Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Off to work I go I go....

I'm getting ready to jump in my car for my commute to Universal City and the lovely stages of CSI. I'm working a whopping 8 hour day today! Woo Hoo! In at 1pm out by 9pm. Rough-someone has to do it! I got a brief run in this morning. left later than i had planned and it was already hot as hell-what is up with this horrible weather! It sucks!!! velcro and i don't like the heat! Can't it go away!?? Hope everyone has a great tuesday!

RUN: 2.2 miles with a 47 lb anchor behind me AKA Velcro

Monday, September 29, 2008

A brief update on what my week has in store....

Well, I took Velcro for a walk tonight-just didn't have the motivation to run. I had spent an hour on the phone with a lawyer about the HOA crap lawsuit one of the owners has filed against all of us, the HOA and the management company! He's such an idiot-but that's an entire different conversation!!! I also was just dealing with a job cancelling on me tomorrow-very late, 7pm, and then being put back on the job again. I had already planned a sunset run with my running partner, who is back in town!! Woo Hoo!!! So here is what my week is looking like. I'll be working on CSI tomorrow. I'm planning on a short run in the morning with Velcro, wednesday I have off and my running partner, C, and I have already planned a long run for the morning! Thursday I'll be prepping a camera package at panavision, with my favorite dog, Velcro, and then Friday I'll be working on Navy NCIS. A three day work week-not really enough work for me, but I'm getting alot done while I'm at home and I'm spending quality time with my animals-especially my boy Winton who isn't doing great!

Velcro and I were scheduled to be in an AKC herding trial this weekend in Murrieta, CA but I think I'm going to cancel! We aren't in the least bit ready for Course A Intermediate! We haven't trained in over two weeks and the training we did do did not show me that we could get beyond the first cone of the course! No point in driving 2 hours to get out into the arena for a total of 30 seconds when I can run in a 10K on saturday morning and then go to Oktoberfest at Alpine Village on saturday night! So that's what i'll be doing on the weekend! The Manhattan Beach Old Hometown 10K!!

Walk: 1.65 miles with Velcro

Sunday, September 28, 2008

congestion + running = wheezing

Yeah it was one of those runs! I really haven't had alot of energy lately. I've been sleeping in late, I've been congested-wondering if my thyroid is acting up and not responding to my medication or if my anemia is rearing it's ugly head again! Oh the joys of being a woman!! Fun times! Getting old SUCKS! Don't let anyone tell you that it's great-because they LIE! It takes longer to heal, recover and bounce back from anything....but enough of my ranting about getting old, which unfortunately is inevitable!

My run tonight at Ocean Trails was a beautiful one! Except that I found myself (and heard myself) wheezing as I was running up the first hill....yeah I put the brakes on and walked up the hill. Nothing worse than hearing yourself wheeze and knowing that you've just started a run that you've wanted to do all day, all weekend and for about 4 days!! I was not going to stop. I would have had I not been able to breathe-and when I feel a little tight chested or out of breathe I walk and then run again when I catch my breathe. I'm not that stupid! I just wasn't expecting it to happen so early into the run (.3 miles) YIKES! Maybe my lazy ass is getting sick and I don't know it...

Well, Velcro and I did it. And boy was it a beautiful run. it was hot as hell today-it's just been nasty here lately. And I didn't leave the house until 6pm. When we got to the entrance to Ocean Trails I could feel the wind and I saw the sun beginning to drop-I knew it was going to be a stunning sunset! And I wasn't denied a beautiful one! I wish I could share this run with everyone! It's so beautiful and to be able to run with Velcro and see the joy as she chases bunnies and heads to the beach just makes me smile. makes me realize how wonderful life is!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Mine was spent watching football and doing nothing. I saw a movie today, Eagle Eye. It was pretty good-I knew a few people who worked on it. All in all I've done nothing this weekend and it's been a relaxing weekend. I had hoped to run in a race this morning-but my arse couldn't get out of bed at 5:30-of course it doesn't help when your wide awake at 3am and toss and turn trying to get back to sleep....I decided that sleep was more important than driving 30 minutes to run in a 5K.

My running partner is back in town for 3 weeks. We had hoped to get a long run in tomorrow-but she really is desperate to sleep in so we're going to try for wednesday morning. We're planning on 8 miles in Hermosa and Manhattan Beach along the strand. Yes, I'll have the camera and will take pictures!!

I got two new running skirts in the mail yesterday! I ran in my hot pink one today! Love them!!!

RUN: 4.0 miles with Velcro on the Trails (1:03)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sunset at Ocean Trails

I wasn't supposed to run today since I had prolotheraphy yesterday, but when 6pm hit and I saw that it was going to be a wonderful sunset, I decided to go out for a short run so that Velcro could get her bunny run and ball chasing on the beach in for a wednesday! Velcro's greyhound friend, Grace, was at the beach today-so they raced around. Well Velcro chased the tennis ball, that I had shoved into my running skirt to take with us, while Grace chased Velcro. It's a very happy friendship they have!

It was such an amazing evening and sunset! The run was short-up alot of hills-but short, but it was a really nice evening. As the sun started to set it began to get cool. What a nice change from today-it was hot as hell today!

RUN: 2.75 miles with velcro at Ocean Trails with a stop on the beach to play!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon June 27 2009 Anyone?

Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon June 27 2009. I think this should be the race WE ALL meet up for! What better place than Seattle in June!!!! It's 9 months from now-it will be cool, fun, Seattle is supposed to be an awesome town. One of my good friends lives there....lets do it! Lets plan on Seattle being the race where as many bloggers run as possible! Lets do it!!!

A trail run and Prolo!

Tuesday...no work today! So I planned on packing alot of things into today!But I woke up with a headache-I only had one glass of wine last night, no way...I can't be that old!!! Nah-a sinus headache that proceeded to get worse all day. But back to the days activities: My new kitty, Blossom, was fixed today, so I had a window to drop her off today-and of course I had to keep her away from food and water-made a little more difficult when you have a cat with diabetes and a cat with renal failure-so she was put into a soft cage on my bed last night and then this morning I put her in the bathroom for play time before surgery. At 8am, we left for the vet, Blossom, Velcro and myself. We dropped Blossom off at the vet and then Velcro and I headed to Ocean Trails for a trail run before my prolotheraphy appointment. I had to get a run in before prolo since running isn't an option right afterwards. Luckily it was overcast, wasn't super cool but coolish! SO Velcro and I got a trail run in-she was bounding after bunnies today! We added a trail today-all uphill, then we came back down onto the trails we normally run. After our run, we headed home, velcro got her breakfast, I got a shower and I was in the car to head up to Santa Monica for my prolotheraphy appointment at Pacific Prolotheraphy and Wellness Center with Dr. Peter Fields. I hadn't been to prolotheraphy since July 12th so I was way overdue. It was a good visit! I had my left foot worked on and also my left wrist. Double prolo today! My foot is a bot swollen and stiff and I came home and watched a movie right afterwards. But I know the end results are FANTASTIC!!! I can't tell you how wonderful Prolotheraphy is and how it's changed my life! It's given me back pain free running! And that is a huge thing for me!!! I remember how I felt and how my foot felt before I started Prolotheraphy. I couldn't run 2 miles without breaking down into tears, while running, because of the pain in my left foot! That doesn't happen anymore!!! Thank you so very much Dr. Fields!!! If any of my fellow runners out there have a pain that just wont heal, or whatever checkout Prolotheraphy! I had gone to orthopedic surgeons, had xrays, bone scans, you name it I had it done and NO ONE could tell me what was wrong with my foot! Until I had a weight bearing xray by my wonderful podiatrist! And there it was right on the xray and right in front of me.....I saw the area that was causing all the problems! There was a big space between my big toe and my second metatarsal around the Lisfranc joint. Obviously my xrays and bone scans never showed a break-so where was this pain coming from? Well i saw it. And the xray seemed to show that an injury to the Linsfranc ligament had been getting worse-basically everytime I planted my left foot my big toe (first metatarsal) was rolling away from the rest of my foot-the ligaments/tendons weren't doing their job. Lets just say when I saw the xray and compared my left and right foot is was so obvious!!! Why couldn't someone had done a weight bearing xray years before?? Because I was running in pain for years!!! Well, the prolotheraphy is helping tremendously! Prolotheraphy is for tendons and ligaments! And it is working miracles on my left foot!

The foot can be thought to consist of three primary parts. The forefoot area consisting of the toes; the midfoot made up of the small bones called the navicular, cuneiform, and cuboid; and the hindfoot consisting of the talus (lower ankle) and calcaneus (heel). The Lisfranc joint is the space between the bones of the forefoot and midfoot.

The Lisfranc injury is an injury to the ligaments that connects these joints. Sometimes the injury is a simple dislocation (ligament injury) or a fracture and dislocation. The dislocation is a separation of the normal joints between the forefoot and midfoot. The fracture usually occurs in the midfoot bones.

RUN: 3.36 miles at Ocean Trails with Velcro (51:32)- I had to stop and pee in the brush...yeah sorry when you gotta pee you gotta pee! And half the run was uphill....what was i thinking? of and I ran stairs on the run as well!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My sunday post Emmy jog....

And a jog is what it was. It was 8pm...the Emmy's had just ended-Mad Men had just won the Emmy for Best Drama and I wanted a glass of wine!!! But I didn't do it. I looked down at the excited look on Velcro's face when I asked her "do you want to go for a run" and I just knew the wine was going to have to wait until I got home from a run. So off we went. Velcro peed...ran...peed more...ran then pooped-and I dug out the poop bag. How is it that I buy the shittiest, no pun intended, poop bags on the planet. I swear it took me 5 minutes to open the damn bag so I could scoop up her poop! I must go out and buy better poop bags! maybe it's because I leave them in my pocket and they get washed....nah!

Well we ran, my left foot had twinges-I have prolotheraphy on tuesday so hopefully those stupid pains will go away!! Velcro peed more, sniffed trees, bushes, lamp posts, cracks in the sidewalk..... peed more, grabbed the leash jumping up in the air and then continued running

Did I say thet Mad Men won the Emmy for Best Drama? Just checking.

RUN: 3.03 miles with Velcro and a shitty poop bag (42:17)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm disgusted!

I've been on the Best Friends website and the Humane Society of the US website reading about the animal rescues from Hurricane Ike..... the Best friends website said that as many as 50% of the evacuees of Hurricane Ike left/abandoned their pets after the numerous warnings that if anyone stayed they would die! Many animals have been saved by rescuers but many have been found DEAD because people didn't take their animals with them!!!  I don't understand why ANYONE would do this!! Especially since new legislation had been passed after Katrina in New Orleans because so many people wouldn't leave without their pets or had left their pets.....why would people leave their pets when they were allowed to take them!!??? WHY? Please donate to help the needy animals!!! 

A saturday morning....

Well, I didn't run yesterday-I'm a loser! I was driving home from Woodland Hills after prepping at panavision for Navy NCIS and thought...hey I can fill up on my biodiesel in Brentwood and then stop by my favorite jewelry store on Main Street, Accents, and buy something and then maybe meet my friend Katie for a glass of wine..... so guess what I did? I filled up on Biodiesel, bought jewelry at Accents (actually bought my mom her christmas presents and two wrap gifts from Mad Men) then Katie and I met at O'Briens and Irish pub for a beer and fish and chips. Of course velcro was with me for the entire trip.....Unfortunately, the entire day ended around 5:30 which means I was then dealing with LA traffic heading south which SUCKS any day around that time but is particularily bad on a friday!! What was I thinking??? Um...having a small fraction of a social life? Yeah that's it!! So when I got home, I had every intention of running-but I turned on my computer, and checked my email..WOW....I received about 25 comments on my cats blog that I started crying and decided that I should just stay in! So I did. Can't even say I drank alot of wine because I didn't! I poured myself a glass around 9pm and didn't even finish it!!

So this smorning, even thought I was up at 5am, I decided to give myslef a little break and slept in. I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep from the past 6 months of shitty sleep! So at 8am I got up-fed the cats and Velcro and I headed out for a run! Yeah, the sun was out and it was beginning to heat up! Once again I'm going to apologize to all of you who love the sun and heat. But I HATE running or doing anything in the sun and heat! Give me overcast, dull, rainy days any day! And yes I live in the wrong city and state for the weather I like!!! But Velcro and I went out anyway. We started off well-going down hill towards the harbor...took some pictures, saw the Lobster Festival that's happening this weekend and continued on our run. Then it was all up hill. The joys of living on a hill, at some point you always have to run back up the hill! And it's a long slow incline-they are deceiving but still yucky especially when you are running in sunshine that you hate!!

Enough complaining! I'm thrilled I got a run in this morning before I sit down to watch my Tennessee Vols play Florida! As always my runs are an enjoyable way to continually bond with my girl Velcro. Happy Running to everyone this weekend! Especially RBR who is attacking a 5oK today! What a rockstar she is!!

RUN: 4.05 miles with velcro at a very slow pedestrian pace (57:16)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A thursday trail run with Velcro

I was determined to run this morning-no excuses! So I woke up at 7:15am, fed the cats put my running skirt on and headed out the door with Velcro for a trail run/bunny run at Ocean Trails. I was kinda bummed that we didn't have a marine layer today-the sun was out first thing this morning so it was already starting to get hot. And silly me-didn't wear a hat again! At least I brought my water bottle! I was tired when I started-I'm having issues motivation lately! I think it's stress and exhaustion. So I told myself I just want to go out and enjoy myself with velcro. We were running one of our favorite trail runs-it makes me smile no matter what! There were alot of doggies out today-Velcro got to see her friend Alec, and Aussie Shepherd. Our run wasn't fast or great-the sun was getting hotter and I'm just miserable in the sun and heat. But we pressed on! Because we had to go to the beach! We continued running-stopping at our normal rocks to pose for pictures and to drink water-heading toward Trump National Course where the "dog beach" is located.....

As we were heading down to the beach I knelt down to take a picture of my girl..when I stood up-TWEAK-I felt this pain in my upper back right at my shoulder blade-WTF! What did I do-my f-ing shoulder blade is killing me! Well we continued down to the beach, Velcro searching for a tennis ball-silly girl had found one on the path heading down but had dropped it! Silly girl! Well, we didn't find another ball-so we headed up the hill, running and walking up the steep hill. When we reached the top, we continued running and all of a sudden I started to feel short of breathe-scary! I couldn't catch my breathe. The pain in my shoulder blade was causing me difficulties in breathing and catching my breathe! It was a horrible feeling! I didn't have my inhaler with me-figures, so I had to push thru, but it's really tough to run when you don't have full lung capacity!!

We finished-it wasn't great but it was done! It was warm, the sun was beating down on us (yeah velcro hates the sun and heat too!) my upper back had a sharp pain that was causing my shortness of breathe! Like I said WTF???? Getting old sucks! If this is what it's like and it's just going to get worse and worse-screw this! I need a full time masseuse and nutritionist to live with me then!!! Ha like that's going to happen!

But I'm happy I ran! Velcro is sleeping and I'm having a beer-just got back from the vet with Winton and Blossom. Winton isn't doing well-I'm waiting to hear about his bloodwork to see if I need to increase his fluids. The vet said he's a bit dehydrated and he has that uremic smell. He's lost over 2 lbs since January. I cried at the vet-I know the renal failure will eventually take him away from me and I know this-you think you're prepared but when things start to deteriorate all of a sudden you realize just how hard it is!! My animals wont live forever-I know that! But it's so hard!!! So I came home from the vet and opened a beer! Breakfast of champions on a thursday!

RUN: 4.14 miles with Velcro at Ocean Trails (1:09)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Done nothing but have gotten alot accomplished!

Not much running to report today! I was going to run tonight but I AHD to go to my HOA meeting tonight. You see on monday night at 9pm I was served a summons-it seems my neighbor downstairs is suing our HOA, our former management company and all of the owners of our 10 unit condo complex. I received these papers after working all day, and then was up late monday night and then had to get up early for work on tuesday-I was exhausted all day tuesday, I did manage to do 100 situps before work-so I've done something! But I so wanted to run today...I couldn't run this morning because I slept in until 9am, yes slug me, and tried to hunt down a lawyer. Then this HOA meeting which started at 8pm and lasted until 9:30....it aced my run out, but I think we really made headway with the HOA association, the lack of a management company, the suing neighbor...all the typical and non-typical HOA crap that people really shouldn't have to deal with!!! SO I'm having a glass of wine and planning on getting up at 7am tomorrow to take Velcro for a trail run aka a bunny run! And then it's off to the vet with baby Blossom and Winton and hopefully the lawyer will call me back! Fun times here in southern cal!!!

Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: 100 situps
Wednesday: Nothing

what a crappy three days of no exercise! I can feel the fat inching it's way onto my thighs!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yikes it's sunday!

Wow...well I'm at home having done a mass cleaning today! I chucked out so much shit! It was AWESOME! My brother is staying with me for awhile so it was a necessity to clean out the room that he is inhabiting-and boy it felt good to throw out so much shit!! Old clothes of Kirby's that he left-GONE! Stuff I had collected-GONE! Bags of stuff-GONE! 5 bags of clothes ready to be dumped off at Goodwill or the Salvation Army whichever I can make it to first! It's incredibly cathartic to get rid of stuff...and I think I needed to do it today, for today is one year since Kirby, the asshole ex, walked out on me while I was at work!!!I came home to an empty house that night and today I got rid of alot of shit to empty unnecessary stuff from my life! And I wasn't even drunk when I did this! Ha Ha!

I worked on my birthday, thursday, and friday. Friday I was the B camera 1st Assistant on Brothers and Sisters. It was a really nice day at work on friday. We wrapped at 8:45pm and I was home by 9:30. So I had 2 glasses of wine to celebrate my birthday! I had run my birthday run on thursday night after prepping at panavision. It was a great run-I felt free, happy and I was out with the wind blowing, cool temps running with Velcro! It was a nice way to celebrate my birthday! I still cried though! Silly me...I get emotional on my birthday! Alot of it is because my son is so far away! I'm alone...well now I'm not really alone since my brother is here....but you know what I mean...

Saturday was Sheep Camp day-5 hours of sheep, sheep, sheep! Velcro was exhausted-so was I. It started at 2pm, and I had every intention of running before leaving for Escondido, but I slept in until 9am-WOW! SLUG! But I really needed it. I haven't had any free time since Mad Men ended. I've been going non-stop. So I didn't run on saturday, and today...well I have every intention of getting out for a run, but my lower back is tweaked. I don't know what if any run I'll be getting in tonight! It's already 7pm...I kinda want a glass of wine and to veg on the couch since I've been chucking shit out all day! I'm tired. I've accomplished so much today! But I want and need to run! I have 2 days of work, so far, this week. Tomorrow I'm on Cold Case and tuesday I'm back on Brothers and Sisters. I'm thinking I might have a few days off this week and might actually be able to get out and do a long run and a good trail run with velcro. Of course, I'm sure I'll get a call for work and I'll have to take my girl down to Escondido to herd sheep since we have a sheep herding trial the first weekend in October!!


I'm rambling....I guess it's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster since thursday for me. But that's typical..... I hope everyone had a great weekend! And I know Calyx and RBR kicked ass at pacific grove!! Way to go girls!! You rock!!

Thursday Birthday Run: 4.3 miles (58:06) with velcro...a few poop breaks for Velcro-not me!!!
Saturday: sheep camp-sprints across the fields to catch my retreating dog!
Sunday: Run 3.11 with Velcro (43:43)


Well I just got back from a run-and with a sore back, it SUCKED! My back is stiff and sore. Let me give you a little backstory-when Iw as 23, I ruptured two discs, L4 and L5. I was scheduled for surgery, but never had it. I couldn't move for 3 weeks-it was the most unbelievable pain I had ever had, thought I had a brain tumor because my entire right side was numb and painful (got to love the sciatic nerve!)....so I was scheduled for surgery, and about 2 weeks before the scheduled surgery  I started physical therapy. Physical therapy worked as well as my brain! So I've been walking/running with two ruptured discs for years. Every so often they act up when I bend over for long period of times or lift heavy stuff, so I'm not too bothered by the pain...but it didn't make for a pleasant run!!

Also...I've set up an ASPCA page in Velcro's name to gather donations...if you'd like to donate:

Thursday, September 11, 2008


9-11 will forever be a day of sadness to many people! This day means alot to me-for it was the day I was born. I'm a 9-11 baby born 30+ years ago but now this day brings feelings of sadness, reflection, thought, prayer and many other emotions.

I've had a rather tough year, personally, and have fought thru some tough times-but none as tough as those thousands faced that day in the twin towers, in the pentagon or on the ill-fated airline flights. My horrible year is coming to a close and now all I see is hope,excitement,joy, love and faith. I hope all of the families affected by the tragedies that occurred on 9-11-2001 find peace and solace.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A slow trail run at White Point Nature Preserve

Ok,Ii was tired when I woke up this morning. I didn't get home until about 10:30pm and of course I had to get on my computer! So I didn't get to sleep until late....which meant since I didn't have to work today, I slept in!!!! Woo Hoo! 8:45am baby!!! It felt great and I felt like a bit of a slacker for doing it! But it was done, I had slept in and I couldn't take it back. I did motivate to go for a run, but seriously, why is it that when I start on a run it's cloudy and cool and as soon as I start the sun comes out and it starts to get hot!!! What is up with that!!?? I guess it didn't help that I started my run after 10am! Stupid me!!!! But I ran, it was crap! But I ran! It was slow, hot and yucky, but I ran! Must stay positive! I RAN!!! More than alot of people can say or do!!

I had a prolotheraphy appt scheduled for today, but I've cancelled it so I can take Velcro herding this afternoon in Escondido. She hasn't been in about 3 weeks and since we have a herding trial the first weekend in october in Murrieta we must practice!!!

Back to the run....we ran at White Point Nature Preserve-it was beautiful-no bunnies, had hills, sun-no hat another stupid me thing! silly silly me! Oh well. I'm working the next three days and as of now, I have friday off-I've scheduled prolotheraphy, herding and a vet appt with baby Blossom for that day! But I'm sure I'll get called for work!!

RUN: 3.3 Miles with Velcro (53:28) look slower than I ran 4.13 miles yesterday!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My trip to Tennessee

There is a reason southerners slow to a crawl during the summer days, sitting in the shade sipping mint juleps, a fan in hand, sitting in a comfy chair on the shaded porch or in the comforts of their air conditioning.....because it's f-ing hot and humid here! What was I thinking going out for a run at 10am?! Am I a complete idiot? I'm a California hot weather wimp!!! plain and simple! It was 70 degrees when I started my run today with my son-way too hot for me! I enjoy running in weather in the 50's or 60's.....top it all off by the fact that i didn't have a hat on-FOOL! But I got a run in before getting on a plane today! And that was my goal!!

As for my trip, I've had a very nice time! I arrived on friday afternoon and immediately went to my son's school for a meeting with his college counselor. She's wonderful and loves my son!!! We have loads to do to get him ready for this college experience! Lots of applications to get out! We're bombarding colleges!!! Check out commonapp.org! It's cool! Then we went back to the house, I cooked pasta and we opened a nice bottle of Pinot that I had picked for my mother!

Saturday I had wanted to get up early and run before driving up to Knoxville-but I didn't sleep well. Might be because I missed my girl...and my kitties! But we left the house at 8am, my son sleeping the majority of the trip up! We had applied to the 1pm Open House at UT. When we got there, the first thing we drove past was Neyland Stadium-of the memories!! The Open House started at the Alumni Memorial Building which used to be the old Lady Vols practice facility years ago! I remember going to a Lady Vols Volleyball practice when I was a freshman in this building and also my Volleyball glass-seems the gym is no longer!!

We toured the campus with two very gung ho students-who walked backwards the entire time! We saw the new student Recreation center-which is beautiful and toured N Carrick hall(the mens dorm.....should have toured a girls dorm-might have smelled a bit better!) I walked past my freshman dorm, Hess Hall-wow has it been renovated and looks GREAT!!! Walked thru the Library and back to the UT Book and Supply Store where I proceeded to drop a few bucks on Tennessee stuff to take back to California with me...even my son wanted a few t-shirts.....seems he actually liked Tennessee (for the first time ever!) After our tour-which ended around 4pm, we realized we were starving and headed to have a burger at the Cumberland Grill-which is the restaurant above the Copper Cellar...a place I used to frequent quite a bit on football saturdays and Long Island Iced tea days!! And then we jumped in the car for our 3 hour drive back to Nashville.

I had hope to go to the Mother/son dance last night at my son's school-but he did not want to attend...so instead we drank wine and my brothers girlfriend and dog came by for a visit! Banner the big yellow lab is such a sweet big boy!!! I received alot of slobbery kisses!!!

Today, I slept in until 9am central time-that's late for me...but I was tired. I coerced my son to go for a run with me.....he only ran 1.6 miles-I told him I wanted to run farther and that he could head home, which he did! And I continued my hot/humid/sunny run around the neighborhood sans my son and velcro but thankfully with my ipod shuffle and a bottle of water!!! I get on a plane tonight back to California! The Tennessee Titans game will be kicking off soon-I so wanted to go, but opening game the tickets might be a tad expensive!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Saturday: Walk around the University of Tennessee campus
Sunday:RUN: 4.13 Miles in the sun/heat and humidity of Nashville without Velcro and a hat! 51:09

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

VA Beach Rock N' Roll Half Marathon Race Report

It was a very humid morning. I had to get up very early to get to the shuttle parking lot and then shuttle to the start to WAIT in the corral. My male friend (okay boyfriend) on a whim Friday while I was picking up my race packet decided to sign up. I started with him in his corral. His plan was to walk it - smartly since he is not a runner and did no training, although he does cycle often and for long mileage. I didn't know what my plan was. I started out walking with him. Of course by the time we started I had to pee again. Corral starts do that to me. So at about mile 3 I went pee. We are already seeing the elite athletes running to the finish. So after peeing and seeing the front runners finishing, I decided that I needed to run for a bit. So I left my friend and ran for approximately 3 miles and then my legs decided to feel like lead, my feet hurt and my calf was talking to me. So I walked, I jogged, I walked some more and so on. It was so humid and then it started getting hot. I know this is not unexpected weather in August in VA Beach. The bands and cheer leaders were great along the route. Camp Pendleton where we wound around buildings that looked exactly alike was dull for the run, but it was all pretty flat so I can't complain too much. I kept telling myself that I would start running again at 10 miles and run all the way in. HAHAHA HA HA HA HA AHA That didn't happen. I walked/jogged through miles 10 and 11 and then at mile 12 I jogged to the finish. No PR. About 40 minutes slower that my Country Music Half time, but I'm still glad I did it and finished!!! I need to up load pictures. I hope to do that tonight.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A work day on the Manhattan Beach Pier....

We had our very last "work" day of Mad Men today-a 2nd unit day on the beach.....that usually means hell for the camera dept-and it was! Our gator(the 4x4 vehicle we were given to cart all of our shit onto the sand and down to the water) got stuck-not once but twice! We had 6 people pushing-two were actors!! How sad is that! Of course this happened after we had been shooting in the water with the camera . Luckily the water wasn't super cold.....but working in the water kinda sucks! Nothing worse than wet underwear!! ha ha! Then it was a race to the pier to shoot before the sun set...yes Panic hour fun times!!! But we got all we wanted and everyone is happy!! But that's it! Tomorrow we wrap our cameras at Panavision and thursday I'll be working on Brothers and Sisters! And then I'm off to Nashville to escort my teenage son to the University of Tennessee open house!!!

Today was a rest day for me-mind you I'm sure I got enough exercise humping equipment around on the sand!!

Crappy game but fun time....

What a game! It SUCKED! I'm sorry but our quarterback sucks and our kicker-don't think he'll have too many friends on the flight back to Knoxville. But it was a great time. Amazing atmosphere and like usual the Tennessee fans were out in force. We sang rocky top until we couldn't sing it anymore. Of course the game followed a fun-filled tailgating extravaganza on the Brookside Golf Course. It ended up being a family Labor Day grill fest for us, and when my dad headed back home, my brother and I headed for the game!


Monday, September 1, 2008

Tennessee vs UCLA

say anymore?
Yes I'll be heading to the game today-I'm getting ready to take Velcro on a short "bunny run" right now at Ocean Trails and then it's football time in Tennessee...oh wait I'm in California....ok it's football time in California!!!


Just got back from a trail run at Ocean Trails with Velcro...oh...I was SO tired. It was snail pace slow-but I did something!! Velcro chased bunnies and it was a glorious overcast morning! Now it's football time!!!

RUN: 3.1 miles with Velcro at Ocean Trails 53:23