Sunday, March 29, 2009

PCTR Sycamore Canyon 18K= 11.39 miles!

I should have posted earlier but after running and getting home two dear friends of mine called wondering if we could meet for a drink, so I took off to Trump national Golf Course for a glass of wine, actually two, and when I got home I sat on the couch and wham I just woke up from a little nap! Seems I'm tired.....

First of all...I LOVE all of you, my friends!!! What an amazing feeling to know that there are people all over the country, some of you who I've never met, who were just as excited about my race as I was...THANK YOU! I consider all of you friends!!! Non of my LA friends even called to ask about my race!

ok...on to my race report. First of all, it was HOT as hell yesterday, 80 and sunny. I was praying that it wasn't going to be like that today! So when I woke up this morning to cooler weather and a marine layer-for you non Californians, a marine layer means CLOUDS, I knew I was in HEAVEN! I was up at 5:30am, feeding the cats etc and then Velcro and I were out the door around 6:30. My dad was going to join me today so Velcro wasn't left at home to pout! I had found out yesterday, just by chance, that a mutual friend of ours was camping at Sycamore Canyon. So my dad and I met at a market about 6 miles from Sycamore Canyon, I bought a tea and a coffee for him(I spilled his coffee all over my boob-what a great way to start my morning) and then we drove north along the coast to Sycamore Canyon and campsite #49. Yes...I had ROCKSTAR parking for this race! I was steps away from the start-it was perfect.

I picked up my bib number, 141, and headed back to the car to prepare. It occurred to me that this was going to be the longest run, trail or road, that I had run since the Carlsbad Half Marathon-YIKES! What was I thinking...this is a PCTR event and they are always HARD! And I'm running over 11 miles on only 3 mile training runs during the week and a long run of 6 miles-STUPID me!!! But I had cute new gaiters for this long trail who needs training-HA!

The 18K, 30K and 50K started at 8:30am. Here I was standing around with some pretty hard core trail runners! I really didn't feel worthy! I saw Catra and Dirty Girl and runners I had seen at Malibu Creek....what was i doing with this crowd???

Well in this crowd or not, Wendell started us off and off we ran. I ran the 8K here last year and I remember the HILL at the beginning-HELL! Up hill for 3 miles. I decided that I wasn't going to kill myself on this race for numerous reasons: 1) I've been working 70 hour work weeks 2) I haven't really trained for this-no runs longer than about 6-7 miles and 3) this was the longest trail run I had ever my goal for this race: ENJOY,HAVE FUN AND FINISH!

So off I went, with all the hard corps trail runners, for my first long trail race ever! 18K= 11.1 miles! No expectations at all.....just finish!

I ran into the santa monica mountains to cheers from my personal cheering section, I ran into the mountains without my running partner, Velcro. She was looking at me with that horrible "you're leaving me" look!

Almost immediately I was in the back! But I was running my race not the "hard core" race so I was very content with what i was doing! We hit the hill and I knew it was straight up for almost 3 miles at this point...but wait here comes some guy coming down the trail-wait I know him! He works as a camera asst in the film biz! How funny to see someone I know while running a trail race. I said my hellos and continued up the hill.

As part of "not killing myself" once the hills started getting steep I started walking-as did quite alot of people. I initialyl felt bad about it but then realized I was probably walking faster than i'd be I pressed on....and on and on the hill went. At the top of the single track hill I met a woman named Geri. She had on a 30K number but she was hurting. She told me she had no idea the hills would be this brutal and that there was no way she'd be able to run the she joined me as we walked up the fire road to the crest of the hill. It was nice to have someone to talk to!!

Once we made it to the top, I began running again and left Geri....down the hill on the single track I ran-I knew that the aid station was at the bottom of this mountain-aid station here I come!!! Down down down I ran, runners were coming up as I was coming I began to be Penny the Penguin and the back of the pack cheerleader. Everyone was wonderful-offering encouraging words and saying "great job" it was really wonderful!! Even though I was near the back of the pack people kept saying "great job"..I love runners!!

At the bottom of the mountain I found the aid station, by the way I passed someone on the way down, we'll call her "red girl" Guess who was working the aid station, Catra. I saw her as I was coming into the aid station-she was chatting with a family, and I went up to her and dropped a name!! I went up and asked her if she was Catra and did she know Jo Lynn...yes my dear, I dropped your name!!! She gave me a hug and we chatted, briefly about Jo Lynn and Boomer, she filled my water bottle, I grabbed some fritos and a boiled potatoe and off I went back up the mountain I had just run down. I really wasn't looking forward to the climb up...but I knew it was the last climb. "Red Girl" was just behind me. She was running with a heel injury and was walking the hills as well and Geri was behind her, having given up on her 30K attempt. I kept a pretty fast pace up the hill, running when I could-but seriously-it's a mountain. You trail runners are seriously hard core!!! I reached the top, which was around mile 8 and realized, I'm almost finished!Ii have a 5K left. I think I can do this!!!!

Down I ran on the Overlook Fire Road. It was trashed with rocks, roots, dirt piles-it was awesome! I was really beginning to enjoy myself. Even though my legs were screaming at me-having gone up, down and then up a VERY LARGE hill the final down is when i began to feel the pains. My lower back started aching(I hate it when my back aches) my legs were feeling the down hill but I pressed on! I was hoping to be able to run this in under 3 hours. Actually, I wanted to be done before my dad and our friend had to be checked out of the campsite at noon! So down I ran. Must make it before noon...I think I can, I think I can...I had to stop a few times to stretch my back, it was really beginning to tighten up, but a little stretch and I was back to it. I had passed "red girl" once we got onto the fire road. She had passed me on the up hill...but I knew I'd get her on the down hill because I had passed her on the previous down hill into the aid station!

The one thing I didn't want to be was DFL! And I knew there were at least 2 people behind me, "Red Girl" and Geri, and I think at least 2 other woman....I was not going to be last!!!

The Overlook Fire road led to the Sycamore Canyon fire road which was a short .6 mile dirt road into the campsite and the finish line. One of the 50K runners caught me once I got onto the final road-seriously people do you guys just run run run and do nothing else? He was flying-you'd never have guessed that he was completeing the 30K and would soon bea heading out to run the 18K! He cheered me on..ok...he yelled some encouragement and I got a little push from it. I guess it helped that he was kinda good looking!!

I had sent my dad a text from around mile 8 so I knew he's be near the finish with my girl! And once I saw the gate into the campsite I knew my cheering section was there...I saw my girl! As I got closer I whistled and velcro turned her head-she knew momma was here! She got so excited! It was awesome! My dad snapped a picture of me running into the campsite. I ran past them, Velcro was going nuts and was pulling at the leash-she wanted to run with mom! But I couldn't take her. I just had steps to go until the finish, just around the corne. As soon as I got out of sight I heard this bark and howl Yep, that was my angry girl wanting to run with mom!

The finish line! I love crossing the finish line at PCTR events because they say things like "great run Penny"...yes they yell everyone's name and boy that feels good! Then I went straight to the aid station and guess who I met??? Billy-he wasn't running today just volunteering and he seemed to have his hands full. But it was very nice to put a face to the name/blog! Very nice to meet you Billy!

I had a great time! It was fun. I can see why people get crazy about trail running...I could maybe see myself becoming a little more hard core....I'd need more free time...but until that day comes I'll consider myself the penguin cheerleader!

I picked up my t-shirt and Sarah asked if I had a good time. I said YES!!! I loved it! It was hard as hell but it was an awesome feeling! I was almost as emotional as the first time I crossed the finish line after my first marathon. I had just run(yeah and walked) 11.39 miles in the Santa Monica Mountains! WOW!!! Mind you, I might be emotional because I haven't really slept in weeks because of my job....or maybe I am kinda hard core.....I can't wait for the next one....maybe I can meet RBR and Jo Lynn at a PCTR event in the near future, or in San Fran for the San Fran Half....

I did it!!!

18K = 11.39 miles
Total Time: 2:50:43
Pace 14:49/mile

heading to PCTR Sycamore Canyon 18K

I woke up to cooler weather this morning and a marine layer! Yippee! It was sunny and a miserable 80 degrees-so this morning is beautiful. 18K here I come! Will post later!



Friday, March 27, 2009


Update from my Blackberry sitting on the dolly at work:I am so looking forward to the weekend!!! Monday thru Wednesday we worked 12 hour days! Of course a 12 hour work day is still at least a 14 hour day for me...all that changed yesterday! Up at 5:30am not home until 12:30am! Another sterling 15 hour work day!

I managed to get about 61/2 hours of sleep last nite-was asleep by 1am and up at 720am so I could get a short shitty run in before another long day of work. I ony ran 2.9 miles but surprisingly felt pretty damn good-i don't know why..maybe because it's FRIDAY!!!

Tomorrow I'll be getting up at 7am to take my girl sheep herding! We started work at 1030am today and it's a long day, over 7 pages of dialogue today, so I know it's going to be a long day! I'm expecting to be home around 1am in the morning.

And then it's the weekend! Sheep herding and hopefully the ISU 1orld Figure Skating Ladies long program on saturday. Then sunday....drum roll please... The PCTR Sycamore Canyon 18K. YIKES!!! I guess I can walk it if I'm too tired! I'll attempt to run as much as possible!!

As for my upcoming runs, I did not get into the Nike Womens Half Marathon-bummer! No Tiffany item for me! So I'm planning and have already registered for the San Fran Half which is in June or July?? (How sad that - can't remember) and will be running in the Long Beach Half in October and the Carlsbad Half again in January!!

Now..must work. We haven't started shooting yet...7 pages here we come! Go GLEE!!!
RUN: 2.9 miles (37:23)

Until tomorrow!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grumpy Thursday!

Yeah I'm ina shitty mood! Nothing worse than getting to work and having to deal with a guy who works as the B camera 1st AC (basically my job but I'm the A Camera 1st) decide that he knows more than I do and thinks I don't know how to do my job! Really puts me in a bad mood! I've been dealing with his bad attitude and his crappy personality and I'm really getting tired of it!! I'm going to reach a boiling point soon! And what pisses me off- I had a really nice run this morning and I was in a good mood!

I woke up this morning at 415am-an hour earlier than my alarm. My cat was hurling and then he was scraping his poop in the litter box! He has poop issues! The vet and I can't find anything, parasite wise, that's causing his poop issues so I'm thinking it might be something a little more major! He's kinda thrown up three days in a row, around 4am every morning. I'm thinking he might need some pepcid ac-might have an upset stomach...which of course can be an indication of other issues. I'll be taking him to the vet!

I was not going to stay up at 415 so I went back to bed and at 515am my alarm went off. I really wanted to get at least 3.5-4 miles in this morning. I was carpooling today for the first time so I was going to have a bit more time.

We took off in the dark. I had my cup of tea and was ready. We went on one of our normal routes. There were a few fellow runners out today-but no one else had Velcro!! It occurred to me today that I probably wouldn't run so early in the morning if I didn't have my girl!

3.6 miles in about 46 minutes with about 3 minutes of pee, poop and sniff time!!! A really nice run! And now I'm in a shitty mood!

Must work!

Oh nearly forgot! I received my dirty girl gaiters in the mail last nite-i'm so excited!!! I'll be wearing them this weekend! Three pretty pairs! It might be polka dot day on sunday!!

Until tomorrow!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday... the week is halfway done!

It's wednesday night, almost 7pm and I'm shooting at the IHOP on Ventura Blvd in Tarzana. In the heart of the San Fernando Valley and I'm ready to go home! We spent most of the day shooting outside in the SUN...and you know how much I LOVE the sun! It sucks the life out of me! But now we're shooting a night interior in the IHOP-they've started making us french fries and onion rings-just what I need!

The past two work days have been SHORT!! Only 12 hour days! What a difference it's made in the way I feel. But I didn't get a monday or tuesday run in-my wake up would have been 4am and I just couldn't do that to myself on the off chance we'd get killed by a 15 hour day! But today things changed! I didn't have to be at work until 830am so I was up at 5am, ran my morning 3 milkes and was out the door by 640am so that I could sit in my car for 1 1/2 hours!!

My run felt really good today! But I realized that running with Velcro adds a bit of time to my morning runs! I wouldn't change it for the world but I decided to time her pee and poo breaks just to entertain myself! Do you know that today she spent about 35 seconds finding the perfect grassy spot to poop!! And then her pee breaks are about 12-15 seconds each...and my girl loves to pee! Sniffing seems to occupy about 5 seconds and then of course we have the lights. Sometimes we can be waiting for about 45 seconds to a minute (if I miss the "little white walking man"). So I feel better about my runs! I can deduct at least 2 minutes off my time due to Velcro's pee and poop!!

Now I must go back to work...there is an indian restaurant right next to our location-I LOVE Indian food...might have to send my loader on a quick run for food! They are bringing in Chinese food for us but I can never pass up the opportunity to eat Indian!!!

Ciao for now!!

RUN: 3.11 miles with Velcro (41:26)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Black Mountain 15K in San Diego County - 0 Ocean Trails run with Velcro - 1

I had GRAND plans for this morning! They all fizzled! And it started yesterday! I slept in yesterday from my LONG ASS work week! Another f-ing 70 hour work week! I slept in until 10am, of course I didn't get in until does that equal sleeping in??

I had planned on saturday being a slug day-just didn't realize how slug like I was going to be. Sat in front of my laptop all day....doing all kinds of things: college stuff, looking for a new desktop since I blew mine up last sunday, checking out races-WHOA...there's one. A 15K trail race in Northern San Diego county...starts at 8am, 2 hours away ok up at 5am.....then my friend Lisa called to ask if we were still going to go out for wine. I've flaked on her SO MANY times since GLEE started that I thought I'm awake I'll go for a glass of wine. Well, yummy appetizers, french onion soup and a twice baked potato and 2 bottles of wine later, I'm finally getting home around 10pm. I was a little tipsy and tipsy-emailed RBR!! I had an excuse! She signed up for NIKE but didn't know about the AKA Alice team!! But I was also printing out directions and a map for the race this morning. I was still determined to get up at 5am and run.

Well lets just say that working a 70+ hour week, being exhausted and mixing wine with that doesn't make for an easy 5am wake up! I woke up at 5am, heard my beloved rain pouring down on the roof, and decided I was sleeping! So back to sleep I went! Yeah I felt like a complete and utter loser for planning a race and then flaking but I felt better when I woke up at 830am!

I did run today-went to Ocean trails with velcro! Don't have the foggiest how far I ran since my Garmin took a shit! WTF! it's been doing this lately-just wont turn on. Does anyone else have these issues?? She's getting charged! Well, this really threw a wrench into my running plans for tonight! I really wanted to run 7 or 8 miles since I didn't have my Garmin I ran around Ocean Trails as much as I could-battling the driving wind and a beautiful sunset and a running partner that had the need to chase bunnies, pee on every smell and once down at the beach obsess about tennis balls-YES she found one! I left my car at 5:36 and we didn't get back until 7:23. It was at least a 6 mile run...I think maybe a little further but who knows. It was a long one, time wise, but when you run with velcro you have a mid run play stop at the beach! I also had to wriggle out of my leggings at the start of my run. It was cold when i started but I should have known better-I hate running with anything on my legs and at around mile 1 I'm sitting on the dirt wriggling my leggings off from underneath my running skirt! Thank god no one was out today! They must have been chased away by the wind so i was all alone in my undressing on the trails! Of course after being out for almost 2 hours, I got cold so i had to wriggle myself back into my leggings! What a waste of perfectly good running time!!!

We had a great run! It was an amazing day even though the wind was howling!!! I really love running with my girl!!!

Next sunday is the PCTR 18K at Sycamore Canyon. I'm hoping for a short work week! And no wine drinking on saturday night! I want to feel as good as possible for the longest trail race to date!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thank god it's Friday!

Well actually it's almost saturday and I'm still working! It's another Fraturday for me! We had an 11am call today and I've heard they are pulling the plug at 2am...that means 3am! So I'll be having another short weekend!

I cancelled my sheep herding lesson for tomorrow. I was supposed to be there at noon, which would mean I'd be up at 8am. I decided sleep was a bit more important-so I plan on sleeping in tomorrow and watching basketball and hopefully taking Velcro on a trail run!!

I did get a run in this morning-after 6 hours of sleep! It's was a hard slow crappy 2 miles-but I got out there and ran. Velcro so looks forward to our morning runs that I feel obligated to get up during the week!!

Oops, the actors are in...must work

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday in Hollywood

I worked until 1am last night-home by 135am and in bed by 2am. Let's just say 830am came way to early this morning! I didn't have to get up that early. I could have slept until 9 but my morning run with Velcro has such a strong pull! So up I got and out I went into the fog! What a wonderful morning to run!

Not the best run. As a matter of fact it took me 1 1/2 miles to feel like a human! So my short 3 mile run started off slow but ended slightly faster! Here are my splits:
Mile 1 14:20
Mile 2 13:56
Mile 3 10:34

Total 3.02 miles in 38:59. Could be a lot worse but could be a lot better. But I'm happy I ran after another 14 hour work day yesterday!

Now I'm on the paramount lot. We're shooting a rain scene for GLEE. Gotta love making rain when it's sunny outside!! I think we're already behind. We had an 11:30am call today-our 12 hour day is up at 12:30...I'm sure we'll be going much later than that tonight. They have a noon call on the books for tomorrow! Yet another short weekend for me!

I don't think I have any races planned for this weekend. I must get a longish trail run in at least one day this weekend since I have that 18k at the end of the month. I guess I'll have plenty of time to finish since there is a 30k and a 50k the same day!!

We're doing a rain test now.. Gotta start paying attention for we'll be shooting soon.

I hope everyone has a great thursday. Mine will be long and late and then tomorrow my son gets his wisdom teeth yanked out. Still wish I could be in Tennessee with him but he's in great hands with my mother!! Thanks for everyone's super kinds words! I occasionally get a bit down in the dumps about my parental situation!! But I have an awesome son!!!

Until tomorrow!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not so wordless wednesday....

13 hours at work yesterday!!a short day! But I haven't recovered yet from last week's marathon. I got home at 1030pm last nite and had to deal with computer issues. My desktop crashed on sunday and I've been working off my laptop. Here I was last night around midnight uploading printer device drivers!! Fun times at midnight.

So this morning when my alarm went off at 630 I wasn't the happiest of campers! But I wanted to run! I try to run tuesday thru friday while I'm working-granted the runs are short but my runs clear my head and give me "penny time with velcro" which is a necessity when I have no life!! So I forced myself out this morning for a short 2.68 mile run! It wakes me up and makes me feel like my entire life doean't revolve around stage 14 and 15 at paramount!!

I'm at work now-quickly punching on the keys of my blackberry while we reset the dressing of a locker! GLEE is a fun show! And I think it airs May 19th after American Idol....but it is occupying a lot of my time!! Which is one of the reasons I'm feeling guilty about me being a shitty mom! Of course I also feel like a shitty mom because I'm in California and my son lives with my mom in Tennessee. And it's because of the entertainment industry!! I have a great job but I've had to sacrifice A LOT!! Don't get me wrong...I'm happy to be working and I love my job!!But sometimes I wish things were different!

We're going to shoot now! I hope everyone has a great wednesday!!

RUN: 2.68 miles with Velcro in around 35:18 ish!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"GLEE" Promo in case you missed it!

Please mark you calendars and watch my new TV show!!!!

it's tuesday-is the week over yet?

I ran this morning. A meager 3.08 mile run with my girl. I'm just thrilled I got my arse out of bed and onto the streets! I started off my work week with a 14.5 hour work day! It's starting all over again! I just can't catch up! I know a lot of people think I shouldn't run with all the hours I put in at work-but it's my sanity!! I have to!! I'm expecting this week to be a long one-again!

I'm at work right now...waiting for the lighting and grip crew to finish so we can start shooting our first scene. We had an 830am call and it's almost 10am and we've shot nothing...this is how my days go....sit around waiting, shoot and then toward the end of our day race around because we're so far behind!!

I'm in a bit of a shitty mood today! Surrounded by men who's testosterone is soaring today! What is it when certain men get together and have to outdo each other! Tired of it!!

Also, feeling like a pretty shitty mom! My son is having his wisdom teeth taken out on friday and will I be there? NO! My job sometimes really irritates me! I've lost so much of my life because of the entertainment industry!!

Must work now!! Hopefully I'll be home by 11pm tonight!


Sunday, March 15, 2009


no it's not a half ironman but the number of hours I worked in 5 days! Can you say TIRED!!I am tired. I worked all night on friday night-didn't get home until 8am, slept until 1:30 and the rest of the day was bust! Sunday wasn't much better. It's hard to catch up after a week like that. And how do you catch up on sleep after having 18-19 hour days....yeah, doesn't happen in one day. So saturday and today I didn't do anything! I so wanted to run today but the body just couldn't muster the strength to do anything! I went sheep herding today-was running around the field-and when i got in the car felt like I had just run a marathon. So rest was in the cards for me today! I'm going to bed....trying to mentally and physically prepare for another brutal work week! Here are some pictures from my week-running with Velccro and from work!

Tuesday: RUN 2.16 miles with velcro (29:46)
Wednesday: RUN 3.01 miles with Velcro (40:29)
Thursday: RUN 3.2 miles with Velcro (43:20)
Friday: RUN 3.2 miles with Velcro-Ms Garmin wouldn't turn on!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

weekend? what is that?

I'm at's friday night and e just started working at 530pm! All night long, in the cold on a football field! Fun times! I've done two 15 hour days this week, a 14 and a 13 and tonight, I'm sure we'll be wrapping around daylight! Weekend? What's that because I won't have one!but I'm happy to be working! I'm working my ass off but I'm working!!

I have run 4 days this week,a 2.16 miler and 3 3 milers! Even with very little sleep I was out there with my girl! Unfortunately I can't upload pictures right now since I'm posting this on my Blackberry!

I'll be sleeping most of tomorrow and then sunday it will be sheep herding and hopefully a trail run!

I've registered for the PCTR Sycamore Canyon 18K. Yikes-i hope I'll be able to finish it with the work hours I've been working.!! I'll post pictures from my daily runs tomorrow!

Think of me tonight!! I'll be working all night long!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

PCTR Malibu Creek 9k-no wait it turned into a 10K

Spring forward sucks when you have to get up early on the first day! And stupid silly me decided to change the time on my Blackberry before going to bed and then sometime in the middle of the night it changed itself(hmmm it's never done that before) so instead of my alarm going off at 5:30 (which was really 4:30) the alarm went off at 5:30(actual time was 4:30 which was really 3:30 because stupid me had changed the time on my phone before falling asleep at 10pm which ended being 11pm)...that was exhausting writing!

Well, I was able to go back to sleep-of course the furry beasts heard the alarm go off and immediately thought it was breakfast time...think again purring felines...momma needed one more hour of sleep!

I got up at 5:30, the real spring forward 5:30, and fed the cats, put food out for Velcro, took a shower because I hadn't taken one the day before(yeah I know gross-but whatever-I was braindead yesterday) and then boiled 2 eggs and had a piece of cinnamon toast with peanut butter.

I got in the car around 6:40am and started my 59 mile drive to Malibu Creek (where M.A.S.H was shot). By the time I exited Las Virgennes Road, I had to pee so bad! McDonalds was a sight for sore eyes. I raced in....not the cleanest of bathrooms but I didn't care! I jumped back into the car, noticing it was a bit chillier here than at home, and drove to the entrance to the park.

As I was driving in, I saw the fog over the hills. It looked cold-and it was, well by So Cal standards, about 35 degrees I do believe. And foggy. It was crisp! Which I loved but the sky was clear and that means one thing-SUN! I put my fuzzy on and a pair of pants under my running skirt and headed to check in. COLD....crispy wet grass, my pants were soaked but I was toasty warm...I wouldn't be soon!

I checked in got my number and went on the hunt for Sarah of PCTR, because I had to be a trail running groupie and tell Sarah that Jo Lynn was sending hellos thru me! Sarah asked "how do you know Jo Lynn?"...well I said, I don't really know here-she's my blogging friend. Yeah-I'm the stalker running groupie!! Here I was saying hello to one of the directors of the race from a "friend" I've never met....but who I hope to meet sooner rather than later! But I said hello! And then proceeded to hoof it back to the car to warm up! it was COLD!

Is at in my car cranking toons, Depeche Mode and new order-a little psych me up music-and at 8:20 decided I should make my way to the start like a good little runner. So off came the fuzzy, my pants and my fuzzy Crocs and on went my trail shoes. And off I went to the start area.

At 8:30, the 25K and 50K runners took off. I was kinda jealous! I'd like to be there one day! I was in the "beginner trail distance" with beginners. Hell, I'm no expert! But I was with some true LA types....yeah LA what a fun place to people watch! I just want to comment that a large number of the 9K'ers did not carry any water or gatorade or anything. I think that's rather foolish! But having run one other PCTR race, I know that even the "beginner distance" can still be challenging. And 6 miles on a trail without anything-CRAZY!

There were about 129 pre-registered 9K'ers of all ages. A few looked like they were there to hike the trail, some looked super gung ho. I just wanted to finish and feel good since I have to be at work tomorrow at 7am. As we were standing at the start, Wendell told us that our 9K had been extended to a 10K because the LA Sheriffs Dept was having some sort of training going on....but there isn't much difference between 9K and 10K...bring it on!!

Off we went. We started on the roads leading to the trails, I don't like running on the roads in my trail shoes. And it was about .5 miles I guess on the roads at the beginning. Everyone took off fast. Not me. And there were a few back of the packers with me! We got onto the fire roads and then the trail and then it started going up!

I really wanted to try to run alot of the hills, and I ran alot but walked up hills as well! Lets face the facts-I am not winning this race! My goal is to finish, feel good about myself, feel good and try not to get hurt!

I'm so glad I own trail shoes. The trails were a bit muddy today! And I had no mud accumulation! Gotta love that! As I was running, I saw two girls ahead of me. I had to snap a pic because they were the "LA types" running with lots of makeup, the perfect running outfits and little backpacks. I wonder what they had in their backpacks?

Up and down hills, into valleys, shade, sun-that's what we ran in today! This trail had more shady spots that the upcoming race in Sycamore Canyon. I smiled when I headed into the shade and cursed under my breath when I came out! The day started off cold, but withing the first mile I had taken off my long sleeved shirt and was running with my sleevless top and my running skirt! Like a good pale skinned girl, I had my hat on and SPF 45! I was prepared for the sun, I don't like it, but there wasn't anything I could do!

I ran an ok race. I would have liked to have run faster-but I always want to run faster. And I always kick myself for walking parts, especially when I crossed the finish line and felt like I could have run farther! But I finished! And I ran the race after a brutal work week! So I'm happy! I didn't consume all of the fluids I was carrying, and when I crossed the finish line, Wendell said "Good job Penny"...yeah that's when I became the stalked trail running groupie. I had to tell him that Jo Lynn said hello!!!

I crossed the finish line just in time to see a search and rescue helicopter land in front of us. loads of fireman and search and rescue peeps out there today!

Because I registered so late, I didn't get my shirt but I was able to geta pair of socks. The t-shirts sure did look cute! I'll just have to register earlier next time!!

I feel I could have run faster! But I'm happy! There is always room for improvement with my running! But I'm just thrilled that I am able to run and do activities that I really enjoy while working my ass off and getting older each year!

I'm hoping to run the PCTR Sycamore Canyon 18K on the 29th march-3 weeks...SCARY! But I guess I have 8 hours to finish!

Overall Time: 1:26:46
Distance: 6.35 miles (10K+)
Overall Placement: 89 out of 129? Not DFL!
Age group placement: 15th out of ????
14:58 / mile pace

In a completely unrelated topic. But a topic that is on everyone's mind, Addy, got laid off from her teaching job on friday! This was her first teaching assignment and was so enthusiastic about teaching and now she doesn't have a job! It's so sad that teachers are losing their jobs! It's sad that way too many people are losing their jobs!I don't understand how educating our children can be so low on the totem pole! The economy and this recession is disturbing and sad!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A little Cheese with my Whine.....

I'm tired! I worked a 66.7 hour week and I'm tired! Sleep? What's that? I haven't had that much of it...not even today since I got up early to take Velcro sheep herding. Now I'm at home, on my second glass of wine ready for bed and it's only 8:30am. I'm running in the PCTR Malibu Creek 9K in the morning. I so wanted to run a longer distance-but in hindsight after my week and with my upcoming brutal week-I'm opting for the shortest distance tomorrow morning! Hopefully it won't beat me up too much!!

But even with my long ass week, I exercised almost every day this week-mind you as it got closer to friday, I got more tired and my running suffered-reverting to walking! But I got my fat tired lazy ass out there even when all i wanted to do was SLEEP!!! The entertainment industry isn't glamorous! It's long hours with NO LIFE! But I'm VERY HAPPY to have a job right now! Especially with the shitty economy and the unofficial SAG strike that has affected the entertainment industry since June!

Monday: 100 situps
Tuesday: RUN with Velcro 3.03 miles (44:04)
Wednesday: RUN with Velcro 2.65 miles (35:12)
Thursday: WALK with Velcro 2.11 miles (40:09)
Friday: WALK with Velcro 1.6 miles
Saturday: HERDING with Velcro 1.5 miles

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is the weekend over already? WTF?'s sunday night and I have to be up at 4:30am tomorrow-where did my weekend go?? When I last left was tuesday of the first full week of Glee. Well we finished our first week-working a 63 hour work week. Good that it started off as a short week-I still don't have my TV series work legs under me. I was expecting a 65-70 hour work week. Of course that's just working-it doesn't take into consideration my commute times. I realized on saturday, when I skipped the last leg of the LASAA Mug Run to sleep, that I need rest and sleep and that during the week I'm up at least 18 hours a day. No wonder I sleep on a saturday! Of course if I didn't run during the week I'd probably get a little more sleep-but it doesn't help my commutes at rush hour....But I ran. They were shortish runs, but runs nonetheless!

Wednesday-short work day! Only 12.5 hours!! Woo hoo! I didn't run today-lazy butthead me! Oh well.

Thursday was a LONG day! 14 hour work day and when I got home I was tired! But I ran before I sat in traffic for an hour and a half! It really wakes me up and makes me feel like I've accomplished something during my day!!

Friday-TGIF! I was super tired when i woke up for my run..yeah, the run was crap! I walked and ran and complained and then ran again and kept wishing Velcro needed to stop more! I slogged thru a short shitty run but felt better when I headed to work! And good thing I ran because I had yet another long day!

Saturday, lazy me slept in until 9am and I so needed it! I was really bummed that I missed getting a mug from the LASAA but I didn't get home until around 1:30 am and there was no way I was going to be getting up at sleep was my treat for saturday! It wasn't enough sleep-I was tired all day! But it didn't stop me from taking Velcro sheep herding! We had a two day "camp of sorts"

Sunday, I woke up at 6:30 and headed out for a trail run at Ocean Trails. Oh it felt AWESOME! I hadn't been to Ocean Trails in weeks! I forgot how much I enjoy trail running with Velcro. We didn't run fast. We enjoyed the beautiful albeit sunny Sunday morning. Luckily it didn't reach 80 degrees until we started our return trip.....I HATE THE SUN AND HEAT! It was getting really hot and there was no shade on the trails just SUN-But I pushed thru it because I so wanted to enjoy my run! Velcro had a great time playing at the beach-she found a ball stuck deep in the sand. How does she do it?

After running, I stopped by the Corner Store for a spinach and cheese croissant-my little treat-and then we headed home for a few hours before driving 90 miles for SHEEP! And it was so worth it! We had an amazing day herding today!! Velcro and I really had a breakthru with her Outrun. I'm so excited! Velcro was wonderful! I'm so proud of my girl! And I walked 1.25 miles while herding. not as much as a normal lesson since it was in a "camp" format....but it's exercise!

Now I'm having a glass of wine and preaparing for another work week! I'm hoping to get at least 3 runs in during the week-depending on how long my days are. I'm not going to kill myself since this job goes until the end of June and I have alot of races and herding events in the books for the next few months!

Wednesday: 100 situps
Thursday: RUN: 3.09 miles with velcro )42:19)
Friday: RUN: 2.61 miles with Velcro feeling VERY SLUGGISH (34:20)
Saturday: Sheep herding walk 1.5 miles
Sunday: Trail Run with velcro4.29 miles (1:16) / Sheep herding walk: 1.25 miles

Events I'm hoping to enter:

March 8 -PCTR Malibu Creek 9K
March 14 - drive to Solvang to cheer RBR on her Century Bike Ride
March 15 - Village Runner St Patty's Day 5K Redondo Beach
March 28 -AHBA Herding Trial - Murrieta
March 29 - PCTR Sycamore Canyon 18K - Malibu
April 5 - 5K for Victims Rights -San Pedro
April 18,19 - ACDGLA Herding Trial- Escondido
April 26 - CSULB Reverse Tri -Long Beach
May 9 - Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon Santa Ynez-Solvang
May 23 - Low Tide 4 mile run - Long Beach
May 30,31 - Antelope Valley Herding Trial
June 6 - Wrigley River Run - Long Beach
June 13 - Manhattan Beach 5K - Manhattan Beach
June 14 - Redondo Beach Super Sprint Tri
July 4 - Redondo Beach 4th of July 5K- Redondo Beach
July 26 - San Francisco Half Marathon
Aug 23 - PCTR Montana de Oro 12K or 25K