Sunday, June 29, 2008

A busy week....

I've had computer issues since Tuesday-I briefly got on the internet with my laptop to blog about Baby Love, R.I.P., but then both computers crashed was kinda weird~you really get dependent on your computer. Well. now I'm back~I think~ and ready to tell you all about my week. It was spent working~imagine that! My tv show, Mad Men, has been keeping me busy. I did actually have a saturday. We wrapped on friday night around 11:45 pm~and I raced to my train (yes I've taken to public transportation 2 days a week and carpooling 3x a week). I'm really loving the train! I sit and read the paper, scripts whatever and pay $1.25 each way! Considering how much my Biodiesel costs right now, I'm loving the cheap commute! I woke up on saturday morning~exhausted! It was another 69 hour work week for me. My dad has been down, he took care of Velcro on friday and started working on my computers! Saturday was clean up day at my house-wow did it need it! Living in a house with animals and working the hours I do, the house gets a little "fluffy" during the week. But I was at home, with my animals, in my house happy! I ended the week with a rough thursday.. Velcro had diarrhea on wednesday night and thursday morning before I left for work,my carpooler woke up 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave so Iw as nearly late for work, my computers crashed wednesday night, the cat knocked off a glass and it shattered all over the floor thursday morning while I was picking up dog poop in the kitchen, and Baby Love passed away. I should have just stayed home on Thursday!

Saturday I saw Shakespeare By the Sea at Pt Fermin Park. The play this evening was A Midsummer's Night Dream. I go every year to the summer Shakespeare by the Sea. I love it! It's free entertainment~I take wine, dinner, Velcro, blankets, chairs and sit for two hours right by the ocean watching Shakespeare! Not a bad saturday night! Once again it's getting hot here in California. I didn't run when i woke up saturday morning, and I really wanted to get a run in-so I took off at 6:30pm~yeah it was still hot so my run took a hit! But I did something before going to the park!!
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Wednesday: RUN: 3.06 Miles with Velcro before work (43:15)
Thursday: 100 situps/PLANK 1 minute
Friday: RUN: 3.21 Miles with Velcro before work (43:53)
Saturday: RUN: 2.67 Miles with Velcro in the sun (34:56)

Pictures from my wednesday morning run at 5am:BubbleShare

Friday, June 27, 2008

I may be crazy......

but I have decided to do this ride for charity with a new (male) friend of mine. It is the Catoctin Challenge for Habitat for Humanity. I will do 50 miles one day and about 30 the next. It is hilly, but it isn't race so there is no stress. right!?! Would any of you kind readers consider sponsoring old Maryland Girl for this event??? To sponsor click here Any amount is a good thing - Thank you! I plan to sponsor myself too, of course! The ride is July 12 and 13 not so far away. I think my legs will hold up okay, it is my butt that I am worried about! LOL The crazy things we agree to when we like someone. LOL ha ha ha ha ha ha. He is a fun guy to ride with!

I have recieved the a-ok from the doctor to get moving again. Actually the day before his okay I was out riding 10 miles on my bike! LOL. I just couldn't stand it any longer. I am going to try to get up to meet my winter running buddies on Saturday morning for a run. Most of them are running 10 miles, I think I will stick to about 3 since I haven't run in WEEEEEEEEKKKKKSSSS - so I will only see them briefly at the beginning, but that is okay! As soon as I run and I think it is a doable - -of which I have no doubt I will be registering for the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rest in Peace Baby Love!

This morning while I was at work I received a phone call from Baby Love's mom who lives in Texas. She called to let me know that baby Love had passed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning! I was devastated! I have a special place in my heart for Australian Cattle Dogs, and Baby Love was an amazing little dog! She showed us that even with disabilities she could live life to the fullest and enjoy everything!!!

Rest in peace Baby Love! You will be dearly missed by everyone!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pics from Run Like A Girl Trail Race

Seriously I think I look huge in my running skirt! My job and the lack of running consistently and wine are causing me to gain the weight that I lost when the asshole ex left me.....I gotta work on this!!! I can't stop my wine-but I can stop eating crappy food and try to pick up my running! I almost always run 5x a week-taking mondays and tuesdays off.....I have to rest sometime!!

PLANK: 1 Minute

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A 9pm run with Velcro

Sorry to say no sunset pictures tonight. I had to wait until about 9pm to go for my run-that's how long it took to cool down enough for me to want to get out and run! It was dark-so I didn't have to contend with the sun!!! As it got later and later, I thought about putting this run off-but since I take mondays off-I put on my running skirt and my new technical shirt from the trail race yesterday and headed out~and you know what~I had a pretty decent run. Way better than saturday mornings race in the sun and heat! Maybe I should enter races that take place at night!!


RUN: 3.82 Miles 49:45 with Velcro and at least two rolls in the grass

LA Harbor Foot Pursuit 5 miler.....

Sorry to disappoint but after yesterdays run in the sun and heat and my VERY slow recovery from being baked from the inside and out along with getting only 4 hours of sleep before yesterdays race I decided sleep might be a bit more important to me!! I did set my alarm for this morning, I looked outside and already the sun was up and it looked miserable-so I took the lazy but in my mind smart route and stayed in bed. I had a banger of a headache last night that never went away(from the heat and sun) and I still have a bit of a lingering one now-water is my friend! I'm taking Velcro herding in about an hour-so I'm getting my baking time in today! But I just couldn't do it today. If the weather had been "more southbay girl like" it would have been much easier to get up. But there really wasn't a weather pull!! It's only 9am and it's 80 degrees-NO this weather just isn't for me!! Sorry if I appear wimp like but I'd rather not put myself thru heat stroke!!! maybe.......if it cools down (which I thought it was supposed to do today) I'll get the 5 mile run in with Velcro tonight, because I know what route they were going to run. I guess I just donated $30 to the Harbor area Boosters!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Montrail Run Like A Girl 8K in Pasadena, CA

But it wasn't an 8K it was more like a 9K-at least by my Garmin! I crossed the finish line running about 5.4 miles. But let me get to the beginning! It's f-ing HOT here in California! We've been setting record heat numbers-and honestly folks-that's not my idea of great running conditions!!! As a matter of fact-I HATE to run in the heat and sun. I know, I've said it before but I HATE IT!!! SO why then did I wake up at 5am, having just got in from work at 1am, to drive 35 miles to Pasadena to run with 1000 other women in the first Montrail Run Like A Girl Trail Race in Pasadena in June??? I guess for the shirt and because I'm a psycho! I woke up tired and could have easily said screw this and gone back to bed. But I was determined to get this race and my race tomorrow in this weekend!! SO I got my lazy ass up, fed the animals, made a cup of tea and some peanut butter toast, filled up my two bottles with water and gatorade and jumped in the car that had AC and set off for Pasadena! First of all-driving to the valley is not my idea of fun, driving to the valley for work is bearable, driving to the valley early on a saturday morning knowing you'll soon be baking in the sun and heat sucks!

I arrived at the Rose Bowl around 6:45, the race didn't start until 8am-who starts a race that late in the middle of the summer???? What the? I checked in, got my race number and technical t-shirt (which is pretty cool by the way) and headed back to the car to sit in the ac and put on my sunscreen. When I left my beloved ocean it was 72 degrees-yeah it wasn't 72 in Pasadena.It had already started it's temperature climb and it wasn't even race time! The sun was out and I could just feel the heat! I really wasn't looking forward to this!

At 8am, 1000 women-yes women only! lined up in an already hot morning to run over 5 miles of trails in and around the Rose Bowl. We started off-I had already decided no records were going to be set today! I wanted to finish without passing out or suffering dehydration! Good goals I think!! The first mile was on roads heading toward the trails. Considering it was saturday, alot of marathon training programs were out running as well-the Rose Bowl was packed with people running, training with TNT, competing in the Senior Olympics was a busy HOT morning.

We continued up the hill towards the trail-1000 women packed into a coned off area of the road-yeah it was slow going to start off with since we were running in a small space with a wide range of runners. Mind you, I wasn't complaining about the pace-perfectly happy to be jogging SLOW!!!

We finally entered the trail area, I was hot already-YUCK! So far no shade-and no shade in sight! YUCK! We crossed a stream-and the runners stopped-seemed no one wanted to get there feet wet....I didn't either, yeah I was a pussy today! So there was a single file line across the little bridge-I should have jumped in the stream!!! I was hot and red-faced. Then I saw the hill-come on people-there is a heat wave going on in California right now!!! We started a trail race at the stupid hour of 8am in the sun and heat of Pasadena and now you want 1000 women to run up a single track hill-HA! yeah this part wasn't well thought out-some runners were heading back as most were heading I wasn't one of those women heading down at this point!!! At the top of the hill was the first water station-it sat on a dam. I had no idea there was a dam near the Rose Bowl-you learn something new everyday!!! We headed down to Johnson Field where we did a loop and headed back for the Finish Line. This is when the race and the heat took it's first casualty that I know of. A women fainted from the heat right in front of me. We had been running all in sun up to this point and there was no shade around! The good part about being in a womens only race-alot of women stopped to help this poor girl out! At this point who cares about a silly race when someone is in need of help! The race directors had alot of search and rescue on the course-one group was very close so they came immediately. At this point there wasn't much anyone could do-so I trudged on. Trudged being the appropriate word because it was HOT and I at this point was pretty miserable. I looked down at my Garmin and we were about 3.5 miles in. I thought-sweet only about a mile to go....HA! I contined on heading down the big hill that the lot of us had walked up and finally came to the trail section that was shady-but the damage had already been done to poor me! I was shot! Enough. I said to myself I have nothing to prove to anyone. I want to make it home healthy! So when I needed to walk I walked! And most of the people were walking! It was HOT and I was pretty fucking miserable! But I had my ipod, I was in my little world not in the least bit concerned about what was going on around me other than wanting to get the hell off this trail and into my air conditioned car!!!
The trail took us around the golf course-once again in the sun! The shady part was pretty small!! Finally i began to see the Rose Bowl-the FINISH!!!! Hallelujah!! I lloked at my Garmin and I had reached 5 miles-this wasn't an 8k!! An 8K is about 4.8 miles-what the???

I crossed the line and my garmin read about 5.4 miles and a time of 1:17-the race clock read 1:14. Who cares. I finished without passing out! I headed straight for the food line, pounding my water and gatorade and then went to find my race socks that were part of the schwag!!! I was in the line to get a butt load of luna bars-but the line was in the sun and honestly are free luna bars worth standing in the sun for??? not today! SO I headed back to my car and cranked up the AC-I noticed that the ambient temp read 92 degrees! UGH! No wonder I felt like shit!!!! I feel like crap when I run in 75 degree weather!! What's funny is I didn't hurt from the run-it was the heat and sun that did me in today! beaten by mother nature!!

I stripped down when i got back to the car-yes I changed clothes in the parking lot in true surfer fashion and put on a sun dress-I had to get my stinky smelly wet clothes off my body! I was also heading to see my dad who was at work today and then to the hospital in Burbank to visit one of my friends and fellow Mad Men camera assistants who was admitted yesterday for pneumonia!

I got home around 1:30pm-yes the temp topped out at 104 when I left the valley-no thank you!!! I headed south but it didn't get much cooler-dropped to about 96 at home, so i proceeded to hook up the ac unit in my bedroom and Velcro, the kittie and I crashed in my bedroom.

I still have a banger of a headache from the heat! I've had tons of fluids-but it's just not helping! I'll be up again tomorrow to run in yet another race, but this time I don't have to get up at 5am and drive 35-40 miles. It's just down the road!!! And hopefully since it's along the coast it will be cooler!!

RUN: 5.4 Miles Run Like a Girl Trail race 1:17


Friday, June 20, 2008

Maryland Girl checking in....

This is what I am doing tonight - Baseball and Knitting
The Nationals have not been very good this year so far, but I am looking forward to seeing the new stadium here in Washington DC. The weather is wonderful, so it should be a good night! My incisions from my surgery are healing quite nicely. I am hoping that next week the Doc says - go do what ever you want! Of course -I won't hole hog go run 10 miles or anything. I will start with an easy 2 or 3 and see how it goes and move up from there. It has been 5 long weeks since I have run! Between the ankle and this surgery. Hopefully all is not lost in my endurance and such.
I hope all have a GREAT weekend! Today is the first day of Summer! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busy Work Week so far....

I love working and hate it at the same time! This has to be a short post-just got back from a short, crappy, hot, sunny run and now must jump in the shower and leave for work! Yes, I'm working long hours again this week! But today is payday!!! Minimum of 14 hour work days so far this week-and I've registered for two races this weekend: The Montrail Run Like a Girl 8K trail race on saturday at 8am and the LA Harbor Foot Pursuit on sunday morning at 8am. I order new shoes-and they are in but I can't get them yet because of my work schedule! My dad is coming down to hang with Velcro tomorrow-I'm hoping he can go get them for me!

Must dash! I'm tired! But happy to be working after 3 months off because of the WGA strike!!! Lets hope SAG doesn't strike!

Tuesday: 100 situps
Wednesday: Run 3.15 miles with Velcro (40:05)
Thursday: Run 3.1 miles with Velcro (41:43)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Maryland Girl Recovering

Surgery last Friday went well. They went in for two ovarian cysts and removed three! Two were outside the ovaries, one on each side, and the third the Dr. saw was within the right ovary. Lets hope I don't get any more. Thankfully they did not think these are anything nasty. The two they were after were getting big and the Dr. even showed me pictures post-op! YIKES. Now I have 4 new scars to add to my abdomen. Perhaps I will get a connect the dots tatoo for all eight marks that are now on my belly! LOL. I am looking forward to being able to get up and out soon! I have a weekend bike event I want to do the weekend of July 12 benefiting Habitat for Humanity and then I have the twilight 8K on July 19 and of course I need to get training so I can do the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in VA Beach labor day weekend. I will take it easy though. I won't be shooting for any big PRs.
I had percocet for pain management over the weekend. It gave me one crazy dream that turned into a nightmare on Saturday night. WOW! Very vivid - roosters and all!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I no longer say Thank God it's Friday-I say Thank God it's the weekend!!!

Yeah, friday doesn't mean much to me except knowing that I wont have a friday night nor will I have a saturday morning! Yet again I worked another 69 hour work week-stating at 6:30am on monday and ending at 2:30am saturday! I'm one tired puppy!! Week after week after week of 65+ work weeks really do catch up to you! And when we work into the wee hours o a saturday-it doesn't make for alot of recovery time!! I've had to start taking 20 minute power naps over my 30 minute lunch break-it's helping a bit, but honestly, who can do 14-15 hour work days over and over again-and that's not including my time up and commuting in lovely Los Angeles traffic!!! But enough venting-as my mother always says to me, I chose my career! I could have gone back to school and gotten a degree in something other than my geography degree and gone on to a new career-but no...I love working in the film industry! And this is what I get! Long hours and no life!!! I did muster a few slow runs during the week-and I'm still holding out hope I feel good enough to run tonight!!! I've just eaten my first meal and honestly all i want to do is curl up and watch tv, have a nice glass of wine and veg since I didn't get to bed until 4:30am this morning!!!

I take Velcro herding tomorrow at noon and then I'll run my sunset trail run!!! And start it all again! I have no idea how I'm going to train and run in the San Fran half in August-guess I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope that my 3 mile runs during the week and my one/two runs on the weekend are enough!!! But my hotel is booked and I'll be in San Fran for the race!!!

I've registered for two races this coming weekend! The Montrail Run Like a Girl 8K trail race on Saturday and on sunday the Los Angeles Police Dept Harbor Foot Pursuit 5 miler. Lets hope I don't work until the wee hours of saturday again!!!!

Here are a few glimpses of my friday run with velcro-it's was an 11am run, so it was hot and sunny already-my FAVORITE conditions! HA! It was slow but it was time spent with my girl running!! I love those times!!


Wednesday: Run 3.08 miles with Velcro
Thursday: 1- 1 minute Plank/ 100 situps
Friday: Run 3.2 miles ( 42:40) with Velcro


Well I just got back from an evening run-running in the dark is the best!!!! I feel my best when the sun isn't hitting my body! Even after working a long ass week and getting in at 3am...I had a great run with Velcro!! It wasn't long but it felt good!!! And sometimes that's all that matters! I LOVE running with Velcro! I know some people hate running with their dogs-but mine shows so much joy and enthusiasm and partners me at hours that most humans wouldn't!!! She's an amazing dog, I'm so lucky that I saved her and she saved me!!!

Saturday: Run 3.12 miles (39:36) with my beloved Velcro

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A hike in Maryland!

No running yet, but I did hike about 4 miles last Saturday and the ankle held up and felt good. We have been having almost 100 degree days with what feels like 200% humidity. This is the weather to hide in air conditioning because you do not want to be outside at all. I saw Steve Windwood and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers this past Sunday at Nissan Pavillion in Virginia. It was sooooooooooooooooooooo hot. Standing still sweating; my clothes completely wet. BUT so worth it! What an awesome concert!

My minor surgery is this Friday. Looking forward to healing and getting back out running!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still trudging along.....

Well I don't have much exercise to report! Seems all I do is work, and for the past week be sick! And I don't seem to be getting much better. I'm working in an environment where there is alot of smoking going on in the scenes we shoot. And since I started getting sick, being around smoke makes it worse-yes I have that wonderful cough that sounds like I'm a smoker!!! And all I can hope is that it doesn't drop into my chest. So I didn't run monday or tuesday. Of course working 14.5 hours or more day after day does make it hard to run 6 days a week-so I've established monday and sometimes tuesdays as my off days!! But tomorrow I'm not leaving the house until 7:30am-ample time to get a quick 3 miler in before work!! This episode were shooting is going to be a long one-hour wise! I have something to look forward to!! I know it wont be another friday night like last week-which I might add I've not recovered from yet!!! But the week will be long!

2 - 1 minute Planks
100 situps

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A sunday sunset run!

Well, I got out. I really didn't feel like running at all. Been tired and feeling blah all weekend-could it be the 15 1/2 hour work day I worked on friday into saturday morning?? Probably!

I had a great day! I slept in until about 10am-very unlike me! But a necessary evil! Then Velcro and I headed up to Brentwood to fill the Mercedes up with Biodiesel and then to herding! What an amazing day of herding!!! Velcro was AWESOME!!! I'm so proud and had such an amazing time!!! She was great! Her outruns were beautiful and i'm feeling so much better about the herding trial we're entering on July 5th and 6th around Sacramento!!! It's like it all clicked!!! No strafing runs on the sheep!

We headed home around 2pm-I had forgotten to take a hat herding, so I felt a bit tired...and at home TIVO had the Prefontaine Classic waiting for me to watch! And watch I did! I love track and field!!! Around 6:30 I realized if I didn't get out now I'd never get out-so i put on my new running skirt by champion and took Velcro and headed to the ocean! Once there, i realized...brrr...the wind was blowing and it was rather chilly-I should have worn warmer clothes especially since i'm not feeling 100%! But I didn't turn back-I knew I'd warm up eventually! Well surprisingly enough this run was pretty good! I've been battling a sinus issue and a productive cough that just developed this morning..and I really shouldn't have run! But I did and it felt really good. I took it slow. no point in killing myself when I'm less than 100% to start with. It was an amazing sunset! And velcro and i had a great time!!!

RUN: 4.2 Miles at White Point Nature Preserve with Velcro 57:21

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oh my god

AAAHHHHHH!!!! I'm tired! What a week-and I only worked 4 days since I took monday off to be mom to my 17 year old! Tuesday we only worked a 13 hour day-we thought-wow! What a short day how wonderful! Well, it was an election day and we had to be finished by 7pm to allow enough time to vote. Well we knew we were in for a lovely rest of the week! I didn't run tuesday or wednesday because I was sick, actually I'm still sick, but it's the weekend! I woke up on monday with a horrible sinus headache and a sore throat and it never went away! Seems the ICK has been going around the set of Mad Men and everyone is or has been sick....and lucky me I got it too! It's really not fun to work, let alone work long hours being sick! But I did. I'm not a marter just stupid and a money whore! With a possible SAG strike looming, I must work everyday I possibly can! So Wednesday I put in a 14.5 hour work day, thursday we worked a 15 hour day and then yesterday I went into work at 2pm-worked all night and finished work at 5:30am! A 15.5 hour work day! I'm exhausted. I didn't get home until a little past 6am-what a fun drive home that was! I had an iced cold beer-god it tasted SO GOOD, made cinnamon rolls and crawled into bed with my beer, cinnamon rolls, all my animals and the Womens final of the French open playing on the TV. I setmy alarm for 1pm, because I had been invited to a pool party today-but that alarm went off and I said screw you alarm and went back to sleep! I finally woke up at 3pm. I'm sure my animals were wondering what the hell was going on!!! SO am I! I've accomplished absolutely nothing today! I've been on the couch watching movies! I'm not running today-there is no way I could do it! It's hard enough taking Velcro out to pee! I'm exhausted. And come monday morning, I'll be back at work at 6:30am! But I'm working! And I'm happy about that, I love the TV show I'm working on, Mad Men. And I'm incredibly proud of the cast and crew of Mad Men who have donated money to the Baby Love Fund! You guys rock! So far the show has donated $465 to help Baby Love get her much needed surgery!!! yeah Mad Men!!!

Wednesday: 100 Situps/ 1 minute plank
Thursday: Run- 3.14 miles with Velcro 41:06
Friday: Run- 2.56 miles with Velcro 34:33

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hey when did it become June?

In the whirlwind of activity that was my last week, I didn't realize we entered a new month! My daughter's acting ensemble had their production this past weekend. After 9 months of work (meeting 2 x a week) and a week of three hour rehersals every night they had performances on Friday, Saturday (2!) and Sunday. It was awesome!! This was a group of 22 kids ranging from 9-12 years of age. They were amazing. It was an original production (Below the Horizon) that they developed with a writer and composer. It made each child shine and it had a great message about the environment and accepting others despite their differences. I cried through opening night I was so proud of all of them and moved by their performing abilities.

My ankle is feeling much better. I hope to give it a trial run this weekend. I need to get out! I am also thinking about a bike ride on Saturday. I'm itching to get moving. I was so busy with my daughter's stuff last week that I had zero exercise - and I was a phlegm machine with my allergies kicking in high gear - GAG! I feel like a slug in so many ways! LOL! I want to move a little before my surgery on June 13 - cause then I will definitely be on the slow track for a few weeks. :(

Monday, June 2, 2008

A run at Ocean Trails with the Clan...

Well first of all-it was AWESOME not going to work today! I think every week should be a 4 day week! The only bummer was that i woke up with a sore throat and one of those headaches that sit in your head just waiting to worsen. I've had this headache and have felt icky all day! But I was determined not to let the last day my son was here be ruined by some stupid flu like crap that has been racing thru our we went about our day like I was feeling great!

We had our first college visit today! It was wonderful! I felt like such a mom! We went to visit Marymount College, which is a two-year private college in Palos Verdes. it's very small and intimate. It was really nice. We toured the campus, spoke to an admission counselor, got info etc. I felt like I was really participating in my sons life and future! It was such a wonderful feeling. I know seems silly and petty. But since he doesn't live with me-these small silly things are huge to me! I can't wait to visit more colleges and experience this with him!

After our grownup activity, we came back to the house to veg for about an hour and then I pushed us out of the house to go for a run. Yeah I know-STUPID thing to do when you are feeling like crap and your head hurts everytime you move it.....but I knew I wasn't going to be able to run tomorrow-leaving the house way too early, and friday night/saturday is already a bust because I'll be working until about4am so I really wanted to take advantage of my day off and my son being in town to get a great sunset run in at Ocean Trails. And we did...and boy did the hills hurt! Oh my! My head is still hurting! I'm going to bed actually...but we ran. We ran looking at a beautiful sunset, watching Velcro chase bunnies and pee in all the spots she loves to pee in! My son smoked me up the hills yet again. He did say his legs were tired-whoo....maybe I'm not so old after all! It was wonderful! Running is great, running with velcro is wonderful but running with my son and velcro at an amazing place like Ocean Trails is heaven! And I'm so happy for these days!

My son leaves tomorrow! We've had such a great time! I love him so much and am going to miss him so much! I hate it when he leaves! I wish he could be here all the time! Its' so hard putting your only child on a plane knowing you wont see them for at least a month! I can't tell you how frustrating, depressing, sad, lonely and miserable all wrapped into one feeling that is! It sucks! But I can't wait for the 4th of july weekend when he comes out again!!!! I love you!!!

RUN: 4.16 mile Trail run with Velcro and my son 1:09

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

A sunday run with two running partners!

BubbleShare -

Well I have to say it's so much easier running with someone! Even if it's your 17 year old son who smokes you going up hills! And yes Velcro and I got smoked running up the last hill! But it didn't bother me! I was running with my son! It doesn't get much better than that!! We got a late start because we had gone to a movie-so it was a short run at White Point nature preserve. The sun was setting, the wind had died down and it was beautiful! I was running with my two favorite running partners watching a beautiful sunset and taking it all in!!! WONDERFUL!

RUN: 3.03 Miles Trail run with Velcro and my son 43:53

Please follow the link below to baby Love's blog...she is a young cattle dog that is going thru a tough time. She and her mom need kind words and any financial donation you think you could make. You see Baby Love was born with hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain)and she needs to have another shunt attached to her brain. She's had the surgery once but the shunt has now become detached! If you can please donate to the Baby Love Fundraiser! Thanks so much!!!

Donations can be sent to:

Baby Love Fundraiser
P.O. Box 692
Rhome, TX 76078