Friday, July 31, 2009 SF Race report 5 days later, GLEE is over and now I'm unemployed..

I have had a long as hell past 2 weeks! A long week of work last week before San Fran. I left work early on Friday, to try to get some rest! Ha! I ended up being up until around 11pm arranging STUFF ie my animals! I was up at 6am, had to give Velcro a short run before I jumped on a plane and abandoned her for the weekend! My flight was supposed to leave at 9:20am getting me up to SF around 10:30-enough time to make it into the city, check in to my hotel and then meet Jo Lynn to head to the expo.....HA! Why should I think anything would go smoothly and as I planned it this weekend??? My flight into SF out of LAX, delayed at least an hour and a half-they couldn't even guarantee that it would leave at 10:45 GREAT! SO what does smart little me decide to do, jump on a plane to San Jose! Out of the kindness of her heart, Jo Lynn said she could pick me up and then we'd drive into San Fran from there! And we did! I arrived around 11:30am and we made it to the expo around 12:30-STARVING! We ate at a cute little Mexican place before heading in to pick up all of our race stuff and meet Willie and all the Oklahoman s who flew in to run this "flat" course!

I really wasn't thrilled with where the expo was being held! It was hot and stuffy and way to small to accommodate all the runners! AND....they ran out of SF Half Marathon tech t-shirts! I did register VERY early for this race, paid my money and what do I get when i go to get my t-shirt..."sorry, we ran out of half marathon t-shirts...." WTF??? how can you do that when the race has a LIMIT!!!???

I bought a few more Atalanta running skirts, a t-shirt and then we headed to my hotel, the JW Marriott in union Square. I always stay in union Square when I'm in the city....close to everything for me!

I had planned a dinner in North Beach at Enrico's of Bullitt fame.....We had a group of 8 peeps eating-Jo Lynn and I and our guests from Oklahoma!! We had a really nice time, nice company, nice food, nice wine and full tummy's after wards! I was SO tired when we finished eating-all i wanted to do was go back to the hotel room and crash! My long week of no sleep was catching up to me....and I had a 4:15am wake up on Sunday.

I of course didn't go to bed right when i got back to the room-couldn't! I eventually fell asleep around 10pm or so....the alarm went off at 4:15am and I felt like I was going to work!

I got ready, put my stuff on, ate my Uncrustable, made a cup of tea and headed for the start line around 4:50am.I was walking to the Embarcadero from Union Square and didn't know exactly how long it was going to take me.

I arrived in plenty of time and immediately sent Willie and Stacey a text message. I found Stacey almost immediately! She was hanging out underneath the freeway sign decked out in her Tiara and pink boa! You couldn't miss her!! Willie showed up a few minutes later and we all walked to the wave 4 entrance since Willie and i were in Wave 4 (I wasn't in Wave 4 because i can run that fast, especially on this course,I was in Wave 4 so that I guaranteed myself a medal and finishing before the 3 hour time limit!)

Willie was with his fellow speedy friend, Bill. They said they'd run with us-ha ha ha ha ha ha...come on guys really???? Do you know how slow we run??? Stacey and I laughed-we thanked them for such kind, generous, warm thoughts but that in reality-that wouldn't be happening.

As we walked to the start, Bill and Willie got slightly separated from us and they started running as soon as they crossed.....they were gone, they looked back and they were already in front of us...well that lasted longer than I thought! We would later see them about 4 miles ahead of us on the Golden Gate bridge!

So it was Stacey and I running! And I am SO VERY THANKFUL that I met Stacey and that we were running together! It makes it so much easier to run with someone-and boy did I need her on this race!! I was not in the least bit prepared physically for this race! I kinda knew it as my VERY LONG work weeks kept piling on before the race! And as my training because of my VERY LONG WORK DAYS began to hindsight, I shouldn't have run this race! I really don't like running races I haven't trained for-but i couldn't run it last year because of my stupid work schedule, so STUBBORN STUPID PENNY wasn't going to miss it this year!

So run it on crappy training and sleep is what i did! THANK GOD for Stacey! She was my rock! She pushed me when i wanted to quit! She made me laugh! And she's now making me cry!! WOW! I just met her the morning of the race and she was being an amazing friend and running partner to me! So supportive! And we had fun!! She likes to take pictures while running just like me! I always thought I was one of those silly crazy runners that snapped away.....and that i was the only one! Nope!! Stacey and I are so very similar in so many ways!!

We had a blast! We ran around Crissy Field, ran/walked up the hill to the Golden Gate bridge, ran across the Golden Gate chatting, taking across and had to take pictures with Mr Fisherman statue man....and then headed back across the race had been made at this point! Crossing the Golden Gate bridge was FANTASTIC! It was cool and foggy and i LOVED IT!! There was a sea of people running, cars honking at the runners-it was a really wonderful experience!

I of course, thought...all the hills were done at this point! Must be downhill from here...ha ha ha ha how wrong I was! Wholly shit batman..WTF are all the hills??? Around mile 11 is when my legs began to say "fuck you penny...." the hills were not nice on my quads and knees. i knew I'd be feeling them later and the next day(while I was working)...Stacey, being an AMAZING woman really helped me on those hills. She'd pick a car to run to....and we would!

I was beginning to think it was just me who would be dreading cresting a hill just to see another hill just down the road, but I heard a woman behind me say "is that another fucking hill...." and that made me smile! I was not alone!! I began to pace myself with a woman in a white a green tank top who was running about the same pace as me, grumbling about the hills and walking the hills......

I was running a decent race until about mile 11...that's when it all started to unravel! My legs were shot! And it took every ounce of pushing, will power, Stacey pushing and then me pushing to get me to 13.1

I ran with Stacey until we entered Golden Gate park-that's where the half and full parted ways...i was losing my rock! I had to finish on my own..and guess what-the last push was UP A FUCKING HILL!!!

I crossed the line and Ms Garmin read 2:50.....I'm not going to lie-I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in my time! I know-I had very little training for this race, I've worked 70 hour work weeks since February and have had very little sleep...but I so wanted to do better than that! I know I said I just wanted to finish....but the competitive part of me really wanted a decent time! Alot better than 2:50!!

I shouldn't have run this race considering the work schedule and lack of training I had building up to this! I know better! I know myself! I'm not the fastest of runners...but I do pride myself on a few things-and running a half in 3 hours is not it!!! It's not the worst one I've done.....but Carlsbad was quite a bit faster and i really wanted to run in 2:30.......

So i sit here. I really didn't want to write this report! I thought it might just go away and I could forget about the race! But I couldn't! I couldn't forget about it because I got to meet Jo Lynn and Stacey! And I ran the race with Stacey. If it wasn't for her, I'd still be running the race!!

Thank you Stacey!! thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me!! And Jo Lynn, thank you so very much for putting aside the pain and frustration you were going thru to pick me up from San Jose and come to the expo and dinner with me!!! It really means alot to me!!

I hope to run this race again...and I will get a better time! The only bummer for me is the summer months are usually stupid busy for me!! And when i work, I work LONG hours.

Of course, now I'm unemployed! GLEE is finished. We finished on Tuesday at 1:00am. And what did I do-went to work on private practice on very little sleep Wednesday and Thursday!

Today was my first day off. i slept until 11am and have been hanging around the house doing nothing! I took Velcro to the park tonight-she had a great time!

Tomorrow I'm planning on running, going to Pilates and swimming...and then Sunday we have sheep herding!

I was supposed to start an episode of NCIS on Tuesday, but that was canceled tonight. So now I am truly unemployed! I'll be filing for unemployment next week-as long as the state of California has $. I'll get some days on private Practice again, usually every 9 days, and hopefully NCIS and Brothers and Sisters. I'm trying not to freak out about not working! But it's hard! The entertainment industry is feast or famine! And I need to work both financially and for my sanity!!

San Fran 1st half Stats:

13.2 miles

Overall: 7006 out of 8041
Women: 3767 out of 4530
F 40-49: 761 out of 906
Finish: 2:50:36 Pace 13:01

Split time 7.6 mile 1:34:42 Pace 12:28

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The night before......

Must go night night...must be up early! I'm in wave 4 with a 5:54am start! It's going to be in the 50's and probably foggy! Which I personally love!!! My goal for this race-FINISH! It's been a very long 5 months on GLEE with really crappy training for this race so I have no huge expectations about time! Finish, have fun and snap pics crossing the Golden Gate Bridge-that is my plan for tomorrow!!!

I had a great dinner tonight with JoLynn and Willie-yes I took pictures but if I start uploading now I'll get less sleep that I already will get tonight! So all the pics will be posted tomorrow night when I get home!

Send out good vibes! I'll be running without Velcro! And we all know how hard that is for me!!

PS....I swam a half mile last nite after my short day of work!

Friday: SWIM .5 miles
Saturday: RUN 1.7 miles with Velcro

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pic of my new skirt

Here it is! And it ROCKS!! Best running skirt I've run in so far!! The Atalanta Commitment Running Skirt!I never have to pull up the side that is holding my phone!! Buying more this weekend at the SF Expo!!

Racing out the door for my SHORT day of work!! I have another assistant cameraperson on payroll today prepping cameras for our last HUGE days of GLEE next week-so smart me is having him finish the day for me so I can come home at a decent hour!! No 3am for me today! I'll get some sleep! I'll get to hang out with Velcro, get a short run in tonight and maybe even a swim then a glass of wine!

I can't wait for SF! Getting very excited! I get to meet Jo Lynn, RBR and see Willie again! I've made reservations for Jo Lynn, myself, willie and 6 of his friends from Oklahoma for dinner on saturday night! It's going to be a great night! Which will hopefully make for a cool, crisp, foggy race day morning for me!!! The weather could inspire me!!

See you in San Fran!!!

Oh and I think I'm going to bring Red Velvet cupcakes!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Thank god it's thursday!! I worked another 15 hour day yesterday! Got about 5 1/2 hours of sleep and I got up to run this morning with my girl, Velcro and my NEW AWESOME Atalanta athletic wear Commitment skirt! LOVE IT!!!! It rocks!!! It has amazing side pockets that fit and hold my Blackberry and drum roll please.....the skirt doesn't fall down with the weight of my phone! It has built in compression shorts and was comfy, soft and made me look skinny!!! I LOVE this skirt! I'm so excited they will be at the SF Expo this weekend! They will have colors that aren't on the website! I'll be buying more skirts on saturday!!! If you like running skirts- you gotta get an ATALANTA running skirt!

As for my was already warm when I started! I now have a headache from running in the sun and heat! Slightly dehydrated...I just was not meant to run in hot weather. But I ran with my 50lb weight behind me! I ran! I got mileage in! It cleared my head-a bit....and I'm so ready for the weekend and a vacation!!! I need some time off!

RUN: 3.07 miles (37:38)

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I woke up this morning in some sort of crappy ass mood! Last nite I had hoped to make it to the pool and run-i did neither! We went much later than we should have at work and I got home around 9pm and all I wanted to do was sit on my couch with Velcro and my kitties in my girlie soft nightie and watch the Tour de France! I told myself...self...get up at 430am on wednesday to run before work! Well-that didn't happen! Because slug tired Penny decided that sleep felt way better than running! Now, I know I'm tired! As a matter of fact I'm exhausted and really need to sleep! I'm never able to catch up on my sleep on the weekends because I usually work a 68-70 hour work week and work until 3 or 4am on saturday! Kinda hard to turn yourself around and wake up on monday at when my body screams for sleep-i listen!!

But it doesn't make it any easier when I feel fat and nasty! Which is how I'm feeling right now which is why I'm in a crappy ass mood! I'm tired, feel ugly, fat, I'm alone, I have no life and I'll soon be unemployed! No wonder my constant companion is Velcro! Of course it didn't make me feel any better this morning when I was taking pictures of my fat torso for the Camelbak people! They wanted a picture with me in the Camelbak Racebak-ha! I couldn't pull it over my shoulders with the insulated padding in the reservoir pouch! Talk about making yourself feel horrible!! Boy I felt fatter than I possibly am!!! Yes I cried on the way into work today! Yes I felt sorry for my stupid self! Penny-you have a good life!! Stop complaining! It could be so much worse!!

Sorry-i just needed to vent and write down my feelings before I snapped at my co workers!! They know I'm in a shitty mood so they know it's not them...but I hate being like this!!

I'm tired and need some time off but can't afford to have time off! Must pay for my kid's college tuition! The ex-husband doesn't contribute to him in anyway so it's all me!! My job ends on tuesday and I have nothing full time again until January when GLEE, hopefully, comes back!! And to top it all off, I'm flying to San Fran on saturday morning to run in a half marathon that has a time limit to finish that I feel I'm not prepared for!! All of you get such great long runs in and I can't do shit!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm melting....I'm melting....

well, after getting home around 3:30am on Saturday morning and not going to bed until 4am-I knew, once again, my weekend was shot! I had grand plans for Saturday-a run, swim and the GLEE wrap party...I only accomplished one of those tasks! Big LOSER! And as for today...I had lots planned for today as well-yeah...didn't do everything on my short list..but here is how my weekend panned out:

Saturday: slept until 11am. When I got up I felt like I had been hit by a mack truck! I didn't do much of anything when I got up...watched The Tour de France and then around 3:30 decided that if my fat arse didn't get up I'd become a part of my ever-so-comfy couch! So, since it was f_ing HOT I decided a swim would be perfect! So off I went to the pool! I got there around 4:15(yeah stupid me, the pool closes at 4:45-didn't leave a lot of time to swim) but I made the most of it! Swimming 20 laps and cooling myself off in the process!

I had hoped for a short run on Saturday before heading out to the GLEE wrap party-Ha Ha guess what? I didn't do either of those! I found myself back on the couch watching some of my tivo'd shows. The thought of getting gussied up for a party in Hollywood, no matter how fun it might have been, was not at the top of my priority list! I had to be up at 6:30 Sunday yo get a short run in with Velcro and then go sheep herding.

So I stayed at home, made a yummy black bean chipotle veggie burger and had a glass of wine and was in bed by 10pm. Yeah, I am one party animal!!

Sunday: I got sleep last why was it so hard to get up?? maybe because I can't catch up on a weeks worth of sleep in one night! But I got up! I had to leave the house at 8:30 to make it to Phelan, CA for my 10:30am sheep herding training session AKA HOT FEST!

I had planned on a 2 miler with Miss Velcro this morning, but once we started running I felt guilty only doing 2 miles so I did my normal morning route. I decided to run with my new pink Road ID anklet-loved it! never even knew it was there! And it's so nice to know that I have all my pertinent info on something that I can't lose!!I had made arrangements to run tonight with my occasional running partner so I didn't want to overdue it. So 3 miles were run, came home showered, watched a bit of the tour (which I proceeded to pause so that I could pick it up exactly where I left off) and jumped in the car for my 1hr 30 min drive up to the high desert for sheep!

Have I said that it's f-ing hot here right now??? When I got up to Phelan at 10am, it was already 90 degrees! WTF...I wilt and melt in this weather! My pale white skin can't handle the tropics! I need to be in misty, cool, overcast Scottish weather not this!

We ended up staying until 1pm...did I say it was HOT today? It was over 100 degrees when we left! poor baby Velcro-it was so hot she was actually jumping into the tub of water they have for the doggies! You see my princess of a dog does not stoop to such dog behavior as jumping into a tub of water! We are a princess...but today, her princess status was chucked for dog status! She jumped in on her own, which is unheard of! That's when I realized it was f-ing HOT!

When we got back, my couch beckoned! I don't have AC(usually don't need it) but my little house was a little toasty. So when I got home I crashed on my ever-so-comfy couch and napped until oh about 2 hours ago! It was that f-ing HOT!!!

Saturday: SWIM 610 metres ( .38 miles)
Sunday: RUN: 3.11 miles with Velcro (40:37)

Friday, July 17, 2009

A new skirt!

Yes it arrived! My ORANGE running skirt!! I can run as a Tennessee Vol in my orange running skirt and sing Rocky Top at the top of my lungs!! Woo hoo! This will be my skirt for San Fran!! I'm very excited! Maybe it will help me run fast and far!!! I'll be channeling my inner Volunteer who will in turn be channeling my inner Kenyan!!

Run fast Kenyan Penny!

30 pushups
100 situps
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is it friday yet?

Another 15 hour work day in the books! Another 19 hours awake! So when I hit my pillow last night just after 1am I was TIRED!

We had an 11am call today. I'm sitting in the choir room as they are lighting....thinking to myself..self it's going to be a long day! But should I go thru what I went thru this morning running at 9am?

So I am contemplating another late night/early morning run after work tonight! It sounds much better than running again in the sun and heat! It was nasty!

I was tired, sleepy, sluggish but got my butt out of bed to attempt to get my normal 3 mile pre-work run in before slogging off to another long day!

It was HOT-did I say that already? I started off at 8:45 and it was sunny and warm already! I had my cute pink TENNESSEE hat on but that doesn't help much in shielding me from the sun! I ran on the shady side of the streets but it only periodically helped! Velcro didn't like the heat! I didn't like the heat! So I felt like I was dragging a 50 pound weight behind me! Of course in true doggy run tradition, we stopped for pee breaks, poop breaks, sniff breaks, doggy friend breaks! But today, breaks were ok! Because it was HOT and I really dislike running in sunshine and heat! Give me cool, overcast, rainy days and I'd be super happy!!

Yikes-just looking at our call sheet for tomorrow. They have us starting at Noon! That means they are expecting us to work until 1am! Yep...I'll be home by 2am! Fun times! I LOVE the entertainment industry! Entertainment Industry = No Life For Penny!

We are just starting our last episode of GLEE. We are scheduled to come back and shoot the back 9 episodes in January. So I have work until the 29th July then I'll be back to day playing on different shows! Of course day playing means I might have a day off during the week! Hopefully I'll be back to working on NCIS, Brothers and Sisters, Private Practice and possibly CSI!! But maybe I'll disappear with my furry children to a hotel on the central coast and veg!!

10 days until I struggle up the hills of the San Francisco Half Marathon!! But I'll be starting in darkness! And I'll be hoping for cool misty weather!!

I just got two new water bottles in the mail 2 days ago-the Amphipods? I ran with the lite today-i really liked it!

Must now work!! I hope to come by and visit everyone's blog this weekend! I visit from work but can't seem to post anything from my BB!

RUN: 2.56 miles with Velcro in the sun and heat (32:29)
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not so wordless wednesday

LEAD LEGS! That's what I had today when I started running! I worked a 15 hour day yesterday and woke up tired and with very sore legs! I don't know if they are sore from swimming or just from working my ass off....nonetheless-my legs felt like LEAD and I could only muster a 2.5 mile run with my girl! SLOW as molasses!!! But I got out there and ran in daylight with Velcro before heading to work!

I'm still at work! And will probably be at work until at the earliest 10pm-but I'm expecting to be at work until at least 11pm-we have a lot left to shoot!!

But I don't want to complain-GLEE finishes shooting our first 13 episodes on the 28th July! I'll have a day of wrap and I'll be unemployed starting the 30th July....maybe I'll go camping with my furry family since my human family is leaving for Scotland tomorrow! I don't know-i seem to be getting the vacation shaft, as usual!

RUN: 2.51 miles with Velcro (31:58)
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Monday, July 13, 2009

A post Work short swim

I actually got off work at 7:45 tonight-so I made a mad dash to one of the three pools I have scouted! This pool said they were open until 9pm (it's actually 8:45)...I got there at 8:20, and they were kind enough to let me in to swim some laps! This pool isn't as long as my local pool. It's a 25 yard pool-I like my 33 1/3 yard pool. But I guess I shouldn't complain! A swim is a swim is a swim-at least I made it in the water and swam some laps after working my 12 hour day! I swam until they closed the pool....with a bunch of kids playing and splashing on the other side of the pool! Wow for 8:30pm, there sure were alot of kids in the pool!!

SWIM: 457.2 meters/ .284 miles

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hmmm yeah Um No

So it was a no go on the Keep LA Running 10K for me this morning! I woke up in time, 615am-but I took one look outside and decided REST might be the best choice for me today for many reasons: the 10K wasn't starting until 830am(which might have meant later), it has been UGLY hot here, the sun was already out-there wasn't a hint of marine layer and the race route had ZERO shade,I couldn't run with Velcro and yes it was already warm! All of these things were negative strikes for a good run! And let's face the fact-running should be fun! I couldn't find anything fun about this race except for racing-wait...this race wouldn't be fun for me! So I stayed in bed! I drank tea, watched a movie in bed and lazed about until about 9am! And it felt GREAT!!

It was HOT! I really don't like this weather! It's supposed to be UGLY hot at leat thru tomorrow-they are calling for a marine layer tuesday and wednesday and then thursday this UGLY heat starts again! Hate it!

But today wasn"t a total loss- I ran tonight with my girl! I waited until about 8pm when the sun was gone-it was still warm but cooling and the sun was night night! I'm so hoping for misty, cool, foggy,rainy weather for SF!!

Must go to bed! Good Night!!

RUN: 4.16 miles with Velcro (55:21)
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm registered and boy it's been hot!!

Must make this short! It's almost 10:30 and I must go to bed but since I was a lazy slug like girl who was caught napping by my dog this afternoon.

I registered for the Keep LA Running 10K today-it starts at 8:30am tomorrow-I think that's a super late start for a 10K in the HEAT!!! Hello people it's the middle of summer in LA-it gets HOT! But I'm doing it-it's a pseudo training run for me. They have a 10K bike ride at 7:30am-might do that, but I'm thinking of getting a swim in before the pool closes tomorrow at 4:45pm .

I'm so excited about the SF half that is in 2 weeks. I may not be physically ready but mentally I'm super excited! I cant wait to see Willie and meet Stacey,JoLynn, Roadbunner, Alisa, Aron and anyone else who'll be up there!! I'll be meeting Stacey and JoLynn for the first time-but I feel like we've been friends for years-we have so much in common!!! I am so lucky I started blogging! I've met some AMAZING people even if most of them are virtually!! thank you all for being such amazing friends and people!

On another note, I received a phone call today from a woman who used to be the Film Commissioner for the Tennessee Film Commission. She is now working for the Make-a-Wish foundation of Middle Tennessee. One of their children, who is getting their "wish," is a 9 year old from middle Tennessee. Her wish is to see a movie being made. Well, I'm on a TV show-I hope that it's ok for this little girl, for I made a phone call to one of the executive producers and she's going to be coming to the set to get her wish!!! How cool is that!!! I feel I'm a part of a special show(even though the hours are long) and now I'm able to give back to someone!!! My job is finally giving back in a positive way!!! It has really made my Saturday!!!

oh and I might actually do Barb's Race in 2010-yes it's a half Ironman. Have I even done a regular sprint? NO an Olympic? No-but hell yes I'm thinking about doing Barb's race! I talked to my sister who lives in the North of England and told her about it! I want her to do it with me!! So we'll see!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A VERY early friday morning run!!!

Yes, it's 4am and I'm just now going to bed! I've been up for 18 1/2 hours!! But what did I decide to do when I got home from work at 3am? I decided that I should get my friday run in NOW in the cool darkness instead of at 10am when it would be sunny and hot! So Velcro and I headed out to pound the pavements! And now we have run! It was a wonderful run! It wasn't fast-I'm has been a bit of a long day! But what a difference temperature and darkness makes to me and my running! I could have kept running! But I realized I needed to get some sleep!! So I kept it to my normal work day distance!

Wow! I'm amazed how good that run felt-especially after working! Normally I don't like running after a long day of working but tonight was different! It felt good!

Now I'm in bed with a tiny glass of wine ready to crash! I don't have to run in the sun!! I'm so happy!!

RUN: 3.16 miles with Velcro at 3:15am having been up for 18 1/2 hours....... (41:32)

Good night!

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

HOT Thursday!

I didn't plan on running in the sun and heat! It was all worked related! We worked until 12:30am and I didn't get home until about 1:30, thanks to the detour because of freeway closures!

Today, we had a 12:30pm call at paramount-so I was up at 9:30-when I woke up at 8am, it was overcast and cool....amazing what an hour and half can bring! SUNNY and HOT!

I had hoped to run 4 miles today before work-but the weather didn't cooperate! So it was a sluggish, hot, red faced run with my 50 pound anchor!! But I ran and now I'm at work until about 2am! Isn't Hollywood fun?

RUN: 3.11 miles in the sun and heat with Velcro (39:23)
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

I am tired! I didn't get a lot of sleep two nights ago because we worked a long day and then I had to be up early to avoid MJ memorial traffic-which was NON-EXISTENT! I could have slept longer and I could have run!

Last night I got stuck in freeway closure traffic! Let me tell you-that SUCKS ASS when you've worked all day and just want to get home! I was actually 10 minutes from the "closure time" thanks Cal Trans for shutting down the freeway 10 minutes early! It cost me 30 precious minutes which are a lot to me!

This morning I did get a short, tired, slow run in with Velcro on just 6 hours sleep! Just not enough sleep for me! But I ran-it was slow and sluggish but I guess a run is a run! But should I be trying to get more sleep/no runs (which mentally would fry me) or are my crappy sluggish runs on a short amount of sleep benefitting me? I am continiung and building my mileage-which is good! But not sleeping enough isn't good either!

Well, tonight I will avoid the freeway closure and will hopefully get 7 hours of sleep! I'd pay to get 7 hours of sleep tonight!! A nap at lunch is in my future!

....TWITTER...follow me if you'd like SOUTHBAYGIRL

RUN: 3.14 miles with Velcro (39:19)

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

my long weekend is over :-(

Today is a sad long much needed weekend is over and I put my son on a plane today! I HATE putting him on a plane! We've had an amazing month! I miss him already! Since I usually get a bit down when I have to put my only child on a plane-I decided it was a day for ME! When I came back from the airport I watched an amazing Wimbledon Men's Final (i so wish Andy Roddick had won!) watched Stage 2 of the Tour and then hit a chick flick, The Proposal-which I loved and proceeded to tear up while watching! I got back to the house around 5pm and veged on the couch with my furry babies! It was still a bit warm to do anything.

Once 8pm hit I realized if I didn't go running now, I wouldn't go running at all, so I put Velcro's University of Tennessee harness on and asked her if she wanted to go for a run-the excitement my girl shows when I ask her to go running is exceptional! I wish I had a human that responded the way Velcro responds!

So off we went. It had cooled down and the sun was setting. I didn't really have alot of energy but the cool air was inspiring and was waking me up- off we went. And you know what-it turned into a great run! I felt wonderful! Of course we had the obligatory stops: 6 pee breaks, 2 picture breaks, a few sniff breaks but it was still a good run! I could have gone farther but opted to feed myself some Leek and Potato soup and go to bed early!

I wish all my runs could be in cool darkness!

RUN: 3.11 with Velcro (37:27)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

5 on 4

I set my alarm for 6:30-but there was no way I was getting up that early! I spent yesterday making screens for my windows-I have "spline wrist" and my back was sore from bending over and pushing the spline into the pet screen with every ounce or pound of my body! I can now put screen making as a skill!

But it meant, sleeping in a bit this morning. I got up at 8am-my reasoning, I had planned on running a 5K at 8am-so I would have been running at this time anyway! I fed the cats, had tea and off Velcro and I went around 8:30am-WAY TOO LATE FOR ME!

It was already in the 70's-YUCK! And the sun was out-sun and warmth-makes for a SLOW, tedious run! For someone who doesn't sweat-these were not perfect running conditions! As a matter of fact, it sucks for me! But I had to run! I had to get out there! Who might be hot in San Fran for the half-if that's the case, I'll have to run in the sun and why not do it today. Yeah, I complained, I walked, I cursed myself for getting out so late, I kept giving Velcro water-she too was miserable. But we did it! 5 miles are in the books for the 4th of July! Just like Run DMZ did today! Do notice the progression of pictures-my face gets redder and redder-I become a personal sauna!

My son and I just came back from my post run 4th of July breakfast! It was yummy! Stuffed French Toast! We'll be heading up to the HOT valley to my dads for a cookout! Why he couldn't come down to the beach area, I have no idea-maybe because he has a yard and I don't? But it's going to be a hot one today!

I'm so sorry for being such a slacker in visiting all of your blogs! I literally do not turn my computer on during the week-and for some reason, I can't post comments from my new booberry-I visit, but can't comment. So I'm sorry if you guys think I'm ignoring you-I am not!!!

Now, I must clean the house a bit, watch my tivo'd Stage 1 of The Tour de France and get ready for hot weather and a cookout!

I hope everyone has a very happy, fun and safe 4th of July! To all my non US pals-have a great Saturday! July is Tour de France month!!!! Woo Hoo!

RUN: 5.05 miles with Velcro in sun and heat (1:10)

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Yeah I know it's thursday, but it's my friday and I'm so happy! I'm exhausted and can't wait to go home tonight after work!!

I worked a 15 hour day yesterday-so when my alarm went off this morning at 815-it was already sunny and warming and I had. ZERO energy! I knew there was no way I'd be running! But my girlie needed mom exercise time! So I opted for a walk instead! I'm very glad I didn't run! It would have been useless!!

3 day weekend here I come! Well, that is after I finish my work day! We have to be done by midnight or they incur holiday pay!!! I'll take a 12:01 wrap!!

WALK: 1.6 miles with Velcro
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Semiwordless Wednesday!

(RUN: 3.16 milles before work w/Velcro)
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