Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to the grindstone!

No rest for the weary here! Sunday, I went sheep herding with Velcro-I was doing sprints around the arena! Sheep herding is good exercise don't let anyone tell you different. By the time I got home it was OSCAR time, and I had to sit and watch it....no running for me-but I had done sprints in amongst sheep early on in the day!!

Monday SUCKED! I was up at 5am(which is late for a monday morning) and didn't get home until 11pm...Long Ass Day! I came home and couldn't go to bed right away because the FAFSA for was waiting for me!! But I was determined to geta run in before work on Tuesday and I did!!!

Velcro was super excited when I put my running gear on at 5am this morning. 5am came very early! 5 hours of sleep isn't really enough!! But I got a run in and felt much better! And to make things even better after spending the morning crammed into the back seat of a Ford Mustang with my camera and my operator doing a stunt, we moved locations and spent the rest of the day in a house...and it was a short day!!! Yippee!! I was home by 8pm tonight!! And Velcro and I went on a short walk and now I may head off to bed!!!

Monday: 100 situps
Tuesday: RUN: 3.12 miles with Velcro and WALK: 1 mile with Velcro

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My First Triathlon is in the books....

Yes that is right....after a long week of work and not getting home until 12:30am this morning, I Penny AKA Southbay Girl conquered my fear of swimming!! I picked the perfect race(for me) a reverse tri which ended in a POOL! That's right folks, I got to swim in a heated clear pool!!

Now let me catch you all up with my silly week! When last we chatted I was in Birmingham Alabama and had done a gym reverse tri.

I flew back to LA on monday night and landed around 8:45pm and was immediately greeted with LAX holiday traffic! WTF is up with this city! It took me 30 minutes to go from Terminal 5 to the exit(that would be 2 terminals). I got home around10:45 and greeted my furry beasts and went to bed! I had one more day of prep on my new tv show, Glee, and come wednesday we would start shooting!

My last prep day, Tuesday, was a winner! If anything could have gone wrong with my cameras it did! I started at 8am and didn't finish until 7:30pm (that is LONG day for a prep!) So by the time I got home all I wanted to do was eat and go to bed since I was planning on running before work in the morning.

Wednesday I was up at 4:30am to get a quick run in before my first day. no matter how long I've been working in this business, I still get a bit nervous before the first day. So I felt a run with Velcro would help calm my nerves. I had a 7:30am call time at Paramount-which meant I left the house at 6am. And lucky me didn't get home until after 9pm.

When I woke up on Thursday I was tired! So I didn't run, opting for a half hour more sleep! I knew my work day would be at least a 13 hour day if not longer so I've decided to start this show off smartly!! And I was right-my work day started at 8:30am and we finished at 10:30pm. Once again I got home around 11:15 and off to bed I went!! I kept pouring myself a small glass of vino each evening and each morning I'd wake up and there would sit my vino!!

Friday, the last day of the week! I wanted to run today since I was feeling like a fat pig! And I knew I could get at least 6 hours of sleep and run-so I did it! It felt so good, even if it was slow!!!
My work day started at 9:30 today. I had to go in a half hour early to build my camera on the crane! I spent all day on my feet working steadicam! We were shooting musical numbers so I was dancing around with my steadicam operator all day long! By the time I got home, which was 12:30am, I was exhausted! But I took a few minutes to get all my gear out and ready and pump up the tires in my hybrid. I had to be up at 6am so I could take care of the furry beasts before heading to Los Alamitos to register and get my transition area set up.

I just want to mention and say a BIG THANK YOU to Missy!!! Missy you ROCK and you saved me!!! I never would have felt so comfortable and had all the right gear etc if you hadn't been such an amazing virtual training coach!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I owe you a day of vino at Arrington vineyards!!!

Saturday arrived WAY TO EARLY! I so wanted to go back to sleep!!! I did hit snooze twice, which could have been a disaster!!! But I was determined to get my ass up out of bed and to this tri!! Everyone at work knew I was doing a reverse tri this morning (might be because I was always putting my cute pink swim cap on and prancing around the set!). Am I the only one that has felt so sick to her stomach before starting a SHORT tri! I cried on the way there!!! There is no crying in Tri's!

I really was freaking out! Even armed with the knowledge Missy had emailed me, I was a Nervous Nellie and it was causing my tummy and intestines to have a field day!!! I ate a bowl of cereal and had a cup of tea and then piled all my shit into the car, including my Hybrid bike with big nubby tires, and headed to the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base which is where they were having the Race on the Base. Last year I had run the 5k and the 10K but not this year!!! I was hoping to complete my first triathlon and possibly be able to call myself a triathlete.....

I had been told that I should arrive around 7:30am since I still had to register. Let's just say I had plenty of time!! And I'm kinda glad I did! I was able to find an end spot for my bike and the rest of my stuff...did they have to put the ages of us chicks on the stands?? WTF...makes me feel older than I actually am....oh well. I liked being at the end. I knew where it was! A few people had balloons etc...maybe next time I'll bring a big PINK balloon. Most people had road bikes, there were quite a few mountain bikes and even one beach cruiser! I knew I could beat the beach cruiser rider!!!! I wasn't going to be dead fucking last! Woo Hoo!!! And I might add, quite a few larger woman! I didn't feel out of place at all!! It wasn't all super skinny peeps!!

So since it was a reverse tri, the run was first! I got to start with my favorite event! They had said it was a 3.1 mile run. I can do a 5K!! I can do it decently paced, but I didn't want to go all out on my very first Tri-considering I've never done this before and had no idea how my body was going to react after the 12 mile bike and getting into the pool. So I tried to keep my run to a good pace.
Mile 1 - 10:26
Mile 2 - 11:04
Mile 3 11:00.54
Mile .41 ...wait a minute....isn't this supposed to be a 5k...what part of 3.41 miles is a 5k-oh yeah 3.1 miles of that! so the last .41 miles in 4:27.13.

Now I just want to voice my irritation for a moment! We were all wearing ankle chips. So when I got to the start line, i was expecting to see a mat....hmmm...no mat!!! How the hell do they know when I start??? I wasn't in the front of the pack!! So the times I gave you were from Ms Garmin! Since she and I have done many events together!! And this run was done WITHOUT MY IPOD!!!! OMG!! I had to talk to myself!!! I haven't run without music in YEARS!!! Missy had mentioned to me that ipods are not allowed. And they even mentioned at the pre-race meeting that no ipods were allowed...so why were there runners running with ipods! I wanted to kill them!!!! And to make me even more miserable-one girl was singing(horribly I might add) very loudly beside me!!! that biatch!

I got into the transition area(that sounds so professional!!) and started getting ready for the bike. I lapped my T1 time at 1:59.05 I don't have a clue if that really sucks or is just marginally bad...but I drank gatorade, ate a Bonk Breaker Peanut Butter and jelly, drank some water, put on my helmet(over my sunglasses thank you Missy) and my gloves and put my cell phone in my bag. I got my bike and left. I was off again!

At the "mount your bike" area, I looked around...hmmm lots of road bikes! Oh well. I'm not going to buy a road bike or a tri bike until I figure out if I actually enjoy this torture! So off I went, heading back to the runways on the base! 12 miles here I come!! 3 laps around the runways! I turned myself into the little engine that could "I think I can, I think I can...."...I did but in the process of completeing the 12 mile bike ride I ate road bike dirt!! Yeah, I think I was at a bit of a speed disadvantage being on a nubbly tired hybrid bike!!! Just think what I might be able to do on a road bike!!!! So here are my splits on the bike (I think???? I've never used Ms Garmin while biking-and she was sill on the running mode....)
Mile 1 - 4:51.65
Mile 2 - 4:16.34
Mile 3 - 4:29.38
Mile 4 - 4:26.79
Mile 5 - 4:37.52
Mile 6 - 4:28.88
Mile 7 - 4:31.31
Mile 8 - 4:30.64
Mile 9 - 4:33.59
Mile 10 - 4:43.64 met a lovely lady named Sharon who was doing her first Tri as well. She is a cyclist so was very comfortable on her road bike as I pedaled away on my bike with large nubbly tires.....
Mile 11 - 4:36.09
Mile 12....oops forgot to hit the lap button! I was concentrating on not falling off my bike and falling flat on my face in front of spectators.... so I don't have my last mile split on the bike nor do I have my transition time! What a loser Penny!!!

T2...ok, legs felt a bit rubbery! I got off my bike and it took a while to get my running legs under me....I got into the transition area and proceeded to strip down! I hate being in a bathing suit!! By this time, alot of people were finished or finishing, and some people were leaving. The transistion area was pretty gravely (is that a word) and little did I know they were allowing you to wear flip flops from the transition area to the pool area. That would have been nice to know silly tri people. I hobbled from mt area to the exit to the swim, people were blocking the exit-BUTTHEADS! I mean I know I'm not as fast as you guys, but do you have to block my exit from the transition area with your f-ing road bikes while I'm feeling very vulnerable bare footed on gravel in a bathing suit????? One VERY NICE athlete told the guys in front of me that there were still competitors on the course and to be respectful. I wanted to kiss that guy!!! For I was heading to the area I have been fearing-THE POOL and the SWIM! I made it to the pool area and before i made it to the edge, one of the volunteers said, take you sunglasses off-shit I didn't even realize I still had them on!! So she hung them on the fence for me and told me not to forget them!!

SWIM....... wholly shit mam, I'm getting ready to get in the pool and SWIM! Wholly shit what am I doing? I jumped in and noticed there were quite a few people in the pool. I noticed that they were doing ALL strokes (well not butterfly) so I felt even more comfortable doing my happy little breaststroke!! It was a 50 meter pool and the swim was 200 meters...but on all the flyers it said the swim was a 200 yard swim!! I was going to be swimming slightly further! WTF-learn how to calculate distances and then print them on a flyer properly!! Sorry....so I jumped in the pool and started swimming. I thought to myself, 4 laps is HELL! And then I started swimming with all the other back of the packers! And you know what...I was a pretty decent swimmer!! And that's only having swum once in about 5-6 years!! Boy was I feeling good at this point!!! I swum the first lap and got to the end, that's when we had to go under the lane lines and head back up the next lane. I was catching up to a group of 4 girls, who were obviously doing this race together. At the end of the second lap, they decided to congregate at the crossover talking-seriously did they not realize that this was actually a race of some sorts??? I finally got into the next lane only to be blocked by some twirling swimmer in the middle of the lane who kept going from swimming on her back to swimming in her stomach. i was getting a bit irritated and decided that I had to get in front of these wankers so I passed about 4 people....CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT I,PENNY, THE NON SWIMMER, PASSED 4 SWIMMERS IN THE POOL! I beat them to the end of the third lap and could see the finish line! I had 50 meters to go. I was beginning to feel it a bit. I had to roll over to my back and just kick, but then I went back to my trusty breastroke! I made it to the end and this is where it got funny. They had lifeguards helping people out of the pool, they had installed steps and then a very large step-some poor boy had to help my fat ass out of the pool and I nearly fell!!! After all that and I was going to fall crossing the mat as I was being hoisted out of the pool!! They got a workout those guys!!

I DID IT!! I finished!!! And then I met Sharon, who came in behind me, and she was crying!! She nearly made me cry too! I thanked her for taking the time to start a conversation with me on the bike ride! It really was so nice to meet someone who was doing this for the first time and who was so very sweet!!!

I hobbled back to the transition area of the gravely parking lot-I so wanted shoes!!! Lots of people were leaving now. I knew I hadn't won! Nor was I near the top...but I finished my first ever triathlon and more importantly conquered a fear of the swim!!! Actually, the swim portion was better than my bike portion!! I put on my furry Crocs and a long sleeved shirt and shorts and went back in to the pool area. I wanted to see more people finish!! I wasn't last!! And what was amazing, even the people that were last were so excited and thrilled to have finished!!! It's really an awesome sight to behold!!! We aren't all elite athletes! But we try!!

I had a wonderful time! I now have a sprint tri time that I can aim to beat! I really need to get a road bike! I think it would help my time immensely!! Overall, I'm thrilled!!! I'm thrilled I didn't chicken out and I'm absolutely esctatic that a lifeguard didn't have to jump in and rescue me!!! That is a win in itself!!!

Div Place age 40-44 34 out of 40
Run: 37:15
Bike: 59:25
Swim 6:05
Total: 1:42:43.68

Monday, February 16, 2009

my own mini tri and other stuff....

I'm in Birmingham, Alabama visiting Birmingham Southern College with my son...and having a blast I might add!! The president of the university had an "intimate dinner with the President" last night with 300 of his closest "admitted students." Let me tell you, they(Birmingham Southern) have this down to a fine art form! They know how to woo and make you feel special! And I think it might be working-Birmingham Southern seems to be at the top of my son's long list of schools!

When we came home last night, I had to exercise. i hadn't done anything on saturday-sitting in the plane all day and then going out for wine with my mom on Valentines day. So exercise was at the top of my list of things that needed to be accomplished by ME on sunday! So off I trotted to the fitness center with my son in tow! They had treadmills, elepticals, bikes weights and a pool...a thought crossed my mind. I'm thinking of doing a mini tri this weekend(3 mile run, 6 mile bike and then either a 100 or 200 yard swim) and haven't been in the pool in YEARS! So here I was with all the tools to do my own mini-tri. Off I went. I jumped on the treadmill-I don't know how you people run on treadmills consistently! I HATE them....3 miles about killed me I was so bored! I have to cover the screen anyway-but it just seems to drag on and on and on....after my 3.2 miles, I jumped on the "sit down" bike and proceeded to pedal around 95 RPM for 6 miles at a resistance of 8,9 or 10. Then I jumped off-legs feeling a bit wobbly and walked gingerly and tried to squeeze my fat body into a bathing suit! Oh how I hate being in a suit and why are the "racing" ones so hard to get into to. it's not like I have a super duper racing one, It's just a racer back type-I felt like a contortionist! Once i pulled and prodded I walked to the pool (it seems I'm going to need some help in the transition areas! HA!) and jumped in surrounded by 4 children frolicking in the pool! I swam, BREASTSTROKE! Yes people, it's my favorite stroke and the one I can do after not being in the pool since 1997! I swam 20 laps of the 59' pool...how much is that in yards???? My arms and shoulders felt like rubber! I thought they might fall off. I had to stop twice, and of course I swam around the frolicking kiddos....but i was pretty darn happy that I got my fat ass in a suit and into the water and even attemted 10 laps let alone 20. i forced myself to wim 20....knowing that i wasn't going to eercise today-well, we are touring the campus today, so i'll be walking!

All in all, I'm quite proud of myself! I elt ehausted and damn happy! Ok maybe I see why you tri people are addicted to this stuff....it was a happy ehaustion and I felt like I accomplished something. Yeah I know, it was a mini tri in a gym, but it was my first time doing all three disciplines one right after the other!!! Do you think I can do the mini reverse tri this saturday? What do I need to get? How do I prepare? can i ride my hybrid bike? gotta since i don't have a road bike.....

ok gotta get a tea and go make sure the teenager is up ad ready to be collegiate!!!

i fly back to LA tonight and then back to work tomorrow! We start shooting the new TV show, Glee, on wednesday. I'll have 3 days of shooting under my belt before saturday-yikes hope the hours aren't horrible!!

RUN: 3.2 miles on the treadmill(I know why it's called the DREADMILL)
BIKE: 6 miles on the silly sitdown bike
SWIM: 393.2 YARDS!! Woo Hoo I could do that tri!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Yep friday! And it's a long weekend! I'm heading back to Tennessee tomorrow for a college visit with my son. We have a sunday dinner with a College president and then a tour at Birmingham SOuthern College. I'm really looking forward to it!! I worked the past 2 days, Thursday on Private Practice and today prepping the camera packages for my new TV show Glee-everyone must watch when it comes out on FOX! But I managed a short run tonight when I got home from work at 8pm...8pm is SUPER EARLY for a friday! This may be the last friday I have until July!! So I tried to make the best of it. But the run was short because I was tired and I had SO MUCH TO DO TONIGHT! I have to finish the FAFSA by the 15th, since one of the schools he's applied to has a 15th February deadline for the FAFSA. Why isn't there one date across the board?? Every f-ing school has a different financial aid deadline-it's really irritating! I've never started my taxes this early!!

RUN: 2.19 miles with Velcro in tow (30:40)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not so wordless Wednesday...

yeah it's starting to rain again!! I know I'm a freak! But I embrace my freakiness!!! I've grown to love my freakiness!!

I was a complete slacker this weekend! I had grand plans to run Sunday night-hell no! Sat on my ass after getting back from sheep herding with Velcro and watched the Grammy's. I stayed up way to late and then realized, SHIT, I have to be up at 4:15 on Monday to head to work..... fun times the entertainment industry can be!! Monday was a short day, 12 hours! I was actually driving home around 6:30pm!!! Send up the fireworks! Of course I sat in traffic for an hour(which is damn good I might add-I'm thinking there was a bomb scare on monday somewhere on one of the freeways I was driving on...).

I slept in on Tuesday-yep SLACKER!! I'm banking my sleep!! I just know when I start this TV show next wednesday, I'll be wanting sleep...so why not sleep now while I can!! So I slept in until about 8am and then took velcro for a long walk....I picked a very hilly route since I was walking!! I was also trying to get rid of a horrible sinus headache that was sitting in my right eyeball!!! All day I had this eyeball headache-it SUCKED! I ran errands ALL DAY on Tuesday. I had planned a run with my running partner in redondo beach, but she had to cancel, so i continued what I was doing-THE FAFSA! Yes, I'm still at it....I had to start my taxes months earlier than I normally do so that I could fill out the FAFSA....I've decided the FAFSA is a PLOT! Enought said! But I was still determined to run...I had an HOA Board meeting at 7:30-great I can run after it.. HA! NO!I sat in the meeting for 2 hours-are you f-ing kidding me??? It's a long story...but our HOA meetings have become so ridiculously stupid and long because the guy below is suing the HOA and our former management company! Seriously....some people are so stupid...and that is ALL I'm going to say about the idiot downstairs!

Today, prep day for GLEE. I headed to panavision Hollywood to start prepping my cameras for my new TV show. I actually worked "real people hours" today. I left my house today at 7:30am and then I left Panavision at 5:30 when it was still light outside!!! It was light and I sat in traffic!! How cool is that!! That NEVER happens. SO what did I do to celebrate my short day??? I went for a run!

It's been pretty darn cold here in So Cal...and the rain is coming again. Perfect time for a run. SO out I went with my trusty running partner, Velcro. We had a really nice run. it was slow...but who cares! We smelled things, we pee'd, smelled, grabbed the leash....stopped at numerous stop lights. And then we got rained on! What a great run!!!

I'm so lucky to have a running partner that never complains and will always run with me no matter what!! It's made it so easy to run at any hour!!! Thank you Velcro. I love you!!

Sunday: sheep herding
Monday: 1 minute Plank / 100 situps
Tuesday: WALK 2.72 miles with Velcro
Wednesday: RUN: 4.11 miles with Velcro (58:39) / 100 situps

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's been a lazy saturday...

Well, I had grand plans on running the third leg of the Mug Run series this morning at 8am in Lakewood....but working until midnight last night on Cold Case put a damper on those plans!! Let me recap the past few days....

Thursday I worked on Brothers and Sisters. I had a 6:42 call at Disney, so I was up at 4:30am. No am run for me! It was a fairly short day, I headed home at 8pm. I had wanted to run but I was tired, so I took Velcro for a walk instead. At least I got the blood flowing so to speak!

Friday the RAIN is here!! YEAH! I didn't have to leave the house until 10:30am this morning since I was working a split(a split being both day and night). So off for a rainy day run I went with Velcro. I don't think Velcro likes running in the rain as much as her silly mommy-she trailed behind me out of the rain the entire run! We had a mix of light rain, no rain and pissing down rain. I had a wonderful time!! It felt great to be out there with the rain whipping against my face!
But rain in LA = horrible traffic. And I sat in traffic for about an hour and a half driving to Warner Brothers. Once I got there, I spent the entire day bundled up in warm clothes and rain gear for I was outside in the pissing down rain from noon until 11pm. FUN TIMES! I got home around midnight, asleep by 1am....I decided I wasn't going to set my alarm. if I woke up for the race, I woke up, if I didn't then I needed sleep.....and I needed sleep! I slept until about 8:30am

Saturday done NOTHING!!! But for the first time in over a week, the crap that's in my head is CLEAR!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Thursday: WALK 1.4 miles
Friday: RUN 3.12 miles with Velcro in the rain (42:06)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An update of sorts....

I'm back to work!! I'm feeling a bit better-at least the flu symptoms are gone, now I just have the lingering sinus issues....coughing, congestion, sinus drainage-fun stuff!! Of course that is making work interesting since I have to be quite on the sets while shooting. So bought loads of cough medicine, cough drops, tissues, saline sprays etc and I've been drinking more water than possible! All I do is pee!!

On Monday, I had to take Velcro out to do something other than Jolly Ball. I think it was more I had to get out....so we went to Ocean Trails. I told myself I was not allowed to run-HIKE only. OMG it was so hard not to run!! I chose the route that had alot of climbs so that I would feel like I had done something while walking! We made it down to the beach and of course Velcro found a tennis ball. So she was in heaven! At the end of our hike she was exhausted!! So I was a good mommy that day because I had a tired heeler!!

Tuesday I worked on Private Practice....and I brought all of my cough and sniff supressants! I needed an extra bag! I only went into one coughing fit-and I had to try to do that in between the actors dialogue...it's quite a talentthat I've got down pat! It makes it easy when you know you can cough on the off camera dialogue! We worked a pretty short day on Tuesday-only 13 hours. And when I got home I was feeling fairly energized considering. So I decided to go on my first run in over a week. And it felt GREAT!!!! I made a point of going slow since I still had a head of snot and wasn't quite back to my peak Southbay Girl state! And if I was feeling a bit tired, I walked, let Velcro pee, poop, roll in the grass, smell pee do whatever! It was so nice to get out there in the dark and run with Velcro! God I've missed it!!

Today, I worked on Private Practice again. We had an 8:42am call in Hollywood-so that meant a long commute for me! 1 hr 15 minutes today-not too shabby! And we had a short day today!! I worked "real people hours" wrapping at 6pm!! WOW! But that only meant I was going to be sitting in traffic heading home-another hour and 15 minutes!

I stopped and picked up killer fish tacos for dinner-I had been craving them all day! I gobbled them down and decided to get another run in tonight. I know I wont be running tomorrow morning since I have to be up at 4:30 to leave the house at 5:30...so run I did tonight. I'm coughing a bit more now, I've jiggled all the snot in my head up! Who knew one person can have so much shit in their head!!

I'm now going to head to bed! I didn't get the best sleep last night and I'm still trying to sleep as much as I can to beat this shit!! Tomorrow, Brothers and Sisters. I'm hoping for a 12 hour day so I can get another run in tomorrow night and then Friday, Cold Case. I sure have done the rounds of TV shows this week!!

Monday: HIKE 3.1 miles with Velcro at Ocean Trails (1:20) 100 situps
Tuesday: RUN 3.14 miles with Velcro (47:01) 100 situps / 1 minute Plank
Wednesday: RUN: 3.18 miles with Velcro (42:13) 100 situps

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm beginning to feel/see the light at the end of the tunnel...

It's Super Bowl Sunday-I always run a race on this day. But not today! I went to the park today with my girl so she could get exercise while my sick self watched her! It was SO BEAUTIFUL this morning. Cool, foggy but sunny-loads of people out running and walking except me! I had a better night sleep last nite than the night before. Not as much coughing. But seriously-how much snot can one person have in their head??? Get it out!!! All it's doing is draining down my throat, causing me to cough. My head hurts, my chest hurts, my throat hurts....at least I don't feel as achy as I did yesterday! I haven't had a drink in 4 days-yes I AM SICK!

I hope all my blogging friends had great runs today! I was tracking my friend, Christina, who was running the Surf City Half today-she called me from the route to thank me so much for my text messages of support! I hope everyone else who ran Surf City had a great race. I was so with you in spirit as I was sitting at my computer coughing up a lung!!!

And please don't mention that I seem to have the same shirt on as yesterdays pictures...yes it's true. I'm wearing the same clothes-sorry! Just haven't had the energy to dig for new clothes in my closet-no one is seeing me or around me. My animals sure as hell don't care if I smell! That's why I love them!!

Time to hack up another lung! and watch my tivo of fridays Battlestar Galactica!!