Thursday, July 31, 2008

Maryland Girl Reporting In

I have been so busy at work lately and then exhausted when I get home - I have absolutely no standing to whine since I don't keep the crazy, extreme hours that dear South Bay Girl keeps, but I'm just saying.....
I haven't run in at least a week. UGH.. LAZY!!!!!! I am going to try to get out tonight for about 3 miles and then I will do a longer run on Saturday morning. I may shoot for 8. I know that I will at least run out 4 turn around and hopefully run 4 back, but if I end up walking some of it - -well then I end up walking some of it! LOL It is late July and in Maryland, especially the 'burbs of DC that means HAZY, HOT AND HUMID. IT IS DISGUSTING! I went blueberry picking last weekend and I was just wet from sweating within minutes of stepping out of the car. I only have 1 month before the VA Beach Half. I hope that I will be ready!!!

My daughter is contemplating starting to run with me!! She is 11. I think it would be great if she started. She says she wants to do a half marathon! I keep telling her - come on out! I need to find her a fun run to enter and then move on to a 5k and so far. She is lean, bean of a kid - I think she would be a natural runner.

Enjoy your weekends all!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I took the early out...

We had three 1st Assistants at work today-so one of us was going to get to go home early! And since I'm the A camera 1st AC and I NEVER get to go home early, I decided to go home early!! I left work at 9pm tonight!!! I went for a beer with my carpooler(for he left early as well) and now I'm home and I'm going to bed! And I can't wait!!! Like I've said I'm exhausted! So I can't wait to sleep until 8:45am!!!! What an exciting prospect!!!

Velcro and I went on a walk/run this morning. My hamstring is still bothering me-but I and my dog need exercise, so I played it easy-walked when I felt I needed to- but at least got some exercise in!!

I start working splits tomorrow-I don't start work until 12:30pm-fun times here in Earthquake land!!

Run: 2.5 miles (38:36) with Velcro

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wow Nelly...stop this crazy thing!!!!

Yes today was a very interesting day!!! I got up early and attempted a run-it was kinda a run/walk, more running than walking-but I really wanted to feel out my hamstring-oh and feel it out I did. I walked around with one of those silly sticky heating pad things-it kept getting caught in my shorts, rolling up and I'd have to put my hands down my pants to fix it. Boy it look really attractive! SO after all that I realized, running the half marathon this weekend would be a very foolish thing for me to do! Even though I'm desperate to go, run, hang out and see Calyx and Willie-but hamstring wins the war! So I'll be buying stock in these silly sticky heating pad things, lathering up with my chinese linament, and anything else that might work to alleviate the tightness in my ASS!!!

Now once I got to work, the day really took a spin! Yes an eathquake struck Los Angeles this morning at 11:42am. We were working on Stage 2 at LA Center Studios when we felt a bump and then the entire building was lifted up and dropped (or at least that's what it felt like). We have so many things hanging from the perms of the stage-I just knew something would fall. The good thing-we were fairly close to the exits-and boy did we make a mad dash to that exit! It was pretty scary! It was pretty strong for a 5.4 magnitude quake! Not a rolling, sweet earthquake like the last one I was in-this was a jolter! They say it was a Thrust thrust us into a long lunch and waiting around until the building could be cleared to go back in....I was hoping they would send us home-but it seems not even an earthquake will stop the film biz from shooting!!!

Now I'm home-with my animals, having a glass of vino preparing for the rest of a very long week! We go into slits on thursday-that means I'll be going to work around noon/1pm and getting home around 3am. Fun times here in LA! Seems I would have been a basket case for the half marathon anyway since I've been told we'll be working a Fraturday! Working until about 4am on saturday!!

RUN: 2.2 miles (33:51) with velcro and a sore hamstring-stupid me! But I was going NUTS!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I did SOMETHING today!!!

Well, I'm feeling so gross and nasty that I had to do some sort of exercise. I woke up this morning and did 100 bicycle situps and a 1 minute felt ok-nothing like running! But I had an early call this morning at work, 6:42am....but while at work, I began to get antsy. I was stuck working in an old beat up bus that was HOT!!! So when we got back to the stage I felt the need to move-and move I did! I ran the perm stairs today-only 2, but it was a huge start and felt great! Well, I felt winded, but it didn't seem to bother my hamstring-even though my hamstring had been a little tight today! At least I did something!!! 

Now onto some feelings I'm having about missing the San Fran Half. I'm so FRUSTRATED! And now I find out that Willie is flying in to run the full, Calyx is going to be there-and this race was my idea and now I can't run it! I'm so down about it!!! I'm sure I could run it! But I'm a virgo and a bit of a perfectionist and unfortunately I've had a bad experience in a marathon once and it has made me smarter and wiser to what my body can and cannot do-and when I should push it and when i shouldn't! And I guess this is one of those times that I feel pushing my body would be the wrong thing to do! I know my body and I know myself-unfortunately I want to run it but my body is saying NO! I'm exhausted! Physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted! Working 14 hour days 5 days a week (a 68-70 hour work week every week), changing schedules-from all days to all nights and then back, trying to train and have a life-whatever that might be -has been super hard! And I think I might have been pushing myself! But I'm still so bummed about missing this race! This is one race I've always wanted to do-kinda like running the NYC Marathon which was an amazing experience! And now I can't do it! I wish I could go up and watch and cheer all my running friends on-but that's an even harder thing to do-watch a race you're supposed to be running! I'm so sorry everyone! I know I'm letting you down by not coming up and supporting-but I just couldn't stand by on the sidelines while everyone else is running the race that I should be running! Stupid hamstring!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

One week and counting!

Well first of all, the season premier of mad men was/is on tonight! I watched it-even though I had seen it before. I forgot waht a cool show it onto the running thing, or lack of it as the case may be! I haven't run in a week and i'm about to pull my hair out!!! I was going to attempt it today-but a little stray cat got in the way this morning, and this evening-yeah i got tired! But it's probably a good thing since my hamstring is still bothering me. But I SO WANT TO RUN! Depending on how late we work tomorrow, I may go out for a very short run to feel the hami out!!!

I did get a massage on saturday-a one hour deep tissue! It felt great but wholly cow I never knew elbows and knees could get into the areas that hurt so well!!

As for exercise-I'v been doing situps and planks all this week and have actually started doing some pushups-I'm such a weakling! I could only muster 10 on friday- and it took every ounce of gumshun to do those 10!!! Did I say i want to run????

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ok...time for me to vent! I'm pissed off, exhausted, hurt, what else can I say....and all I want to do is run! I so want to run San Fran in 2 weeks-but i don't know if my body is going to allow it! My right foot collapsed on itself around the 4th of July-for no fucking reason!! I've had one round of prolotheraphy done on it but unfortunately it isn't an immediate fix of anything! Then last week I tweaked my right hamstring-and instead of taking time off then, I had to get a long run in on sunday and pulled it more-waking up monday, sore hobbling and pissed off even more! Today I hobbled around work like an old lady! What the fuck! My foot had to be wrapped by the medic, I doused my hamstring with BioFreeze-walking around smelling wonderful! My cat is sick-he has renal failure and just gets worse-he's now on sub q fluids. I love my animals! They have pulled me thru so many shitty times-3 months of not working due to the WGA strike, a shithead boyfriend who walked out of our 2 1/2 year relationship 2 days after my birthday...I love my animals. Yes alot of people say I'm a crazy pet person! So what! I love my animals and they love me! They are my four legged furry children! I just want to run! I want to sleep. I want to have a bit of a life! I love my job but lets face the facts I have no life when I'm working these crazy hours! And I think it's finally taking it's toll. I'm no longer 20 years old! Maybe I should go back to school and get a "real" job! But how I would miss the film biz......I'm just venting. I'm tired, my body is falling apart, I get lonely, I want to exercise-but can't and might have to miss a race I've wanted to run for months! I know petty crap Penny! I have a job, I have a roof over my head, my family is healthy I'm healthy-except for these stupid nagging injuries! Stop complaining!!! Shut up!!! You have a good life-SHUT UP PENNY!

Maryland girl finally posting about Saturday's run

Taking a break out from my job that has become meeting hell to post! So Saturday night was the Twilighter 8K Run. All day it had been in the high 90's and VERY HUMID. Race was supposed to start at 8:45 pm. They delayed until 8:55 pm - I guess 10 minutes will cool the planet??? Go figure. I don't think it helped! It was DISGUSTING out. I told myself to play it safe, this is just a training run. There were a lot of people running. It was cool to run in the dark neighborhood streets. People along the route had their hoses and sprinklers out keeping us runners wet and perhaps a little cooler. First three miles I felt pretty good. Mile 4 was not too good, but the last mile I knew it was almost over and the Firemen had the truck out spraying us all right before the 4 mile mark which felt awesome - - so I ran on in. Sadly, a 60 year old man died during the race from the heat and several people were treated for heat exhaustion. It was brutal out there and if someone hasn't been training at all nor spending any time out in the heat, this was not an event you should run. Amazingly while the event was providing water, they had not procured any Gatorade or Powerade. You would think for an event planned EVERY JULY that they would have an electrolite type drink available! Oh well it was water, bananas, oranges and DONUTS. Oh and then the beer. LOL

My first timed 8K - so it is PR! I ran it in 58.11 which is an 11:43 pace according the chip timing folks! I was very happy as I figured I might be over an hour especially in the heat. I guess I haven't lost too much conditioning over the ankle injury in May and the surgery in June! YIPEE! Just need to keep to my half marathon training program to be ready for VA BEACH!
Hope all are weather the heat waves! Happy training!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Hamstring Muscle group....

How happy I look running with my girl! Last night around 7:30pm we went on our long run! Let me preface this post by saying last week I strained one of the muscles in my right Hamstring Muscle Group-all i know is the pain is at the bottom of my ass! Now I know how this happened-around the same time my right foot was giving me issues. I'm sure I over compensated, whatever, for a bum foot and bam a bum butt!

Here is the Hamstring Muscle Group-OUCH is all I can say! I woke up this morning! And wholly cow, my right butt cheek and posterior thigh hurt-yep "I pulled a hami" and I'm one pissed off girl! I knew it wasn't something I could push thru when for half of my work day I was hobbling around! It began to warm up and feel better later on, but now it's beginning to hurt again! I'm so pissed off! This just tells me that my body is screaming at me for rest!!! And I'm going to have to listen! Or try to listen but I'm such a stubborn shit! The right side of my ass hurts!

RUN: 7.66 miles with velcro-Miss garmin stopped for some unknown reason so who knows how long it took! All i know is that it was dark, cold and my right hami hurt!!

Friday, July 18, 2008


I Maryland Girl want to do this race. All right you running women, anybody want to join me? I want the Tiara! Florida in March is lovely! We could start saving our $$ now. It is an all women event. Fun stuff!!!

It is digustingly hot and humid here in Maryland. Code Red air quality. YUCK Not good for anything but hiding in airconditioning. I ran 2.5 miles last night as the sun was going down - it was gross!!!! Saturday night is the twilghter. I don't think it will be any cooler. No speedy run for me - but it will still be fun!


I'm a stubborn Git!!!

Yep, I'm stubborn! When i last left you I had come back in the house in disgust from my right foot injury-a stupid injury with an unknown origin. The good thing was I had prolotheraphy on saturday on both feet-well I think the prolo has kicked in!! I went back out after posting my last post-pretty much in disgust because I HAD to get some exercise and so did Velcro. So I had accepted the fact that I was just going to walk, well i started walking and when my foot didn't bother me, I started running-and 3 miles later I was home! That was Wednesday, Thursday I woke up and did it again! This time with no pain-I think prolo on my right foot has started to work! How I LOVE prolotheraphy!!!! And I just got back from my friday morning run with my Girl. I'm SO tired! I sleep every day at lunch for a quick 25 minute power nap! But I was able to get up at 6:30 this morning after getting to bed at 1:15 last night and got a faster than normal run in(especially considering the hours I've worked this week!) Have I said that Prolotheraphy ROCKS!!!!!!

On a completely different note, the TV show I work on, Mad Men, got nominated for 16 Emmy's! Needless to say EVERYONE was floating at work on thursday and I'm sure they will be today as well! It was a surreal experience. I've never worked on a show that has received such critical acclaim! It's a pretty cool feeling!!! Way to go Mad Men!!!!

Wednesday: RUN: 3.08 miles with velcro approx 38:00 (no Garmin) / WALK around stage .5 miles / work 13.5 hr day
Thursday: RUN: 3.06 miles with velcro (40:35) / WALK around stage .25 miles / work 14 hr day
Friday: RUN: 3.06 miles with Velcro on about 5 hours of sleep (38:06) look I shaved 2 minutes off my short run! having worked at least 13.5 hr days this week!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My right foot...

My right foot is injured! I'm just going to have to grasp this, accept it and not let it bother me! But it is! How can you injure yourself by coming home from work, walking down a flight of stairs to take your dog out to pee?? It just gave way on me and now it hurts to run! I can't plant my foot properly! I can't plant my foot at all! I set out to run this morning-took 4 steps and had to turn back around! I couldn't do it! It didn't bother me on my trail run on sunday-but it's strange some days it's worse than others. I guess it feels like a strain but worse! And I'm going to have to stay off of it! Ok that's the biggest joke of them all-stay off of it. I work 14 hours a day on my feet-how can I rest and stay off of my foot? I'm so depressed about this! I'm so exhausted and need a mental health day and for this to happen just makes it worse! My running was the only thing getting me thru these long days and now I can't run! I have a half marathon in 3 weeks!!!! FUCK! Why now? Why? Now I'm going to get fat and turn into a cranky bitch because I can't exercise the one exercise that clears my head!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Woweee!!! those were some hills!

Maryland Girl had a WONDERFUL weekend biking through the country side of Maryland and Pennsylvania. We started in Thurmont, Maryland and ended up at the Lodge at Blue Ridge Summit in Pennsylvania. The course took us through farm land areas and wee towns and the battlefield at Gettysburg and even for a rest stop at the Ski Liberty resort area. The last 10 miles of the 50 mile ride were brutal. It was hovering near 100 degrees, humid, and no shade for long stretches and this was where most of the large hill climbs were. We were all screaming this sucks! I and several others ended up walking our bikes up a 2 mile long hill mostly because we were all so HOT! Finally my butt was back in the saddle and onward to the Lodge at Blue Ridge Summit. I was looking forward to a cold beer and a shower! I got both when I got there! After my shower I had several more beers as we listen to the bands play, ate the wonderful food that was donated by Outback and just chilled out with all the great cyclist and volunteers from Habitat for Humanity. The Catoctin Challenge was a great event for a great cause. Sunday morning I woke up with sore feet (my cycling shoes need to be replaced-too small and tight now!), my hands and shoulders were sore, OF COURSE MY GIRL BITS and ASS were tender too! My legs - all that running must help - felt fine. After breakfast and organizing our camp stuff, we were off for the ride back to the start. The ride home was only 20 miles and almost entirely downhill. It was a super fun ride. I forgot how much I like riding my bike!

This week is week 2 of my 8 week training plan for the VA BEACH HALF MARATHON. I will be running 2.5 today, x-train Wed, run 2.5 Thursday, rest on Friday. Saturday for my long run I will be running the Rockville Rotary Twilight 8k race. I won't really race. I'll just run a training run. It starts at 8:45 pm! I may bring a wee flashlight with me just in case! LOL... I've heard it is a fun event. Some of my winter training buds will be running it too.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A power walk around the stage!

Well, today I had a very difficult time waking up! I didn't go to bed until midnight and then had to be up at 5am. I was going to get up earlier and ride the train to work-but since I didn't get to bed until after 12-I decided sleep was important. i got my 30 minute nap in during lunch! And then got my second wind! Of course I was at work so I couldn't just go out for a run, so i did the next best thing. I power walked around Stage 4 at LA Center Studios. 11 times around the stage is a mile and while we were in the middle of a lighting setup I power walked my way around the stage and got 2 miles in!! I felt so much better after doing it! I got a few of my fellow camera assistants to follow suit as well. This may turn into a daily occurrence!

Power Walk: 2 Miles around stage 4 (24 times around the stage)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ouch! Silly me!

I got a longish run in today! But I'm a little angry at myself for being so stupid!! Velcro and i left the house around 7:15pm for our sunset bunny run at Ocean trails. i hadn't been in weeks and have really missed it. The marine layer was coming in,the breeze was was perfect running weather and I felt pretty darn good. Granted my feet just had prolo yetserday and I probably shouldn't have been out running but I just had to! I start another full week of work and I knew I wouldn't get the opportunity to get a long run in before next weekend. I had planned on doing about 7 miles tonight! Well that all fell to shit after about 3.5 miles when my not so slim, not a runners body decided to put an end to any long run plans!! I wore my running skirt-which I love! But I have to wear shorts underneath my skirt because I get that horrible condition called chafing! And OUCH! it hurts and it hurt tonight. What was I thinking???? I always wear my shorts underneath my skirt-why change it today you stupid silly girl?? maybe because I hadn't run further than 3 miles in a while and when i go out before work I don't have those chafing issues! it's just when I up my mileage that my legs talk back to me! Well, I was really bummed tonight. Why did it have to happen when I was feeling good and having a great trail run with Velcro? Grumble! Oh well-not much I could do and not much I can do now that I'm home and it's 10:15pm! I'll plan better next weekend! It's amazing though how you can adapt your running style so that there is least amount of friction between your thighs!

RUN: 5.06 miles with velcro and chafing at Ocean trails (Trail Run) 1:13


Saturday was my prolotheraphy appt with Dr Peter Fields of Pacific Polotheraphy and Wellness Center and once again I was thrilled to be able to get an appt in while working the crazy hours I've been working!!! I had both my left and right foot done this appt, as you can see from the pics. My right foot began acting up right before the 4th of July. I took Velcro out to pee when I got home from work one night and it just gave way! I don't know what I did!! So yesterday I didn't run. Actually I didn't get to sleep until 5am or later and was up at 10:15 to ehad up to Santa Monica for my appt. So when i got home from prolotheraphy I was tired-but had to take two of my cats to the vet at 5pm came around and I was sleepy Southbay girl!! And sleep on the couch I did, with both feet up!

Prolotheraphy rocks!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yeah I'm home and it's the weekend!!

It's 4:45am and I'm home having a glass of wine!I worked from 1:18pm until 3:42am and I'm tired!! Yet so happy it's the weekend! I need to go to bed since I have to be up at 10:30am to drive to Santa Monica for my prolotheraphy! But I can't sleep-how much does that suck! maybe I should go out for a run? NAH! Not after 2 glasses of wine...I'll be sleepy soon!

I guess I just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend!! If you are racing-have a great race, if you are training-train hard! But whatever this weekend brings may you all have FUN! and ENJOY!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm Tired and looking forward to the weekend....

A long week of 14 hour days and working until 3 am everyday has caught up with me today! I couldn't get up and run this morning! I ran yesterday and felt like crap-so I knew today was coming! I got home from work at 3:30 am this morning-didn't go to bed until 4:15, the day before I got home around 3:15 and didn't go to bed until about 4 am....I'm an early morning person-but that usually when I've been sleeping at night not working! So I just couldn't do it this morning. Snuggle sleep with my animals won out! They love it I might add! But it's friday! Last day of work for the week! I really wanted to run today because I go to Prolotheraphy tomorrow at noon! Yippee! My left ankle is acting up now, twisted it coming down the stairs of a truck! So I might have double action on both feet tomorrow. But I must get a longish run in on sunday, especially since I'm still planning on running the San Fran Half in less than a month-no where near prepared for the race! I probably shouldn't even do it since they have a 3 hour time limit on the first half that I'm running. Today, I don't even think I could run a 3 hour half that's how tired I am from my work schedule! Oh well....I guess I shouldn't complain that I'm working since I was out of work for 3 months because of the Writers Strike...who knows the Actors may be next!

I was hoping to run in a race this sunday morning, Keep La Running-and I still may but I'll have to see how my foot feels after prolo.

Thursday Run: 2.51 with Velcro (35:32)
Friday: 100 situps 1 minute Plank

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


WOW...I woke up at 1015am (after getting in from work at 3am) to overcast skies! And that means RUN! I'm tired! I don't like working nights-never seem to recover but that wasn't going to stop me today! Even tired and groggy, I was going to get a run in. Of course overcast didn't mean cool-it's hot and humid right now...but no SUN! And that usually means I can shave a few minutes off my already slow time! Of course when you run with Velcro the first mile is spent peeing, pooping and smelling everything while mom wakes up and warms up-so that's usually where I lose my time-but after that I'm ready! Nice run, boy did I sweat today! The weather today reminds me of Tennessee! Must dash into the shower so I can go to work! We start work at 1:30pm today! Fun Times!

RUN: 3.1 Miles with Velcro (41:39)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Tuesday morning run....

Let me first start off by saying I'm sorry...but I HATE running in the sun and heat! It flat out just doesn't agree with me! So for all you sun worshippers-sorry! I'd rather have misty, cool, overcast weather to run in! Having said that-I ran in the sun and heat today! Am I just stupid? I know the heat and sun affects my running in BAD ways! I go slow, I feel like crap, my asthma tends to act up, Velcro becomes an even bigger anchor than normal, I burn, it SUCKS the life out of me! A Kenyan i am NOT! But I had to run in it since I don't go to work today until 1pm! Another crappy side story! Which means it will be warm weather running all week for me-and I'll be complaining about it all week!! Unless I decide to run at 2am when I get back from work.....hmmm....I might have to think about that! That might be the key! But it's so hard for me to do anything after working the long hours we work. I'll have to weigh my options-tired vs hot.....

RUN: 3.3 miles with Velcro (44:53)

Its Official!

I have signed up for the VA Beach Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon
Now to get back into to training mode. I did run 4 miles last Saturday. I was going for six, but my running partner was having stomach issues so just after 4 miles we walked the rest. So six was completed, but not all running. I think I could have run it though, I was feeling good. This week is GROSS here in Maryland. HAZY, HOT, and HUMID! IT SUCKS! Running is this weather is gross. I was going to get up this morning and run and I slept through the alarm and had some crazy dream about terrorists attacking a sporting goods store! Go figure! I will try to run later this evening if it is not toooooooooo oppressively gross out. Need to get used to it VA Beach labor day weekend won't be any cooler! Hey, SouthBay Girl can you give me a side bar on the blog for my event? I need the count down to keep me motivated!

Instead of a long run this weekend I will be doing a very long bike ride. The Catoctin Challenge is this weekend. 50 miles on Saturday (I hope my legs hold out!). Starting in Thurmont, Maryland and riding up into Pennsylvania to the Lodge at Blue Ridge Summit. All along the Catoctin Mountains. HILLS, HILLS and more HILLS! At least once Saturday's ride is over they feed us (OUTBACK is providing food) and there are bands playing and pool and a bar - - all good things. Camp out, get breakfast in the morning and ride back to Thurmont - but the ride back is a shorter distance only 20 or 30 miles. I don't know if my ass is going to want to be back on the bike on Sunday morning for any miles, but we will see. I hope the temperatures are not like they are today and I hope that the road has some shade along the way! Wish me luck!!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

My trip up North to Vacaville and Davis California

Like I said before we drove up north this past weekend! I didn't get any running in over the long three day weekend because it was spent driving and herding! But it was a wonderful weekend. We did our sheep herding trial on saturday-boiling in the heat of the Central Valley and when we got back to the hotel it was all I could do to stay awake to eat my ravioli before falling asleep at 10pm and sleeping until 7am sunday morning. We had already decided that we couldn't run the second leg on sunday afternoon, so we left the hotel and headed to UC Davis and the town of Davis which was a few mile sup I-80 from where we had crashed the night before! What an amazing town Davis is! Reminds me of Eugene Oregon-bikes EVERYWHERE!!! We walked around the UC Davis campus-I had always wanted to see it, walked thru their Arboretum-which is beautiful and then headed into town to wander a bit before sitting in the car for over 7 hours driving back to LA in holiday traffic! It was a long weekend but a fun one! And then today bright and early I was back at work! I did do some core exercises today and we just came back from a quick walk with Velcro.

My son leaves tomorrow and I don't go to work until 12:42pm...yes I'll be working nights starting tomorrow...but it means if the weather stays cool in the morning I'll get some runs in before work! And boy do I need to do that! I'm no where ready for The San Fran half! I don't know if I'll be able to run it since my training has taken a shit!

Pictures from UC Davis:

Pictures from Vaca Valley Stockdog Herding Trial:BubbleShare

Plank: 1 minute
Situps: 100

Brief walk with Velcro

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Oh my god!!!

Velcro is a rockstar!!! We got up super early this morning, 4:30am, to drive 6 1/2 hours to Vacaville, Ca (between San Francisco and Sacramento). And it was worth the drive! We sat around the trial site for a few hours-we got here around 12:15, the started class didn't start until around 3pm. We were #307-7th to go out of 15...and guess what?She did an AMAZING run!! It felt GREAT! I'm so proud of my girl! Everyone came up to me and said what a wonderful run we had! Now I wish I could trial tomorrow(I had to bail on tomorrow's run since the drive home is so long and I wouldn't be leaving here until about 5pm).It was so worth coming up! She was awesome, we scored an 81 and Velcro came in 2nd place!!!! What an amazing day we had!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Thursday morning sleepy time run

Yeah, I'm tired! But today was the last day of work for this week!! Woo Hoo!!! I got up at 5am to run this morning-had to get up earlier than normal because i took the train into downtown LA-I try to use public transportation at least one time a week, sometimes two! I carpool 3x a week so I think I'm being a very good environmentally friendly person! Trying to leave as little of a carbon footprint as I possibly can! (I also use biodiesel in my car!)
But enough of that! I ran before work! My son arrived this morning and hung with my dad and Velcro all day long. And I got home around 10pm to a sleepy Grandpa and a 17 year old who could have stayed up all night long! But that wasn't going to happen-we have an early rise tomorrow morning. We are leaving for Escondido at 6:30 for a herding taining session before we drive up to Vacaville on saturday morning for the herding trial.
Work...hmm..well we started at 8:30am, and because it was the holidays we wrapped at 8:30pm! A 12 hour day!! Woo Hoo! Everyone was ready to start their long weekend!! Me included! I had a beer before getting on the train and when I got home-crashed into sleepy time!!!

RUN: 3.10 Miles with Velcro (40:20)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another early morning run before work..

Well I can't say it was the best run, or the fastest run but I got up before work on about 5 hours of sleep and went out for my Pre-work 3 miler. It always sucks when I start, and the first mile is SLOW-of course Velcro must stop and smell the roses and pee and poop so I use that as my wake up mile! But after that it's so much better! I wish I could go further in the mornings before work, but I run out of time!!! I seem to only be able to do it if I can get at least 5 hours of sleep! So I'm off to be now so I can get my obligatory 5 hours of sleep!!

Tomorrow is our last day of work this week! I have a busy weekend planned. my son flies in tomorrow, friday we'll head down to Escondido for herding practice-very early in the morning and then this weekend we'll be up north at a herding trial...and then I'm right back to work on monday morning at 7am! No rest for me on this holiday weekend!

RUN: 3.1 Miles with Velcro ( 42:06)

Maryland Girl Runs Again!

I ran a little over 2 miles yesterday. We've been having some lovely, low humidity days so I took advantage. If felt good to run. It had been 37 days since I last ran! All felt good, no problems with ankle, calf or still healing suture area from surgery. YIPEE!!! I have anothe run scheduled for Friday.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An early morning run

I slugged on sunday and didn't run! It started getting hot again and I needed to sleep in on sunday morning-so I said to myself, self, we'll run tonight. Well sunday night came and it got later and later and I just couldn't do it!!! So I planned on running monday morning-I set the alarm for 4:30am but couldn't go to bed until about midnight-so when that alarm went off at 4:30 I wasn't the happiest of campers....and proceeded to go back to sleep for 30 minutes!! all day yesterday I felt like crap because I hadn't run!!! So I was determined this morning to run!!! And I did!!! I got up at 5am, was out the door at 5:30 (after feeding all the cats etc) and Velcro and I got a decent 3.31 mile run in before the sizzling heat and sun set in!!! Velcro tends to be my running anchor when she's on a leash-she's so much better off. But we had a nice little run and then I got home, fed her , jumped in the shower and left for work-where I worked a 14 hour day! Now I'm home...hopefully will have a small glass of wine and go to bed!! My alarm is set for 5:15am for my morning run!!! I will get my ass up and run before work tomorrow!!!

RUN: 3.31 miles with Velcro (42:05)