Sunday, November 30, 2008

A foggy run at Ocean Trails

It was super foggy this morning. I woke up to the fog horns in the harbor and no sunshine! Perfect running weather in my opinion! I unfortunately was woken up by a phone call at 5:45am this morning from my mother. My 100 year old grandmother in Scotland passed away this morning. She had been in hospital recovering from pneumonia. She had her porridge this morning and then she passed away! It was peaceful and painless which is very important! Even though she had been in hospital sick, I still wasn't expecting this! She has rallied from everything until now. We think her heart just gave out!

So I was up rather early this morning and couldn't resist the foggy weather! So off Velcro and I went on a foggy, trail run that was a healing run for me and of course a necessity for my girl! We weren't out to get a great time. It was about being out! Velcro met alot of dogs on the trail this morning. Alec, her Aussie Shepherd friend, a black lab who wanted to play and a few barking dogs! And of course she found two tennis balls when we made it to the beach!

All in all a nice run! The sun tried to burn the fog off-it came out briefly and I felt like I was going to melt because I had forgotten my hat!!! Silly me!!

When we got to the car, Velcro was pooped and so was I!! It had been wonderful to get out in the fog! Very Scottish weather this morning-how appropriate considering my morning!!!

I'm now trying to figure out how I can fly back to Scotland for her funeral. It's so hard to plan that from so far away! But I missed her 100th birthday, I feel I should be there for her funeral!

RUN: 4.11 miles with Velcro on the trails (1:08)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Long Beach 5K Turkey Trot - Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I got up super early for a holiday, 6am, to run in the Long Beach Turkey trot. I was supposed to run with my 17 year old son-but he didn't want to run-so I was off with my trusty companion, Velcro. Dogs were not allowed in this race, so I decided to get at least a mile in first with her and then run the race....maybe a bit of a warm up for me since I wanted to improve on my last 5K time.

It was a beautiful morning. LA looks gorgeous right after it rains here!! And it rained all day yesterday so I knew it was going to be a stunning morning and it was! This year, the Long Beach Turkey Trot gave the participants 3 different starting times, 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 -I chose the earliest time in case it got warm! There were LOADS of people at the starting line for the 7:30 gun. I thought I might be running with just the super diehards, but NO. I guess everyone wanted an early start to their Turkey Day!

I wanted a fast time on this course-it's flat for godsake and I had warmed up already. So I tried to hover around 10 minute miles which for me is pretty speedy! And I pretty much accomplished that. I do find that the faster I go the more my asthma seems to affect me. There might be a medical reason I'm a penguin!!!

I did miss running with my girl, but I knew she'd be at the finish line waiting for me since my dad came down to watch me cross the finish line! And there they were....I really wanted to get around 30 minutes for this race, but I improved on my last 5K time so I'm happy!!!

I didn't get a pie!!! They were handing out pies to random runners-didn't I look random enough???? Oh well-I'm baking my Pumpkin Pie right now watching football!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

RUN: 1.0 miles with Velcro before the race (14:29) with a few pee and a poo stop
RUN: 3.14 Miles 5K Race (32:37)
Hey I like that last lap-it was FAST!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am so very blessed!!!

With Thanksgiving coming up in a few days I wanted to say THANK YOU to ALL of my blogging FRIENDS! I am so very blessed to belong to such a wonderful community and to have such amazing friends!!! I know I've only met a few of you, but I still consider all of you friends! Thank you for all of your kind words and support over this past year! and your support during the hard times I've had recently. The kind words when me dearest Winton passed to the Rainbow Bridge and the support of the possible SAG strike.I can't tell you what it has meant to me!!! I am so very lucky and I wish I could give each of you a huge hug right now!!! Consider this your virtual hug: {{{ HUG}}}

From the bottom of my heart thank you so very much!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A short Plaza Fountain run....

I'm tired! I really procrastinated today about my run-so much so that I felt guilty when it hit 6:30pm and I hadn't gotten my fat ass out to run. I literally sat inside all day long! I chucked alot of shit out, got alot done around the house but I was a SLUG!!! So at 6:30pm I took velcro, jumped in the car and headed down to the Harbor Plaza walkway that had just recently installed beautiful fountains! These fountains were designed by the Bellagio Fountain peeps(you know those famous Vegas Fountains???-well we have our own, smaller, but they belong to Pedro!) and are accompanied by music.

At 7:15, the fountains started-Velcro did not like them! They made way too much noise, splashed and popped!!! She wasn't too enamored by the musical fountains. I on the other hand thought it was a nice change for my run! An urban run today!! Short but urban with my girl, velcro-who, after the fountains, had a great time racing ahead with her leash in her mouth. Dogs find joy in EVERYTHING!!!

RUN: 2.34 miles with velcro (37:34)...I watched the fountains dance!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

is a SAG strike in our future?

At 1am this morning, the Screen Actors Guild walked out of a marathon negotiating session. Their contract expired June 30th and they've been working without a contract since then. Now let me preface this post by saying I was GREATLY affected by the Writers Guild Strike that was oh hey one year ago....I had 5-7 days of work during the months of November and December and NO WORK January, February and half of March! Really hard to live off of unemployment. And that strike came at a really difficult time in my life-my ex-boyfriend had walked out on me after gambling away thousands of dollars leaving me without a savings to fall back here we are again it seems. SAG wants more than any other union has received in their contract negotiations! My union just negotiated a new 3 year contact, the DGA(Directors Guild) signed a new contract this year and WGA finally after a 100 day strike finally signed a contract but this is NOT the time to strike! The economy is in can the actors with any conscience strike when the economy is like this? Are they that fucking greedy to ruin the little people???? Think of us little people who work on the crew!! We don't make the thousands or millions that you do....we don't get the residual checks in the mail! DO NOT AUTHORIZE A STRIKE! You would destroy hundreds if not thousands of people who work in the film industry as well as the economy losing millions of dollars!!!

Please everyone keep your fingers crossed that SAG does not authorize a strike!!!!

Friday: WALK 1.6 miles with velcro


Velcro and I just came back from Burbank-we were doing some car swapping with my dad. And I decided that I might as well get a run in on the bike/walking path while we were there-for it would be too late and I'd be wanting my glass of vino when we got home. So when we got up there I shoved my running gear on and off Velcro and I went. It was a nice run-nothing spectacular, the sun was setting but there wasn't an ocean to look at...but the sky was pretty! I guess a run is good no matter what! I considering I worked until 1:30am and was up early to watch my Tennessee Vols play this morning-ie I was tired. I got a nice run in! Woo Hoo for me!

RUN: 4.15 miles with Velcro in Burbank (53:31)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A sunset trail run at Ocean Trails

Sunset....Trails...Velcro...perfect combination for an awesome run! I headed out for a trail run with my girl. I got a slightly later start than I had hoped-of course I knew we'd be running down to the Beach because Velcro gets grumpy when we don't, and with the sun setting way earlier...I knew we'd be running in the dark. But off we went-I had a contigency plan if we were coming back in the dark-and guess what... we came home in the dark, so I had to finish off the trails and on the street. We ran to the beach Velcro expects to see a tennis ball on the beach and we always seem to find one, and today was no exception. I couldn't throw the ball for long, the sun was setting and we had to head back toward the car.... Velcro was going to be my eyes on the run back. Of course she rose to the occasion for sunset is prime BUNNY HOUR!!! It was becoming a very dark BUNNY HOUR when we made it to the top of the trail and onto the sidewalk that would take us the longer way to the car....looks like I was going to be getting a decent run in today! The last part of the run was downhill-ouch I really don't like steep downhills! But there were street lights-woo hoo we could see!!!

Back to the car, My girl and I were happy to have a good run behind us and to get into the car-when the sun sets it starts to get cool here-no nothing like the east coast cool...sorry!! But cool by our standards!!

Glorious sunset!!! I hope everyone had as good of a wednesday as I had!!

RUN: 5.1 miles with Velcro at Ocean Trails (1:21)

Sunday Nov 16: RUN: 2.6 miles with velcro (had to be cut short because she got glass in her paw and I carried her the last part home)
Monday Nov 17: 100 situps / PLANK 1 minute
Tuesday Nov 18 : 100 situps / PLANK 1 minute

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What makes me Happy?

I just got tagged by Terri, Middle-of-the-pack girl, for the Kreativ Blogger Award. First of all-thank you Terri for considering me worthy of such a cool award-and the award is in PINK! Hello what a great color!!!

I'm supposed to name 6 things that make me Happy and then tag 6 fellow here it goes!

1. My son! It's a hard situation I have. My son, who is 17, lives with my mother in Tennessee. When I got divorced he was pretty young and since I was working in California in the film biz  it was hard for me to even fathom working the 14 hour days I work and raise a young child on my own. So he's been living in Tennessee with my mother-the entire story should be told over a glass of vino! But my son is AMAZING and WONDERFUL! And I love and miss him so! he makes me happy and makes me cry all at the same time!!! I never thought I'd feel this way about another human. I miss him so much and he's turning into such an amazing young man!!!

2. My parents make me very happy! They are both my best friends! I know that might freak some people out-but I talk to my mom and dad every day! They have always been there for me no matter what has happened! My mom changed her career to take care of my son!!! I'm so lucky!!!

3. My brother and sister! My brother is living with me right now. ANd  even though he's a carbon copy of my mom and I'm a carbon copy of my dad (which makes us complete opposites) he and I still get along and enjoy each others company! Not that I didn't pick on him and abuse my "little brother" when I was little-but who didn't!! My sister lives in the North of England. And I didn't even know she existed until I was a senior in high school! What a shock it was to find out I had a full sister!!! Genetics are very powerful!! She is so like us...yet she wasn't raised in this country and never had contact with us until she was 18 or 19 years old.....I lover her dearly! I just wish I could see her more!! She's on facebook now so we are talking a bit more!!

4. Velcro! What can I say about my constant companion! She pulled me out of my deepest depression when my ex, Kirby, walked out on me over a year ago. I've always been a bit if an animal person-some call me a bit of a freak and I've even been accused of loving my animals more than certain humans-yeah that might be right!! She is ALWAYS there for me! She gives me kisses and hugs when I'm crying, down or just there! Everyone should learn from animals!!! There is nothing like the unconditional love of an animal!!! She never leaves my side!

5. My cats. Like I said, a bit of an animal person....I just lost one of my cats on monday. It's so hard to lose a furry family member. You realize just how much they give you!!! My Winton will always be in my heart and I'll never forget him!! But I have 3 other amazing kitties!! Kodak, who I've had the longest and who is the oldest and is diabetic. 3 Perf who I rescued when i was working on the tv show V.I.P. and Blossom who just came into my life recently-and I do believe she was sent by a higher power because my Winton was so sick!!

6. hmmmm do I have to stop at 6? I love my job and I love my friends!!! My job has really defined who I am. It's made me the strong woman I am today! And it's also given me the ability to travel and give my son all the things to make him a good young man as a single parent!! And my friends....working in the film industry, you find you don't have alot of friends-and even fewer female girlfriends! I can count my female friends on one hand-but they are AWESOME! No matter how long it's been since we've talked, or no matter what hour or what day it is-they have always been there for me!! I can't thank them enough!!! Michelle, Camille, Katie, Lisa....THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!

7....couldn't stop-and now my blogging friends! When I started writing my numerous blogs, I never thought I'd meet eople who I shared common interests with and who I'd actually want to meet and keep in touch with! But I have! Blogging has been an amazing experience! I have my running friends-and I do consider you all friends! I feel like I'm getting to know each and everyone of you and I can't wait to meet all of you and some point in time!!! ANd then there are the fellow dog and cat bloggers. they are a different bunch-but WOW! Did I feel loved and cared for by all of my blogging family when Winton went to the Kitty bridge on monday! The outpouring of support and love from everyone in the blogging community(running, dog and cat) was overwhelming and touched me! I'll never forget it!!! more

8. My RUNNING! I love you running! That's all that needs to be said!

WOW! Terri thanks so much for tagging me to do this!!! It's really made me think and realize just how lucky I am!!!! 

Now I'd like to tag 6 other bloggers:

1. Maryland Girl-my dearest friend, my college roomie and my fellow write on this blog. I love you! And miss you dearly!

2. Willie - you might be the only guy tagged to do make me laugh and your sense of humor is infectious!! And you were the first blogger I ever met!!! Just wish we had met as I was driving cross country and stopped at the Waffle House in Oklahoma City!!! Thank you for being there for me and being my friend!!! Your words have really pulled me up during low times!!

3. RBR - what can I say about RBR but you rock! We have yet to meet-and I blame my lame ass self for that! But I know when we do we'll hit it off immediately! I love your sense of humor,you are resilent and have such a happiness about you and maybe the most important thing-you love animals!!! You can't be a bad person if you love and care for your animals the way you do!! I so look forward to finally meeting!!!

4. Calyx - what's funny is that we both grew up in nashville and have mutual friends-yet never met.....but we will! have gone thru so much this year and I applaud and want to hug you for it!! You are a strong woman!!! You are an amazing woman!! Keep smiling and your head held high! You are an amzing mother-NEVER forget that!!!

5. AKA Alice-one of my newest blogging friends, fellow runner and soon to be fellow half marathoner!! You are funny and have such a joy of life!! I had a blast meeting you and running with you!!! Thanks for being so compassionate to someone you hardly know!!! I can't wait to come back down to San Diego!!!

6. Irene - wow is all I can say! Irene you are superwoman! You have had to deal with such a major injury that sidelined you for months-your positive nature and smiles are amazing! I don't know if I could have done what you are doing!!!

I hope you all don't hate me for tagging you!!! And if you've already been tagged for this award-sorry! But it was kinda fun! And it really made me smile and realize I'm happy!!!! Thank you to terri for tagging me and for my 6 blogging friends for being there for me and for being such good friends!!!

No Running Today-Too many Fires!!

Fire Fire go away come back NEVER!! It's horrible here and I'm miles from the actual fires! Ash was raining down last night, the smell oF smoke is pervasive and there is a lovely orange glow in the running for me. I can feel the yuck in my head and chest-I've had a headache since last night-even two glasses of wine didn't help! Please keep all the people and animals affected by the fires in your thoughts! It's so sad!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

LA Sheriffs Athletic Association Lennox Station 5K Race

Racing with GUNS!! Ok not really, but I've never been around so many police types! I felt SUPER safe running this race! No one was going to get mugged this morning! I had grand plans to run the 10K this morning, but yet again the Santa Ana winds are blowing and we have wildfires! I woke up this morning and it was already getting warm and I was very "heady" The race was scheduled to start at 8am, but due to the fact that the bathrooms were closed, a bunch of racers-most part of the Sheriffs department-were off using a construction porta-potty....I chose to hold it! So the race was held until around 20 people came back from the porta-potty excursion. This was a very small race-I kinda liked the small number of racers-most of them knew each other. There must have only been about 20 runners running the 5k.....I started off faster than I normally start. But I did want to get a decent time on this race since I was only running the 5K. Once I started and realized it was warmer than I like (78 degrees) with yucky sunshine and yucky air, I knew my goal of 30 minutes might not happen. Around mile 2 my breathing started to get a bit more difficult. I sometimes don't know if it's related to speed as well as the crappy air/Santa Ana winds.....but I trudged along. The sun was at my back now-thank god-and I focused on a guy in front of me......When I saw the 3 mile sign I picked it up-I was going to sprint, well speed up, to the finish.....finishing in 33:22. It's the fastest 5K I've done in a long time!!! I realized when i got home that they were handing out medals to the top 3 finishers in each age group-I might have been the old lady of the group...maybe I got a medal and didn't realize it-shit I've never won a medal so what's the point in staying!! I'm pretty happy with my time considering! I have the option of running in another 5K tomorrow morning....depending on the weather and how late I stay out tonight(it's hockey night!) I might run the Race for Her tomorrow morning for Ovarian cancer.

The LASAA has a series of about 15 runs during the year-if you run 3 races you get a big glass BEER Mug....I WANT A MUG!

On to a more immediate concern! There are fires raging all over LA, The huge fire in Sylmar( The Sayre Fire) has destroyed numerous homes and you can see the smoke from where I live-and I'm about 50 miles away. There is a fire in Corona-east of LA and the latest brushfire is in the Palos Verdes Peninsula-that is about 2 miles from me....WTF!!! This weather is awful! We're under a RED Flag warning-that means super low humidity, Santa Ana Winds, High Temps-prime fire weather. The Sylmar fire has impacted electrical transmission lines into LA so we may have rolling blackouts skin is so dry-where is my lotion....the smokey air sucks!

RACE: LASAA Lennox Station 5K Race: 3.1 miles without Velcro(boo hoo) 33:22

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday the 14th....

I worked today-I was just prepping a camera package at panavision for NCIS but it was work nonetheless-I got out of the house! I stayed home all day yesterday cleaning.....I received a card from my vet sending their condolences. Those cards mean alot to me but I cried!!

I've been a bit cranky this week! Really snappy and I'm fat! I feel fat, I am fat, I've gained weight and I'm hating myself for doing that!! I need to get my ass up and stop sleeping in and get out and run everyday and do situps everyday! I feel nasty and really don't like myself right what did I do....I ran! 

I got home from work around 4:30 after sitting in traffic for over an hour-that alone would make anyone cranky!!! I sat down on the couch with Velcro, Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom...they all greet me when i come in the house and snuggle with me on the couch and boy did I need that! I turned the boob tube on and watched three weeks of My Own Worst Enemy, which a friend of mine works on and has now been cancelled by NBC..... Thanks NBC!!! I so wanted to stay on the couch for the rest of the day...I had dozed and was sleepy and comfy. But since I'm fat and feel nasty I dragged my ass off the couch and went out for a run! And bit did I need it! I had only wanted to go on a short one since I'm supposed to be running in a 10K tomorrow morning. I thought if I can get 2 miles in it will clear my head and make me feel a bit better...well 2 miles came and I wanted to run more. Of course my perfect running partner, Velcro, was with me and she needed the exercise as much as me! This run wasn't really about times-ha ha are my runs ever about times? NO..when running with a dog there are numerous pee and poo breaks one must take !! SO I just ran, when she had to stop, we stopped and then i ran again. The full moon was out, it's a bit warm here right now but because it was dark it was sun beating me down!

We got home and I was sweating.....and I feel a little less fat! Not much but a bit better...but that wont stop me from having a glass of wine!!

I miss my kitty! I made a picture book of him with alot of the kind words the feline blogging community left on my cats' blog-yeah I'm on of those animals freaks that has blogs for their cats and dogs!!! I love my know....I think I know why I got a little friend and neighbor, who I thought was an animal person since she has 2 cats and a dog, really showed me her true colors. She called me and left a message-I sent her a text message back saying I really wasn't in the mood to talk because I had just put my cat, Winton, to sleep...and all I heard from her was that he was better off now and hey do I want to go to some Japanese drum line on saturday. She wasn't in the least bit compassionate-and it really hurt and angered me!!! I received more compassionate and caring comments from the blogging community-most of whom I've never met-than from a good friend!!! Sorry....I guess I just needed to vent!!!

RUN: 3.5 miles with velcro (47:32)
100 situps

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Thank you to EVERYONE for the kind compassionate words! It's so hard to lose a furry family member! I'm a HUGE animal lover and advocate so I think I take it harder than most!! But thank you very much! I worked the day after he passed-it was kinda good because I had to concentrate on pulling focus...but I looked like shit-my eyes were puffy and I was exhausted because I really didn't sleep well on monday night. But wednesday I woke up feeling so much better! I did the right thing! My boy was sick and i was able to be a good mom to him!!! Wednesday was my day to drive out and take my girl sheep herding-it was wonderful to get out there with her and the sheep!!! It was an amazingly beautiful day-and it was a full moon!! My dad came with us so I was able to get some pics of us working! She's getting so good! She's leaving my side and herding the sheep on her own! It's so awesome to watch!!! We dropped my dad back in the valley and I shoved my running stuff on and Velcro and I went running along the bike path that runs along Chandler Blvd in Burbank/North Hollywood. It was FLAT!!! The only bummer is that we had to stop a few times at lights to wait to cross. But it was a really great run!!! It felt wonderful!!! We got back to my dads house, ordered chinese food and Velcro and I headed back to the sea!!! It was a really nice day!!!

RUN: 4.03 with Velcro in Burbank along the bike path (50:49)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rest in Peace my Sweet Winton!

                     This was taken today!

My sweet boy,Winton, went to the Rainbow Bridge tonight! We had been fighting Renal Failure for about 5 years and today he told me it was time! And thank god I was there for him! It's such a hard thing to do-I wish they could live forever! He was ready! He was looking for his place to hide and die this afternoon, he was vomitting and couldn't poop and crying! He was telling me, Mom, it's time!

Rest in peace my sweet boy! I will always love and remember you!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

San Diego and My New Friends!!!

Let me first say college visits are exhausting!!! I got up yesterday at 5am-we had to leave by 6:30am to make our 10am college tour at San Diego State University-we had two rush hours to deal with, Irvine and San Diego. We made it to SDSU in plenty of time-and good thing, for my 17 year old navigator ignored his navigating duties and we were driving around the SDSU looking for a non-existent green parking kiosk...we never found it! We finally parked and walked to the Prospective Student Center for our 2 hour college visit. We walked around the campus for an hour after getting loads of info about admissions etc! Overwhelming!

Next stop, The University of San Diego, funnily referred to by AKA Alice as "The Spa" and I didn't realize why until I saw it sitting up on top of a bluff!! WOW! very posh and yes she's right, you think you should be walking around in bathrobes!! We had a 1:30 tour at USD, 30 minutes sitting on padded student chair/desks (hmmmm never had padded ones when i went to college!) then at 2pm we were greeted by a very friendly theatre major named Kyle for our walking tour. 2 Hours later we finished walking the campus-I swear we saw parts of the campus that some of the students probably have never seen! I was EXHAUSTED!!! All day in the San Diego sun without a hat walking around-not to whine or moan but i was in need of a comfy bed and a cocktail!

So off we headed to downtown. My dad had joine dus on this college visit venture. he had already planned on taking the train back to LA and luckily the train station was just a few blocks from our hotel, The W. I chose the W not for the name!!! But because they are incredibly pet friendly!! And Velcro had made the trip with us!

I LOVED the W!! It was wonderful! A bit young and hip for my exhasted body on this friday night, but the room was lovely, the dog accessories that were laid out in the room were wonderful and the beds were super comfy! I'll definitely be back! Maybe I'll even take the train down!!

My son and I, after sitting and vegging on the comfy beds for a few hours, finally decided to get a bite to eat. I had had these amazingly grand plans to meet Irene for drinks after dinner. When I made these grand plans I had no idea I'd be close to comatose by 8pm!!! We ate diner at the Karl Strauss brewery...did I drink, no. I had already had 2 glasses of Pinot that had gone to my head and made me even sleepier than I already was! So I drank hot tea and a brewery-BORING!!! I was cold!

When we got back to the Hotel, we went up to the room to get velcro to take her on a short walk before heading to night night land!! Well our short walk turned into a nightmare walk. You see my dearest dog, Velcro, doesn't like to eat or poop while on a trip! She is stubborn in that respect! Yes she holds it....and I sure didn't want her doing that while we were on the 13th floor of a very posh hotel!! But she did! So we finally walked back to the W.....

....walking into the lobby I heard my name being called....odd...I don't know anyone in this hotel. I turned to see Irene and her husband! They had come down to the hotel and I, silly me, had forgotten my cell phone in the hotel while on my very long poop walk with velcro! She recognized me because of Velcro! (I often say people don't know me they know her...and it's true!!!)

I had brought a special gift for Irene-my Oktoberfest Chicken hat!!! I ran up to the room to get it, and to deposit the non-pooping canine! We sat in the hotel lobby and chatted. If I had had a drink I probably would have fallen asleep! We talked and I told her she had to think about joining us on our morning run...the blogger run along the Embarcedero!!! Then it was up to bed, where i crashed on the comfy bed with the non-pooping canine! My child in the other bed out like a light!

Saturday morning came way too early! I was up at 6am...I had set my alarm for 7am but couldn't sleep. Seems my son gets loads of text messages and his phone was beeping all night long! So I got up at 6, got ready for my run and realized I was desperate for a tea!!! I knew there was a Starbucks near the hotel, so I gave my kid a kiss and told him I was heading out to run with Velcro and my blogging friends. He had to be up by 9:15am since that was when our yummy breakfast was to be delivered!

Off I went. We were meeting just north of the convention center at the carousel. I thought I knew where it was but as I was running I couldn't remember the exact location but knew it was near the Marriott Marina(where I had stayed the last time I was in San Diego with the asshole ex-boyfriend). I finally asked someone and found it, 1.2 miles already run plus about .5 miles walked while drinking my Venti Awake tea!

AKA Alice and Betty arrived right on time, actually a little before the 8am run time! That's when i got a call from Irene saying she was leaving her house and really wanted to run with us. It was going to be 4 of us on our 3.1 mile run along the Embarcadero. I was so excited!! This was the first time, since meeting Willie, that I would be meeting and actually running with blogging friends! How cool is that!!! It really makes the entire blogging experience worthwhile!!! 

We set off heading north! All 4 of us, plus my girl Velcro, running! Let me just say that Irene-superwoman!!! She had a horrible injury about 9 months ago that would have taken alot of people out of running for good!!! But here she is out running after a major injury not complaining at ALL! WOW! I think I'll just shut up and never complain ever again!! 

I had a WONDERFUL time! It was amazing!! I feel like I'm missing so much living and running in LA! I don't have the huge support running group that AKA Alice, Betty and Irene have and I'm SO jealous!!! I'd love to run with these women every weekend! We chatted, it felt so easy running-I felt like I could have run miles more, and with out a doubt I'd be running faster if I ran with them more! When i run with velcro I get a bit lazy...we stop, we go slow....this run was wonderful! I loved it! And of course the scenery and weather were beautiful!!! It was a perfect morning! And a wonderful way to end my mini-vacation! I really might consider coming down, maybe once a month, to join them in a long run!!! Of course I will see all of them at the Carlsbad Half Marathon!!!

Thank you all for being so welcoming!!! The one blogging friend I didn't get the chnace to meet was Run DMZ. Unfortunately she was sick! She gave me so much info on running in San Diego. I so wish she could have joined us!! Next time!! I'll be back! I had such a great time!!

Thanks for inviting me to participate in your run! I really enjoyed meeting all of you!! I can't wait to come down to San Diego again for another run!!! And I will come down for another run! maybe a race???

Total RUN: 5.6 miles with Velcro and 3.1 miles with AKA Alice, Irene and Betty!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My mini vacation has begun!

Welcome to my 5 days off!!! I slept in today-wow did I feel lazy and great! 9:30am was when I finally got up, after my cats tried their hardest to wake my ass up!!! My vacation will be packed, chockful! I'll be heading to the vet this morning to pick up smaller needles for my sick cat, Winton. he has renal failure and I've been giving him fluids every other day. Well, he bit me on tuesday night-his skin feels leathery and he's skin and bones and I think he had had enough of being poked by a big needle. SO my last attempt to keep him comfortable will be to use smaller needles-if he doesn't tolerate this then there isn't anything else I can do for him. Tuesday was a turning point in his care.....I've been expecting this time to come-he was diagnosed with Renal Failure about 5 years ago so I've been battling this horrible disease for a long time! But about 3 months ago, the renal failure caught up with him and he started losing all of his body weight and sleeping ALOT! Now don't start yelling at me-I'm not keeping him alive just to keep him alive. He still eats! And that is and will always be the most important thing! As long as he is eating. Renal Failure doesn't hurt-it makes him feel a bit ill which is why I've been giving him fluids but if I'm unable to do that then his time might be nearing soon. I love my animals-they are a huge part of my family! No matter how well prepared I can be it will be so hard to lose him! And I feel that time is nearing!

I'm also heading to Phelan to take Velcro sheep herding. We have a 3pm lesson-must get my ass in gear. Then I'll head home and pick up my son at LAX around 9pm then my true vacation begins!! San Diego here we come! My dear blogging friends in San Diego, AKA Alice, Irene and Run DMZ, have been amazing!!! I can't wait to meet all of you!!! I can't wait to visit The University of San Diego and San Diego State University! And then spend a weekend with my son watching football and running! And then monday it's time to visit CSULB and then he leaves.....and then I'm back to work on tuesday!!!

I will be running this weekend! I ran yesterday morning before work-yes woke up at 4:30 and got my arse out there in the dark! It was wonderful. But today I felt sleep was more important since I feel I'm on the verge of exhaustion!!! Tomorrow I hope to get a run in either before we leave for San Diego or after our college visits and then Saturday I'll be running the Embarcadero!!!

Wed: RUN 3.1 miles with velcro at 4:30am (42:00)
   100 situps

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

calling all San Diegans.

is that even a word? oh well. Hey, so I've booked a hotel downtown but then began to think if that was the best idea. I've only stayed in the downtown area when I've been to San Diego-usually the Mariott Marina but I chose downtown around Broadway this trip...but now I'm wondering if it would be better to be up in the Mission bay area. Come on give me your advice!!! All I want is a nice area where we can eat, maybe meet all you girls for a drink and of course run on saturday with Velcro..... bring it on women....give me you advice!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm back and Exhausted!

What a month! I'm sitting wrapped in a wool blanket with a glass of wine and a bar of chocolate with all of my animals surrounding me-so very happy to be home! I am EXHAUSTED! I've been working 14-16 hour days since march and this month I've been working 6 day weeks and I think it's finally caught up with me! But I will survive. But I realize I do need time off!! It wont happen until Thursday since I worked today and i work tomorrow and Wednesday. But come Thursday-my time is MINE!!!

My running has really taken a turn for the worse this month- I tried to run when I wasn't incredibly tired but I had to listen to my body and rest and sleep when I was tired.

This coming friday I'll be heading down to San Diego with my son for two college visits: San Diego Sate University and The University of San Diego. I can't wait!!! I'm using it as a mini vacation! We'll be heading down on friday, staying friday night somewhere-gotta book a hotel! I'm hoping to find a nice place to eat dinner with a 17 year old teenager and then maybe  a saturday morning run with Velcro before heading back up to LA. I'm so excited about being a mom this coming weekend!!!! I'm counting the days until my son arrives from Tennessee!!!

I'll have to find a race to run in this weekend-maybe one in San Diego on saturday or one in LA on sunday. I'm so looking forward to a little me time and a little mom time with my son!!!

I will also start really pushing my charity of choice for the Carlsbad half marathon-Labrador Rescuers!! Check out my donation page on the right side of my page! Any donation is happily accepted and appreciated by Labrador Rescuers and ME!!! Thanks so much!

Monday Oct 27: RUN: 2.0 miles with Velcro (26:53)
Tuesday Oct 28 100 situps
Wednesday Oct 29 100 situps
Thursday Oct 30: RUN: 2.18 miles with Velcro (29:25)
Friday Oct 31: WALK: 1.6 miles with Velcro (30:11) /  100 situps
Saturday Nov 1: RUN: 2.16 miles with Velcrco (27:34)
Sunday Nov 2: WALK: .8 miles with Velcro