Sunday, May 31, 2009

My run started off with a shitty man saying something to me and ended wonderfully!

Here it is sunday morning, overcast, cool, misty rain outside. I was tracking all my blogging and tweeting friends who were running the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon this morning. I watched the elite men and women cross and some of the "fast" peeps and decided that instead of waiting until sunset to run, I'd run now. So off Velcro and I went at 10am this morning. We got to Ocean Trails(our normal parking spot) and there were no cars-I didn't think many people would be out because the weather wasn't perfect southern california weather (hmm it was perfect for me!)

The start of the run is right along the cliff. Velcro usually pees and poos around this area, before we start. We had just taken our picture and we were stopped, not bothering a sole...oh wait there wasn't anyone there....when a cyclist came up on us. Now we were NOT on the path. We were off on an area that juts out-in no ones way, wait he was the only "one" there and he's just sitting there looking at us. We're waiting for him to pass...still he sits....I take one of my ear buds out to see if I can be of some assistantance to him and he says in a nasty bitter "I hate dogs tone" your dog should be on a leash and then bikes off. Dude, come back here so we can talk! Let me tell you about my dog before you go flying down the single track on an f-ing bike, jerk, Asshole!

Now I know some of you probably feel the same let me preface what I have to say that I will always put Velcro on a leash if there is a dog that is 1) on a leash approaching us 2) looks aggressive or 3) there is a large number of people on the trail. OK none of these usually happen at Ocean Trails and it definitely wasn't happening today in the misty rain! When Velcro is off leash, she behaves and listens better than when she's on a leash-she's a smart as hell cattle dog for god's sake! She doesn't wander, she doesn't leave my side and she sure as hell doesn't care for any other human but ME! She could care less about anything but me and her TENNIS BALL. When we run and she's off leash, if there is a couple or a dog or whatever coming towards us, I give her her "down"command and down she goes and stays there-you show me a dog that will do that when another dog is around and wont get up. Every person who passes us is amazed and compliments my dog. I am VERY aware that there are people who don't like dogs-so I take that into consideration when I'm on the trails with Velcro off leash! So asshole mister bike rider who was riding on a single track used primarily by bi-peds walking or running-shut the fuck up! Know my dog first before you start spouting off shit about her and me! Bite me!

I've finished ranting now!!!

We ran! In the misty rain, in the mud of ocean trails. I didn't wear my gortex trail shoes-probably should have because my smart-as-hell-cattle dog tricked me into chasing her tennis ball into the ocean this morning...I fell for it and got wet shoes! 10 minutes of ball throwing later, I slogged back on the trail with wet shoes and socks! But I didn't care......I was running to get my aggressions out about the asshole I had met before we even started. I was running because it was the perfect running weather. Iw as running because I'm feeling a bit fat right now. I was running because I went thru a slightly stupid silly senseless patch of wishing my ex-boyfriend hadn't walked out on me and what's wrong with me...why can't I meet someone nice-have a nice man (or woman) in my life like all of you do!!! I'm still in that funk a bit right now...yeah, that time of the month-so I consider it stupid brain functions of Penny! I'll get out of it... I do appear to be that single crazy pet lady though....

But I have a great job that I'm really good at! I just had to say that because since I'm feeling so sorry for my pitiful social existence, my professional career couldn't be better. I received the most amazing email from my boss, the Director of Photography, of my TV show. An email I have never received before and may never receive again. I'm so touched I don't know how to respond to him or to his email! Here is an exert of what he said:

as I sit here amidst the proverbial settling dust of this short little break, I am reminded that I have not extend to you my tremendous appreciation for the work that you do, and for how you do it, as much as I would like to. As you know, my crew are not, nor ever have been, merely just people I work with. My crew are my friends, and they mean a great deal to me. I am the luckiest D.P. in the world in that I get to work with amazingly talented and skilled professionals, who are at the same time some of the most impressive people that I have had the privilege of knowing. I could not think of a better way of describing you. You have become an integral aspect of my world, and the class, warmth, humor, and humanity which you have brought to the GLEE set, and by rote my life (as that is where I spend the majority of my time), would be impossible for words to express...

Thank you so much for being here, and for making this experience of GLEE so great for me, as both a D.P., as well as a human being. I deeply appreciate both...

I truly hope that you are enjoying your time away from GLEE, and I send my very best of wishes and thoughts to you and yours until we shall see each other again. I am looking forward to meeting your son, and to telling him about how great his Mother is. See you soon...

I don't know, maybe this is why I'm a bit emotional right one has ever taken the time to say or write anything like that to me! Maybe being the single carzy pet lady isn't so bad after all!

RUN: 5.26 miles on the Trails with Velcro (1:17)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I want this!!!

This is the hydration pack I've been searching for! I so want this!!!

And I just ordered one from at a great price! I hopefully will have it this week! I can't wait!


Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm catching up on my sleep!

Yes, I am now sleeping over 8 hours a night! WOW! I haven't done this in a long time!! And hey-it feels GOOD!

I slept in until 730am this morning-I knew I could still get a cool run in because we're in the midst of June Gloom AKA my perfect weather!! Overcast and cool! Today I was blessed with something else I LOVE...misty rain! WOW, I was so energized just looking outside at the weather! I fed the furry babies, had my tea, put Velcro's Tennessee harness on and out we went! The misty rain was in my face the entire was cool, crisp, wet and no one else was out!

We ran down to the harbor today. I know that it's at least a 4 mile run and I wanted to go a little further than my normal pre-work 3 miler. I was also getting prolotheraphy today, so I had to run before my procedure!

Once again, I realize that running with Velcro is a study in slowness! She just trails behind! I took her off leash once we got down to the harbor-and boy did she slug! She always stops to sniff, but once off the leash she trails behind and I find myself slowing down to hurry her up! But I don't care! I'm happy to have someone to run with! And she doesn't complain!!

It's downhill to the harbor and guess what? Uphill coming home! I live on a hill so I always have some sort of hill work in EVERY run I do! I guess that's good preparation for the San Fran Half in July!

We got a decent distance in today! I'm happy with it. Best of all-I enjoyed myself! It was my time! And it was in perfect Southbay Girl weather! HEAVEN!!

RUN: 4.32 miles with Velcro (58:28)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My last day of work until june 9th!

I'm tired! But today was my last wake up for a little bit! And boy was this wakeup hard! I was up at 4am yesterday, left my house at 5am for a 530am call on set. We worked outside in the sun all day until I got in my car at 8pm...I drove home, poured a glass of wine and by 10pm called it a day! I couldn't keep my eyes open!

But that alarm that went off this morning at 5am caught me in some sort of dream land...there was no way I had to get up this morning, was there? I had planned on running this morning-got my gear laid out and ready last night. This morning-it felt like a different story. I had ZERO energy! Zip, zilch, zero! I went out this morning with all the desire in the world to run-but the legs said NO! I started running and felt like shit! So I stopped! But I was out with my little girl and I didn't want to disappoint-so I power walked! It took a few to get the blood flowing but it finally did and I got a decent walk in with my girl! I guess it's better than nothing!

Tomorrow-NO ALARM! I'm sleeping until I wake up and I can't wait! I will run tomorrow-probably a trail run at sunset with my girl but I sure as hell have no plans for an early morning rise tomorrow!!

I'm thinking of driving down to San Diego on sunday to cheer on my blogging buddies who are running RnR....who is running it? Let me know so that I can make a sign if I decide to make the drive south!!

As for what I plan to do with my time off. I have a big flooring project that needs to be completed with the help of my dad and brother(hopefully). I have to level a concrete floor that put down laminate. I've done most of the laminate flooring already but this room has sat in a half done state for about 2 years now(actually since the ex boyfriend walked out) but no I have a reason to finish! This will be my son's room! I have to get it ready for him! Floors done, buy a bed, drawers etc! I'm really excited!!

I have running plans as well-I really want to run Mt Diablo 25K with JoLynn-can I do 15.5 miles on the crappy training I've done? It would give me a mini vacation with Velcro up north! Worth considering! Also I'l scheduled and registered for the Iron Girl Del Mar the day after Mt Diablo...can I do both? Maybe if I only run the Iron Girl 5k......any advice, suggestions?

Until I chat from an unemployed state! Have a GREAT Wednesday!

WALK: 2.1 miles with Velcro (37:13).....hell that's not much faster than the runs I've been doing before work-I am a super slug runner!!
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Monday, May 25, 2009

I LOVE long weekends!

Yes I finally had a weekend! I didn't do much of anything on saturday because I got in at a stupid hour on saturday morning from work! i was supposed to go sheep herding saturday-yeah, I cancelled that. Slugged for most of the day because I was exhausted! I think my ass was on my couch or in bed more hours during the day than not! But damn it felt good! I think i went to bed at 930-can you say LOSER!!! yeah baby...I was a saturday night LOSER and I LOVED it!

Sunday morning came and I was up early, I was heading sheep herding with my silly orange and white cattle dog. She hadn't seen her sheep in 2 weeks. We had a 10am training session and with an hour and a half drive out, it was an early sunday morning rise. But I love sheep herding with my girl. It's our team activity!

It was an eventful day sheep herding. As my trainer, Steve, was separating sheep, he noticed one of the sheep had a huge gash right above her eye. After gathering up supplies( wound coat, super glue and antibiotics) I "got myself dirty" so to speak and helped him doctor her up! I held her head and we put the wound coat on and proceeded to super glue her skin back together. It felt GREAT!!! It was my taste of being a vet(kinda) and now I'm kicking myself for not going to vet school. I think I would have LOVED it!!

We spent 3 1/2 hours herding! velcro was exhausted! And so was I. It was sunny and warm and I wore Ms Garmin while herding. 2.5 miles of sprints while pushing my dog out and gathering and fetching sheep! I've often wondered how far I walk/run while doing it.Actually it was probably farther, Ms Garmin turned herself off for one of our runs, so it might have been 3 miles of wind spints! No wonder I came home and let my ass touch the couch again!! Once again I was in bed early! I was determined to get up and get a long trail run in with velcro! And what better day to do it than my day off.

My alarm went off at 630 and I cursed it! All I've wanted to do lately is sleep! But I got up, got dressed, ate 2 pieces of peanut butter toast and Velcro and I were off. I had thought about going to Black Mountain regional park or someplace in Orange County for a run-but honestly I didn't feel like driving miles to run! So we headed to my beloved Ocean Trails! I wanted to run 8 miles! I would have to run Ocean Trails and then head to White Point nature Preserve to get the mileage in that I wanted. So I planned my route and off we went!

I know I've said I'm a slow runner-but muliply my slowness when I run with Velcro. Don't get me wrong, she loves to go trail running with me-but her idea of trail running is stopping to smell EVERYTHING! Stalk bunnies, sniff, pee on EVERYTHING, stop to sniff other dogs butts, pee, sniff, chase bunnies, lag behind mom as the mileage increases see how it goes! Well, today was particularily slow because I was trying to avoid an off leash pit bull that was ahead of us. Don't think I'm anti Pit, because I'm not! I think they are amazing dogs who have a horrible reputation BUT I have a female cattle dog-she HATES female dogs that are her size or bigger. If they are Labs or Goldens or some sort of docile dog-FINE but if it's a female dog that could get aggressive I have learned from experience it's just not worth getting involved in! So we lagged behind today, stopping and letting the couple with their female dog go ahead, then we'd run etc. So there was more stopping than necessary today.

And then we hit the beach. being the good dog mom, I brought her Tennis Ball. So she did wind sprints on the beach! We didn't stay long-just time enough for her to find a dead sea lion on the beach. Why must they always want to go near the dead things???

We headed up toward Trump National Club House onto PV Drive. We ran up PV drive dumped back into Ocean Trails-where Velcro decided to stalk a bunny for about 8 minutes! It was amazing to watch! This bunny just sat there and my girl very quietly and catiously walked closer and closer and closer....inch by inch...until she was fairly close and then poof the bunny took off and so did Velcro, too slow! She can NEVER catch the bunnies but boy does she love to chase them! But seriously she stared down this bunny for 8 minutes! As I was stiffening up getting cold!

Off we continued to White Point Nature Preserve! We hadn't been here in awhile. They have really cleaned up the place. New paths have been added, the welcome center has been painted and completed. It's looking fabulous!

We finished our run and it was still overcast and cool. It was muggy but NO SUN!!!!! I had a great time with velcro. yes it was slow and tedious with a slow dog but it was great! Of course she has all the energy in the world for HOURS on end to play with her Tennis ball or to herd sheep!!! Stubborn cattle dog!

Now..I'm going to have a glass of vino, eat dinner early and go to bed. I have to be at work at 5:30am!! Fun Times!

RUN: 8.52 miles on the trails with velcro (2:32)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday oh Friday

Yesterday I was up for 20 hours-i worked 15 of those hours(lunch included) I am tired! We've had pretty hectic busy days here on GLEE! We're doing 3 days of additional photography right now(finishing up some episodes etc) and then starting next thursday(as long as they don't add a day) I start my 10 day(work day) mini-vacation! I don't even care that I'm not getting paid those 10 days. I need time off!

I have a bunch of film industry friends that have been saying to me, when I "talk" about my long days at work, that I should be happy I'm working! I have never once said I'm unhappy about working and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be working!! But when you work yourself to exhaustion and illness-something is wrong! And I feel that as I get older these hours get increasingly more difficult to deal with! And to add insult to injury-my beloved film industry(which I have grown up working in and really do enjoy) is the sole reason I did not raise my son and the reason I live in California and he lives in Tennessee. Now don't get me wrong-my job has enabled me to do A LOT of things I could never have done and has allowed me to do more things for my son as a single mother than I ever could...but there really must be a middle point! Does my entire life have to revolve around my work?? I really do enjoy working and having a life-and I haven't had both of those in YEARS! I guess that's why I get up and push myself to run when I'm exhausted! I really don't want to lose the last semblance of a life!!

Sorry for ranting! I'm tired and a bit emotional! I'm so looking forward to some time off!

To get to running-i did run this morning. I ran 2 miles and then noticed Velcro was limping a bit-so I walked her back to the house. I don't want my furry girl to be hurt!!! But at least I got out there and did some sort of exercise even though I'm super tired!! I hope my girl is ok!!

RUN/WALK: 2.45 miles (34:42)
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A tired thursday morning shite run

Well, another 14 hour work day yesterday! And even though I had a 4 day weekend-it wasn't a very restful weekend! Two days of travel and then graduation stuff does not make for a restful weekend!

I got home at 11pm last nite- I had to do some banking stuff online, briefly read a few blogs and then headed off to bed. In bed by 11:45 and up at 5:15am so that I can get my shitty short run in before work!

My runs with Velcro are SLOW! She stops to pee, poop and today we had to play with Heidi her doggie friend. But it won't stop me from running with my girl!!

It is so nice to get out there before work for a run no matter how short or crappy it is!!! Clears my head and makes me feel so much better!! 3 miles better than no miles!

RUN: 3.16 miles (39:49)
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where did the time go?

It's tuesday and I'm sitting in the Nashville airport. I swear I just got here! Where has the time gone? I was supposed to meet Missy for a drink yesterday-but family commitements and graduation stuff got in the way! Sorry Missy! I will be back!!

It's been a really nice trip....I have to say it again-it is GREEN here! Wow! I guess I've just gotten used to the brown of Southern California! I saw a movie, Star Trek, had a yummy dinner cooked by my dad, had drinks on the deck, played with ny brothers dog, ran, saw slumdog millionaire and went thru my son's closet-must figure out what clothes he'll need!!

Now I have to get back into work mode! We start back again tomorrow. 3 days of work and then a 3 day weekend! Then 2 days of work and then busy busy me gets 10 days off!!! I can't wait! It's 10 days unpaid but it's time off....and I need a bit of that! I think I'll go camping at Jalama! Maybe run LOTS! Maybe even run a PCTR trail race. Who knows! For all I know I'll closet myself in my house and finish the floors in my son's room since he'll be coming out to LA to work on GLEE for about 3 weeks.

An hour from getting on my flight to Nashville! It's always fun!

RUN: 3.06 miles without Velcro (35:57) hmmmi run faster without my girl!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

My trip to tennessee for my son's graduation..

First of all....I am now the proud parent of a high school graduate! My son graduated yesterday! Woo Hoo!!!

I arrived in Nashville on Saturday around3:30pm. I had left my house at 6am-having had about 4 hours of sleep. The hardest part of the trip-keeping my Sweet Lady Jane Triple Berry cake safe! The TSA screeners in LA didn't know what the blob on the screen was!!

Once I got to Nashville, I went to pick up the Red velvet cupcakes I had ordered and then it was a mad dash to the house, change and off to the Baccalaureate Mass. 2 hours the mass lasted! 2 hours we sat on bleacher seats! I was starving and had not been prepared for a 2 hour Mass! Afterward we went out for a wonderful dinner at The Acorn restaurant in Nashville. I had one of the best vegetarian meals I've ever had!!!! BRAVO chef!

Sunday...the big day! We were trying to get everything ready: ironing, cleaning, getting food ready for the post graduation party. But I managed to fit a run in before all of the festivities! And it was a nice run! Cool, crisp, overcast...need I say perfect running weather!! Of course it wasn't flat. My parents live in a fairly hilly area and I was without my constant running companion-VELCRO! I don't realize how slow I run with Velcro until I'm not running with her. I started stopping around the normal pee and poop times and realized WAIT I'm not running with the frequent pee'er! So off I went.....WOW it's GREEN here! OMG GREEN!!! where is all the brown I'm used to seeing? I walked a few times, after running up a big hill. But all in all I was pretty pleased with my run. But how is it that all these routes seemed so much longer when I was a kid? I would run these when Iw as in high school and thought I was going to die! Now I finished and realized I had only done about 3.4 miles and wanted more!! But no time!

Graduation started at 4pm at the Curb Event Center at Belmont University. It was a sea of Purple gowns! We had rock start seating! Front row right opposite my son's row! He didn't acknoledge us at all! Children!!! But we wooped and cheered when they called his name and then he had to acknowledge us and finally smiled!!! We were fairly reserved with our cheers-one parent, after my son's name was called, yelled out AMEN when his son's name was read-we laughed!!

our post party consisted of food, wine, red velvet cupcakes and the Triple Berry Cake-which was a HUGE hit!!! People gobbled it down! I finally went to bed around 12pm-after my son had left for his Project Graduation event. At his high school, the have Project Graduation. The kids have to be at the gym by 11:30pm and they are locked in until 6am. The theme this year was casino Night. They had games, food, laptop and tv giveaways etc...about 98% of the senior class attends! It's a safe fun way for them to celebrate graduation!!!

Today....hoping to get a run in and hopefully see a movie with my kid-as soon as he wakes up! He'd better wake up soon!! I'm running out of time!

Saturday: RUN 3.4 miles (38:28)

Friday, May 15, 2009

GLEE cookies

I think they are trying to make us FAT! Cupcakes yesterday and cookies today!

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A Fraturday for me!

Yes worked until 2am this morning, another 14 hour day in the books on GLEE. Today I woke up at 830am to give my cat his insulin and to print out my cattle airline boarding pass. Then I decided to "try" to go back to bed-i might have gotten about 45min more sleep! Another sterling sleep day!

I've crammed so much into this week since I fly out to Tennessee for my son's graduation tomorrow. Today, I got a shitty short run in with Velcro in sun and warmth....what is up with you people who enjoy running when the sun is out??? You are all smokin CRACK! Give me darkness and cool weather!!

So having run 4 days this week-all fairly short-i feel like I'm keeping up some mileage so that I won't be killed in SF in July!! I'm hoping to get a decent run in when I get to Nashville-maybe it will rain??? Humidity? YUCK!! I am pitiful!

I raced around this morning changing sheets, cleaning, buying kitty litter etc because my petsitter is staying with my furry babies until I get back! I really hate leaving them! But how many times does your kid graduate from high school???

I'm really excited. My bags are packed and in the car-because knowing my luck I'll be wrapped from work at 4am!! Maybe I'll run after work-it will be dark! My last run with my girl.....let's see how I feel after a full day of work!

I hope everyone has a fun-filled friday!! Think of me while you're starting your weekend off with a beer, wine, dinner whatever...I'll be working!!!

GLEE premieres this tuesday May 19th after American Idol.....check it out!!!

RUN: 2.36 miles in SUN! YUCK!!!! Hell- I probably should have walked!

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Check out Maryland Girls's new Blog

My dear friend, Maryland Girl, has started her own blog to document her trials, tribulations etc of all that is fun! Please go check it out!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

GLEE cupcakes!

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How much sleep do you get?

I just want to ask everyone how much sleep ie how many hours of sleep each of you get a night? For the first time in months I got 8 hours of sleep during the week! Normally I'm surviving off of 5-6 hours a night when I'm working. We had an extra long turnaround today. I got home at 11pm in bed by midnight and then up at 8am.....WOW! Lots of sleep. I didn't have to be at work until 12 noon today(I'm at work as we speak waiting for art dept to dress the set and for us to start a rehearsal).

Even after sleeping 8 hours, I woke up tired! But went out for a Velcro-paced run! And it felt good-it was sunny and getting warm, which all of you know I HATE! But it was fun with my girl. We ran thru Averrill park and got to see geese, ducks and squirrels-Velcro was in doggie heaven!! We stopped to sniff, pee and poop-no not me her!! This was a run for her!! Especially since I'm leaving my babies for 3 days on saturday morning. I want to spend quality time with them-even if it means a Velcro-paced run!! much sleep do you get a night?

RUN: 3.51 miles (50:09)
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday with my girl

RUN: 3.12 miles (38:51)
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A short run is better than no run!

430am came pretty damn early today. Especially after I got up yesterday at 4am and didn't get to bed until 1030pm last nite-because,like a dork, I was scrubbing my bathroom, running wires for the kitty fountain all in preparation for my departure to Tennessee this saturday to watch my only child graduate high school! My petsitter will be staying the night in my house-she knows I have swirling dog and cat hair but I can't have her living in filth! Not that I live in filth but when you have 4 animals and you work 70 hour weeks there isn't a lot of time to clean. Where is that house husband I'm in need of???

So I woke up at 430am and got my expanding ass out the door for a 2.6 mile run with my 50lb weight of a dog! I did do a bunch of bicycle crunches and crunches on a stability ball on monday-so I wasn't a complete lazy ass!

Tomorrow, I plan on at least 3 miles. But I'll be cleaning another room tonight and must do laundry!! I'll be in Tennessee from saturday until tuesday...Missy, Ms Iron Girl herself, and I will be getting together for a cocktail...I tried to persuade her to run a trail run with powers of persuasion must be for shit! (Ps....I can't link to Missy's blog from my Booberry...sorry)

Rock on!!
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Revlon 5K Run for Women's Cancer

It had been a long week-physically working and with Blossom being in the pet emergency! So when my alarm went off this morning at 6am-after I had gotten to bed just after 1:30am I wasn't happy! Afterall, it's saturday! I should be allowed to sleep in! But today was a special day! I was running in the EIF Revlon 5K Run/Walk for Women's Cancer. My dad was joining me! And we were a member of a team, Kim's Posse! Kim is one of my dearest friends wife. She is a young 37 and was diagnosed in October with breast cancer. She just finished her last round of chemo and is cancer free! So today was a celebration for her and thousands of other woman!

I planned on running this race-not racing for a time but wanting to get a run in! Let me tell you, running with 55,000 people is hard! Constantly on the alert-weaving in and out! But it was a wonderful morning! For a wonderful cause!! I was able to raise money at work- it's amazing how many people cancer affects!!

This was my dad's first 5K-he walked it and had a wonderful time! he said he saw things around the USC campus that he never knew existed!!

And running into the LA Colesium where the LA Olympics were held and running the same tunnel that the marathon ran was AWESOME!!!!

RUN: 3.32 miles without Velcro but with 55,000 peeps (35:40)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Out with my canine girl...

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Will it ever end

First of all, to stop all the confusion. I'm not in Maryland. Maryland Girl is my college roommate. She is "allowed" to post on my blog since she doesn't have one of her own. She had disappeared for a long time....

Now on to what I've been up to the past couple of days! Spending buttloads of money on my black and white girl kitty! To make a long story short- I woke up yesterday to a lethargic hidden kitty! Blossom always greets me in the bathroom-as they all do-and she didn't! Now, she had thrown up at 1230am that night which is VERY odd for her! When she didn't come in for the morning bathroom meet and greet I went looking for her. I couldn't find her anywhere. I was FREAKING! I did find a big ass black dead spider in the bathroom though!!

Finally she came out from here hiding place-4he wouldn't eat. All she wanted to do was flop down on the floor. This was at 530am yesterday. I had to make a decision. I called Pet emergency, realized they were open 24hour, jumped in the shower, let Velcro out to pee(sorry baby but our run didn't happen) and raced to pet emergency.

I was there for 2 hours-Blossom is still there! I was late for work, I was distracted all day at work! I stopped by to see my little girl last nite. She had a pretty blue cone on and had been getting fluids all day! They ran blood work, xrays, urine tec. Xrays showed no foreign body, blood work came back good except for an elevated liver enzyme and there was a lot of protein in her urine.

They will be running more tests today-they are concerned and confused about the amount of protein in her urine. She's too young to have kidney issues-and that is what it kinda means. But her kidney numbers from her blood work are fine.

I know she killed the spider! They don't think it was a black widow-no red on it's back-but it looked mean and menacing and looked scary!! I still think it was a poisonous spider!!!

The vet says she shows signs of "getting into something" and I agree. Her symptoms came on quite suddenly, overnight. She was vomitting bile and lethargic and this all hapened after I got home from work at 1030pm!!

My poor girl! The other thing that is freaking me out is the $$$$. I had to drop $871.07 yesterday morning and another $560 last night. The bill estimate is $1400-$1800. I've laready paid $1400. Now don't get me wrong I'll do anything for my animals. But that is such a huge chunck to plop down in a day! And with college tuition payments starting may 15th....yes I'm back to freaking out!! How can I get quick cash? Sell my body? Ha ha no one would buy it!!! I can't even get a date!!! Ha ha. Anyone got any ideas? Maybe I'll sell shit on ebay??? I know I have film stuff someone might be into buying!

I bought myself an expensive scary spider!!

I am taking velcro for a quick run this morning.....she's been neglected by she gets her run!

Tomorrow I'm supposed to run in the EIF revlon run for women! I'm a member of a team, kim's posse. But it's been such a crazy few days....all I want to do is hang at home with my furry beasts!!

I'll know more about Blossom later-and I hope to take her home tonight!! Will I reach $1800? I'm pretty sure I will!!

Peace!!! Off to run in the fog!!! I'll send the pic from the run!!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Running is...

My theraphy! I think that's all that needs to be said! I ran with my girl this morning and cleared my head!

RUN: 3.08 miles with Velcro (39:05)
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'm sitting in bed, it's 10:30pm and I want to go to sleep so I can get up at 4:30am and run..but NO, I'm up having a glass of wine, watching NCIS on TIVO and eating a tiny bit of Indian food, depressed and down!!

My son went to his high school awards banquet tonight. He was getting the award for the best student in College Algebra! My son has done horribly in math until this year-he has a GREAT teacher! (Thank you to every teacher I know!) He has gone from making D's in math to having the highest grade, 95! And I wasn't there to see him get his award!

I have spent the past few days at work listening to most of the men (and I primarily work with men-the joy of the film industry) talking about mother's day and what they are doing for their wives/girlfriends. I have no one! My son is in Tennessee and I have no man in my life that will want to celebrate mothers day with me. It's kinda depressing! My animals will spend the day with me! They love me-as does my son...but I miss him so very much! And at certain times being alone really sucks! Most of the time I'm fine- I don't need a man in my life...but every so often it would be nice. Every so often it would be nice to have dinner made for me, or to get flowers(instead of buying them for myself) or be taken out for breakfast...whatever....

I cried driving home from work tonight. My son had received his award and I missed it, like I've missed his entire life and school! I really feel like a horrible mother! I know I have a good life and my son is amazing! I have a wonderful job that has enabled me, as a single mother, to give my son a private school education, travel, whatever he needed. But it didn't give me time with my son....and now he's a senior in high school. I've missed everything! The only positive-he's coming out to California to go to school! I'll see him more than once a month!

I'm sorry.....I think I just needed to vent and get it out.....
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Happy Cinco de Mayo

I'd love a margi or a beer but I'm working! But I put myself in the festive mood with a big yellow flower in my hair!

No run this morning-we had a 7am call at Paramount and after spending 13 hours working in the sun and 18 hours up, the slight thought of getting up at 430am again was horrifying!! So I did crunches on my yoga ball and 100 bicycle situps instead! I'll run tomorrow!!
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday shizzle at GLEE

415am came pretty early today! Even the furry beasts were surprised when the alarm went off! I'm sorry but getting up in the 4 o'clock hour for work should be banned!

It's now past 2pm and we've been outside working all day! I'm sure I'm being fried! But the sunscreen is lathered on my ghostly white skin! We'll be her until the sun goes down!

No, I did not run this morning! I did situps last nite before bed! I feel like I've gained weight in the middle regions! It's nasty!! I must get back to my daily situp and stomach regime! Maybe I'll box tonight if it isn't too late!!

Maybe I should stop eating the post lunch cookie so I don't paunch out in the tummy!!
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sullivan Canyon Trail Run....

Mountain Bikers like this trail! I saw more MTB than runners/hikers/dogs combined! Well, we saw dogs on our way back down the canyon around mile 6. By then Velcro was making a beeline for the car! She knows when we turn around on an out and back that we are heading back to the car! The little beast!

I decided to run a different place today! Since I bailed on the Race for Literacy in San Diego and forgot that the Santa Monica 10K was this morning I wanted to get a decent trail run in-and it had to be a trail run. i just didn't want to deal with roads this morning! It had to be dirt, trees, rocks, streams and MTB! And of course my girl! I couldn't leave my running partner in the house this morning! She's my constant companion! She's my slow pacer! She's my 50lb weight(when on a leash)....she's the reason I get up at 5:30am on a sunday and drive 25 miles to a trail I know nothing about so she can get new smells!

So when we got to Sullivan Canyon I didn't really know what to expect. I had pulled up the "hike" on the website local hikes and it said it was about 7.5 miles to the turn around point. SO I thought, why not try it! Dogs are allowed and it's a new place!

The start was downhill down an access road to the canyon floor. We then took a right into the canyon and off we went. We ran 4 miles into the canyon, all of it slightly uphill the entire time. Of course Velcro stopped numerous times to pee, sniff and poop! We stopped to avoid the numerous MTB.Velcro isn't too savvy around bikes-she hasn't realized they might hurt! And of course we had to take the obligatory pictures!

We made it to the concrete slab 4 miles in-the path continued uphill, but since I hadn't the foggiest where this lead, I decided an 8 mile trail run was enough for today-especially after being sick during the week. So we turned around,wow...downhill! More bikes came behind us and we found ourselves stopping to let them by...we kept running down, Velcro knew we were heading back to the car!

Around mile 6 we met two weimeraniers and then met 2 catahoula's. It was definitely dog day in Sullivan Canyon at 9am! I stopped and talked to both owners-yeah I know, disruption of my run! Oh well!! It wasn't going to make up for my slow pacer named Velcro! And what was I thinking wearing a top that has sleeves! I HATE running in sleeves. Next time stupid girl wear your tank!

RUN: 8.08 miles on the trails in Sullivan Canyon with Velcro (2:11)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A saturday night run at the Harbor

Well, I was on the couch was 7pm and I was thinking of a glass of wine and dinner until I got a paw in my lap...and then those cattle dog eyes! And yeas, that was all I needed to get my lazy ass off the couch and out for a night time run with my girl. And I'm glad I did! I've felt pretty good today. A little tired but at least i"ve had energy today-so running wasn't a horrific thought! And I'm so glad my girl got me out! It felt SO GOOD! I hadn't run since Tuesday morning and I realized tonight how much I miss running. Mind you I was sick and didn't want to run at all but I did miss it!

And it was the perfect way to start/end my saturday! Now I'm heading to bed. I think i"ll be running a new trail tomorrow, up in West LA at Sullivan Canyon. They say it's 7.5 miles. We'll see what the weather is like and how I feel to see how far I go. I've never run these trails so I don't know what to expect. I bought a bunch of books today at REI-yeah I got sucked in to their Anniversary sale- about hikes with dogs. So Velcro and I have loads of new trails we can try!

RUN: 4.21 miles with Velcro down to the Harbor and back (1:00)

Friday, May 1, 2009

TGIF, back to work and College Decision Day!

CSUCI!! That is my son's choice! He'll be coming out to California to go to school!! I can't wait! And I think he's excited! He wants to buy a pair of cowboy boots to bring out to California!! Makes me giggle!!

I have down zero running since tuesday. Zero energy. I did take the girl to the park today before work! She played with her Jolly Ball..she had a great time!

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