yesterday! Size 12 girl here must special order her shoes. They've been sitting at my running store for about 2 weeks-I finally made it to the store to pick them up and drop all my old shoes off at the box for soles for souls!

I also ran yesterday after swimming. Velcro needed some exercise! it was still warm out-even though we ran late! And I have to admit, it was hard after swimming that far. I have a new found respect for all you half ironpeeps and ironpeeps!

Here is the exercise I managed the past week:

Sunday 16 August- 4.04 mile trail run
Monday 17th - work
Tuesday 18th-work
Wednesday 19th-work
Thursday 20th- .5 mile walk
Friday 21st- 1 hr 15 min Pilates/ 3.09 mile run with Velcro
Saturday 22nd-quads OUCH
Sunday 23rd-swim .98 miles/ 3.6 mile run with Velcro

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Surf City Half-Check!

I just realized I have completed 2 of the 3 races I need to complete the California Dreamin Series so what did I just do, because I LOVE swag and medals, registered for the 2010 Surf City USA Half marathon in Huntington Beach on February 7 2010-yes Super Bowl Sunday. I want that jacket and the series medal! I slogged thru San Fran-I might as well get something out of it!!

A few years ago it rained on Super Bowl Sunday-could I be so lucky?? Who wants to join me?

I have a few races I have signed up for or are planning on running...are you interested in any of these?

September 7 2009 Conquer the Bridge 5 miler
September 27 XTERRA Pt Mugu Trail race
October 4 2009 Race for the Rescues 5K
November 15 2009 Malibu Half Marathon
November 22 2009 PCTR Santa Monica Mtns 18K
December 6 2009 RnR Las Vegas Half Marathon
February 7 2010 Surf City Half Marathon

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

!"*: aka BLAH on a BB

Here I sit on the simul unit of Heroes. We've been shooting in a House of Mirrors set now for 2 days and I've had enough fun! I'm in a shitty mood-been working at a stupid frenetic pace at work with a dolly grip who can't hit a mark to save his life...and when you have a dolly grip like this (he's the one that pushes the platform that the camera sits on) and you're on B camera which ALWAYS has the super tight shots-it sucks ASS and makes your work day a living hell!!! I'm over it and I'm over this job!

On top of that I feel unworthy as a runner- I should call myself a jogger since I'm so fucking slow! I am embarrassed to put any times down for my runs now-EVERYONE is so fast....I might as well be a snail!

And of course, I'm having issues about being alone! I just found out a girl I worked with, who just had a baby, is getting a divorce! Her soon to be ex husband basically walked out on her! Sounds oh so familiar to what happened to me!! Of course I didn't have a young baby to care for!! Men suck ASS!! Sorry for all you nice guys out there-but I've yet to meet a man, in LA, who is decent or worthy! They are all assholes here-looking for some quick ass, skinny know the type!! Over it! Yes I'd love to be in a relationship again! I'd love to have someone to come home to because I do get lonely-and this is one of those times!! But I don't know if I want to deal with all the bullshit I've gone thru in the past ever again! I'm not skinny enough, young enough, cute enough for ANY of the men here! And I usually make more $$$$ than they do and have a kid-YEP they see me as 5 strike Penny!!!

I need to run! And I haven't since my 4 mile trail run on sunday-by the way it was I can't call it a run! It will now be called a "leisurely stroll".... I've had very little sleep the past 2 nites because my son and his "older women girlfriend" have been staying up late watching TV....when is he leaving for college? I'm old, I need my sleep!!

And I'm fat!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Work Wound...

You see, the entertainment industry isn't all glamor! I have a Heroes memory! A 1000' film magazine ( weighing 15lbs or more, I think, and it was the metal one not the plastic one-figures) was accidentally dropped on my forehead and then on my cheek. Purely an accident! But the bump on my forehead hurts and is throbbing (I have been icing it but it hurts when I put ice on it)...... I think my modeling career is ruined!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

F*#K this Shit!

I breastroke. I am proud of my stroke-how I swim it and how it makes me feel! Do not tell me I am less a swimmer because I breastroke! I swim-therefore I am a swimmer! There is no "best" stroke! There is no "lesser" stroke! if you are capable and able to swim no matter the stroke-you are a swimmer! Enough said! Some people must get off their high horses about which stroke is "best".....seriously people....aren't there more important things happening in the world? here is one of my favorite "blips" about the breastroke that was recently posted by Ryan on Missy's blog.....thanks Ryan, whoever you are:

My daughter is on the swim team and I told the coach I forbid her to do the breast stroke. It is absolutely pointless. Why not make dog paddle an olympic event too? Breast strokers are probably the type of people who had the game "tag" or "red rover" banned at school because it is just not "fair."

Breast Strokers Suck!

WOW is the only response I had! I would NEVER forbid my son from swimming a stroke-EVER! I'm flabbergasted.....I really don't know what to say but SCREW YOU SWIMMERS for thinking we, as breaststrokers, are lesser individuals or swimmers than you "mighty freestylers"......

Screw triathlons if this is how you all feel!

Running-I have a new found love for you!! I am now going to bed to dream of long running races away from swimmers!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A monday swim

Now, I'm not a world class swimmer. I don't profess to be great! But I do enjoy my time at the pool and am really learning to love my lap swim time! The pool I go to is our community pool! it cost $2.50 to swim. Much cheaper than a gym membership that I probably wouldn't use! The community pool has it's upsides and it's downsides. The upside-not many people swim laps so I usually have the 2 lap lanes o myself! The downside showed it's ugly self today! For some reason the lap swim lanes were one lane! When i first got there the lane was empty and I was happy. Once I started swimming a lady started swimming, or attempting to swim, then another woman got into the lane-she really couldn't swim at all then a young girl started swimming....each one of these woman had no clue about lap swimming etiquette! The young girl would swim up and back on the same side, the two other ladies would attempt freestyle but end up doing some sort of doggie paddle stoke all the while going super slow on the side I seemed relegated to! I tried to implement the lap swim down on the right and then back on the left-yeah one seemed to get it! Then the young girl attempted to swim some unknown stroke that was causing huge waves and splashes-usually when i was passing her! It was a mix between butterfly and breastroke-I still can't figure out what she was doing-but it was irritating because she was like some flopping whale in a small lap lane...and then the peeps from the other side of the pool who were just learning to swim, who knew the young girl, were hanging out by the ropes and then swimming into the ONE lap lane! I finally said something. I told the girls they couldn't be here unless they were swimming laps! They crawled back over the ropes looking at the mean white girl who told them to leave!

Now don't get me wrong-everyone has to learn how to swim-hell, I am still learning and improving.But must it be in the ONE lap lane of the pool! And must we be completely clueless and oblivious to everyone else swimming laps?

I quit earlier than I had planned because I was tired of swimming around people and watching the young girl flop and play in the lap lane! Really pretty irritating!!

SWIM: 1452 yards= .83 miles primarily breaststroke buy freestyle sprinkled in....

My Weekend Roundup.......and my New Camelbak Racebak REC series!

Have I said that it's been hot here! Well, let me reiterate what all of you probably know-I HATE the heat! I just can't do anything when it's hot. besides the fact that I am super white girl and I'll turn red when I look at the sun! And my sister has had melanoma, so I take the sun rather seriously! So this weekend, my exercise was done around sunset!

Since I'm in the midst of a slack work time, I've been trying o catch up on my sleep. So I've been sleeping in-wow, it's kinda nice to wake up naturally!

On Thursday nite, when I got home from work, I found I had received a package from Camelbak! new made-for-me Camelbak Racebak REC series had arrived from the wonderful people at Camelbak!! I was so excited-I raced to put it on just to see if it was going to fit without squishing the girls and causing me shortness of breathe! Three Cheers for Camelbak! I could actually put the Camelbak Racebak on without squirming and wiggling the fabric over my shoulders and past my boobs!

The test would be when I put a jog bra on underneath it! That would come on Saturday morning! Yeah-I was a slacked and did NOTHING but deal with bullshit on the phone! Lets see my mini-notebook arrived and the software wasn't installed right-so I was on the phone for hours because of that. My mortgage statement arrived saying I was past due-WHOA can I be past due if the payment I paid is showing on the bill? So I called and found out that I was being penalized ie late notice, late fee etc because the bill i received wasn't the proper bill-there had been a clerical error-the wrong amount had been sent out to alot of people! So they, Bank of America, had decided that I should be past due! Well, I rose hell with them. Why should I the consumer/customer who pays her mortgage on time every month be penalized because someone made a clerical error??? They decided to honor the bill they sent(even though it was wrong) they are not charging the late fee and will be contacting the credit agency to adjust any bad credit that might have been filed. BUTTHEADS! then I broke into tears!...yeah I cried on friday! And it felt good! I just needed to get out of the house-so I went to see G.I. Joe...sucked ASS! Horrible movie. And I love movies, especially action movies! For god sake, I work in the film industry and see almost every movie. I really didn't like this one. I thought it was stupid! What a waste of money! At least the people in the camera dept I knew made some money off of it!

Saturday morning I got up around 6:30. I wanted to be on the trails by 7:30 to get my run in with my new Camelbak Racebak REC series. I filled the reservoir and put the insulated pad into the Racebak. Yes, I was going to attempt to put it on with everything in place: the reservoir and insulated pad. Wow-I was able to put it on!!! It didn't get caught on my shoulders! I had put my jog bra on before putting the Racebak on-like it's supposed to be worn. If you can remember my last Racebak debacle-there was no way I was getting the first Racebak on with a jog bra. Hell, I couldn't get it on without a fight and once it was on-it squeezed my girls to the point of hurting me and causing shortness of breathe. But this new one! MIRACLE!!!! The great people at Camelbak have this new Racebak coming out! I do believe, it's part of their REC 10 series. They modified their original Racebak by adding a half zip in the front. What a WONDERFUL addition to the product!It allows you to cool down immediately! I think it's a definite improvement over the original design! The fabric is different than the original. It's not as Lycra based-so there isn't as much stretch. But it also means it's not as form fitting! When I emailed Camelbak to let them know I received their product and that it FIT perfectly, I decided to add a few ideas that i thought would be a nice addition. Who knows if they will make it into the final run, but it felt really cool giving them my ideas. I thought making a pink one would be a great addition to the womens line! I know I love buying anything pink especially when it comes to my running gear! Yes, a water hydration shirt in pink-yep, I'd buy it! And I also thought a small zippered pocket on the lower back might be a nice addition. Just big enough to carry a key, GU, Sport Beans etc. They thought those ideas were good-and I think they had thought about some of we'll see. They didn't have an XL size made in this REC series design, so they had to MAKE an XL (they re sized a L into an XL with the waist, bust, shoulder sizes I had given them). And it fit! I'm thrilled with the new product! I like it's design better than the one that you can buy right now!! I think all of you will like this new one!!! It's so nice to not carry your water in your hand or on your waist! The water reservoir doesn't slosh around at all-I hear it but that's it! And it didn't really add weight at all. I was able to run and drink at the same time. The zipper addition, is great! I used that a few times when i started getting hot. Down went the zip-in came the cool air!

I LOVE this Racebak REC series for women!! It is the perfect addition to my running gear! I HATE race belts-so for me, this is the perfect solution! I can't wait for them to come out in the stores! I hope you all will check it out!!

My trail run was at Ocean Trails! I hadn't really spent alot of time running trails in the past few months. Last Sunday I went on a trail run and it kicked my ass-this morning I felt so much better! I still need to get my trail legs back but I had forgotten how much I love the feel of the dirt, rocks and uneven ground underneath my feet! The smell of the outdoors, Velcro chasing bunnies! I just love trails! And of course, we always go to the beach to find a Tennis Ball that Velcro can play with. It extends our run by about 10-15 minutes, but it's so worth watching her race along the beach! We ran back and I realized we had run a 5.14 mile trail run...and it was getting hot and sunny-yikes time to get my body out of the sun and heat!

Sunday I woke up early and loaded the girl and the herding stuff into the car for a quick trip (1.5 hours) to Phelan for our weekend sheep herding training! On Sunday's we have a 10:30 training session. Unfortunately, with the heat, as we progress thru our lesson, it gets hotter and hotter, and Miss Velcro because a bit more of a pussy in the sun and heat. She hunts for shade! We were in the big field today working on our outruns, lifts and fetch as well as driving. It's really amazing how far along we've come! I really love sheep herding! it's so "not an LA type activity" but it is kinda-if that makes any sense. There is alot of sheep herding in Southern California. California is known as being one of the best places for sheep herding! I don't have alot of pics of us actually sheep herding-I need someone to take the pictures. I have alot posted on velcro's blog: Past sheep herding trials, videos, etc if you are interested.....

We both crashed when we got home. We were in the sun and heat of the desert working sheep from 10:30am until 1pm. I sat my arse down on the couch and bam was out! I had every intention of swimming at 3:30-ha that didn't happen! I was napping! But I was determined to get my ass off the couch to get some sort of exercise. As the sun started to go down, i decided a trail run would be perfect. I could tailor the distance. So I decided on 3 miles since we had done a 5 miler yesterday and we, Velcro and I, were pretty toast from being in the sun. But once I got out there and we started running (yes I had the new Camelbak Racebak on again) I realized I wanted to run farther than 3 miles! It was now a race against the sun! I could get 4 in before it became too dark for me to see the trails. Of course, this run was interrupted by a beach visit and ball throw for Velcro. We also met another red heeler at the beach today-so i had to talk to the owner. He had only had his little girl for a month-a new cattle dog owner!! You see, when we run at Ocean trails, the middle point of the run is the beach just below Trump National Golf Course. Ocean Trails is the trail system that runs around and thru the public Trump National Golf Course. They wanted to make these trails private or get rid of them all together, but the Palos Verdes Peninsula wouldn't let them-they had to keep the trails open to the public!! It's a beautiful area! I just love it. So, we always run to the beach-and Velcro always finds a tennis ball. So I always give her "Velcro time" with her tennis ball since she's such a good running partner! I feel it's an even trade!

When we headed back, the sun was setting, it was getting cooler, we were running uphill and I so wanted to extend my run! I kept watching the sun-yes, I can get another mile in before the sun goes down. Because I didn't bring a headlamp today! So I had to be done by dusk or I'd be falling down a big hill! And I wasn't in the mood to take a tumble into the abyss of Ocean Trails!

It was an awesome run! I was tired and lazy when I started but once I got going it felt wonderful! And there is nothing better than a run at sunset! I do live in a beautiful place! I don't like the heat but when it gets cooler...I love it!!

Sat: RUN: 5.14 miles on the Trails with Velcro (1:18)
Sun: RUN: 4.04 miles on the trails with Velcro (1:14)

I just registered for the labor Day race Conquer the Bridge 5 miler!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Pseudo Brick and save the date....November 15 2009

out for my 3 mile run with Velcro

After swimming .79 miles!

I worked today-I finished my camera prep for NCIS. We shoot our double up tomorrow and then I'm off on Friday until Tuesday, Private Practice. So what did i do today after getting home at a DECENT hour...I decided to take a nap! It's So HOT here right now. And I don't have AC! So I got home and crashed on the couch for about 2 hours! When i woke up, I felt like a slug! I had to do since I was hot and miserable-why not go get wet! So off I went to the pool.

I got in the water and felt pretty good. Wow, the water felt so good and cool! Heaven! So off I swam....My goal was to get a half of a mile in. I started swimming and I was feeling pretty good, so i kept swimming, primarily breaststroke but threw in some laps of freestyle-which is very unlike me! I ended up swimming 1268 meters= .79 miles! that is the farthest I've ever swum-EVER!! And I swam it in 36 minutes......I'm quite proud of myself!!

I got home, wet and tired, and was greeted by a very eager little cattle dog named Velcro. I couldn't disappoint her! So I took her on a run. I was tired! I definitely felt the swim-but it was so nice to get out and run! And it was windy!!

All in all, I had a really great day! I swam and ran in the same day! very happy and proud of myself! I'm feeling skinny tonight! Must go to bed now! Gotta get up early for work!

SWIM: .79 miles (1268 meters) in 36 minutes
RUN: 3.08 miles with Velcro (42:06)

Check out below:

I registered and I'm running this half! It starts on PCH just south of Camarillo and finishes at Zuma Beach....I know that road-the last 6 miles are pretty hilly...but this is the perfect time for me to somewhat train for this race! And I have a $5 off coupon....anyone want to join me?? Check out their website Malibu Marathon. It's the inaugural event-don't you want to run in the first ever Malibu Marathon or Half? I'm going to try to get my son to run the half with me......Good Luck me getting that to happen, but he'll be in college and maybe running to impress girls-so who knows!!

They have a promo code for $10 off the marathon: Run2Paradise. Come and join me! The finish lines for the half and full are Zuma Beach.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What day is it??

I'm lying in bed! God I love my temperpedic bed! It rocks! It's a shame I can't work from here, run from here, swim from here...well you get the idea-i love my bed! I am blogging from here! Sheer decadence! But you know what, I don't see much of my bed when I'm I'm going to enjoy it while and when I can!

I worked today! I wanted to run this morning, but my bed held me hostage! I told myself, promised myself, I would run when I got home tonight! I could make that promise because I knew I'd be home by 7pm! The joys of prepping my camera package for NCIS! I left Panavision at 5pm and in true Southern California Traffic style arrived home almost 2 hours later! I LOVE commuting here!!

After sitting in the car for 2 hours I was both antsy and tired! But it was still warm and humid at 7pm...I had to wait! Well, I waited and headed out around 815-wasn't any better! It felt like I was sufficating from the humidity-HATE IT!! What is up with the weather? It sapped all the energy from me and Velcro! I think she was more miserable than I was! So what does that mean?? A shitty slow run! But I got out there and once again slogged away on the pavement! I don't think I'll ever get any faster! If I continue to run with Velcro, I might get slower! :-). But she does allow me to run at any hour of the day or night-so I'll take it!!

Another day of prep tomorrow and then Thursday I get to go back to my NCIS family! Looking forward to it!!

My birthday is coming up on the 11th Sept. I really want to do something to celebrate but am having problems figuring out what would be best:
Run Big Bear Half on sat sept 12?
Fly to Knoxville to see Tennessee pound UCLA?
Do nothing?
Do dinner on saturday night?
Go to Catalina on sat 12th?
Wine tasting Gondola in Naples on sat 12th?

Any ideas or thoughts??

RUN: 4.03 miles with Velcro after work (56:50)
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Monday, August 3, 2009

My weekend of fun!

I spent Thursday night and Friday night SLEEPING! Yes i got 11 hours of sleep each of those nights! DO you think I needed it?? I didn't run on Friday-just too tired! I was able to do 100 sit ups on Wednesday and Thursday but hadn't run since the San Fran half on Sunday!

So when Saturday morning at 10am rolled around and I was getting my lazy sleepy ass up and out of bed I decided I was going to run today! was going to be tonight because the sun and heat were already pounding us in So Cal!

I've been catching up on alot of things since finishing work-paperwork, my animals, ordering school books for my son, dealing with a stupid ass neighbor who is probably going to subpoena me-dumb ass! SO when Saturday night came along and it started cooling off, I put on my Atalanta running skirt and Velcro and I headed out!

I decided to run down to the harbor...and it was fun! Some cruise ships were in, the fountains were dancing and there were lots of people out! It's nice to see so many people utilizing our new walkway along the waterfront!!

Velcro and I had fun! I felt pretty darn good considering I hadn't run in almost a week!

Sunday I woke up early-sheep herding day!! I left the house at 8:30 to drive an hour and a half to Phelan, CA. Sunday is our day for lessons! We have our trainer all to ourselves! We spent 2 hours in the high desert in the sun and heat herding! Velcro spent time searching for shade along the fence line. It was kinda funny!! Some sort of Australian cattle Dog she is-she hates the sun....oh wait she's definitely my dog if she hates the sun!!!

Velcro was awesome herding! Considering we didn't train last weekend-she was great! Her outruns were wide and she was bringing the sheep back to me when they escaped to the end of the arena! I'm so proud of my girl! October is the trial season-I have to decide if we're going to enter any sheep herding trials this fall!!

We drove back and I came home to a "draft subpoena" slipped in my screen door...I guess my psycho neighbor is letting me know some slimey guy is going to be serving me sometime before the court date of Aug 17th! Slime ball! I really can't stand that man! He has ruined the pleasant little 10 unit complex we have!! Even our lawyer says he's a nut job!!

I really wanted to run again Sunday night-but I had to arrange it in between the sun setting and drinks with a friend! So we headed to Ocean Trails around 5:30pm-still pretty darn hot for my liking! But I had to run the trails! I hadn't been on the trails in months...and my legs felt it. I gotta run them more-must get my trails back! Must get my trail legs back!!! Luckily we ran to the beach, like we do on these runs, and played fetch with the Tennis Ball.....

At 7pm, I met a friend at Trump National Golf Course for a glass of wine! You gotta love going into a country club all dusty and dirty from a trail run! Yep, my trail running dirty smelly ass money is just as good as anyone elses!!

Woo Hoo! Here is for a short work week for me! I have today off then start 3 days on NCIS (only 1 day of shooting! I hope I get to see Mark Harman-he ROCKS!) then I have Friday, sat and sun off. I don't know what the following week holds for work yet-I'll know more around Friday! But I'm very happy to have only three days of work!! Better than ZERO!!

Sat: RUN: 4.09 miles with Velcro on the streets (56:40)
Sun: 2 Hours sheep herding
RUN: 3.16 miles on the trails with Velcro (48:58)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Boob check....

Yes, once again boobs are the topic for this hour...can you tell i have loads of free time right now!!

First of all Tall mom on the Run is having a Moving Comfort Giveaway.... now I entered but I NEVER seem to win any giveaway! But hell, maybe one day!

Onto the other topic of boob conversation....My NEW Made for XL ME Camelbak racebak is in the mail to me!!! I'm so excited! I sure do hope this one works! Here is the email I received first:

You have a nice shape and should be able to wear this. If you are in the correct range for the XL we want to make sure it actually can fit someone in that range!

We are going to send you a size XL in the new racebak. I found out that Marketing did not offer a size XL in this new version for REC 10 which is unfortunate but at any rate, we have asked the factory to grade the size L to an XL for you. It should be here any day, let us know where to ship it.

That being said, there are a couple of things we need to do to make sure we understand the new fabrics and fit and would appreciate your feedback once you get this:

· First, this is a regular size XL but in new fabrics, we did not alter the fit to add more room because we think the new fabrics will fit differently

· It is possible that this could fit too small on you as well but we sent you the regular XL sizing in order to flush out any changes to the fit caused by the new fabrics

· The compression fabric does not stretch as much as the old version which was more lycra based so the fit is larger to start

· The new compression fabric is more stable on the length so it holds the reservoir up better

· If this is too tight, we will make you another sample until we get it right, then we will lock that as our new XL

Please let us know once you get the sample in a week or so on how things go!

then this one yesterday:

I sent you an XL RaceBak sample today – it should work fine with your current reservoir and reservoir pad, otherwise please let me know if I need to order you another.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback. We’re always looking to improve our products and we appreciate your time and input!

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of us girls who don't quite fit into the "skinny girl" category that I can help Camelbak size this wonderful product for us!!! I can't wait for it to arrive!! I am so immensely impressed with the customer service of Camelbak! They ROCK!!!

I'll be waiting by the mail for it's arrival and will test it immediately since I'm not working!!

Check out the latest clip from GLEE....

I hope everyone watches our premiere in September! I had a really great time working on the first 13 episodes!!! Lets hope alot of people watch so we get picked up for the back 9 episodes in january!!

Here is the GLEE fox home page.....check it out and watch in Sept!