Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still sick...

I guess working a 14 hour day yesterday didn't help me beat my sickness! I have seriously either spent the entire day on the couch or in bed!! I took Velcro to the park this morning to play with her Jolly Ball since I have no intention of running! It's hard enough going up and down my stairs! I always freak out when I get a head thing that I feel is starting to drop into my chest. I've had pneumonia once-and once you get it you are prone to getting it again. NO THANK YOU!!! So I am always a little overly cautious! But honestly, I don't feel like doing anything!!! Not even running the 10K tomorrow in Redondo Beach! I'm bummed because I always run that race-not this year!

Friday: 1 minute Plank

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick

Yeah, I'm sick! I was beginning to feel a bit yucky on tuesday when I was at Panavision-but i thought it was fatigue from running-now in hindsight, my exhasution was because I'm sick!I don't know why? Running, Santa Ana's, people being sick at work...who knows. But, I woke up on wednesday morning to go to work and there was no way I was going on the planned 4am run. I had woken up periodically throughout the night and I knew I wasn't feeling good! When the alarm finally went off I realized I couldn't breathe and felt like shit! I was hoarse and so congested I think I left half of my sinus' in the shower! Luckily, I only worked 12 hours yesterday!! I got home and sat on the couch and all I know is that I woke up at midnight with the tv blaring! I had zonked out! So I got into bed! And decided to sleep-since I didn't work today!Good thing I didn't work today, because when I woke up, I couldn't breathe and was so hoarse I couldn't speak. I spent all day in comfy clothes in my living room! Velcro has not had fun today! I had to go out and take her for a walk before she went nuts! yeah, I'm sick! I'm exhausted from my 2.35 mile walk! My head hurts and I hurt! I'm no running for me until I feel better!

Tuesday: PLANK 1 minute
Wednesday: PLANK 1 minute 100 situps
Thursday: WALK: 2.35 miles with Velcro PLANK 1 minute

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More work....

No run today. Wanted to give myself 2 days off-I was a little sore anyway. So rest is good. I didn't really get to rest! Spent all day on my feet yesterday working and then came home last night and CRASHED!!! I did not want to get up and head to Panavision this morning...but I had to. Needless to say, I was very happy to get home and sit down to my early dinner of Indian food!! I'm contemplating running at 4am tomorrow before work. I'll be on NCIS tomorrow, Terri I'm such a slacker-I haven't mailed the hat yet...I promise I will!!! I have an hour and half commute tomorrow morning, so a run even if it's short, would do me alot of good! But once again, I'll see how I feel in the morning and what time I can go to bed tonight!! I hope eveyone had a nice tuesday-it is tuesday right??? I'll be off on thursday and hope to get at least a 4 miler in at Ocean Trails with my girl or a run on the strand in Hermosa.

Monday, January 26, 2009


I didn't run today-but I worked!! I was up early, 5:30 and out the door at 6:30...I really would have liked to sleep in today-but no such luck! I worked on NUMB3RS today. First time on this show even though I know alot of people who work on it. One of the grips who works on the show is also a runner, an ultra runner. We were chatting-he knew I ran the half yesterday-and we got on the subject of trail races etc and then he asked me if I'd like to be his pacer on a 100 miler in September that he's never finished....HOW COOL IS THAT!!! I've never been a pacer-and I'll be pacing him overnight for the last 20 miles....any thoughts ideas, help???? throw it all at me....I'm really excited and need to prepare in so many ways! He says we'll be going VERY SLOW...I said "I'm good at that" but what should I bring?? What should I wear? Should I bring fluids etc for him? Food? wear a headlight, get gaitors etc??? HELP!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Carlsbad Half Marathon January 25 2009

I woke up around 5am. Actually, I woke up a bit earlier than that because alot of the marathoners were leaving around 4:45am. You see they had a 6am start and the half started at 7:30am. And I really didn't sleep well!! I get nervous before long races-especially the races I feel I'm not quite ready for!! And once again, I didn't feel like I was completely prepared for this race. I had only done one 11 miler 2 weeks ago-and it was a horrible run!!!

I headed over to Denny's for an egg and english muffin-OMG they were both drenched in oil and butter! I had to soak it up or my tummy would have hated me in a few hours! it was bad enough that my tummy was acting up like it does before races!!

The traffic heading into the start area was crazy! good thing I wasn't parking just being dropped off by my dad and Velcro. Velcro was not very pleased when I got out of the car and didn't take her!! But she was heading to breakfast with my dad!!

I walked to the wave start area. Because I'm a "back of the packer" I was in wave 6 of 7. Wave 6 was for the 2:30-3:00 half marathoners. Since my last half was Long Beach in October in a horrible and disappointing 2:53:01, I really had no good idea how I would run this half!

The good thing!!! Overcast and cool! HEAVEN!!!

It took me about 14 minutes to cross the start-and I was off!! Everyone was very excited and happy to be here. We started off running past a wetlands area heading to downtown Carlsbad. I knew my dad and Velcro would be at Carlsbad Village Drive, so once I got into the village I started looking for them-and there they were!! Velcro was VERY EXCITED to see me, and I later found out VERY UPSET when my dad started walking way from the direction I was running!

Once I passed my family, the race headed south onto the coast road. Away from the houses and along the beach. I thought it was a beautiful day!! It was still nice and cool and the beach looked beautiful...but wait...what do I see ahead of me??? Lime green tops-it's AKA Alice and Betty!!! Woo hoo!!! I had caught up to them. We stayed together for a bit and then AKA Alice took off going up a hill, leaving me in her dust! But it was cool-I had my music and beautifyl scenery and I really didn't want to burn myself out too early since my long runs hadn't been plentiful!!

We merged with the marathoners-some of them looked pretty wiped!! Nearing the turnaround we had a few hills we had to run up...and then at the turnaround it was downhill! I was still feeling pretty good at this point(I think this was around mile 7). I wasn't breathing heavy and my legs were feeling pretty good!!

As we continued to run, I saw 2 wonderful ladies at mile 8.5 with BEERS in their hands and little cups-HEAVEN-they were handing out beer and I yelled "oh hell yes" and ran over to them and they said "you are a woman after our own hearts"....the beer tasted so good! A guy behind me asked "did you just drink beer?"...hmmm YES! And it was GOOD!!!

Continuing back toward the town of Carlsbad, we had another hill to run left knee and hamstring was beginning to bother me. My knee, actually just above my knee, had been bothering me all week. I had been putting loads of shit on it-but it was there!! And I knew hills wouldn't be the best thing for my knees!!

Right as Ms Garmin clicked over to 10.0 miles -the f-ing sun came out!!! AKA Alice and Betty both came up to me because they knew I'd be hating it...I was appalled that the sun had decided to shine nearing the end of my race! I had to finish before the sun killed me.....I think those thoughts made the sun disappear! The sun was scared of ME!

We came back into Carlsbad, I think this was around mile 10.5 or 11-hell I can't remember all I was wondering was: where is my doggie??? Oh there she is...she was waiting for me!! My dad took pictures and told me to get back running and that he'd meet me at the finish!!

Run I did. I knew there were a few more hills to go-GREAT! And around mile 11.5 I was beginning to get sore...I walked up the last 2 hills-taking in my gatorade and water. The last water station had run out of water-bummer for the back of the pack marathon runners that were still out there!! Luckily I had my own stash!! That I was drinking!

Once the last hill was finished I started back again-being careful in my descents with my knee....I knew my time was going to be quite a bit better than Long Beach-THANK GOD! But not a PR..oh well.

When I took the last right I knew the finish line was just up the road, a slight uphill to it! But I was thrilled to be done! I crossed the line and ran into my dad with his Press Pass hanging around his neck! We had been given VIP passes for parking and Press Passes because of my fundraising efforts so I had my own personal photographer right after I crossed the finish line! How cool is that!!! If you can believe it Ms Garmin and my chip time were exact!!! 2:36:40....not too bad for an old dog!!

All in all i was pretty happy with my race! I would have like to be under 2:30-maybe next race! but I was super happy to have done better than my last time-so it was a major accomplishment for me!! And the crowing glory was finding out I had raised $1800.00 for Labrador Rescuers and i was the top fundraiser! I'm so excited and thrilled to have helped an organizations that I feel really strongly about!! I was $200 short of my goal-not bad considering the recession...but I'll just have to do better next year!!

RUN: 13.1 miles without Velcro but with thousands of humans 2:36:40

Half Marathon
Runner Details Race Results Split Times
Bib: 11577
Name: Penny
Gender: F
Age: 43
Hometown: San Pedro, CA
Overall: 5812 out of 7148
Women: 3230 out of 4284
F 40-44: 463 out of 584
Age/Grade: 45.00% Place: 5385
Finish: 2:36:40 Pace: 11:58
Tag Time: 2:36:40
Gun Time: 2:50:20
: Pace:
6.6 Mile: 1:19:25 Pace: 12:02

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Expo day in Carlsbad

Two of the dogs at the Labrador Rescuer booth
The Charity i'm running for tomorrrow! I'm so excited!!
Sunset in Carlsbad!
Beautiful sunset!

I picked up my dad at the train station in Long Beach. He is here to cheer for me, be my race supporter and velcro's dogsitter!!! We got to the expo around 1pm and the first place I hit was the Labrador Rescuer booth. Since they had dogs there, the booth was outside! There were alot of people getting information on the rescue organization! It was wonderful to see! I'm so excited to be running for a charity that really means alot to me!!! If you would like to donate, I am less than $300 short of my $2000 goal! Here is the link:

Once in the expo, I got my race number and my goodie bag! The technical t-shirt is always a nice part of the goodie bag!! Then we wandered around! I found the running skirt booth and proceeded to buy 2 skirts! Love them! And then I found the eco-green booth-this race is a big green race. I registered with them and have my little baggie to collect trash! I'll try my best to only let my feet touch the ground!! And then we found the BREAD booth-yes, that would be a loaf of bread. I got bread, a loaf of bread...what will i do with a loaf of bread-are there ducks around I can feed?? Actually, it will be used and eaten either by me or dad!!! Free bread!! can't beat free stuff!!

After the expo, my dad and I drove thru Carlsbad and down south to check outsome campsites. I'm a big camper and have never camped down here. I will definitely come back!! Some of these campsites sit right on the bluff! Great views of the ocean!

Afterwards, we parked in downtown Carlsbad and went for a little walk, went for a little wine tasting and then watched an amazingly beautiful sunset!!!

We just got back from dinner-I had a yummy plate of goat cheese/Parmesan cheese and spinach ravioli!! And a glass of Pinot!! And I'm now sitting in bed(in my free hotel room -thanks to my cross country trip back to Tennessee over Christmas) watching figure skating! Yeah I'm a geek!!! The half starts at 7:30am tomorrow, the full starts earlier.

I drove the course today-it's beautiful! There are a few hills!!! But it's beautiful! I hope to meet up with AKA Alice in the corral tomorrow morning! Wish me luck!! My bib # is 11577

RUN: 2.7 miles with Velcro before driving to Carlsbad!

Friday, January 23, 2009

2 days until I run for the Labs!

Well, I'm tired!! Wednesday I worked on NCIS and worked a 17 1/2 hour day! Yes you read it right!! I had a 7:42 call time in Santa Clarita-now from me that's a 60 mile commute at rush hour, so I left at 5:45am(up at 4:45) for my minimum of an hour drive give or take crappy traffic heading north! I was able to have my breakfast(the joy of working in the film biz is the food-two meals a day and snacks all day long!). We didn't have a large page count today, only 5 pages, so I didn't think the day would go long-how wrong I was!!! We wrapped(finished working) at 1am-and I was home by 2am!! LONG ass day! (The picture of me was taken on our Night Exterior shot. It was cold because we wet down the streets-and as it got later I got sleepier so I got colder!). I had to get up at 7:15 to go to another job, Private Practice. Needless to say, I was a bit sleepy while working! Good thing we had an hour lunch-I used it as nap time! But we worked a 14 hour day yesterday-I didn't get home until about 1am. So today when I woke up early, because my animals just don't like me sleeping late, I was beat! But it was raining and cool-HEAVEN!!!! I was so excited about running!! But the 2 long days really took it's toll on old ancient me-so I decided rest might be a good idea before my half on sunday!! I'll run a short run with Velcro tomorrow just to get the blood flowing. But today, I'm resting and getting sleep!

I did get very good news today! I just got another TV show! We start shooting Feb 18th. It's called GLEE and will air on FOX, who knows when. I worked on the pilot and had a great time, so I'm really thrilled to have been asked to do the show! SO once again, I'll have a crazy full time schedule, but I'll be able to pay my bills, hopefully save money and put my teenager thru college!!!

Thanks to everyone who has donated to my charity! I'm less than $300 away from my $2000 goal! Considering the state of the economy, I'm thrilled to have raised that much in a short period of time and to be the top fundraiser for Labrador Rescuers! I'm really looking forward to the race! Who knows how I'll do. I'm just going to go out and have a great time and run my heart out for my charity, Labrador Rescuers!!! By the way, my bib # is 11577.

Carlsbad here I come!!! It will be dinner with dad tomorrow night and then my cheering group, Velcro and Dad, will cheer me along the route!!!

Go ME! I know I'm a geek!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Inauguration Run....

(working on brothers and sisters)

My Inauguration run was tonight after the sun went down because it's so friggin hot here in So Cal! Seriously-this in January! The freakin East Coast is in the teens and what the fuck weather do we have? 80's! That IS NOT WINTER WEATHER! Sorry to complain especially when most of your are in winter hell!!! But I really am not a fan of hot sunny dry weather-Portland or Seattle take me away!!

Mind you, I didn't run during the day when it was hot, sunny and dry! I was smart! i stayed in and hid watching the inauguration in my pj's since I had my job cancel for today! Velcro was not happy about me sitting on my ass all day! Oh well....we went for a walk in the afternoon....

So when the sun went down, and while the parade was on and before the balls started, I got my running stuff on (I bought new compression shorts today by Under Armor-Love them) and off we went! My goal tonight in honor of our new 44th President was to run 4.4 miles! So Velcro and I ran 4.4 miles!!

I get to work the next 2 days-NCIS tomorrow and then Private Practice on Thursday and then I'm off and heading down to Carlsbad for the half marathon. My dad is joining me to be my cheering section, my gatorade and water holder and Velcro's dog sitter!!! We have a nice dinner planned at an Italian restaurant in carlsbad!! And I'm the top fundraiser for my charity, Labrador Rescuers!! I haven't reached my goal of $2000 but I'm at $1290....I'm still very happy with my fundraising!! There is still time to donate if you want!

Terri, I still have your hat-slacker me hasn't mailed it yet!! Sorry!

Inauguration RUN: 4.4 miles for the 44th President!

Inauguration Tuesday...

obama Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A morning trail run at Ocean Trails....

Hot, windy, dry and sunny-WTF is up with this January weather. I'm so sorry for complaining about the summer like conditions we seem to be having in California. It must be Global Warming because this is ridiculous!! Where is my cool, foggy January weather that I love so much?? The good news-cooler temps next week, and hopefully for Carlsbad on the 25th!! But I didn't let the horrible running conditions stop me from taking my girl out to Ocean Trails! We got, yet again, another late start! Am I the only one that is having issues getting up early?? We started around 8:15 am so I knew it was going to get warm! It was fairly cool when we started, but once we got into the canyons-I felt the weather and so did my girl! I just bought a fuel belt two days ago. After the 11 mile run carrying 2 bottles and feeling like I had monkey arms, I decided to try the Helium Fuel Belt. I carry bottles because Velcro also drinks out of I was a bit concerned that she wouldn't be able to get any water out of the smaller mouthed bottles-what was I thinking-she's a genius!! But the 2 bottle belt may not be enough for me and my girl, especially when it's I may be purchasing a 4 bottle belt. I think I got one size too big. They really stretch-I'm going to have to sew more velcro onto the belt! When I tried them on, I couldn't even attach the belt of the Large so I thought..."big hipped me must need an XL" well, I bought the XL and it's already stretched-so I'll be adapting it and then buying a 4 bottle Large!! I have digressed from my run...

We met velcro's friend, Alec, as we were running/jogging/walking up the hill-they used to play alot when Alec was a puppy but now they just sniff butts and are on their way! Loads of doggies out this morning! Velcro met lots of new friends!! Alot of little dogs! She likes little dogs. We continued on our run(we had strated a half mile from the entrance of the trail in order to get a 6 mile run in today). Of course, our destination, as always, the beach! Velcro runs faster and faster the closer we get to the beach-she's on a mission. Not that she enjoys getting in the water, because she doesn't unless she's hot, but she equates the beach with a Tennis Ball, and for some reason we always find a Tennis Ball when we go to the beach. Today was no exception! We're running down the hill toward the beach and all of a sudden Velcro stops and turns around and heads straight into the grass and what does she find-a Tennis Ball. Now, there is NO WAY she saw this ball!! We ran passed and it and then she stopped and turned around to go back for it. So, I've figured out that...
  • my dog either has a tennis Ball magnet in her nose or
  • the Tennis Ball gives off a "smell" of some sort that she recognizes....
Now all you Biology/Science peeps...RBR....I'd love to find out what the Tennis ball smells like and what it is about the smell that my dog can find in the deepest of grass/brush/bush whatever! It's the funniest thing ever!!

Well, we made it to the beach-it was busy this morning. Lots of Labs frolicking in the ocean and playing with balls. Frolicking in the Ocean isn't at the top of Velcro's list of things that give her joy!! She'll daintily put her paws in and maybe go into the water up to about her chest-but that is very rare! She prefers to lie in the cool wet sand and then run away when a wave comes!! I threw the ball to her a bunch. A doggie briefly stole it from her, but we were able to get it back! We're not big fans of dogs that steal our Tennis Balls!! She takes it very personally!!

Once I proceeded to get my dog exhausted (an exhausted cattle dog is a GOOD cattle dog) we headed up the hill to contine our run. Now it's hotter, if that's possible! Again...what was I thinking!! We walked up the VERY STEEP HILL leading from the beach back to the path. And continued our run. We chose to run the path thru the golf course(Ocean Trails runs along the cliffs and ocean where Trump National Golf Course is located). And then up one of the deserted streets back to the trails. We were able to fill up our little 8oz water bottles before running up the hill. Once back on the trails, we met more doggies-but Velcro was on a mission to get back to the car, she was tired! It was dry, my lips were feeling like they were cracking and we were guzzling our water.

At the Y in the path, we chose our normal route, the left side that leads us slightly inland and then down a really big hill. that's when we ran into a new doggie, beasley. ANd Velcro and beasley sniffed butts and became friends. Beasley's mom had once had a cattle dog, so we chatted for a bit...and then we started back on our run. There seemed to be quite a few stops today for pees, poos, doggies, humans...but I didn't care. I was having an amazing time with my girl! She's so good with other dogs-which for a cattle dog is a HUGE accomplishment!!

We finished around 9:45am, tired, dry, salty and ready for a cold drink!! I decided that I would treat myself to something yummy, so on our way home, we stopped at the Corner Store and I bought a yummy ice cream and an ice cold lemonade. Also a spinach and cheese croissant, real bottles of Dr Pepper and a loaf of french bread! The Corner Store is a wonderful eclectic little market! Love it!

We got home and now Velcro is OUT! And I'm watching football! I hope everyone has a great sunday!!!

RUN: 6. 0 miles with Velcro at Ocean Trails ( 1:44)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A run at White Point Nature Preserve

Work pictures from yesterday on NCIS.

My girl and I ran a sunset run tonight! She and
I were both bursting with energy! I worked the
past 2 days on Navy NCIS (getting up at 4am on friday and not getting home until about 9pm) so i slept in this morning-planning on a cool sunset run! Why couldn't all my races be run at night or in the dark! It's such a peaceful time for me...running with my girl in the cool dark air! It's absolutely wonderful!! Velcro, of course, had a wonderful time! Lots of things to sniff! We ran 2 miles of the run in the Nature Preserve on the trails and the other 1.7 on the the dark...did I say how much i like the dark....trails and cool weather! HEAVEN!! I hope everyone had a great saturday! Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow!!!!

I have one week until the Carlsbad Half Marathon....I'm really excited because I'll be running for one of the races official charities, Labrador Rescuers. I haven't reached my goal of $2000, but I have received $1190 in donations, which I'm thrilled about-considering the crappy economy!! I'm the top fundraiser and really want to raise more....I can only keep my fingers crossed!! If you want to donate head to my donation site:

RUN: 3.7 miles on the trails with velcro (54:30)

An Award!!!!

Thank you Anne for passing the torch for the Fabulous Blogger Award!! Now it's time to both respond and to pass it on.

First, list 5 things you're addicted to, then bestow the honor on five of your favorite bloggers.

Yikes addicted to:
  1. The Belgium Chocolate Cups that are sitting on my coffee table. Why did my mom give these to me at Christmas? They are to die for!!!
  2. Running-but what's new!
  3. recycling-I have bags of bottles and cans all around my house!
  4. financial aid and college websites-all I do is cruise to see what info my son needs to submit, scholarships etc
  5. My animals-I think I am one of those people that really loves her animals!!
Ok now the hard part...must tag 5 of my fellow bloggers who haven't been tagged already. If you have been tagged by someone...just punt this!!

  1. RBR
  2. Jo Lynn
  3. Glenn
  4. Willie
  5. Terri
On a happier note....the creator, showrunner and producer of Mad men finally signed his deal yesterday-that might mean I might be going back to mad men in about a month and a half, if I'm asked to go back!! Keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grrrrrrrr......and an update....

Pictures from run #2 tonight!

I am in a FOUL mood! Went to be cranky because I didn't run last night and then woke up to a phone call at 6:30 this morning from my mother. Now, I love my mother-she's my best friend and she also takes care of my son-but she can be cranky, and she was this morning! She has an arthritic hip that is causing her immense pain, so painful she can't walk without being in pain, my son has had a pet sitting job this week and they've had to walk the dogs before he goes to school-and my son grumbles about it but my mother is out there with a sore hip helping him walk these dogs. I'm trying to get my mother into prolotheraphy but she'd rather be in pain! Whatever! So that's who I got a phone call from this morning, top that off with numerous issues I'm having here on the west coast:
  • my work has SLOWED down! only 2 days this week-SUCKS
  • I lost a full time job on a TV show-I worked on the pilot which usually means you get the series-yeah not me! It seems the key 1st AC from "24" is getting the job instead of me since their show is on hiatus and "may not be coming back" WTF!! What's wrong with me? I'm VERY GOOD at my job and I did the f-ing pilot!!
  • My house is upside down, I'm getting all my year end stock, mutual fund reports and I lost so much money. And my son's fund lost half-yeah I was hoping to use that for college. HA! So is there a line on my taxes that I can claim the thousands of dollars I lost in the market because of the stupidity of people??? I'm f-ed!
  • Bills don't give a shit if you've lost almost half of your money in the market, your house is upside down and there isn't alot of work in the film industry because of the defacto SAG strike that has been reeking havoc on this town...No I'm not bitter! At least i'm working my meager 2-3 days a week! Some people haven't worked since July!!
  • The FAFSA is a big JOKE! And I should make my son fill it out!! Since he's "had enough of writing essays and filling out applications..." I'm so f-ing sorry child! Why don't you fill out this form and pay the $30,000 for your college tuition!
  • My child told my mother that he's perfectly content and happy to go to Birmingham Southern-which was the first place to accept him-so now he just doesn't give a shit about any other place and some of these places haven't even made decisions yet-I want to KILL HIM! I've worked my ass off for years living thousands of miles from him to give him the best. And for him to be throwing it my face right now.....
  • I'm not his mother....I'm just the paycheck! And I feel so guilty and horrible about it! I haven't been there to mother him-my mother has-what kind of mother am I???? I suck!
  • We applied to so many schools out here-and he just doesn't give a shit about anything but Birmingham Southern. He doesn't want to be far from home-ie Nashville. He doesn't consider CA his home at you know how that makes me feel? I thought it would be awesome to apply to schools here and maybe have him near me for the first time since he was 3......he's considered a state tuition could be cheap if he gets in...but NO..
  • I'm FAT! My running has slowed and I feel like I have perpetual sinus issues!
  • I think I'm really tired of LA and working in this industry!
  • I need a vacation-but can't afford one!
  • I'm alone! Thank god I have animals-yes I'll be that crazy pet lady-animals love me but men don't!
  • I don't know if Mad Men is coming back
Sorry....I just needed to vent! I sit at home not working and I get irritated and then I have all this other shit in my life and I'm beginning to lose it! There are good things in my life. I'm healthy, my animals love me(thank god I have my animals!), I am working a few days a week, I'm still running but I'm beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed! So what did I do...took Velcro on a run this morning. This run was for her! She met lots of dogs: Buster a Lhaso Apso mix who was playing with her, a golden in the park. She sniffed, frolicked in the grass-oh to be a dog!!! it felt good to get out and run-we stopped to play in the park and to play with Buster so when I got home the time was a joke! But I had a much needed good time!!! Now I get to sit and do battle with the FAFSA form, try to find work and then who knows....

AM RUN: 3.1 miles with Velcro (50:04)


I just ran again! Another 3.11 miles with my girl. I had run some errands today and then came home and sat on my couch-I thought about pouring myself a glass of wine, but at 5pm I thought it a tad too out I went for run #2 of the day. They weren't long and fast runs but it was a two-a-day! First time I've done that in YEARS! And it has made me feel a bit better!!

Thank you all for such amazingly kind and compassionate words! I have such amazing friends!!! THANK YOU!

PM RUN: 3.11 miles with Velcro (we stopped to talk to my neighbor who lost his job) (45:34)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Red Flag Alerts and My Alien Foot...

No wonder it was so warm, miserable and dry on my run yesterday-we're in a Red Flag warning right now. The Santa Ana's are blowing, it's hot-ridiculously hot for January (85 degrees today) and DRY! Really not pleasant for me the overcast, rain, cloud lover!! So I realize how my run around 9:30 and 10am yesterday became the run for shade!! Oh well-not much I can do about the weather!!

Today, I took Velcro for a walk. I really didn't feel up to running but wanted to give my girl a nice walk. So this morning we went out. She loved it. She saw lots of squirrels, met some dogs and had 2 poops! The other reason I had to get out and do something this morning was because I had a prolotheraphy appt with my tri-athelete doctor, Dr Peter Fields. I usually can't run right after getting prolotheraphy(my foot tends to get swollen due to the injections) so I had to exercise this morning. My foot is now a bit swollen and I look like I have an alien foot!! But it's all for the good of pain-free running. I can put up with a small amount of discomfort and ugliness to get the wonderful affects I've had due to my prolotheraphy injections. But I do have an alien foot! It's funny to look at!! By the way, my doctor, Dr Peter Fields, will be competing in the IRONMAN Wisconsin in September and he donated to my Half Marathon Charity, Labrador Rescuers!!! Thank you so very much Dr Fields-and Good Luck...but I have time to send you best wishes for an exceptional IRONMAN experience!

My foot doesn't look cute in that picture!! I should have gotten a pedicure before going to prolotheraphy!! Damn what was I thinking!!!???

WALK: 3.23 miles with Velcro (1:06)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My long run thru Hermosa and Manhattan Beach

I'm prefacing this entire post by explaining why I don't like sun and why I live in one of the sunniest places.....I'm 1/2 Scottish-my mom left Scotland when she was 20 and we as a family moved to the states after she had me. My dad is from northern european decent-that should say it in a nutshell-I am pale white girl!!! I don't sweat, I burn easily and I'm white! Ok, you ask, why do I live in So Cal-one of the sunniest, warmest, least likely to rain places-hmm that's easy...I work in the godforsaken film industry! LA is about the only place I can live. Honestly, it wouldn't have been the place I would have picked, but since I'm here, I decided to live as close to the water as there you have it.... so you ask...did I run and how did it go. Did I say I hate the sun???

I set my alarm for 6:30, hit snooze once, but once my alarm goes off my animals converge on me like a tidal wave...Pavlov would love my house! My animals really respond to my alarm-it means FOOD! So I got up, fed the cats and took velcro out to play with her ball. I decided I wouldn't torture Velcro with an urban long run! I decided to run in Hermosa and manhattan beaches along the strand-and it's like a concrete jungle...not Velcro freindly. UGH running without my girl! What a horrendous thought! So we went out to play and then ic ame back in and got ready. I felt really bad about leaving my girl, but I gave her a yummy frozen KONG so she had lots to occupy her time.

Off I went, leaving around 7:15. It's about a 30 minute drive to the southbay from the Palos Verdes area. I knew I was already starting later than I really wanted-yet I couldn't get my fat ass out of my comfy tempurpedic bed!!!

I started my run around was pretty cool, but I know how fast it warms up-and I HATE running in warm weather. The heat and sun SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF ME. I realize I'm being a little melodramatic....but give me overcast,mist, fog or rain and I'm a happy little running bee!

I decided it was going to be a slow start(ha ha probably a slow finish as well) but I trudged along. It takes me a good mile or a 1 1/2 miles to feel comfortable in my stride, shoes-everything! Where is my girl?? I miss her already!

The run was fairly eneventful, outbound. I ran to the parking lot at the north end of El Segundo from Herondo St in Hermosa, 5.3 miles. Hmm...that puts me around 10.6 miles total....

I ran in shade the entire way north. I stopped in the parking lot, ate my mini chocolate chip Cliff bar and then headed back in the SUN. No shade from here on. I had my hat on and a tank top but it just eats into me. I know most of you can't understand-but my skin and body just wasn't meant to spend hours in the sun and heat. It really makes me feel ill. But I ran, occasionally throwing in a walk here and there(I tried to limit my walks to every mile).

Around mile 8.5 my back started tensing up. I wonder what the hell i am doing?? Also my arms staretd getting heavy. i run with two water bottles-I might have to buy a belt with those little bottles...I have to carry water and gatorade with me on long runs or I become a large salt lick! Well, I become that anyway...

Back to my back-yeah started tensing and stiffening up. Now I know you are all asking about my shoes-I have two pairs of Asics Gel Nimbus that are both fairly new and that I've alternated running it's not my shoes-I think it's the surfaces I'm running on. I run with two ruptured disc's ,L4 and L5(I ruptured them over17 years ago) so, if I'm going to have a weak area, it will be my back. I'll just have to pop some 8 hour Tylenol before running my next long run and maybe carry some gel to rub on my back-because it sucks to run with a stiff tight back...but I did it. Mind you, when I stopped to walk-ouch trying to get back running. If it contines I'll either have to continue running and slow it down or walk.

Surprisingly enough, my asthma didn't really bother me today. It usually does in the heat! Getting old kinda sucks! I never had any of these issues when I was 20!

Well, I finished my run-it was a little after 10am-way TOO LATE to be running. But I added a mile more than I had planned. Since I was so close to 11 miles I just decided I'm here, I'm out, I'm running, I smell and taste like salt-I'll tack on the additional mile and hit 11!! So i did.

I feel pretty good. I didn't put myself in ICE which I probably should have done. My back is a little stiff but all in all not too shabby! I don't think I'll PR at Carlsbad. I ran 11 miles in roughly my half marathon PR...but that was when I was in my 30's. I'm just thrilled to be out there!! I will say, I saw ALOT of older men and women out there this morning pounding the pavements! Their pace wasn't fast but they were out there and that is so inspiring! I hope when i'm in my 70's and 80's I'm out there just like I am now. To me that's what it's all about! I love to run and want to be able to enjoy it for the rest of my life!!! (Running on trails is so much easier on my body!!)

All in all, not a bad run-especially considering I did it by myself. I'm not good at running by myself. I guess that's why I run with Velcro!!

RUN: 11.03 miles without Velcro-Boo Hoo! (2:22)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A morning trail run at Ocean Trails

Yeah yeah I know I was supposed to run in the third leg of the Mug Run series so I could get my LASAA Beer Mug today. But I don't know what happened to me yesterday but I was TIRED! I literally napped on the couch all afternoon watching the original Star Wars and then I watched three of my tivo shows, finally going to bed around 11:30pm. And the thought of getting up at 5:30 or 6am to traipse downtown to the Mens jail was just not appealing to me. So I slept in! I got up at 8:30 feeling quite refreshed. I told my fat sloth like self that I had to get out this morning and run!!! So I fed the cats, got Velcro's harness on , put my running gear on and headed out to Ocean Trails. Hmmm it's sunny out and it's 9:30am...this is not my favorite weather! But I'm doing it!!

And we did. It was sunny-YUCK, the sun was getting higher and higher and I don't sweat-YUCK, so I wasn't enjoying the conditions whatsoever...but I ran, walked, ran but finished an Ocean Trails run with Velcro. We, of course, went to the beach(that is where the trail leads) and found a tennis ball-imagine that!!! So we had to play fetch. Until a few dogs joined in-Velcro isn't into sharing her tennis ball-so we left and walked up the hill to continue our run....we ended up going thru our entire water bottle(Velcro has learned to drink out of my water bottle) so water goes fast on warm runs!!

It was very nice to get back out on the trails-I forgot how much I enjoy it! It's much harder but Velcro so loves it!! More smells and today lots of doggies!! Normally I'm not a big fan of running as late as we did, because there are always alot of dogs (and sometimes Velcro isn't the best around a large number of dogs) but she's gotten better and better!! And today she was great!

Today is football!!! Now I can have a beer and watch the playoffs. GO TITANS!!!

Tomorrow, I'm planning on a long run, 10 miles, probably in Hermosa and Manhattan Beach since it's flat. And I may leave Velcro at home since there isn't alot of grass on the bike path....but if it doesn't happen tomorrow I have three more days to get a long run in. Well, it would either be Monday or Wednesday since I'm getting a prolotheraphy treatment on Monday from Dr. Peter Fields at Pacific Prolotheraphy and Wellness Center!! Prolo ROCKS!!

RUN: 4.11 Trail run with Velcro (1:13)

Friday, January 9, 2009

A run in the fog and then a long day of work....

Me at work on Navy NCIS

Thursday-CSI work day. Since I ran yesterday, I was determined to get my lazy holiday ass out two days in a row and get a run in before working a minimum of a 12 hour day. So I woke up and saw FOG! How glorious! Velcro and I got ready and out we went. It wasn't a great run-better than the day before-but I guess it was a run so I should be very happy about that!! It was a 2 poop run for Velcro today-that was a big difference!! :-)

I worked a 14 hour day yesterday on CSI. I didn't get home until 1 am so I'm a bit tired. But I'm hoping for a trail run at Ocean Trails this evening at sunset! That is my plan!! And tomorrow at 8am...I should receive my BEER MUG from the LASAA! I can't wait!!

Thursday: RUN: 3.00 miles with Velcro (39:27)

Also, I just wanted to remind everyone that I still have my donation page up for my Carlsbad Half Marathon Charity, Labrador Rescuers. If you can donate any amount-that would be awesome! For those of you that have already donated-Thank you so very much! You guys ROCK!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The year is off to a bang!

Well, I haven't had much time to rest since being back! I got back late saturday afternoon and crashed on the couch, then sunday I left the house arond 9am and didn't get back until around 4pm-sheep herding with velcro! We were outside for hours in the sun and cold, I looked like I had been at the beach! So when I got home, I was a little tired on sunday(all my plans for a run went out the window). There is always monday....yeah, right. I worked at Panavision on Monday-up at 530am and out the door by 6:45, just a tad too late to miss traffic to Woodland Hills from the Long Beach area-so I sat in traffic for about an hour and a half and then prepped the two camera packages for NCIS. When I got home on monday afternoon, I ate my Indian food and then zonked on the couch...this work stuff after a holiday is hard to get back into!

Tuesday I worked a 14 hour day on NCIS. Now mind you that's my work day, my commute is an hour each way. I got up at 4:15am to leave by 5:15am(work started at 6:42am) and we worked until a little after 9pm. My hour drive home was TOUGH! It felt like 3 hours! I was so happy to crawl into bed!!! I was tired, sore(I tweaked my back a bit at work) and cold from working my bed felt so good! I didn't even have a drink!! I just hit my pillow and was OUT! So by now I'm feeling fat and slug like! I haven't run since New Years Eve! I spent 3 days sitting on my ass in a car and I've done nothing since I got back but herd sheep. So I decided today was the day I was going to get my ass up and out before heading back to panavision to prep yet another camera package for yet another tv show (CSI) that I'm working on tomorrow....

I set my alarm for 6am, I hit snooze when it went off, but got up after about 4 minutes-I needed to run! Even if it was a shitty run, I needed to run. I had tea, fed the cats and put my running stuff on. Velcro was already excited! She knew we were going out! We went was dark and a bit cool....and my run was hard and slow!! But I did it! I saw the sun rise and had a wonderful run with my girl. She grabbed the leash many times-I think she was as excited to be out running as I was!!! I went a bit slower than normal. It really took me awhile to get into the swing of running. I was pooped!

Tomorrow I don't have to be at work until 9:30am(ha, means I'll leave around 8am) so I'm planning on another morning run-hopefully a bit faster than this morning but as long as I get out I'm happy!!!

Tuesday: 100 bicycle situps
Wednesday: RUN: 3.14 miles with Velcro (43:09)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year.....

Wow...I looked back and it's been almost a year since I started writing this blog-January 12th is my one year Blogaversary! So I thought I'd reflect on why I started this blog and how far I've come! I started my blog during a VERY tough time personally and professionally. As I'm sure some of you know, I work in the film industry. January 2008 I found myself unemployed due to the Writers Guild Strike. I spent a total of about 3 1/2 months unemployed and struggling financially. It's amazing how one can survive off of black beans and rice(by the way black beans are yummy and cheap!) Luckily, March 5th, I started working again and haven't really stopped since(of course until the holidays when everything shuts down for about 2 weeks). Well, now the film industry is faced with another possible strike. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that SAG doesn't strike! But I'm lucky-I have work on numerous tv shows-nothing full time but 3-4 days of work a week. I'm the lucky one! So many people have been unemployed since June or July!

On top of the crappy professional start to my 2008, I was also dealing with a JOLT to my personal life. On September 14, 2007 (3 days after my birthday) my boyfriend of almost 3 years, and my live- in boyfriend, walked out on me while I was at work. Now, in hindsight, this is probably the best thing that could have happened to me, but at the time and for MONTHS afterwards I was devastated! That lasted way into 2008. But I finally pulled myself out of my funk and was determined to find myself again and to become comfortable in my own skin! And guess what-that happened! I have to say for the first time in YEARS I feel very good about where I am and who I am! I'm comfortable and secure being alone. Ok, I have 4 animals who live with me and a 17 year old son who lives in Tennessee so technically I'm not alone but you know what I mean!

So this brings me to today.....January 4 2009. I just spent a wonderful Christmas and New Year with my family in Tennessee and just returned from my cross country journey back to LA with my 4 animals. There is nothing like driving cross country by yourself to make you think and appreciate what you have!

So I'm really looking forward to 2009! My son will be graduating from high school in May and then going to college in August or September. I, hopefully, will be starting the TV show Mad Men either in March or April. Until then I'll dayplay on the 4 or 5 tv shows I've been lucky enough to work on. I've been so lucky to have an amazing canine companion that is beside me night and day! She has opened my eyes to Cattle Dogs and just how special animals can be in one's life! She is a very special furry beast to me! She saved my life-just like I saved her life! And she and I have a new found love and passion-sheep herding! It's become a joy of mine!

I also feel like I have really found GOOD friends this year! When my ex-boyfriend walked out, I found I had 2 very good friends in LA and my dearest friend Maryland Girl, on the other side of the country-in Maryland. Amazing how some people just disappear when something trying occurs in ones life..... and that brings me back to my blog....

Writing this blog has been an amazing thing! I have my running back and I have amazing support of so many people that enjoy and love to run like I do! Not many of my friends enjoy running-come to think of it, I only know of one friend here in LA that enjoys running! So it has been inspiring to meet so many people who have the love and joy of running, biking, hiking-whatever!!! Thank you all so very much! Thank you so very much for being my friend and for supporting me!!

Now onto 2009....races and stuff! I looked around raceplace at the upcoming races in the LA area. I of course have the Carlsbad Half Marathon on January 25th....but before that I'm hoping to collect my Beer Mug in a third LA Sherrif's Athletic Association Mug Run-gotta get my BEER MUG! Then I have a few options:

25 january Carlsbad Half Marathon Carlsbad, CA
1 february Scorpion 10 miler, Surf City Half or Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10K
7 february Lakewood Mug Run Lakewood, CA
8 february Chinatown Firecracker 10K Downtown LA
8 march Malibu Creek 9K or 25K trail run Malibu Creek
15 march Village Runner St Patty's Day 5K Redondo Beach, CA
29 march Pacific Coast Trail race-Sycamore Canyon 8k or ???
4 april Seal Beach 5K or 10K Seal Beach, CA
5 april 5K Run for Victims Rights San Pedro, CA
19 april 18 mile Friendship Run Hansen Dam
25 april Country Music Half Marathon Nashville, TN
9 may SB Wine Country Half Marathon Santa Barbara, CA
25 may LA Marathon Bike Tour Los Angeles, CA
30 may Miles for Melanoma 5K Fullerton, CA
27 June Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon Seattle, WA
26 July San Francisco Half Marathon San Francisco, CA
11 september MY BIRTHDAY and I will celebrate-join me!
10 november Long Beach Half Marathon Long Beach, CA

Yeah you are correct-I haven't committed to running a full marathon this year. If my work year is anything like last years, my schedule will be CRAZY!! So there it is. I'm sure some things will change! But I am committed to kicking my running up a notch or two(that is until my work schedule kicks it back down) prepare for peppy running southbay girl!!! I am here to stay!

Holbrook Arizona and HOME!

Yes I'm home. I did make it home to watch my Colts play-and what a shitty game it was! I could have been driving instead!! And no I didn't speed home to watch the game. And why, you all ask am I a Colts and Titans fan while living in So Cal.....well, I'm from nashville and went to the University of Tennessee(Peyton Manning's alma mater) so my two teams are the Colts(because of Peyton and also because it was the closest team to nashville before the Titans came to town) and the Titans-because they are the team of Tennessee.

I made really good time-I stopped for the normal Velcro and Mom pee breaks and lunch(Baja fresh in Barstow) and then I had to stop to gather a cup of alcohol to soak my finger-seems my cat, 3 Perf, thought my finger was a chicken/rawhide chew(yes the dog's) and he bit into it and bit my finger and my nail! OMG-I wanted to kill him but new it was an accident. So I proceeded to soak my finger in rubbing alcohol the rest of the trip back from Barstow home. You see, another reason to carry rubbing alcohol on a trip!!!

Other than that, our trip was rather uneventful. We left Holbrook Arizona-it was cold! And drove west. Flagstaff still had alot of snow, and of course we had to stop at the rest area for Velcro pictures in the snow-she HATES wet cold snow!! It was so funny! She wouldn't pee nor did she want to stand in it-she raised back to the car!! I laughed!!

We got back to the house around 4:15pm Pacific Time. A nice short 9 hour drive! I brought in all the cats , the dog and as much shit as I felt like dealing with last night. Plopped on the couch with my duvet my mom got for me and proceeded to watch the shitty football game,soak my finger in scalding hot salty water, eat Chinese food and drink wine....I went to bed at 9:30pm and got up at 7am.....Now, it's sheep herding time, well at 11am this morning. My girl will be so excited!!

I hope to get a run in tonight. I don't think it will be a very long one-but it will be a run! I have to work 4 days this coming week and then I will get another long run in this weekend!!! 10 miles this weekend!

I had a great trip! I forgot how much fun it is to drive across country!! It really is an amazing country we live in!!