Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm in trouble!!

Boy, I'm going to be in big trouble when I get to San Fran to run the Half! I am just not getting the mileage I need in because of my work hours and my long runs that I can fit in are CRAP!

The past 2 days I spent at Cal State Channel islands at their 2 day orientation. Lets just say, we got home last night at 7:30pm and I crashed on the couch by 8pm! I was so tired! I got about 4 hours sleep on Thursday night. We had to be up at 5am to beat the traffic and arrive for orientation check-in. I didn't get home Friday night until 9:30pm and then up again at 5am. It was like working! I was exhausted.

So when my alarm went off at 5:30am this morning, I about threw it against the wall! I changed it to 6:30am-and forced myself to get out of bed, eat some oatmeal, have tea, feed the kitties and decide where I was going to go run. I had to take Velcro today-since I had been a slacker dog mom the past 2 days! So off Velcro and I went to the ocean!

I wanted to run 10 miles today! And I did but BOY did it SUCK!!! I started off running with zero energy! I took a water bottle with me but had planned on doing 2 5 mile loops. But once out, changed it so that I would run into Ocean Trails so that Velcro could chase bunnies. So I made 2 big mistakes-no Gatorade and nothing to snack on!

The good thing-it was foggy when we started running. It didn't last! And it started to warm up. The entire run was muggy! It was nasty! And I didn't have my Gatorade and I was running half of my long run on trails and most of it was up hills! What was I thinking??? Stupid me!

But Velcro got to chase bunnies! And she did run 10 miles with me!! So at least I had someone to complain to and moan to while pounding the pavements and chugging up the hills and down the hills!

HORRIBLE run!! But I did it! I ran and walked! And I'm not too sore at all! probably because I slowed down so much near the end that I stretched myself out! Horrible run! Horrible! But done and all I can hope is that I can get another decent long run in before I get on a plane to San Fran! Of course I'll be working up until the Friday before the race! So I have to really try my darnedest to get as much mileage in as I can while getting some sleep!! Tomorrow I start work at to yet another sterling start to the week!!

RUN: 10 miles with Velcro (2:25)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's my Friday!!!

It's thursday but it's my friday! Tomorrow and saturday I'll be MOM at my son's freshman orientation at CSUCI! And I can't wait!!

My son has been out here for 3 weeks working background on GLEE! I think he's having fun-he's enjoying the paychecks but not the hours! It's been really fun having him here and having him working with me! Finally I was able to get him work!!

We'll be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning! I'm sure I'll be getting about 3 or 4 hours of sleep tonight! I was up at 745am (after getting to bed at 1am). I got a run in before work-i was tired before going out but felt amazingly refreshed and good afterwards! It was my typical 3 miler before work! But boy it felt good! I still have a snot filled head-but it's getting better everyday!!

We left for work at 915am this morning. Our call on GLEE was 1030am, which means we'll be working until, at the earliest, 1130pm. Last night we finished at 1145pm-so tonight, probably later! Oh well-I have mom duties the next couple of days!!!

I hope everyone has had a great week so far! I'm exhausted-we've been working 14 hour days so it will be super nice to not work tomorrow!!!

I can't wait until tomorrow!!

Happy Thursday!

RUN: 3.16 miles with Velcro (37:53)
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Tuesday...

Tuesday means a run day for me! But damn if 445am didn't come super early this morning! Especially since I could not fall asleep last nite!. I kept looking at the clock and it kept getting later and later! I ended up getting about 4 1/2 hours of sleep.

Ding ding ding-oh no it's already time to get up? It can't be 445! I just fell asleep! But I must run! I must run!!! Get up!!

Once I got up, fed the cats and had my tea I was feeling so much better! It was overcast this morning(and still dark) when I started! Velcro was a happy girl to be out with momma!

We had the obligatory slow first mile as I tried to get my legs under me and also while Velcro peed numerous times! It takes me a good mile to warm up and feel good! And of course by then I'm really short on time and I have to race back to the house to get ready for work! But we got out there and got the blood pumping! I was able to get rid of a lot of snot that is still in my head! I'll be coughing for weeks!! Sinus issues suck!!

Tomorrow I should be able to get a longer run in since I should be going to work later! I'll be hoping that I can get at least 3 miles in tomorrow! And maybe 4 on thursday! Friday and. Saturday will have to be evening runs since my son and I will be going to freshman orientation at Cal State Channel Islands! I get to be a mom this weekend! A college bound student mom!!! So excited!

Sunday I am planning on heading to the beach cities, without Velcro, to run my long run! Must get some mileage in since I'll be on the hills in San Fran in about a month!!! (And hopefully the PCTR Pacifica 21K on July 5th!).Then I think I'll be heading to wine country to run the destination half in Headlesburg, maybe Vegas in December and Carlsbad in January! I will once again be running the Carlsbad race for Labrador Rescuers!!! Any other fun races??

The good thing about San Fran-I won't have to race back on sunday for work! GLEE will be finishing on friday the 24th July! I'll be unemployed starting 28th July!

RUN: 2.6 miles with Velcro super early in the am (33:41)
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday at ocean trails and the SHEEP!

I didn't do shit yesterday! I got home from work at 4am and then for some stupid reason woke up at 10am. I ran some errands with my son and then when we got back at 5pm I crashed! i was so tired! I had grand plans to run-ha! that didn't happen!!

But today I got up at 6am and headed out to Ocean Trails with velcro for a trail run! It was a beautiful morning, a little breeze and I finally felt decent! I'm still a big snot factory but I'm feeling so much better!!! We saw alot of doggie people we knew today! And of course had to play ball at the beach!! It was so nice to get out there again! I have so missed my runs! being sick for 2 weeks has SUCKED! But I am back and ready to run!!!

RUN: 4.1 miles with Velcro (1:15)

After running, I jumped in the shower and then headed immediately out to sheep herding! We were the only ones on the schedule today so we had the sheep and cattle all to ourselves! And it was awesome! I really love sheep herding with my girl! We spent 2 1/2 hours with the sheep, cattle, sun, wind and dirt! And it was glorious!!! I was a little burnt and tired when I got home-but i had a very tired and happy cattle dog!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I think I'm back!

Wow what a long 2 weeks I've had! I've been sick and have been working 14-14.5 hour days! It makes it hard to bounce back and get better but I think I've finally turned the corner!

I ran a crappy short run on wednesday and also today! I had to wait over a week because I felt a little somethin somethin in my chest! I've still got that wonderful productive seal bark, but I'm well on the way to recovery! Still got sinus issues and drainage that causes me to cough, cough and cough more but it gets better everyday!

As for the goat! LA Animal Services blew it! We finally got in touch with them on sunday! Seems the family has had prior complaints filed against them about other animals, so they knew the address. I told them I had pictures that I would email as soon as I got back to the house. I told them exactly where the goat was and they said they'd go by as soon as they received the pictures! Not 5 minutes before getting home, I got a voice mail from one of the officers saying they had gone by the house and it appeared the goat had been removed! They said they wandered around the back yard and had only seen their shar-pei in the pen. They left info with the family requesting that they call and then talked to the neighbor, who said the family was keeping the goat for someone else.

As soon as I heard this I knew they had screwed up! This family WOULD NOT call Animal Services back! I called the officer and told him the goat was still in the concrete run beside the house-i told them that they had to come back immediately! He said they would wait for the family to call him back! I knew that the goat would be moved and guess what, I was right! Not 10 minutes later a red pickup truck showed up and the goat was moved to an unknown location! My goat rescue failed due to the inadequacies of LA Animal Services! I tried my best! I feel so bad I couldn't save the goat!

I'm now at work! We started at 1:30pm today! We've had super long days! I got home at 3:15am this morning and I'm sure I'll be home around 4am saturday! Fun times here in Hollywood!

Let's just say I can't wait until we are wrapped and driving home!!!

Wed: RUN- 2.0 miles with Velcro
Fri: RUN- 2.61 miles with Velcro (33:19)

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Monday, June 15, 2009

WOW! I received a letter from Camelbak!

I just received a letter from Camelbak concerning my body fitting into their XL women's Racebak! Here is what the letter said:

Dear Penny I am in receipt of a letter from you postmarked June 5 2009 regarding the fit on your racebak. I am very sorry to hear you are having issues with your fit. We do understand that with 4 size offerings it is impossible to fit every possible figure configuration type. However, we do want to work with you on this and make it work for you. In regards to your comments about how we go about sizing here is our process: We fit the medium base size on a fit model who is an athlete. Once the fit is approved we move into size runs. We have fit sessions with all types of bodies both fit and non fit bodies in s-xl size ranges.We will do several size runs based on the wearer feedback and fine tune the fit until we are comfortable with the sizing. We do expect this garment to fit extremely snug otherwise, the reservoir will bounce around and not stay stable. (We had women with size 41 chests who fit in the xl very comfortably). As for the "bra" piece that you reference, there is no bra on this garment. The compression overlay of power stretch in the front is for stabilization of the reservoir and this garment is meant to be worn over a sports bra. Without the front piece it does not work. While we strive to have a consistent and correct fit typical to industry standards, this is a new product category for us and we are still fine tuning the fit. I have an extensive apparel background and particularly in grading and patterning but with stretch and compression there are always learning curves and hurdles in getting the fit as perfect as possible. The women's size xl is the hardest body size we find to fit with an athletic body (meaning we don't have enough people to fit on in this size range) type so your feedback is greatly appreciated and we would like to have you as a happy customer and not a dissatisfied one. If you could help me out here we should be able to come to terms with a fit that works for you. First, can you send me your measurements, bust at the fullest part when wearing a bra, and waist measurement at the natural waist line? A torso picture would also be helpful. From there we can compare to others who fit in this garment and see what size they typically took. (You can also wear a man's size if it's more comfortable, the only difference is the design lines but we would prefer you wore the women's). Once we have this information we can prepare a fit piece for you and send that for your review.  All I ask is that you send us detailed comments on how the garment fits, what other labels you wear in size XL so we can make sure we are tracking correctly. We are currently in the process of fine tuning the "new" racebak for REC 10 and will most likely send you this piece to try out and give us user feedback.

Thanks for your letter and your time

So it seems it was worth writing the letter because they are still making adjustments to the garment line! How exciting! Of course taking a picture of my torso isn't very exciting!!! But I'll do if for the betterment of this wonderful outfit!!
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am pissed off and sick!

I haven't run since my crappy run on Monday! I guess that's what I get for running with a sore throat! I've been sick ever since! Started as a sore throat, then moved to my sinus, then a runny nose and congestion, now that productive cough that feels like it's in my chest! So since I have had pneumonia once before-no running for me until my chest doesn't hurt!

I also started working on Tuesday-so once again I'm getting about 5 hours of sleep-that doesn't help with being sick!

And on top of all this, I found out this Monday that my neighbors have a baby goat that they are keeping in a concrete run beside their house. I can't tell you how ANGRY I am about this! I have called LA city animal control, the animal cruelty hot line , emailed animal acres and today I called PETA! This poor goat cant be but a baby! This family is planning on killing it to make some celebratory goat stew! Not on my fucking watch they wont! Besides the fact that we are not zoned A1, we're R1-you can't have a goat in a residential area! No one but PETA seems to give a shit! An animal control officer was supposed to come out and do a full investigation on Friday! Hey, guess what, I don't think they did because the poor goat is still living in deplorable conditions!

It lives on concrete in an area where this family puts piles of trash! The goat has no shelter, nothing to sleep on, dirty water-if any, wilted lettuce leaves and an industrial sized can of corn (with the top on) for it to eat out of! I am so disgusted and horrified and want to scream! I hear this goat baaing in the evening and it's breaking my heart!

I want to climb over this wall and take this goat away to a safe haven! I burst into tears today talking to the wonderful PETA lady! I'm beginning to think I might be turning into one of those major animal rights activists!

I've always loved animals! And I'm a vegetarian. But this has taken my opinions of some people and my opinions on how animals should be treated, even if they are farm animals that will become food to someone, to an entire new level!

Of course it doesn't help that I am sick so I'm a bit emotional! But it seems all I'm doing today is crying!! Why can't I help this goat! I feel very confident that PETA can get something done! I'm supposed to talk to the LAPD officer who took the information about the goat when i called the animal cruelty hot line-but that isn't until Monday!

PETA wants me to call our local shelter again tomorrow and demand that someone come out! My pet sitter has done the same thing! But I fear this family has a bit of power in my community! They are Hispanic and own a rather popular restaurant and they seem to know everyone! Please tell me corruption has not entered the animal shelter world!!!

Below are a few pictures. Nothing graphic, but it shows you how this baby is being treated! Don't look if you can't handle it! I'm beyond being able to handle it now!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Slow as molasses!

That was my long run today!SLOW! Now I know alot of you say you have a slow run and then plow out a 9 or 10 minute pace! My average today- 13:24= SLOW! Of course it probably didn't help that I woke up with a sore throat-WTF? I refuse to be sick! I actually had set my alarm for 6am, but woke up a bit before it and realized I had a sore throat, so i changed my alarm to 7:30! Sleep is the best medicine. Well, it didn't work today! Sore throat!

I debated not even running today! But I missed my 10K yesterday, I start working tomorrow, Today was my only day to get a long run in. And I need these long runs since I have the SF half on the 26th July!

I ate my Uncrustable (by the way the best running food ever!) and started getting ready!

I decided to try my Camelbak Racebak again. It was a journey getting it on my body! The girls were immediately squished and I had to catch my breath! Wow! This really can't be good for my boobies!! I mean they were flattened! But I really wanted to try the racebak on a long run and see how I like it and to see if I was bothered by squished boobies or shortness of breath.

We started the run later than I had planned. But I really didn't feel up to running! Why did I have a sore throat? damn!

I had planned a run from my house to the ocean and then back-roughly 8 miles. I was actually kinda nervous! This was the first longish run I've done on the streets since the Carlsbad Half in january! All my previous runs have been on trails!

I planned on a slow pace. Velcro was with me-and she drags behind me when she's on a leash and becomes a 47.5 lb dead weight which usually means SLOW! But honestly, I think I would have given up today if she hadn't been there to distract me!

We made it to the ocean, and headed to White Point Nature Preserve where Velcro could be off leash, and really lag behind! As we were heading back the other direction, right at 3.33 miles the sun started to peak out! Have I mentioned that I hate running in the sun!??? And of course like a complete idiot, I forgot to wear a hat! Even worse for pale sun-hating me! I cursed it-hoping that would send it back behind the clouds-NOPE!

We headed toward Pt Fermin park for our turnaround. All of a sudden I see about 4 photographers on the side of the cliff-hey guys, don't you know that a USC football player died on these cliffs last year-it's DANGEROUS! Well, they were taking pictures of three falcons. I stopped to look-wow, what beautiful birds! Birds of Prey are really amazing! The three of them were just hanging out on the side of the cliff! I could have stayed and watched them for hours-but I had to finish this awful run! So off Velcro and I went into the sun-UGH!

Mile 6 was all uphill! The sun was out, I had no hat, my boobs were squished, I was feeling like crap! So i found myself walking! Then I'd get pissed at myself and run, then the hill kicked my ass and I'd walk. You see the joys of living on a hill-it may be downhill to start but it's uphill to get home! And living in San Pedro-it's hilly!

I don't have to continue with my miserable run! It was awful and I'm really terrified about the SF Half! After today's 8.5 miles, trying to make the half cutoff in 3 hours might be difficult, unless I can get some decent runs in before 26th July! I might be making the trek down to San Diego on a Saturday (probably with little or no sleep) so I can run with the Heffers! I think I need peeps to run with! I love running with Velcro, but my runs are so slow with her! And she gets miserable on the longer runs in the streets! She'd rather be chasing bunnies on the trails!

Crap run! But I will say, I LOVE the Camelbak concept! It's GREAT-if you don't have a chest or you aren't in the Athena category! It really works well! But remember that padding I took out because it helped with my breathing and squished boobs-well, I think it will have to go back in. That padding is insulation! It's meant to keep the reservoir from warming up against my rising core temp! Yes, the water got warm. So next time, I'll put the insulation pad back in and see how it feels to run in with cold or cool water!

RUN: 8.51 crap as hell miles with Velcro (1:54)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

WTF??? Why didn't I stay around???

I came in 3rd in my division yesterday at the Wrigley River Run 5K. I would have received a ribbon had I stayed-it would have been the first ribbon EVER! But I left to go do floors! Bummer!!! Oh well, what's a girl to do!!

Penny, Sprague

3rd in the 40-44 division and 106 out of 239 5ker's! hey not bad for an old lady!

Glenn emailed a picture of me at the start! If I had known I was going to place-I would have told my dad and brother to come work on floors later! I'll be better next year! I like these smaller races!!

I slept thru my alarm this morning (4am) for the Iron Girl 10K in Del Mar. I woke up at 5:30am, but by then it was too late to make the 7:30am 10K start! So I must run today! I am a bit tired and sore.... from my third place division place! :-)


I just received a post from someone connected to the Wrigley River Run. If I showed up on Thursday night at 6:15 for their run, he/she would bring my ribbon! I'm so bummed I can't make it-because of my lovely job!!! But how absolutely wonderful is that!

I have a whole new appreciation for local community runs! The organizers and volunteers of the Wrigley River Run outdid themselves on race day and they have gone beyond today! WOW! I'm completely touched! I will forever run this race and hold a special place in my running world for this race!! Thank you very much Wrigley River Run! You guys ROCK!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wrigley River 5K run and then FLOORS!

5:30am came pretty darn early this morning considering I've been in "vacation sleep mode" and I've been sleeping until 8 or 830am each morning! But today was a race day! Actually today was a very busy day! I had the Wrigley River 5K run this morning(i opted for the 5K this morning since I had my dad and brother coming down at 9am to help me install the floors in my son's room). So it was 5K day. This was the first road race I've run since the Carlsbad Half Marathon on January 25th! Wow, that long, really/ I've run trail races but not anything on the road.

I knew that I was finally going to meet Glenn Jones AKA The Running Fat Guy
and Mary AKA The Running Green Girl (Lilhlfpint) for the first time today! Glenn was running the 10K and Lilhlfpint was running the 5K. I'm always very excited to meet fellow running bloggers!! We're a little family! And I'm beginning to realize just how much I have in common with my blogging running friends! It's pretty darn cool! If you can believe it, the three of us parked almost beside each other in this huge parking lot-you see, like minds!

I met Glenn as I was coming back with my race number etc. I had about 20 minutes before the 5K was going to start, and that's when I met Mary. She had parked right next to me!

The 5K started at 7:30. Now this was the 2nd Annual Wrigley River Run. It's a small community run thru the neighborhood of Wrigley (in Long Beach) and along the very scenic LA River on the bike path (it's not very scenic, as a matter of fact there isn't much water in said River) but I had never run along the LA River or been on this bike path so it was all new to me.

Like a dork, I went out WAY to fast! Much faster than I normally run, and a hell of a lot faster than I run with Velcro! I just followed the pack-and the pack took me out fast. I began to realize this when I looked down at Ms Garmin and just before the water stop before mile 1 she was reading 9:30-wow Nelly...slow down girl! You're an old dog, and old nag...he he! I did slow down a bit before mile one and then we headed up the small incline to the river-I had to stop to take a picture along the river. I may never make it back to the LA River! We continued on a small loop, heading back the same direction we had come. Just after mile 2, I noticed this figure in a blue shirt-it was Glenn! He was going to run me into the finish! And he helped make my last mile my fastest mile-Thanks Glenn!! It always helps to run with someone and have that someone "push" you even though they aren't really pushing you! It's so easy for me to stop when I'm on my own-but I can't do that running with others!! So thank you Glenn! This was the fastest 5K I've run since the Village Runner 4th of July 5K in 2005! yes that's right almost 4 years ago!!! As a matter of fact, this is the 10th fastest 5k I've ever run-now most of the 5K's that were faster were run in 1997/2000/2001/2002 and 2003. I know it's not as fast as alot of you run. But for a 43 year old woman to take a 1:30 off her most recent 5K race makes me damn proud and happy!! and for it to be my fastest 5K in 4 years! WOW!!! How cool is that!

I hung around for a little bit after my race. I saw Glenn take off in the 10K and Lilhlfpint and I talked for a bit. But i had to dash because I had family laborers arriving at my house around 9am to help me install laminate floors in my son's room! I had spent all day yesterday painting-I hate painting. And today was floor day! Earlier in the week, I had put down self leveling concrete. Last night around 10pm, I was putting down the underlayment and today my dad, brother and I were cutting clicking and tapping! 5 hours later-floors DONE! And the room is looking great! I have to get molding now and a bed for my teenager! All of this before he arrives Monday night. Yeah, the molding might have to wait until next weekend!! But the bed is a must!

All in all a great day! I'd love to go for a swim tonight-but my girl Velcro needs Jolly Ball time at the park!! And I have to be in bed early tonight to make the long trek to Del Mar tomorrow morning for the Iron Girl 10K.

Run: 3.1 miles (31:33)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A swim, flattened boobs by The Camelbak Racebak and a run

OMG, I'm laughing before I even write anything! Let me preface this post by saying I do not weigh 100 lbs and I am not 5'4". I am a big girl at 5'9"....I would be classed as an Athena in any tri event. I've often had major issues about my size and weight. But it has helped with the very physical nature of my job. Doesn't mean I wouldn't want to be skinnier-wow, what would that feel like. I went thru periods of feeling fat, and let me tell you there are times when I feel like a fat pig! But I have really grown from having zero self esteem to actually being happy in my skin and with myself(most of the time). Hell, I've even started swimming without being chased by a barracuda or an alligator! There will NEVER be a GATOR that chases me or catches me for I am a TENNESSEE VOLUNTEER! Sorry Jen, just had to throw that in there!

Sorry, back to my day. I slept in late, ate breakfast late, ran some errands and prepared my son's room for painting, flooring, etc which starts tomorrow. While I was at home, I decided to try on my new Camelbak racerbak. It was laid out waiting for me.......Now I read the description for the sizing, measured my boobs before ordering and then ordered the size that corresponded to my boob measurement. Now I do not have huge boobs. I have normal size, I guess,'s not huge but I have a fairly broad back(damn, I really should have been a swimmer when I was younger) so I bought the XL, as per the sizing chart. Now I buy L and XL stuff all the time, usually XL is a bit loose on me. Well, Camelbak must be making their clothing using stick figures! Because wholly shit what a fucking laugh getting this on! OMG, I'm laughing and so wish I could have shown you a video of me trying to get my larger frame into what should have been sized a small or med! I got it over my head, but once over my head it got stuck right above my boobs with my arms in the arm holes and then I had to struggle to get the top over my boobs! I pulled and pulled and pulled and after getting the triple layers down past my boobs(for that is how I got it over my head since the amount of fabric should be on a size small or med) finally pulled it all the way down-but it still wasn't quite right. The shelf bra, that is built in, wasn't where it was supposed to be-it was splitting my boobs in half. So in a very delicate way, in between giggles, I gently HA! folded my boobs into the SMALL space that camelbak considers an XL bra! I couldn't breathe! My boobs were flattened so much they were pushing against my chest! Of course it probably didn't help that I was laughing so hard and so much that it was hurting! It looked great on the picture-and it's an awesome idea, if you weigh 100lbs! But come on people, not every runner, biker, triathlete out there is a skinny 100lbs! I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!!!! I have boobs, I have a figure....please lets realize this and make stuff for us "non-stick figures".

Well, I wore it around the house for about an hour and then it had to come off! And boy did my girls breathe a collective sigh of relief when they were set free!! Damn! I really wanted this to work! I hadn't even tried it on a run yet! But now was not the time, for I needed to head to the pool for a swim!!! Yep, thats I am turning into a fish!

The pool....I got there and the first thing the lady asks me "do you have a library card" I lowered my head and quietly said no.....sorry! I know I could be saving 50 cents, but I'm thinking my 50 cents is aiding the California budget! maybe my 50 cents will keep my community pool open! yeah I know, I need a library card! Sorry, Terri...I will get one!!

I walked outside to the pool and heard music, seems on a thursday at 6pm, there is a water aerobics class. There were about 10 ladies in the pool with their pool weights doing exercises to Beyonce's "Single Ladies"...I couldn't help but smile!

They had 4 laps set up today for lap swimming. So I had my own lap!! There were only 2 other people swimming laps-yes both swimming freestyle! But I'm not going to let it bother me! I am a breaststroker! I just can't handle the breathing with freestyle. I do blow out while under water, but I just can't catch my breathe like I can with breaststroke. And I'm a pretty fast, in the grand scheme of things, breaststroker. And I know that because there was a young girl swimming in the lane beside me and I decided to see how my breaststroke speed compared to her freestyle speed-I beat her! thank you very much!!

I swam 20 laps. I just couldn't muster 28 today! I feel like such a slacker considering I swam 28 the last time I was at the pool. But hey, 20 is better than nothing, it was 666 yards, which is 608.990 meters which in turn is .378408 miles! At least it was just over a 1/4 mile swim! Most of the sprints are 1/4 mile swims right?

I wasn't there long. My $2.50 is wisely spent slogging in the water as fast as my breaststroke will take me and then I'm GONE! No water aerobics for this athena gal!

I got back home and decided, since Velcro hadn't had any exercise, that I'd take her out for a run with my new Camelbak Racerbak....OMG, I have to put it on again! I checked it out. I pulled the water reservoir out, filled it up(not completely) and stuffed it back in-wait, I noticed a piece that comes out that was being used as some sort of brace or padding-that is coming OUT! I need all the space I can get for my girls! Did I say that the first time I tried it on, the reservoir was dry...ha's filled now-yeah, even funnier to get on! OMG....I so needed a house husband to help me pull the fabric past my shoulder and over my boobs! Finally after much pulling, it was down. I still had to delicately fold each girl into the SMALL bra! But once in, and without that extra piece that might now become a kitty pad, I didn't feel too bad! Felt a bit like a turtle, and kinda look like a turtle. But not too bad. I wasn't having the breathing issues. But the girls were flattened!

When we started running, all I heard was slosh, slosh, slosh. So I turned my music up a bit and wow the sloshing noise was gone! Initially it felt weird running with this 72 oz water reservoir on my back. But I finally got used to it! It didn't aid too much weight. I do think they need to have a smaller reservoir version that is maybe sized BETTER or should I say more accurately! But all in all, once I got it on,it was pretty cool. Nice to not have to carry water bottles. But, I can't share water with Velcro-she hasn't quite mastered the "suck" yet!

I'd like to try it on a longer trail run. I had to stretch the fabric a bit under my arms-seriously, who are they making these for-it sure as hell isn't me! But once I stretched the fabric and heard it stretch, it felt better underneath my arms-I could see that being a problem on a long run-I'll have to stretch it more!!

When i got home, I figured out the easiest way to get it off would be to take the reservoir out FIRST! I tried getting it off with it in there and felt like my arms and boobs were flailing all over the place! Not a pretty site! Sometimes it's good to live alone-I think I might have scared a spouse today!!

I'm now going to bed! I have a busy day of painting and laying down the underlaying padding tomorrow before the Wrigley River run on Saturday morning and then a day of laminate floors with my dad!!

SWIM: 666 yards/ 608.990 meters/ .378 miles
RUN: 3.15 miles with Velcro and as a turtle (43:51)

Look what arrived!!!

Look what arrived! I can't wait to try it out! I had planned on taking today off from running and to go swimming-but then this little goody arrived! I so want to check it out! I've had issues with carrying my water etc! I run with one or two water bottles, Velcro can drink out of them and I have had major issues finding a belt that doesn't jiggle up and down, or ride up, or that I don't spend half of my run adjusting! So here is my latest and newest attempt at a hydration system! I'll let you know what I think!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

National Running Day!

Run on National Running Day completed! A good time was had by the two of us as we ran an urban run on a cool overcast day! I ran with Velcro but also ran for two fellow bloggers who are unable to run right now because of injuries: Melanie and the Running Green Girl. We as a collective ran 4 miles today girls!!!It had rained all day and I so wanted it to be raining when we went out-but NO! Actually, the sun broke thru the clouds briefly-and I cursed the sun! Hey guess what, it slowly disappeared and it began to get cool again! I haven't been feeling 100%, actually I feel like I've had some sort of head cold and have had it since Monday-but like a stubborn silly girl, I've continued to exercise! I had to take Nyquil to go to sleep last night because my head and eyes have hurt and I've been achey....yes signs that I'm sick-but have I listened? Hell no. Why would I do such a silly thing like that! it's my mini vacation! I can't be sick while I'm doing nothing! I have to take full advantage of all this free time I have! Must run as much as possible, must swim, must finish floors in my son's room, must furnish my son's room all before monday night! YIKES!

Must eat now!!! I hope everyone had a great National Running Day! And for those of you who couldn't run-I hope you had a great day as well!!!!

RUN: 4.06 miles with Velcro and in spirit with Mel and The Green Girl (54:04)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm thinking the swimming may have kicked my ass more than I thought. Or maybe I am getting sick....but wholly shit my run today SUCKED! Lets start by saying June Gloom doesn't necessarily mean COOL! Of course if I had gotten an earlier start it might have been cooler-but NO, stupid me has to sleep in until 8am then lollygag around drinking tea, tweeting, etc until I decided maybe I should go run before the sun come out! yes you heard me SUN!

Well, I think 10am is too late! June Gloom = MUGGY! and it sucked! This wee scottish lass does not do well in this weather! I wilt! Bring on the rain and I'm in my element - but sun, heat, humidity= HELL NO! But I ran. It sucked and I was miserable and it was slow and Velcro was slower than normal but we did it. I walked, sucked down my water, struggled, cursed my body! But I did it! I just don't feel good! I ache. Now this could easily be from the swimming I did last night...but if you remember my post from yesterday, I didn't feel good yesterday either (ha ha which is why I swam instead of run) I'm thinking maybe there is something inhabiting my body.....get out!!!! I felt like my face was on FIRE the entire run. I poured water over my head-and technically speaking it isn't super hot...well, maybe for me the "wee scottish lass"

Enough said! Enough whining. I did it-it sucked but I did it! There will be no swimming tonight! I will be taking Velcro to the park so she can play with her Jolly Ball! And I will be sitting on my ass!

On a pitiful friend note, I am not going to be able to go up to run the PCTR Mt Diablo this weekend like I had planned and hoped to run! I had told Jo Lynn I wanted to run it-she registered and I feel like a heel! But I realized my son arrives on monday for a month and I have NO ROOM for him. His room is in the midst of having floors put down. I had to put down self leveling junk for the concrete floors over the weekend and have had to wait for it to dry-hello, taking forever. And the only time the male members of my family(dad and brother) can help me with the flooring is this weekend...and then I have to find furniture...what was I thinking leaving this so late???? Stupid Penny!!! So no PCTR Mt. Diablo for me. But...drum roll please...I have decided I'm going to make the trek up north to run the PCTR Pacifica 21k on July 5th! I've already started planning that weekend. I have friday the 3rd off, but my son leaves sunday the 5th so I think I'll come up on saturday the 4th and my dad will take my son to the airport on sunday the 5th as well as take care of my cats! I really need an assistant and I need a vehicle that I can live in!

So since I'm a horrible blogging friend and will not be venturing up north to have PCTR Mt Diablo kick my ass, I will be staying in lovely southern california to slave over my son's room! I will get some running in on the weekend: hoping to run the Wrigley River Run 5K on saturday morning, maybe I can get my dad to walk it with me! and then I will make a very early morning jaunt down to Del Mar to run the Aflac Iron Girl 10K.

RUN from HELL: 4.56 miles (1:01)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Swim? Me? I'm not a fish....

But swim I did! I think all you Tri folk are rubbing off on me! I don't swim! I don't even think about "going for a swim" when I can run! But today, I struggled to get out of bed! I was going to run in the morning but just didn't feel great! I sat around, cleaned did laundry, surfed the internet, watched crappy tv until around 1:30pm when I realized I had been inside alld ay and my dear dog needed exercise. But the sun was beginning to crack the glorious clouds-no running in the sun for me! But a walk! I'd go for that! So off we went. And boy am I glad we just went for a walk. I had zero energy! Walking was all I could muster... we met a cute doggie who velcro played with. It was a nice walk in the sun. I was happy to get home! After that I crashed on the couch-yep not feeling like the chipper Penny!! So why do you ask did I go swimming? Hell, I don't know! Probably because I felt guilty as sin that I hadn't run! Stupid me. And I'm contemplating a tri on June 14th...and one should not attempt a 1/4 mile ocean swim without being in the water.

So I called our local pool, that I've driven past for years and have never once poked my head into! Yeah come on down they said. it cost $2.50 or $2 with a library card-hmmm I don't even have one of those(no scolding please!). I can handle $2.50 to get myself wet! If all else fails, I can hang out in the water and pretend I'm a fish with all the kids!

The nice young adult who was manning the phone said I could come now to do laps(ha! I'm not that enthusiastic!) or come after 6pm when the lap swimming would start again. That would give me about 2 1/2 hours to veg! Not that I needed to do more of that but this is after all my vacation!

So just before 6pm I headed off to our local pool with my $2.50 in hand! I paid, went into the dressing room and stipped down to my suit. I had put my suit on at home (had to make sure it still fit! ha ha ha ) and off I trotted with all my stuff outside. You see this is an outside pool! The joys of living in southern california!

They had 3 laps designated for laps. And only 2 other people swimming laps. Whee! I get my own lane!! The pool length is 33 1/3 yards. So me being Ms Virgo anal, I checked out how many laps I'd have to do to do 1/4 mile.....13.7 (shit, that will be rounded up to 14 laps) so in I jumped.

Now all you diehard swimmers, no laughing at the Penster. But I spent the entire time, except for maybe 2 laps, swimming breaststroke. It's my favorite and best stroke and also the stroke which causes me the least breathing issues! I guess I never learned how to breath properly or maybe my asthma really freaks out doing freestyle-so since I'm an old dog and it's hard for me to learn new tricks, I stick to what I know-the breastroke!

But I swam...amd i swam 28 laps! yeah, I stopped in between to adjust my stupid goggles and to get a breather-this swimming stuff is hard on my lungs! And as I found out, hard on my hands! I would have gone farther, but my right hand started cramping-actually I think it was spasming! What a loser!! But after 28 laps I think it was a good idea to come out considering I swim once every 2 years! HA! But my hand hurt! (it feels fine now so no long term damage was done!)

My legs weren't in the least bit tired! You see, all that running comes in handy! But I feel it a bit in my shoulders! I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow! Better look out the 8 hour tylenol now!

WALK: 2.18 miles with Velcro

SWIM: .529772 miles aka 932.4 yards aka 28 laps


Post the park with Velcro