Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another day at home-back to work tomorrow!

I'm sitting at the park on an absolutely beautiful day! Sunny, windy, cool...Velcro is playing with her Jolly Ball and I'm sitting watching her. The joys of still being a bit under the weather..I watch my dog exercise! I haven't run since tuesday morning-actually haven't even wanted to run! I've had zero energy. No I don't have swine flu!

I'll be heading back to work tomorrow-for yet another "fuck you friday" ...that means I won't be getting home until about 2 or 3am on saturday. That puts a glitch in the Black Mountain 7K summit race on saturday morning! It's looking like I should ignore any race that falls on a saturday!!

In other fun news, I've caught up on all my tivo shows! And my couch and I are great buddies! Velcro and the kitties LOVE me being sick! I don't! But I guess we can't always get what we want!

I received a letter in the mail from the attorney who represents our HOA. I haven't brought this up because I never thought it would ever get this far. I have a psych neighbor who lives downstairs who feels like he hasn't been heard or allowed to speak-so over a course of 4 years he's sued numerous times, this time he has a court date! This doesn't bode well for me because I'm on the board! Stupid me!!! Basically I'm being sued because they needed a third person to be on the HOA board. I don't have time to do anything!! He's a fucker! I'm so angry! He's irritated that no one in our small condo complex wants to run for the board or get involved-HELLO asshole...why would anyone want to get involved when you can almost guarantee you'll get sued!! Running for the board= being sued! The lawyer wants the board to do to the deposition and then the trial is in August. I'll take the time off(which is hard) but the asshole has to pay my missed wages!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Portuguese Bend Reserve Trail Run....

well, as you can tell, I did not do the reverse tri this morning. I got to bed late last night and honestly, I just could get it together yesterday! I literally spent the entire day(or most of the day) on my couch watching movies and my tivo'd shows! Gathering up bikes, swimsuits, helmets and shite just wasn't in the cards for little ole me yesterday. So instead, I decided to get a nice trail run in with my girl at one of the local wildlife reserves that's about 10 minutes from my house!

I went to Portuguese Bend Reserve, which is part of the Palos Verdes Nature Preserve. Now I've driven past this area so many times I can't even tell you-have I ever run these trails-NO. Why? because I'm a stupid person! So today, I felt the need for a new running area. And since I flaked on the reverse tri, I wanted a workout! Well, I got one today! Portuguese bend has only one official entrance, so I drove to it, which is at the top of one of the hills in Palos Verdes. So I knew, what goes down must go up! So down I went, down and down and down, on fire roads on single trcks, over rocks, thru grass until I was down at the very bottom of the reserve at Palos Verdes Drive South. hmm...time to go back up, I had a trail map with me-I was asked by three people why I was looking at a map?-well shitheads, because I actually wanted to know where I was running and I didn't want to get lost in the canyons! These three happy walkers were just sticking to the fire road! bite me people! So back up we went. Velcro was being so good! She had chased a few bunnies but as soon as we started back up the hill she knew we were heading to the car and she was on a mission! A mission for the car!

This area is open to bikers-so I saw a few mountain bikers-you know they are very nice peeps! Not many runners at all-as a matter of fact I saw 3 runners-that was it-the rest were hiking the trails.....maybe because the elevation climb back up is a dousey!

We stopped to take pictures, I had to pee, velcro peed MANY times, I had to get something sharp out of my left foot (I had my gaiters on WTF?) and then sitting down I got something sharp stuck in my ass....oh well.

We ran up most of the hill. I wont lie-we did walk some! I walked up the Barn Owl Trail-wholly shit bat man-thought I might fall backwatds on that one!!

All in all it was awesome! There were numerous trails I didn't run-next time! I covered 6.1 miles of the 1200 acres-I'm sure I could have added a few more miles, next time! This is the perfect trail area for PCTR training!!! I started out at 1004ft above sea level ran down to 210ft and then ran up to 1004ft above sea level times!

RUN: 6.12 miles with velcro on steep trails (1:57)

Next saturday(hopefully!! As long as I don't work until 3 or 4am) I'm planning on running the Black Mountain Summit 7K in San Diego County!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Tires sleepy friday! I got home at 2am this morning after another 14+ work day...up at 9am to get my shitty run in this morning. And yes it was shitty. I actually thought about not running but I had a little 4 legged girl looking at me with longing out I went! With no sun glasses, the sun breaking thru the clouds I got my exhausted butt out onto the pavements with my running partner and put in some sort of run!!

on a different note: seems my teenager still hasn't made up his mind-imagine that! He had to submit his college choice to his high school today for the graduation announcement and my son put down as his college choice: California State University Channel Islands (probably), Birmingham Southern....looking like he might be coming to California!

I'm working now. I'll be seeing saturday morning again!! I have sheep herding scheduled for tomorrow and then sunday either the reverse tri or a long trail race or maybe both!!

Big "Go Kick Some Ass" to Missy who is swimming an open water 5K tomorrow morning in Miami!! And anyone else who might be racing-Go Kick Some ASS!! It's a bit harder to come by and visit from my Blackberry-and that seems to be my mode of any communication during te week(my computer hasn't been turned on since sunday!) But I have been trying to visit everyone!! I miss my blogging peeps! This work shit gets in the way of my life!!

RUN: 2.65 miles with my girl (33:29)
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

I can't believe it's only thursday! This week is dragging!! We're back on the Paramount lot for the next 7 days on GLEE. I enjoyed being on location because we were SO CLOSE to my house!! Oh well! Happy to be working! Remember to watch GLEE on tuesday May 19th after American Idol.

Onto other things...I talked to my mom today. My son is trying to decide on which school he's going to go to. It's a toss up between Birmingham Southern and Cal State Univ Channel Islands. I so want him to come to school out here..but as of this morning he was leaning toward Birmingham Southern. I got really depressed!! I've spent his entire life being a crappy mom living thousands of miles away-i so thought this might be the time I could actually see my son or be close to my son for the first time in about 16 years!! But it's not looking like that is going to happen! I know it's his decision and I want him to be happy but it really was kinda gut wrenching hearing he might pick Birmingham Southern!!

As for running-i ran today with Velcro good thing I did....I cleared my head before talking to my mom! It's a beautiful day here today-cool and overcast! My perfect kind of weather! I woke up tired and was only going to do a short run...but I was feeling pretty good and decided I had enough time to get my normal 5K in before work!!

I can't wait for the weekend!!! CAN'T WAIT!!

RUN: 3.12 miles with Velcro (38:28)
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

And what a beautiful day it is!!! I got home last night around 1030pm. Only a 12 hour day! But half of it was out in the 90+ degree sun and heat!

But today..I woke up to a cool and overcast day! HEAVEN!!! It is so beautiful today! What a great earth day! So what did I do...I went for a morning run with Velcro!! And it felt pretty darn good! I wish I could have run longer but I had to go to work! Velcro had a poop and numerous pee breaks, I had to stop and get some sort of sharp object out of my left shoes! Nothing worse than running and all of a sudden being stabbed by something sharp in your shoe. OUCH!

Then I came home to an ice cold shower! Two days in a row. Seems we have a busted water heater....a cold shower is rather harsh! Wow it takes a little time to numb the body so that I can get my entire body clean! I've been saving a lot of water since my showers the past 2 days have been so short due to the COLD water!!

Now I'm at work in Long Beach. We're getting ready to shoot one of our musical numbers "Keep holdin on"'s music day on GLEE!!

Have a great day!
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday and it's HOT!

It's HOT here in So Cal! I ran this morning at 715am and I felt like I was going to die! When it gets hot my asthma kicks! All I did this morning was gasp for air!! It sucked! No pun intended! There is nothing worse than gasping for air while running! It really puts a damper on a run! So I had everything going against a fun run: sun, heat, asthma! so it was shitty and short! But I did it!

Now I'm at work in Long Beach. We're working outside for the first half of the day-it's supposed to be around 95 degrees today. Have I said how much I hate this weather! But I'm decked out in my pink hat and have lathered sunscreen all over myself!!

I'm hoping this is a brief scene and we'll be inside the auditorium shooting a musical number! It's where pale Penny should be-INSIDE!!!

Until tomorrow! Have a wonderful tuesday and stay COOL!!

RUN: 2.65 miles with my 50lb anchor, Velcro, in sunny hot YUCK! (35:14)
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Monday, April 20, 2009

My 5am monday morning run

Yes....I got my lazy ass up this morning at 430am so I could run, especially since I was a hot weather wimp this weekend and didn't run!!! It was still pretty warm at 5am! It's going to be 95 again today! Oh happy day-NOT!

On another note,I'm at work dealing with men who act more like old woman than old woman do! My loader(he's the one who loads the camera magazines with film) is going to drive me to drink more than I do! He's a fucking pansy! He's walking around moaning like he's about to die-says he's sick. Well fuckhead, if you're that sick go the fuck home...I don't want to listen to his whining all fucking day! Sorry! Just had to rant!! He's been bothering me since day 1 and he was hired before I was!

I found a new place to run-might try it on sunday if I don't do this reverse tri on sunday! It's the aliso and woods wilderness park in Orange county. I've driven past it numerous times on my way to San Diego but have never stopped-well I think I might try a run there on sunday. Or should I do a reverse tri? I just got slicks put on my wheels for my hybrid. It was the cheap way to see if I want to buy a road bike. I got them today! A guy at work is a cyclist and took them over the weekend! God knows how I'll get them back on my bike! What a disaster it was getting them off! I'm thinking a bike mechanics class might be a wise idea since I seem to have a bike in numerous pieces!

Reverse sprint tri on sunday or a long trail race in a new place?? Decisions decisions decisions. I'm tempted for the $3 activity(parking at the trail) since this weekend I dropped $160 on sheep herding trials-2 of which I missed on saturday due to my lovely job and the other 2 we crashed and burned on!

I'm at work right now on GLEE-they are lighting and we're iin handheld mode. For all of you who asked, on the pilot for GLEE I was the B camera 1st Assistant Cameraperson and now on the series I'm the A camera 1st Assistant Cameraperson.

RUN: 3.15 miles with a pooping, sniffing peeing Velcro (42:54)
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ha Ha Ha!

Wholly shit it was fucking hot all weekend! Did I run? Hell NO I slugged out on saturday (after getting home from work at some ungodly inhumane hour) and today...well today I got up at 430am, fed the cats, took a shower, fed Velcro, sent Jo Lynn a good luck text message and then Velcro and I got in the car and drove 2 hours down to Escondido for the Australian Cattle Dog Club of Greater LA sheep herding trial. We missed yesterday-yeah just couldn't get the energy to DRIVE let alone herd! But today...well I said bring on Course A Intermediate!! Well, we came and it conquered!! Course A Intermediate HELL took us victim twice! Once in All Breed and once in ACD! Now...don't get me wrong-i didn't expect to qualify!! But I hoped to get around the course! That didn't happen! We retired while we were in the "Y" chute-the 3rd obstacle of 9! We crashed and burned!! Velcro just didn't like being away from me and herding the sheep on her own! Intermediate is known as HELL! Crash and burn happens to most people because the jump from started to intermediate is HUGE!!!

Since my herding day was so crappy-and a waste of $$$ I was thrilled to hear that on this miserably hot gross day (when I was wilting and miserable) my HERO Jo Lynn was conquering DIABLO!! Jo Lynn you ROCK!!

I'm in bed now-it's 9pm, how sad is that! I'm beat from the sun and heat but I shouldn't really complain since I didn't run a trail marathon in 90 degree weather!!! So I'll just go to bed and hopefully wake up at 4am to get a short stupid run in before work!

Good Night!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happiness is my Cattle Dog.... yourself up to a little joy!

Just wanted to remind everyone the TV show that I've been working my butt on will be premiering on May 19th on Fox right after American Idol...please watch!!

Also...I'll be running this years EIF Revlon 5K for Women's Cancer on may 9th. A friend of mine was diagnosed in October with breast cancer-and is now cancer free. She started a team, Kim's Posse, and I had to join!!! If you'd like to help here is a link to my donation page.

Friday, April 17, 2009

OMG it's Friday....thank goodness!

I love all of you! I've been such a slacker this week but you have been amazing friends!!

This has been yet another long week and I still have another day of work to deal with!!

It was so hard putting my son on a plane on monday-actually it pretty much sucked! But we really had a nice easter weekend and he's been wearing his CSUCI sweatshirt all week!!!

Work...yeah work, same thing different week. Monday-got pounded by a 14 hour day-always fun to start the week off with a BANG!!! And we've had 3 different directors this week-so we've had 3 completely different personalities to deal with!!

I haven't gone into work yet-i just woke up (it's 10:15am on friday). I got home at 3am this morning. And yes I'm hoping to take Velcro out for a short probably crappy run!! We'll be working until at least 2am this morning if not later(wouldn't that be earlier)....which SUCKS because I was supposed to get up at 4am on saturday to go to a sheep herding trial in Escondido....hmmm don't think that will be happening!

Off to work I go I go! 1pm call here I come!! Paramount here I come!! I will so come by and visit all if you this weekend!!! RBR-you better rock the Tri in Vegas. Sorry I missed your brief 10 minute visit to LA. And JoLynn you will conquer DIABLO!!! Take the Devil down!!! I'll be with you in spirit!!!!

Tues RUN: 3.00 with Velcro (38:19)
Wed RUN: 3.12 with Velcro (43:14)
Thurs Run: 2.88 with Velcro (38:03)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A wonderful long easter weekend!

I took thursday off because my son flew in. It was WONDERFUL and my long weekend was wonderful. My son and I had a great time and I realized I don't like working 5 days a week! I must figure out how I can win the lottery!!

I spent thursday getting alot of paperwork dealt with, in particular the dreaded TAXES! But I finished my taxes!! I picked up my kid at 5:30 and headed straight for a pizza place-must feed a starving teenager!

On friday I dragged my kid out to Ocean trails for a trail run. Now mind you, my son isn't really a runner until he's with me. So I decided on a short trail run since he's not a trail runner at all. Well, 3.3 miles later with an exhausted teenager and dog we finished in sunshine! We didn't have long until we headed north for a college visit at Cal State Channel island in Camarillo. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. And my son really liked it. He now has 2 weeks to make a college decision!

Saturday we were up early to go herding in Phelan. My son took lots of pictures-which ended up being the only good part of sheep herding...we had a horrible sheep herding day! I think Velcro had a major brain fart and forgot everything!! It doesn't bode well for our sheep herding trila this weekend in Escondido! Might be a disaster! But, I'm going to go and enjoy myself!!

Easter sunday...and I woke up to get a longish trail run in before our Easter brunch with friends. It was just velcro and I running, the teenager was left to his own devices at home: he was supposed to be studying but I'm sure he got on the computer to Facebook! Velcro and I had a great bunny run! Everyone who was out today was a dog owner!!

Friday: RUN 3.3 miles with velcro and my son
Saturday: 3 hours sheep herding
Sunday: RUN 5 mile trail run with velcro

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hotel and flight are BOOKED!

I just booked my flight and hotel for the San Francisco Half Marathon on July 26 2009. Who wants to come and run it with me!!! Flights are CHEAP right now(or at least from LA they are) and I found a nice hotel near the start and finish! Come run SF with me!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

it's tuesday but it's really my thursday!

Here I sit at work...watching the b camera shot. My camera is in Steadicam mode so any studio mode shots are being done by the B camera. I've gotten a lot done today! Made flyers for the EIF Revlon 5K I'm running in May(yes I'll be posting a link to my donation web page) made some phone calls-basically I've been doing busy work while B camera works. I'm sure that will change soon!!

Kodak seems no worse for wear after his enema! He goes for kitty acupuncture on thursday! Yes I am taking thursday off! My son flies in on thursday night and I decided I needed to be a mom! So I'm covering myself at work on thursday and I can't wait!!!

Exercise wise, well I need to do more because I'm a fat pig!! They've brought in red velvet cake two days in a row-and me being the sweet addicted pig-haven't been able to say NO! Let me tell you,3 miles a day isn't enough to work off Red Velvet Cake!!! So what did I do last nie, in my guilt, I went home after my short 13 hour work day, and hit my heavy bag for about 20 minutes! I haven't put on gloves and hit my bag in a very long time! I forgot how great it feels! And I'm not sore today! The one thing it did do was put me to sleep last nite! I crawled into bed one sleepy fat chubby sweet eating chicky!!

And what did chubby sweet eating chickie do today?? Well, I woke my chubby ass up at 430am and went out for a run with Velcro!!! It felt GOOD! If I continue this, I might not be a fat biatch!!!

Tomorrow is my friday! Yeah!!! I'm so excited! Mind you I have a busy thursday planned: run with Velcro at Ocean Trails, finish my taxes, take Kodak to acupuncture, pick up my son at 530pm and then I have to feed the teenager!!

Monday: 20 minutes beating a heavy bag
Tuesday: RUN 3.0 miles with Velcro

Monday, April 6, 2009

Manic Monday!

I need time off! I couldn't sleep last night! I was worried about my cat, Kodak, and all the poop that he hasn't been eliminating! He did poop this morning-so I was a little relieved..but the worrying made for a really shitty sleep! I woke up at 4am and then 430 and finally said fuck it and get up! I'd go out for a run since I wasn't sleeping! And I got a pretty nice run in with Velcro this morning! It was cool,dark and quiet and I loved it!!!

I then drove to work-as soon as I got to work I called my vet to give her Kodak's poop update...she was a bit concerned! Basically she said he needed to come in as soon as possible for an enema and asked if he had started vomiting. Well, my brain started working overtime! How in the hell was I going to get Kodak to the vet while I was at work and with a brand spanking new petsitter today only!! (My normal petsitter was in DC on vacation and her standin had never taken care of my animals). The standin petsitter was definitely thrown a curve ball today! But everything worked out! Kodak went to the vet, a "few" enemas later they "got it all out" and he was home by about 230pm! All I did was worry because I wasn't involved! Of course now I have to be very wary of his poop ie his constipation!! He starts kitty acupuncture on thursday-she's working up a plan for his disc issues and his constipation! And it's only monday! I' exhausted!!

RUN: 3.03 miles with Velcro 39:50

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I was a SLUG this morning! I slept and didn't go to the race that I had paid and signed up for....SLEEP won!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

How I love saturdays!

I got home at 3:30am this morning. The producers "pulled the plug" on our day because the crew was BURNT TOAST! We dropped a 1 page scene which will be put on some other day...hmm sounds like another long week....but today is the weekend! And I got some sleep! Actually, I slept until 11 am! unheard of for me! And I have nothing planned for tonight but to stay at home and VEG!

I took one of my cats to the vet today-Kodak, he's the diabetic one-and I found out he has LS disease and had loads of POOP in his bowel. What is it with me and my animals POOP?? Well he's on lactulose and if that doesn't work the dreaded enema. And then starting next week he'll be getting accupuncture! It was a busy vet visit for me today! And as always fairly expensive-but my furry babies are worth it! Kodak is the first cat I got, rescued, when I came to California. He has travlled all over the country with me-he's the BEST! So he deserves the best!

On my Wednesday run with Velcro
My Thursday run with Velcro
My Friday run with velcro
It was such a beautiful day on Friday!

I got home this morning to a wonderful surprise....a tech t-shirt and a JACKET from the Carlsbad Half Marathon. I guess it pays to be the top fundraiser for one of the official charities! The jacket is exceptional! I feel so "elite"!!

My Carlsbad Jacket and Tech t-shirt!

ok, now it's time to figure out what i'm going to do for dinner and get my race stuff together for tomorrow morning. I have a local race, just a 5K, but it starts just down the road so I couldn't pass it up and then I'll be off to herd sheep with my girl!

I hope everyone has had a great saturday! I love all of my blogging friends! You guys get me thru my LONG ASS days!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

is it bad to be desperate for the weekend?'s almost 11:30pm and we aren't close to being finished! I'm exhausted! I'm tired of working 14-15 hour days everyday and having zero life! Don't get me wrong- I love my job and am happy to be working but there has to be a middle ground! I worked until 230am this morning and today will probably work until 3am or later! I have no life..but I have money!

I've been running though-i can't seem to stop that no matter how little sleep I get! They aren't the best of runs but they make me feel alive and human!

This weekend I'm sheep herding and running a local 5k! And probably drinking wine! Wine! Love wine!

Thursday Run: 2.7 miles
Friday Run: 3.2 miles

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

not so wordless wednesday...

When your phone rings at 6am it's usually never good, when it comes from your mother at 6am it's one of a few things-and the first thing that always comes to mind is my son. Thank god it wasn't that today but it wasn't happy news. My last living grandparent, my grandmother, passed away this morning at 2am eastern time. My mother waited until 6 to call me but it's really put me in a funk. My grandmother was 98-she lived an amazing life but no matter what it sucks when you lose a family member. And I hadn't seen my grandmother in a few years-so of course I feel a bit guilty about that!!

I ran this morning-i really needed it! I hadn't run since sunday and today it really cleared my head. And that's when I realized I don't have grandparents anymore! It hit me again about 10 minutes ago..I cried at hindsight I probably shouldn't have come to work feeling emotional but I must work!!

I was very happy to have my girl with me today. I got lots of doggie kisses from her! Velcro turns 5 years old tomorrow! She's been my constant companion for over 4 years now...she makes me smile every day!! I needed a smile today!!

RUN: 3.16 miles (41 minutes-had a doggie playtome break and pees and poop time!)