Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Nike Human Race 10K, Just Do it! I did it!

20,000 red-shirted humans lined up at the LA Coliseum to run the last leg of this worldwide race...and i was there! It's the first night run I've run.....I'm not a night person so I wasn't really sure what was going to happen! And with the lack of training and heavy work hours, I was hoping to finish without hurling! And I did that! I actually felt pretty good. It wasn't a fast run-no I wasn't winning any awards for this one, but my steady slow pace paid off in the fact that i felt good up until about 5.8 miles and that's when my tummy started cramping! YIKES! I all of a sudden felt pretty shitty-ha ha no pun intended! Should I run to get to a toilet fast, or walk??? I ran the rest of the way-really feeling quite ill. I hadn't had that happen since the 2nd marathon I ran. Now I'm thinking could it be because I really haven't had alot of training?? I didn't eat dinner, I'm running at night which I never do, it was pretty damn humid tonight and Iw as being buffeted by 20,000 people who felt the need to knock everyone around! Don't get me wrong-it was a fun race, very interesting and lets be honest-only Nike could pull something like this off all over the world!! It was a pretty cool feeling! Each person was running for one of three charities. I ran for the World Wildlife Federation...the media was out in full force, Randy Jackson from American idol was the host, Kanye West sang after the event-I left to get home-all in all a fun event. I was happy to have an organized event to get a long run in since I've been a bit of a running slacker!!!

WALK: 2.6 miles with velcro before the race 47:46
RUN: 6.32 Miles 1:18

VA Beach Rock n Roll Half IS TODAY

I'm about on my way out the door for the event. Will I run or will I walk. We will see. It is 4:46 AM! Early - half to drive, park, ride a shuttle bus, etc. Start is 7 am. Will the corral start I probably won't start until 7:30 am - EASTERN time. I know all you west coast folks will still be asleep for a while! I am number 19199. I have been "resting my calf " all week - aka being a lazy slug while on vacation. Check in later!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mad Men is over for this season but am I back??

Well, I worked about 75 hours in our last 5 days this week-I was off the clock this morning at 6:45am-in bed by 8:30am and awake at 2pm. Saturday is bust for me! I'm happy to be finished yet sad at the same time. It was such a wonderful show to work on, great cast, wonderful crew and as always super nice to have a full time job! But now I'm back in the land of dayplaying-which means I have the opportunity to work on any tv show or feature that calls needing a 1st Assistant Cameraperson! It will be a nice change and will enable me to have a bit more free time, I hope! Of course next week I've already picked up work!

Since it was a very long week, my training really fell to pot! I did get some exercise in-so it wasn't all a waste! But I'm super tired!! But I can't wait to get back to a good running schedule! I have a new little camera to take on runs with me and a half marathon to train for in October!!

Tomorrow nite at 8:31:08, I run in the Nike Human Race worldwide 10K....yikes 6.2 miles sounds super scary to me right now considering how shitty my training has been and how exhausted I am! But I'll go, decked in my Nike dri-fit race number shirt and run with thousands of others around the world! I running for the World Wildlife Federation! It should be a fun evening! I'm looking forward to it! Check out the race swag! It's a pretty nice shirt! I, of course, will give a race update afterwards! In the true style of Keeping the Planet Green, I'll be taking the train up to downtown LA.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Monday is the Tennessee/UCLA football game at the Rose Bowl-and I will be there decked out in my orange Tennessee apparel! GO VOLS!!!!

Monday: 100 situps/20 pushups 15 hour work day
Tuesday: 100 situps/20 pushups 15 hour work day
Wednesday: RUN: 2.17 miles with Velcro 14 hour work day
Thursday: RUN: 2.5 miles with Velcro 16.4 hour work day
Friday: WALK: 1.7 miles with Velcro 16.2 hour work day

Sunday, August 24, 2008

An update on my happenings since being sick....

Well i worked! Imagine that! After being at home for the day on wednesday-actually spending most of the day in my pj's, I went back to work on thursday and friday and proceeded to work 14 hour days both days! So I was exhausted when saturday morning rolled around and I couldn't sleep!!! What the???? And I wasn't able to take a nap because the Mad Men wrap party was that night-so I had to pull clothes out of my closet, clean myself up, put my hair in rollers, put makeup on-what's that??? and make my self look glamorous! For the wrap party had     Penny and Jon Hamm

 lots of photographers and video cameras running around-yikes me on camera? Scary!! I think the wrap party footage will be shown after the series finale-even scarier!!! Well i stayed 45 minutes longer than I had planned-I didn't get home until a little after 1am-and I had already planned on a hike with my brother early sunday morning instead of driving 2 hours to San Diego and running in the 4 mile race-yes I was a little sleepy when sunday morning came around and we were out the door to Ocean Trails! But hike we did and it was alot of fun!!! But I flaked on AKA Alice and the 4 mile race! What a butthead i am!        

I have one more week of work, and the hours will be very long!!! I'm hoping to get a few runs in this week-I must since I have the Nike Human Race on the 31st August!!

Thursday: 100 situps / 20 girl pushups
Friday: RUN: 2.65 Miles 
Saturday: NOTHING!
Sunday: HIKE: 4.7 miles at Ocean Trails

Also here are pics of my feline family! I love them too!

And here are a few pics from the park with Velcro on wednesday when I was sick!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

At home sick...

It's wednesday and I'm at home. I didn't feel well at all yesterday. Had the chills at work, so I decided to take today off. I'm still in my pj's and have that headache head-reminiscent of a fever....yeah I'll have to get the thermometer out once I can find it! So no running for me lately. I did get a really nice trail run in on sunday with Velcro and my new shoes-trail shoes are completely different than my road shoes....a little heavier. But I was pretty happy with the response I got from my Asics Gel Trabuco's. Of course it was just nice to get a trail run in at sunset again!! I really had planned on running today-but I'm not a fool. I don't feel 100% and what is the point in going out for a run that might make you feel even shittier! I have plans on running a race this saturday-The Jet to Jetty in Westchester/Playa del Rey and hopefully the 4 mile Fire Run down in San Diego County. It all revolves around my work schedule. We start shooting the last episode for the second season of Mad Men tomorrow-that's one of the other reasons I decided to stay home today-I've already been told we are going to work at least 14 hour days so I'd rather not start off the 7 day episode feeling shitty! Of course I probably will, and we'll probably work until the wee hours of saturday morning...which will probably mean the 10K Jet to Jetty race along the pacific ocean will be in jeopardy. And then this saturday night is the wrap party for Mad Men. Normally eveyone gets a little drunk at these events-I really have no plans to do that since I really want to get up early on sunday morning and drive down to San Diego county and run!

So i'll stay at home today, eating soup, drinking water, watching the olympics dreaming of running because the weather is awesome......oh well....not much I can do about feeling like crap!! Hope everyone is having a good week!

Sunday: RUN: 4.67 miles with Velcro on the Trails
Monday: worked outside all day
Tuesday: 100 situps before work

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Two weeks and counting!!

Yep...I have 2 more weeks of work on Mad Men and then the shooting season is over for a little bit! I'm exhausted! Last week we worked 14 hour days each day! And it will continue for the next 2 weeks! So I'm not expecting great things from my runs until September. I'll keep plodding away-I know the end is in site! I finally got my trail shoes yesterday! I was tired of ruining my road shoes so I am now the proud owner of Asics Gel Trabuco's! I'm hoping to go for a trail run tonight with velcro-if I can get off the couch and stop watching the Olympics! I'm obsessed!

I watched the women's marathon yesterday! WOW! Deena Kastor dropped out due to an injury, Paula Radcliffe did not have the race she had dreamt of due to an injury and lack of running! And a 38 year old Romanian women won! I'm so inspired by the "older women" in this Olympics! Dara Torres being the most amazing! I want to be just like her!!! Just shows you age means NOTHING! I'm so inspired!!!

So I'll suck it up for two weeks, run when I can and work and get as much money as I can and come September it will be back to a bit more normal of a schedule for me. I'll still be working, dayplaying on hopefully 3 or 4 tv shows (Navy NCIS, Brothers and Sisters, Nip/Tuck, Prison Break) but it might give me at least one day off a week!!! Which means I'll be able to get my running back on track! And just in time, for I've signed up for the Long Beach Half Marathon with my new running partner,C. I finally have someone to run with! Of course we'll be virtual running partners for 6 weeks while she is out of town working, but it will be nice to have someone who lives in LA , runs, is running the Long Beach half to motivate me and I hope I can motivate her!!!

Tuesday 12 Aug: 100 situps/20 pushups
Wednesday 13 August: RUN: 2.21 miles with Velcro
Thursday 14 Aug RUN: 2.55 miles with Velcro (32:14)
Friday 15 Aug: 100 situps

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

18 days! I don't know if I'm ready!

I got my number [I will post it as we get closer as I don't have it with me at the moment] and information yesterday for the VA Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon. I have yet to run over 5 miles in one day in the past month! I have had two seriously hilly bike rides - on 50 miles and one 33 miles and a mostly down hill 20 mile ride - -I know those count, but I am a bit worried about the running. Even worse my right calf (injured last winter) started hurting during my run last night. I went out to do 4 but only did 3. I didn't want to push it. Not sure what is up with my stupid calf. While the VA Beach course is flat, I will be happy if I do close to what I did in Nashville. It is all about fun and something to do, so I 'm not going to stress it too much! [I will keep telling myself this!] I will try (as long as my calf doesn't stop me) for a longish run this weekend and then work for steady runs for the remaining time. I know the excitment of the event will help fuel me for some of the miles. The B-52's are the headliner for the post race concert, so that will be fun! The Motels will be there too. Most of the Verizon music festival all weekend is 80's type bands. Billy Idol will be there on night of the weekend! Rebel Yell! LOL . My daughter is going to be with me, she is going to think I'm silly. We will have fun!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Two runs in Dixon California

Yeah, I have zero time! I forgot to upload my running experience in Dixon, California while velcro and I were at the herding trial. I got two runs in before the trials. It was pretty toasty up north! Dixon sits between Sacramento and San Francisco. It's fairly rural-and loads of mosquitos! I got attacked! Must be my southern california skin that hasn't seen a mosquito since I lived in Tennessee!!

The runs were ok. I'm tired and am really looking forward to going back to dayplaying and having a bit more time!!

Sat Aug 9th: RUN: 3.25 miles with Velcro in Dixon (47:43)
Sun Aug 10th: RUN: 2.7 miles with Velcro in Dixon

The Herding Trial in Northern California Aug 9-10 2008 girl took 2nd place on sunday at the German Shepherd Fanciers Club of Northern California AKC Herding Trial this past weekend! She rocked it! I had no idea our run on sunday was so good! She scored an 88! Saturday had been a disaster because she was stung by a bee right before we started our run! SO when sunday came around I was just hoping to qualify! I had no idea another 2nd place finish was in the books! I'm so proud of my girl! She was amazing! We make an amazing herding team!!!

Saturday: RUN 3.25 miles with Velcro
Sunday: RUN 2.5 miles with velcro

Friday, August 8, 2008

Heading North!

I'm getting ready to head to Vacaville, California for a sheep herding trial. We have runs on saturday and sunday! I'm hoping to get runs in both mornings-depending on how hot it is! Hopefully I'll be able to post while I'm there. We'll see if my laptop works! Until then wish Velcro and I luck! All we need is one leg and she'll get her Started title!!

Maryland Girl Weekly Check-in!

Whew! I am so busy at work......... starting a warehouse from the ground up.....lots of details to attend to for a massive national study............. Anyway...Last Saturday, I humilated my Great Dane, Sampson by dressing him up as a catapiller (costume hand made by my daughter) for a Summer fun evening for the dogs in a town nearby. [I'm sorry I am a slacker with any camera as of late! ] He won first place for the big dogs, thus we walked away with a big tote bag of dog treats and a portable roll up dog bed! He was so good with all of the people and dogs. Big, old, man is such a sweetie. This week we've been dealing with a busted blood vessel in his right ear flap. It has been drained once and filled right on up again - so today we will go again. I'm not sure what the long term solution is - there better be one. My normal vet wasn't there on Monday, I am hoping he is there today. I don't like the other vet, she never gives me enough information!

Running...... I did 5 miles last Sunday. I am waaaay off of my training schedule for the VA Beach Rock 'n Roll half. I'm still gonna do it, but I don't expect anything stellar! LOL This Saturday I am riding my bike 40 miles with some big hills for the Maryland Brain Injury Association. The weather is supposed to be awesome! Cool swag too - preregisters get socks! I like socks and probably more than yet another t-shirt! I bought new bike shoes this week. The other two pair I had hurt my feet too much, I think my feet just keep spreading as I get older! LOL I guess biking is good cross training for my running. I will try to get a longish run in on Sunday and in the next couple weeks I need to keep some steady mileage going or I will be put-put-putting around VA Beach on Aug 31.

Wishing all a great weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hump Day....

Well it's Wednesday night and I just got home from working a 14 hour day! And I'm sure I'm going to have another long day tomorrow!Monday was a 12 hour day! Woo Hoo!!!! Shoot off the fireworks! We only worked 12 hours! I was so excited I got home and took velcro for a run....knowing that Tuesday would be a different day all together. And Iw as correct! Tuesday we got PEELED! We were outside all day working in the brutal sun and heat! I'm sure I stunk when I got home and I was exhausted and just couldn't muster the energy to run! Sorry velcro! But this morning, I did get a shorty in. Of course Velcro had to meet two dogs, Heidi and Jack, so it cut our run short...but she was happy to sniff other doggies!

Tomorrow is the last day of my week. I'm taking friday off because I have a sheep herding trial in Vacaville this weekend. I'll be leaving the house at 4:30am on saturday morning-the thought of working until 1am and then driving 7 hours wasn't my idea of fun. SO I'll have a friday at home! I might even get a sunset bunny run in before we leave saturday morning!!

I realize my posts are always the work and my runs with velcro.....I'll find new and differnet things to write about!

I am looking at bikes! Just started. The Trek's interest me.....but I know nothing about bikes-it's some sort of mumbo jumbo reading the specs of the bikes!! I'll figure it out one day!!

Monday: Run: 2.63 Miles with Velcro at night (34:26)
Wednesday: 2.2 Miles with Velcro

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Woo Hoo-I just ran my longest run since July 20th

Don't get too excited-it wasn't too long. As a matter of fact in the grand scheme of things it was a short run, but baby steps are good especially when I haven't run much since July 20th because of my stupid hamstring!!! I'll take anything. mind you I still felt my hamstring-it's not healed and I'm sure some people would say I shouldn't run at all. I tried that for a week, I went nuts and Velcro went even I've reverted to short runs with really good stretches of my hamstrings before running. And of course dousing with my dear friend, my chinese linament that I swear by!!!

I did run in new shoes today! Notice how pink they are! I'm very excited. i now have two new pairs of Asics Gel Nimbus that I will alternate. And I ordered a pair of Asics Gel Trabuco trail shoes-they should arrive next weekend! I'm planning for my fall onslaught of races!! Heal hamstring heal.....

Run: 3.62 miles with Velcro (48:47)

Southbay Girl has spent the weekend sleeping

I really love my job. The tv show I work on, Mad Men, is wonderful! Great cast, great crew but sometimes my hours SUCK! And this week was no exception! Thursday and Friday we worked splits out in Chatsworth at the Frank Sinatra/Desi and Lucy house. It was perfect for our show since it was built in the 50's or so. But splits kinda suck-especially when splits work there way into all nighters! Thursday I had a 12:30 call-Chatsworth is an hour drive away from me, so I left my house at 11am, I was up at 8am-just couldn't sleep anymore-so i was able to get a short run in before work. We worked from 12:30 until 3am and then I drove my hour home-yep I didn't get home until 4am and at that point I had been up 20 hours! So I had no intention of running on friday! Friday I was up at 9:30am, left the house at 11:45 and started working at 1:30pm-we worked until 3:30am and then again I drove the one hour home....a lovely Fraturday! I got home around 4:45am, had a glass of wine to unwind and then fell into bed! The two days out there were physically demanding!~ It was hot as hell! Hovering around 95-100 degrees in the baking sun-and yes I was out in the baking sun! The sun and heat alone is exhausting add my stupid hours and it's ridiculous! So Saturday came and little me slept until 12:30pm....and I accomplished absolutely nothing saturday! I had grand plans of taking Velcro for a bunny run, but I was so tired. Today I wanted to sleep and rest-and I did while receiving text and pictures from Willie who was running the San Fran Marathon. I was supposed to be there running the half this weekend-but NO! My hamstring decided it didn't want to join the half marathon party and my work hours added insult to injury! So I have done nothing this weekend! I guess rest is good since I have grand plans on a few halfs in october. My work schedule should become a little more human once Mad Men stops shooting the 29th August-I will then enter the land of dayplaying-going form one show to another! And then the sunset trail runs will resume with more frequency! Until then....I'm sucking it up, stashing away money and running what I can with the hours, energy and motivation I have working 14 hour days! One more month and then I can plan more races!!

Thursday: RUN: 2.62 with Velcro (37:00)