Sunday, October 26, 2008

A quick post...

Work work work. I have one day off-tomorrow- and am finally feeling better after being sick for a week. I didn't run until yesterday, first time in over a week, and it felt crappy and great at the same time!!! I must dash out to work now. I hope everyone has had a great week and weekend!

Saturday: RUN: 3.1 miles with Velcro (42:55)
Sunday: RUN: 3.16 miles with Velcro (43:44)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ok...I accept the challenge.... Carlsbad here I come!

I will be running the Carlsbad Half Marathon on January 25 2009. Thanks AKA Alice for letting me know the race even existed!! And how exciting that the entire clan will be there running it and that I can run for a charity-Lab rescuers!!!!I'm thrilled!!! See you in Carlsbad and help me run for the Labs!!! 

Walk: 2.2 Miles with velcro

Talk about planning ahead....

The 2009 San Francisco Marathon: July 26, 2009
Since I was unable to do it this past year-I've just registered for the San Francisco half marathon on July 26 2009! I'm planning super far ahead so i can make sure, even if I'm working my ass off, that I'm prepared!!! I've paid my fees-today is the first day of registration, and I'll be in one of my favorite cities in July no matter what! Screw work that ruins my race plans! I will be in San Fran to run this half marathon in July!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunset with a dog....

Two trips to the park for me today-the second one was at sunset and it was cold!~ Just the way i like it. Loads of people were out running-not me. I'm still feeling lightheaded and achy so it was double park day for me and Velcro....

A lazy sunday...

I'm still not feeling better-my head is all wacked and jacked up so I'm not running...but Velcro still needs exercise. So i took her to the park for her Jolly Ball activity! She loves it! And it's a low impact exercise for me so it's the perfect "sicky" dog exerciser! It's amazing to watch a dog-sheer joy and excitement for everything! If only us humans could be just like dogs!!! It's so pretty here right now-perfect running weather-COOL! I'm so bummed I can't run...but I really don't feel like it and have zero energy!! So no point in killing myself!! After the park, my brother, Velcro and I went out for breakfast and now I'm home.....I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! And I hope everyone that raced this weekend had a wonderful time!! I'm jealous-but I know there is no way I could have run any distance this weekend!!! Rest, rest, rest is the key for me and sleep!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday and I'm at home sick...

I was supposed to be working today and I'm scheduled to work tomorrow but when I woke up this morning I felt like crap! I've been fighting a sinus "issue" stemming from the Santa Ana winds and the smoke from the fires but yesterday I started feeling achy. I had gotten up to run with Velcro at 4:30am yesterday-didn't really have alot of energy but had to run....when I got to work yesterday I just didn't feel 100%. A few people are sick in my dept so it wouldn't surprise me if I have a virus and sinus "issues"-headache and my eyes hurt. So I decided to stay at home today-and good thing. I'm achy, sore and have a distinct lack of energy and I'm cold. Now that's an issue when you live in southern california when it's hot outside-I shouldn't be cold. So I'm not working today, not running, not doing much of anything today but lying on the couch or in bed watching football. I want to wish everyone running races this weekend good luck! Not that anyone needs luck...maybe I should say everyone running races this weekend have a GREAT TIME!!!!! Enjoy!

Tuesday: 100 situps
Wednesday: 100 situps
WALK: 1.8 miles

Thursday: 100 situps
Friday: RUN: 1.73 miles

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is what I do at work....

I'm working on a pilot called Glee. It's about a glee club in the midwest and it's a comedy from the creator of Nip Tuck...and today was FUNNY! Lets just say today centered around a Journey song and a guy with a mullet and a hose-hence me being under black plastic at work while it's 80 degrees outside!!!

I haven't run since sunday-with the smoke from the fires, my sinus' and head have been horrible-so I've put running aside until the air clears. I think I might try tomorrow morning at 4am, since I have to leave the house at 5:40 tomorrow morning. Tonight, I think it might just be a walk to get rid of the cobwebs!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Fires are back...

I knew yesterday when I woke up that it wouldn't be long until the fires. It was dry and windy and the Santa Ana's were fire conditions! And today it exploded! I left the harbor area pretty early today-we don't really get the winds-we get the super dry, hot conditions that are associated with the Santa Ana wind conditions-don't get me wrong, it's windy but nothing like what it was up in the valley today! I headed north-I saw the smoke from the Hollywood I continued to drive north, the smoke became heavier and then I dropped into the valley-smoke and the smell of smoke. The first thing I said to myself-good thing I have a z-pack at home because I'll be sick in a week if this continues!! I was working at Panavision today in Woodland Hills. At 7:30am, the smoke I was seeing was from the Lakeview Terrace Fire which was miles away. It was blowing all the way into the West Valley. Then while I was inside a smokey smelling Panavision, I came outside to see a HUGE cloud of smoke just to the north of the building. I jumped on my computer to see that a fire had sparked in Porter Ranch around 10:30am and was furiously burning just north of the Woodland Hills area. I later found out the fire had jumped the 118 freeway at Topanga Blvd-about 8 miles up the road. No wonder the smell and the smoke were so strong!

I left Panavision around 2:30...wanted to head south early because I knew the traffic would be horrendous! And it was -luckily not in the direction I was heading. There were numerous freeway closures today and still are! The Santa Ana's are due to pick up again tonight-even stronger than they were last night and today!! Keep your fingers crossed that the firefighters made headway this afternoon when the winds died down!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Long Beach Half Marathon....completed-it wasn't my best race-but it's completed!

Well, I worked yesterday-I was up at 4am to get to work by 6:30 and didn't get home until about 9pm-then I had to get all my run stuff together (make my pb&j, lay out my clothes, fill up my water bottle and gatorade bottle etc...). What I didn't really pay any attention to was the fact that while I was working my lower back, which keeps my lovely ruptured L4 and L5, was hurting-I really don't have issues with my back-because I run! But it started hurting yesterday at work.....???

When I woke up this morning at 5am, after having gone to bed early, at 10:30pm, I noticed my back was a little sore, but didn't really think it an issue-I did spray Kool-n-Fit on it before I left. My brother drove me to Long Beach-the traffic was ridiculous! Seems everyone, but me, was coming into the Long Beach area the exact same way-south on the 71o and exiting Broadway....luckily I know the area so when we were detoured to the 710, we got off and made our way via surface streets!

My running partner, C, was stuck in traffic so i had to give her directions. She arrived around 7am-the race started at 7:30. So we started down to the start. Of course I had to make a potty stop before we started so off to the porta potty lines we went, camera in hand of course!

The race started around 7:33am....we were in Corral C-not that you could really tell where the Corrals were. But we were somewhere in that area. I had my disposable jacket on-it was a little chilly this morning. But I felt it begin to warm up as soon as the sun started to come up...hmmm....SUN.....I don't like running in the sun! So off came the jacket-into the gutter it went-hopefully to be donated to a needy charity!

C and I started-it was busy at the start. She had signed up for the full marathon. She asked me if i would do it with her-I declined! (Having done a full on a whim before and having gotten rather ill afterwards because it was f-ing hot and I was not properly prepared to run 26.2-I decided I was not going to do that to my body again-not unless i wanted to spend hours in bed hurling!) Notice-I don't do well in sunshine and heat! Even if it's only 70 degrees..... So....I stuck to my guns of only running the half.  When we were running around the Queen Mary, the breeze had disappeared and we both started getting toasty-was it really necessary for the sun to be beating down on us all day, to have it be dry, to have the Santa Ana winds starting....yucky running conditions for me-where is my beloved overcast skies and misty rain????

But....It was super nice running with someone! It really made the hard parts better. Everything was great until around mile 9 when my lower back all of a sudden started to tighten and spasm.....yeah not fun at all!!! I was so frustrated because it was around the same time I was feeling a complete lack of energy! It was like everything was being sucked out of me! I actually had to stop and bend over to stretch my back-C thought I was going to hurl.....funny I probably could have-when my back hurts it really makes me miserable. But I took an excedrin from C and continued on-telling myself that if my back hurts-stop and walk! At this point I was channeling every Kenyan I had ever watched run....I was a Kenyan! I could run in heat! I felt no pain! Yeah right! I felt it and my back, with every step, was beginning to tighten more and more. That really makes planting your feet a bit harder! But I pushed on...thankfully I had a running partner-so we were feeding and helping each other!

Around 10 miles, the Gel stuff was being handed out-I was feeling a distinct lack of energy at this point and thought, I'll try it. I, luckily, grabbed a chocolate one. Chocolate I thought...YUMMY. C inhaled hers, I struggled to tear open the packaging-feeling really retarded as I fumbled with the packaging....when I finally opened mine and took a little bit-yeah I really thought I was going to hurl!!! THEY AREN'T FOR ME!!! I had an instant gag reflex and grabbed a cup of water (thank god we were right at an aid station-it was horrendous!!!). I'd rather run without energy than try one of those nasty things again! I normally run with Bonk Breakers which I LOVE...did I bring any with me today-NO...why would i do something intelligent like that???

As I continued my plodding along at my middle-of-the-pack pace around mile 10.5, thanks Ms Garmin, I saw a wonderful man handing out red cups.....RED CUPS-the universal sign for BEER!!! I asked him, "what's in the red cups?" and he said "iced cold beer, would you like one?" my response-"hell yes!!!" and so a small drink of ice cold beer was had by me at mile 10.5.....god bless you beer man! You made my day!!! The BEER MAN ROCKED!!!

It was just after the beer man that the half and full marathons split. C was going to make the decision at that point whether she was sticking with me to run the half or continuing on to run the full-she chose the full. So I was left to run up the hill toward mile 11 with only my stupid voice in my head while reciting Willie's motivational text messages that I had received when I was at mile 9 feeling like CRAP!

At this point, uphill, by myself, back really tightening up and having spasms, I decided to walk. I really felt like crap walking-I'm really a proud person-and I felt my time slipping away from me as I was walking that mile, but you know, i'm no young chicken anymore. I had only done a 10 mile run to prepare for this race(not the way I like to train) am exhausted and have been working my ass the fact that I actually got up and made it to the start line on a sunday morning-HUGE! 

But at mile 12...I was feeling guilty about walking. Don't get me wrong-if I have to walk I will!!! But I had really wanted a decent time on this race and that was out the window-so now...I had to finish under 3 I ran from mile 12 on. It back was so stiff but I was in the shade of buildings so mentally that helped me.....and I started passing people-that always helps! It seems I wasn't the only person feeling like CRAP! The last .2 miles were down hill-and I picked up the pace and charged to the finish line-watching that clock and looking for my dad (who had come down on the train to watch me finish) and he saw me finish-STRONG!!! He snapped a picture-but it didn't i'll have to wait for the official finish line picture.

Am I happy with my time-not really. Am I happy to have finished it considering...YES!!! Will I train better(of course with free time-if that happens) for my next half marathon-YES!! I know I have it in me-today just wasn't my day! We all have good days and bad days-this wasn't one of my shining moments! I tried to channel the Kenyans-but they must have been on the plane back to Kenya by the time I came to the finish line!!!! And I don't think they wear pink skirts and floral tops.....I look a bit chunky in my pink skirt and floral top...hmm a Kenyan I am NOT!

RUN: 13.29 miles (2:53:1) without Velcro!!! Boo Hoo!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Kinda freaking out....

It's been awhile since I've written. I worked monday and tuesday on Private Practice-two pretty long days. So I didn't run those days . Wednesday I was supposed to be off but I got a phone call at 9am wondering if I could come in and work on Brothers and Sisters-so being the money whore that I am I went! But I was tired all day! And I have been tired all day! Yesterday I got up around 7:30-not early for me-and went out for a short run with velcro, because I was heading up to Hollywood to drop off my equipment at Panavision because I start a pilot called Glee tomorrow. Today, I wanted to get up and run, but just couldn't do it-I'm so tired! Well...because I've been so tired I made an appointment to see an acupuncturist/chinese herbalist. So i took in copies of blood work from last July and this past january along with copious pages I had to fill out before hand. I have a thyroid condition-runs in the low/normal range and I take medication for it. Well in a nutshell, my acupuncturist was concerned that my TSH level was low even though I'm thyroid medication. And all of a sudden she's talking about autoimmune disorders and my immune system being screwed up and possibly attacking my thyroid. So what do I do? Freak out! She lined up blood test for me and Saliva adrenal tests.....but I'm freaking out! I don't want my immune system to be screwed up! I walked out feeling worse than when I walked in. Now I may call an Endocrinologist!! So what do i do after hearing all that news....I drive to the Long Beach Marathon expo. I'm running the half this sunday! I had registered early enough to get an official technical t-shirt, which is pretty cool! I also bought the cutest floral thin tank top which will look so cute with my pink running skirt! I can't wait to wear it! And of course I got sucked into the "my running partner has four legs" technical t-shirt! How could I not buy that! I'm kinda excited about the run, not excited about the fact that i start this pilot tomorrow and knowing my luck I'll work some hellaciously long ass day and be exhausted on sunday! But I'm going to lay all of my running stuff out tonight so that I don't have to think of it tomorrow night an hopefully all will be good!!! Wish me luck! I don't know if I'm in the best shape for it because my work schedule has be nasty, but oh well!! I will not sit on my ass and let my fatigue get the best of me!!!

I think I want to cry! I'm so careful and such a health freak and it hit me like a ton of bricks that something might be wrong with my immune system. Kinda makes me want to hide-but I will not!! And of course all of this has come at the worst time! I'm not working as much-well not 5 days a week but maybe 4 days a week and all I do is get news updates about the stock market and how the world economy is crumbling! My stocks and mutual funds have been hit hard, my parents-even worse! My dad was going to retire soon and now he cant! And my son is looking at colleges since he'll be going to college next year-most of them cost at least $30,000 a year! And I'm a single parent-how can I afford this with the economy is shambles?! And then to top it all off, my crazy neighbor is still going after our HOA and management company so I'm fighting to not be sued by an unstable human being-who doesn't have anything better to do in his life than sit in front of his computer and hunt up obscure codes to quote on every correspondence we get from him! I want to shoot him! Doesn't he realize or care that the world economy is crumbling and no one can afford or wants to deal with a frivolous lawsuit that might cost us each thousands of dollars!! Did I say I want to shoot him! Obviously he doesn't know or care about the economy! I've lost so much money I can't even look anymore! The value of my condo is crap! I can't refinance because of my psycho neighbor! I'm FREAKING out and I think I might have a bit of stress in my life......and my month of October will seriously be spent working almost every day!!!

Thursday RUN: 2.03 Miles with velcro (27:13)
Friday WALK: 1.8 miles with velcro

Sunday, October 5, 2008


So last night I went to Oktoberfest with my pals. We had a great time and I didn't drink alot at all! I was just having a great time. Well while I was doing the chicken dance with my friend Lisa, she stepped on my right foot-specifically my right foot little let me give you a little back story on my little toes, my toes in general. I have very long skinny toes that seem to break super easy-the reason I know that? Let see I've broken my right little toe twice, my left little toe once and the toe right beside my big toe on my left foot-that one I shattered. Yeah I have a long history of breaking my toes.....well, last night while dancing the chicken dance, my friend Lisa stomp with ehr cowboy boot on my right little toe. It hurt like hell at the time-but I didn't think anything of it...but the pain wouldn't go away so i iced it all night last night. I woke up to my toe looking like this:

Now you say....that's not too bad!! You're right it's not. I guess that's the joy of sleeping with an ice pack wrapped around your toe all night long! I woke up with a chill-ha ha. But I thought all is good. Yeah, that was until this afternoon when I decided I wanted to go on a short run with Velcro down to the beach. I put my trail shoes on-OUCH!!! WTF! I took them off and looked at my toe-it's turning a beautiful color!!!
My feet are f-ed up anyway and my right little toe is so deformed from me breaking it so many times...but seriously, there is no way it could be broken by someone stomping on it by accident???? Well, it doesn't hurt like the other breaks-but it hurts. But I decided to try a short run with Velcro..... i noticed it-slightly painful while I was pounding the pavements. Once on the trail-so much better. But I'm so pissed off!! I have the half marathon in 7 days and what happens???? My little toe gets screwed up! I'm such a dork!!

RUN/WALK: 2.11 miles with Velcro to the beach

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oktoberfest 2008!!!

Yes after my 10 miler....I went to Oktoberfest with the girls at Alpine Village in Torrance, CA. A fun time was had by all!!!

A run, a race and then a run again....

Saturday morning-usually slug time for me but I was up at 5:30 (you know it's really hard getting up at 5:30 on a saturday!) But I got up because the Manhattan Beach Old Hometown 10K race was today! And I had grand plans of running the race and getting an additional 2 miles in for training purposes. So at 6:30am, I gathered my shite and headed to Manhattan Beach-Velcro was not happy when I left the house in my running gear without her!!! I was running this race with my running partner, C. Our first run and race together!!! She's not a super fast runner so we're fairly evenly exciting to have a bi-ped run with me!! I parked in Hermosa Beach and headed north to the start-a 1.3 mile jaunt before the race. C and I met in front of the Manhattan Beach Fire Dept truck at the start-could I have just stayed there the entire race watching the hotty fireman??? I felt like crap when i woke up this morning. I was tired-not alot of sleep last night and I felt a bit ill....but here I was getting ready to run a race with someone!!! So I willed myself to feel better! I had warmed up a bit running from Hermosa...and luckily I got to the start with 4 minutes until the race was to start-so I didn't wait long until i was running again! Off we ran.....

There were alot of people running and walking this race, neighbors out cheering and yelling. It's a wonderful community race, in it's 31st year! And I love running it. It's fairly challenging-a few hills and then of course the finish is right on the strand at the Manhattan Beach Pier.

At the finish, C stopped by the medical tent-she gets migraines if she gets too hot-and she felt one coming on-good thing the weather was prime Southbay Girl running weather, minus any drizzle! We collected our t-shirts, long sleeved for me!! And then we parted ways. She was picked up by her fiancee and psycho me was running back to my car.....I was already at 7.5 miles so I knew I'd get at least 8.5 miles in. So off I went. It was a little hard to get started again since we had stopped while at the medical tent...but I finally got back into the groove and was heading to Hermosa Beach. When i made it to the car, I looked at trusty Miss Garmin, and she just clicked over 10 miles! Wow...I wasn't expecting that! But I'm super happy! Especially considering that i felt pretty darn good and I have the Long Beach Half Marathon in 8 days!! I feel I'm a bit more prepared than I thought. Not that any race is easy...but with 10 miles under my belt after the work schedule I've been keeping-I'm a H-A-P-P-Y girl!!

RUN: 10 miles Total: 1.3 miles before race, 6.2 miles in race, 2.5 miles after race ( 2:13)

Race info:

Total Time: 1:17:49
pace 12:04
overall Place 3298/4015
Div Place 212/256
Sex Place 1449/1967

yea....snail but a happy snail 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Thursday Night run with Velcro after watching 45 minutes of the debate...

I just couldn't watch anymore of the debate! I think I actually only made it to about the 30 minute point and said enough of this and took Velcro and headed to the ocean to catch the sunset and to get a good run in! I worked today, just prepped at Panavision for Navy NCIS. That's what i'll be working on tomorrow. So I was home around 3:30pm. Is at down and had my yummy late lunch early dinner of Indian food-I LOVE Indian! I could eat it everyday!! But I didn't leave enough time for it to digest-for Iw as still tasting the curry on my run! Good thing I LOVE Indian! But at 7pm, Velcro and I started our run along the ocean-mind you we're running along a cliff-no beach in site just cliffs...but it's beautiful non-the-less. It was cool and a slight wind was blowing and I felt pretty good. We were actually running on the road. I haven't run on the road in a long time-usually find myself on the trails but since it was dark-trails not a good idea in the dark unless I want to go falling down a cliff.....nah...not at the top of the list of things that interest me. So off we went....we ran along Paseo Del mar which is beautiful! Stunning views, pedestrian friendly with a bike lane which is my route of choice. Velcro of course was my 47 lb we starting nearing the entrance to ocean trails she started getting excited and pulling ahead-she so wanted to go chase bunnies, but that wouldn't be happening tonight! SO we ran down to the wall, which is our turnaround point and headed back! The first half was primarily up hill which meant the return portion was either slightly downhill or flat!!! Woo Hoo! It wasn't a fast run but it was a happy run!! And I felt pretty good doing it. No asthma issues, no foot issues, no hamstring issues...we did see a family of raccoons as we came into the park at the end of our run! They ran away-they didn't like the look of a "dingo" dog running towards them!!

RUN: 5.2 miles with velcro on the road (1:06)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008