Saturday, May 31, 2008

Please help Baby Love!!!

One of the blogs I read is about a one year old Australian Cattle Dog named Baby Love. Well this week she suffered a big setback-her shunt detached from her brain and she will need to have surgery to replace it. You see she was born with hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). This surgery is very expensive, and it will be her second one! If any of you would like to donate to her surgery fund please check out Baby Love's blog and read all about her. She is a remarkable dog and has a remarkable and caring mom!!! She has posted an address for donations on her blog and I'll post it below. Please help if you can and pass this plea forward!!!! Lets show everyone what the blogging community can really do!!!

Baby Love Fundraiser
P.O. Box 692
Rhome, TX 76078

I think exhaustion is finally hitting me

Yeah, I think the super long days at work are finally catching up to me-at least this week. I started off the week exhausted and that was after a three day weekend! Honestly I felt like a complete slug this week! I don't know what's wrong with me..maybe the 13-15 hour work days just don't agree with me, maybe being up for 18-20 hours a day are wreaking havoc on my body....whatever it is, it wasn't the greatest of exercise weeks for me! But I guess I can't have stellar weeks/days all the time. It's all about pacing for me, and not running myself down-I learned that lesson the hard way when I came down with double pneumonia after working 15-16 hour days on a tv show while continuing to run and then getting the flu-it sucked! So now I listen to my body-and when it's tired, I don't push it. But my mind still goes nits when I don't run!!! Silly mind!

Thursday we worked a 15 hour day-I was a zombie by the time they called wrap at 1:30am on friday morning!! Thank goodness I was driving with my carpooler that night! That ended up being a 19 hour day for me! UGH! No wonder I'm exhausted. 6 hours of sleep just doesn't catch up to being up for 19 hours!! So when friday came along, I got up to run-but the tired body said NO! So I didn't run! I ran some errands before heading off to work, since my son was arriving that night! Work was a short 13.5 hour day-it felt like the longest 4 day week ever!!! Everyone on our crew was exhausted this morning at 1:30am! By the time I got home and fell asleep, 18 hours had elapsed since I had woken up. I guess that's why I don't want to do much of anything today!!!

My son is in town, so far we are having a wonderful time just hanging out! We will be going on two trail runs (sunday and monday) since I'm taking monday off from work! Also on monday, we'll be doing our first college visits! We're going to Marymount College in Rancho Palos Verdes. I think I'm more nervous than he is!!!

Here is how my week ended exercise wise:
Thursday: RUN 3.16 miles with Velcro / worked 15 hour day
Friday: STAIRS: 520 total / worked 13.5 hour day


Thursday, May 29, 2008

What day is it?

It's midnight-that's all I know....I think it's now thursday morning-but to me it's wednesday night. No matter. I have a 10:30am call tomorrow...and drum roll please.......we only worked 12 hours today! Can you believe it! WOW!!! Of course yesterday was a long day,14 hours, so 12 seems like a vacation! I didn't run yesterday-SLUG! But did some situps to get the blood pumping in the morning, but this morning I knew I'd have the time...and run Velcro and I did, in the! Well it's always nice running with my girl!
Tuesday: 100 situps
Wednesday: RUN 3.5 miles w/Velcro 46:53
and I was T I R E D!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

4.3 Mile sunset run at Ocean Trails

Wow, it took alot for me to get off my ass and go out for a run! But when you have a cattle dog in your face, there is no sitting around! So around 7pm, we headed out. I was exhausted and really had no energy to do anything, but Velcro wanted and needed a bunny run so off we went. And sunset is the best time for bunnies! I have to admit, this run probably was the best thing for me, I felt a bit nauseated when we started but I went slow and just decided this run was for Velcro not me! I turned my garmin off and the batteries were low-so this was a garminless run-luckily i do this run alot so I know exactly how far it is. It was a beautiful night! Cool (about 58-60 degrees) windy and a beautiful sunset! Awesome! i so wish I could share these runs with people! It's so stunning and it's so much fun to watch Velcro have a wonderful time chasing bunnies that she can't catch! It's just sheer pleasure and joy! I love my runs at Ocean trails! Stunning views, nice people out enjoying the outdoors! I love where I live! I wish I could show everyone this area!!!

I don't know how long it took to run the 4.3 miles-it was almost dark when we got back to the car. But I didn't care. Tonight it wasn't for time or anything, it was for me and for Velcro. This is our time together. Peaceful, exciting, exhausting and fun! I know she loves it! She pees and poops in the exact places everytime we come here! It's so funny! She knows where to look for bunnies, she knows when we crest the last hill that the beach is down the hill-and she might find a tennis ball. It's our place!!

I cried a bit on this run. not sure why-probably because I'm exhausted and needed to let toxins of some sort out! I think also because I'd love to share this place with someone who loves to run like I do.....but alas it's just velcro and I!

I hope you all enjoy the pics. It's such an amazing place, the pictures really don't do it justice! Ocean trails is my church-welcome all!


RUN: 4.3 Miles with Velcro at Ocean Trails

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh my god! I can't tell you how happy I am to have a 3 day weekend!

First of all let me say I really do love my job! But holly hell, I just worked a 70 hour work week in 5 days on the TV show I'm working on, Mad Men,and I'm EXHAUSTED! I started losing my mind on thursday-putting on crazy glasses and acting like an 8 year old-pig tails and all. Amazing the things you'll do when you're tired! I was part of the walking dead last nite(wait it was this morning!) I'm sure Willie can attest to my delirious nature since I picked up the phone to call him at 3am in the morning-yeah I knew he's be up because he was running a marathon this morning! I got home at 4am-I hardly remember what I did when I got home, my animals were confused-hell I was confused! And at noon, my stupid alarm went off....I could have slept so much longer but I refuse to waste away the day in bed even thought the one thing I need is sleep! No running for me today-I cant fathom getting out there and exerting alot of energy today! I spend 13-15 hours a day on my feet, lifting 50-75 lb cameras all day long, concentrating on pulling focus on actors with only 30 minutes for is my VEG day!

I wills ay I accomplished alot this week even with the crappy long hours I've been working! I got exercise in everyday!!! Of course that's probably one of the reasons I'm a walking zombie, but it's a necessity! I can't go long without running! Running is one of the few loves I have-and just like Willie described loving running even though he was having a hard-as-hell race, I too love it even when I have the worst run ever! It's my church, it's my religion! It's cleansing and keeps me sane when I realize at 4am on a saturday morning that I've worked my ass off all week and I have no social life...I have my running with my girl velcro!

I missed my sons birthday on friday-he turned 17. I was working in Los Angeles while he was celebrating with his pals in Tennessee. It hurt, I felt down all day-I can't tell you how hard it is to be in a different state than your only child, to not be there everyday to watch him grow up and become an adult! But I'm giving him what I can as a single mother working in the film industry...I'm putting him thru school and he's getting an amazing education. I try to talk to him everyday(that's a hard one now since he is a teenager!) and he knows how much I love him! I hope he knows how much I love him! Running helps with these feelings of guilt that always seem to find their way into my head especially when I'm exhausted!!! I love you!!!

Here is what my schedule looked like this week:
Monday: walk 1.25 miles/ 100 situps worked 14.5 hour day
Tuesday: Run 3.3 miles with velcro/ 650 steps at work/ worked a 13.5 hour day
Wednesday: 2.62 mile run with velcro/ 650 steps at work/ worked 14 hour day
Thursday: 1.87 mile run/walk to the park with velcro/ worked 14.5 hour day
Friday: Run 3.00 miles with velcro/390 steps at work at 2am/worked a 15 hour day

That is my life-work. My weekends are spent recovering....not a great way to meet a nice single man and have a social life unless it revolves around running and my animals.

My son comes out to Los Angeles next weekend-I can't wait to see him! I can't wait to hang out and do mom things with him....I can't wait!

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Friday and I have a three day weekend!

Happy Happy! Good news from orthopedic doc I have only a sprain! He said, "no running for 3 weeks or so", which means, when you combine my upcoming surgery, I won't be running for the whole month of June. ugh! I will have swim instead even though I know the water in my community pool is going to be ice cold for a while! The pool opens tomorrow! It is sunny and 67 right now in my lovely part of Maryland. So, I will have July and August to work on getting my running back up to half marathon level. I still want to do the VA Beach Rock n' Roll half Aug 31. I think it is doable if I don't have any other physical set backs! I am also looking for some of those crazy run/swim only events. I do have a bike, but I'm just not in triathlon mood right now. If anyone knows of any run/swim events on the east coast post it in the comments.

I hope all have a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend. I have a few plans and hope that I will have fun too! The weather is supposed to be awesome all weekend. I may even brave the cold pool water to get a swim in - I'm just itching for some intense cardiovascular activity!

Good runs, swims, bikes, knits and relaxing to all!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


BubbleShare .

Hi! Just a quick note-must jump in the shower. Another long day yesterday, 14.5 hours of work-...oh well, it's cloudy and cool today so i ran with Velcro...

Monday: 1.25 mile walk 100 situps
Tuesday: 3.3 Mile Run with Velcro 44:25


Worked a 13 hour day today but was able to get my daily dose of stair climbing in between setups! I've got 2 other people that have started running stairs as well-soon I'll have the entire crew...probably not-they think I'm a bit nutty for exercise!

STAIRS: 580 Total stairs (that's up and down)

Watch out for Tree Debris! aka She is down again

Very frustrated and depressed Maryland Girl here. Met up with my running buddy, Danielle, on Saturday morning. We are running great, just past the 2 mile mark, soon it would be time to turn around. All of sudden snap, crackle, pop, FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! OWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!..... if Danielle had not been there for me to grab on to, I would have fallen on my face and probably hurt something else on my body. I stepped on an inch and half thick piece of tree branch that I obviously didn't see - it was not all that long. Cussing and wincing in pain I tossed that stupid piece of shit into the woods! Now, I got to hobble back 2 miles to my car. FUN! Now, this ankle is weak. I injured it horribly many many years ago playing soccer. It twists very easily and usually it doesn't really bother me. Saturday's twist was different, aside from being noisy, I was running. Usually when i have twisted it in recent history I've been standing still or walking. Of course, I can't get into see the Orthopedic Doc until Friday. I want to make sure I didn't do something more serious. I have been following RICE - Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation and the swelling has been kept down. I do have some bruising, which it worrisome, and it still hurts like hell. I am so bummed.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sycamore Canyon 8K Trail Race at Pt. Mugu State Park in Malibu, CA

First of all let me apologize to all of my fellow runners who love the sun and heat! I HATE IT! And I hate running in it! So why then did I wake up at 5:30am this morning, knowing we (California) are in a major heatwave, to drive an hour and a half north to run in a trail race?? Honestly what was I thinking? I'm a wee Scottish Lass who likes running in rain and cloudy weather-I burn easily and bake from the inside why did I run this in a horrible May heatwave? Because I'm a FOOL! And felt horrible that I didn't run the Xterra 6K last weekend because I worked until the wee hours of saturday. SO I was determined-no matter the weather-that I would run in my first trail race. The funny part, I had grand plans of running the 18K today, HA HA HA! I would have passed out somewhere on the pink loop!(I wanted to run the 18K because the loop was colored pink-how sad am I?)...but smart me arrived at the start to register and realized that running the 18K with the heat and the lack of trail training could end in disaster so I ran smart and ran the 8K. We started 15 minutes after the "ultra" runners had departed-8:45am....why not make it 9am so we can really bake? Wholly crap batman it was getting hot-I felt my skin bubbling and was wondering where I was going to lose it on the run. We started off-a small group of us, I think 66 signed up for the 8K-it didn't seem like 66 people were running with me. We ran thru the campsite-these poor campers thought they were going to have a quiet come these fools pounding the pavement before hitting the trails. The pink and yellow route (did I say that the 8K route was yellow-not a big fan of the color yellow) were together for this part of the course, all the distances were following these two colors at the beginning. Well about .7 miles in we dumped off to a hill, I started running up it and it kept going and going and going, and wholly shit I began to fell more and more useless and shitty! We kept going up the hill-it was never ending! Seriously it was 2 miles up! Almost half of my pitiful race was on that god forsaken hill which I, and the majority of the 8k'ers, walked up. There wasn't a breeze to be had in that canyon-that hill sucked all the life and breathe out of me! I haven't felt that bad in a very long time! Where was my puffer??? I left it in the car-what a dummy! I honestly didn't think I'd make it up-it kept going and going and going....then I met up with a woman named Jody who asked me about my running skirt, and of course I had to tell her I loved it and can't run in anything else...and we both trudged up the hill. She lives very close to me and is a cyclist and chose to run in this race instead of biking-she said she made the wrong decision today! She and I kept together until I felt like my lungs were going to cave in from the pressure and the heat and I stopped. Of course those were the times I decided to snap pics of the view and of myself-I look happy don't I? I finally reached the top and looked at my garmin-shit over 2 more miles to run and now it was downhill along the edge-teetering along the edge of the hill-one misstep and poor Southbay girl would go tumbling down the hill. Down the hill I went....careful with each step, hoping my light head wouldn't do me in....I walked some and ran some-it really wasn't my day or my type of running weather. As a matter of fact when it's this hot I hide in my house! I wasn't hiding today! Silly me. Well I made it to the bottom-it was still hot! Where are these damn Sycamore Trees that this park is named after because they weren't on this course!!! Now I was on the fire road-it felt like an f-ing fire today! UGH! And as soon as I got on the road an 8 year old came barreling past me-talk about a slap in the see an 8 year old running this like it's nothing-yeah the wind finally left the sails at that point! All I wanted to do was finish and not be last-I kept looking behind me...I refused to be last! Then I saw a photographer-yikes I can't be caught walking in a photo! So I ran, trying to look strong-I'm sure my red face was a huge glare to the poor girl taking the pics! I'd be scared! As I passed her I asked "can I stop running now" (while laughing) and she said "yes"....I walked for a bit then realized I was almost finished. I can do this-my will was almost gone, my body wouldn't listen to my head, I felt like I was boiling inside....where is the finish line???? Finally I was in the campsite-the finish line and that 8 year old, were just up the way! I wanted a beer and a margarita NOW!!! But I was going to have to settle for water and gatorade until I got home...there's the finish line! WOO HOO!!! I finished in 1:11:50...I wasn't last! And I felt good-I didn't collapse or die, I felt pretty good, like I could have tackled the 18K...ha ha just joking. But I did feel pretty darn good considering how shitty I felt while I was out there! Where was that 8 year old-I was going to tell him who's the boss!...HIM! The funny part about the entire race was that I placed 3rd in my old age group! 3rd!!! Can you believe it!? I felt immediately better about myself when I saw that! You see getting older has it's perks! You begin to place in races!!!! I felt so much better that I ran back to my car-a winner!!! Until I got near civilization and saw the temperature-82 degrees at 10am-the canyon must have been even hotter, at least 85 degrees-way to hot for Southbay Girl! This wee Scottish lass loves to run in rain and cloudy, cool temps not this southern california weather!!!!I'm now burned even though i had SPF 50 on and I feel like I've had all the fluids sucked out of me! Where was my beloved rain today? It didn't show up like Willie said it would! But I did it! I finished and will always be able to say, at least once, I placed in my age group!!! And yes Willie, 85 is hot when you are me!!!

Saturday: Pilates 1 Hour
Sunday: 8K Trail Race 1:11:50

Elevation (ft)
Pace (min/mile)

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's friday! And I finished Work before Midnight!!!

How happy am I??? We finished work tonight just after 9:30pm! Yippee!!! Finally I have a friday night for the first time since the first weekend in march! But you know what I forgot and just realized tonight, how much I really enjoy what I do and my job! I work on a wonderful tv show, Mad Men, with amazing people(crew, cast and production) and realize how much I would miss my job if I didn't do it anymore! I'm really pretty good at what I do and I love it-even though I complain about the hours I work! But lets face the facts, who doesn't or wouldn't complain about 13-15 hour days! We actually had a wonderful gathering tonight after work-a great turnout of people. Margaritas were made and all of us hung out! It was wonderful! This show is my family away from my family! Mad Men and the people associated with the show are my family!!! And I do enjoy it!

By the way-the prolotheraphy I had done on my bum flipper-my left elbow-has done amazing things!!! I can actually use my arm. It's still sore and isn't completely healed-but the pain has been alleviated and as I continue my prolotheraphy injections I know it will get better and better!!!

Now on to my exercising.... lets see-I've been tired this week. Monday was a very long day and I was up so early that it really started off my week bad(ie I was tired when i went to work on monday!) But I was able to rally at the end of the week and am really looking forward to a weekend of rest, running and playing with Velcro!

Thursday: Run-2.66 Miles 34:30 with Velcro
Friday: Run- 3.20 Miles 38:48 with Velcro

Friday, May 16, 2008

The End of the Week

We had a considerable amount of rain here this week. I'm ready for some sunshine! It wasn't raining yesterday and I had time to get in a nice run while my daughter was at her rehersal. Of course my garmin was acting up so I'm not sure how far I went, but I am thinking it was somewhere between 3 and 4 miles. It felt good!! I do need to down load some new music on my ipod though!

Saturday, I am going to meet up with my friend (who kick butt in her first half on May 4th 2hr25min) from my half marathon training group to run 5 miles. We decided at our training victory dinner that we would still try to meet up on Saturday mornings for longer runs. I have another friend (who is running the Historic Marine half marathon in Quantico, VA this weekend) that is interested in the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marahton on August 31st - so I think that may need to get added to the side bar as an upcoming race for Maryland Girl.
My surgery is scheduled for June 13 - no cracks on the date please. It will be outpatient and laparoscopic, so if all goes well I won't be down too long in recovery. It helps to be healthy going in! Hopefully, the nasty things the Doc needs to remove are of the benign sort - that is what they are thinking at this point - so that is what we will go with until told otherwise!
Good weekend to all. Good running, swimming and biking, and knitting!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hump Day! And tomorrow is Payday!

I've worked about 43 hours in 3 days and I can honestly say thursday is my favorite day because I get handed a paycheck that justifies my exhaustion and my irritation with not having a life!!! But I'm a bit tired. I did get a run in this morning and I ran some stairs a t work in between setups! I really want to run that 18k trail race this sunday-but I'm getting beat up during the week and all i want to do is NOTHING on the weekends! Monday really started the weekend off with a bang-I was up at 3:30am for fucking WORK! It's just WRONG! I left the house at 4:30am and I didn't get home until 10pm....BAM....way to hammer us on the first day of the week....I got a wopping 6 1/2 hours of sleep last night and it felt like heaven! I must dash off to bed now. I have the alarm set for 6am so I can get my slow morning run with Velcro in before work!! And I'm planning on running more stairs tomorrow!

Tuesday: Plank 1 minute/ 100 situps
Wednesday: Run: 3.16 miles in 45:35/ 800 stairs-400 up and 400 down!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day run....

Yes I ran tonight-probably shouldn't have since I had prolo yesterday and my foot was still a bit sore and swollen, but I just had to! I had to give my number one girl, Velcro, her bunny run! And once again it was a great bunny run! nothing like a sunset run to bring all the bunnies out!! I did take it easy tonight-didn't push it at all. i went farther than I had planned, but once we reach a certain part of the trail, Velcro is on a mission for the beach-so it ends up being at least a 4 mile run! I guess I also felt kinda lumpy and useless since I had slept in yesterday! But sleep was needed! I slept in today as well-9am. Wow what a weekend of sleep for me! Boy were there alot of people out tonight! Must be the annual Mother's Day hike....for I've never seen so many people out on my trail on a sunday night! And loads of pups that velcro had to stop and say hello to. Her favorite was a beagle...what a sweetheart he was! Ryan Adams was playing, the wind was up, it was cool and I felt alive! I LOVE to run! I can't explain what it does to me! I connect to the great outdoors and my dog when I run, I connect to myself-I find myself when I run! And I find that I'm a pretty cool, nice, caring individual!

RUN: 4.27 miles on the trails with Velcro 1:09

Happy Mother's Day!

This is how I was greeted this morning, Mother's Day, by a big wet slobbery Velcro kiss! Happy Mother's Day! I hope everyone has had a great day! We're off to go sheep herding and then I may run tonight-depends on how swollen my prolo foot is....

Maryland Girl must have eaten her Wheaties


So after a Friday night of three glasses of a lovely Syrah wine that had a great name and now I can't remember it (I hate my brain some days!), I had a GREAT run on Saturday morning.

Friday, I was home and in bed by 10:30 pm. Saturday morning I was up at 5am to the sounds of an absolute down pour. I don't mind running in rain, but not a down pour! I got myself up and started getting ready. The race started at FBI Headquarters in Washington DC, so I had to get myself to the metro for the half hour train ride to Judiciary Square. On the train by 7 at Judiciary Square by 7:30 or so, pick up my wet race packet, number, timing anklet, water bottle and tech shirt (nice goodie!) and check my stuff. People are gathering, the rain has let up a bit which is nice! Starbucks is handing out free tiny cups of coffee to keep us warm or make us pee - not sure which. LOL. Men are a predominant sex when it comes to law enforcement - LOTS of cute and fit men wandering about. This makes a girl happy.

The race starts promptly at 8:30. I didn't remember the race map that I viewed, but all of sudden we are going UP Captiol Hill. UGH. While this was mostly a loop we did get to come back down the hill too! LOL. I never saw mile markers until mile 2, no timing posting at that point though. I had seen a timing post before that, which must have been the half way point, I wasn't paying attention. I had my garmin on, but it wasn't giving me my pace. I have got to figure that thing out! I'm just running, running, running. I get to the finish line and the clock says 32 something. I'm thinking hey cool! New PR. Walking off my run, I remember to turn the garmin off -DUH.... So this morning I check the website and yes the times are posted. I finished the 5K in 32:24 at 10.26/mile pace. WOW! I am a penguin, slow runner so I am quiet pleased with this run! So yes a new 5K RP for me. A Good Mother's Day gift to myself! I did take some other pictures, but I am having issues getting them from phone to computer to blog, etc. The picture shown is one of the lions that guard at the National Police Memorial in Washington, DC.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Prolotheraphy on a saturday!!!


Yeah, no race for me this morning. I slept until 10:30am! I'm VERY bummed I didn't run-but I must think of long term, and sleep is VERY important, especially when I'm trying to train and work 65+ hours a week so I obviously needed it!! Other than sleep, I haven't done much today except get a prolotheraphy appointment in this afternoon with Dr. Peter Fields of Pacific Prolotheraphy and Wellness Center! Three cheers for Prolotheraphy! And three cheers for a saturday appointment, for I've been unable to get in to see Dr. Fields during the week. I had double prolo done today! On my left foot and it's nagging yet healing injury( did I say Prolo ROCKS and it helped me run the Country Music Half Marathon pain-free in my foot!!!) and on my bum-flipper, my left elbow, that has tennis elbow, or as I like to call it Leash elbow from all those long runs with Velcro and her sudden stops to smell the roses( that is only when she is on leash-even more reason to run more trail runs with her so she can be off leash!)

I'm usually tired after prolo-it's uncomfortable and my foot and now my elbow gets a bit swollen and tight-but as I have always said, a small amount of discomfort is so worth it to be able to run without pain and crying!!! But it has given me a reason to take it easy tonight, go to bed early and get a good night sleep!!! Sorry Calyx for the pictures-I'm just so happy with the results of prolotheraphy that I want to share-even the scary pictures of my swollen foot(by the way it only last for a day or two!)

So Good night all. I'm really looking forward to my bed tonight!!! It will be sheep herding tomorrow with velcro!

3am and I just got home-no race for me!!!

Yeah-I don't think I'll be waking at 5am to drive to malibu considering it's 3:22am and I just got home at 3am.....Just not worth it to get no sleep and completely ruin my weekend to run a 4 mile race-when i could go to the trails and run! And especially since I have to be at work on monday morning at 5:42-yeah, my time is very precious this weekend since there is so little of it!!!

We made rain and hail tonight-so I was decked out in protective gear!!! As you might see-I was getting a bit delirious!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday morning run before work!

Just a quick note since I must dash in the shower and then head off to work. Velcro and I got a nice run in this morning. I got heckled twice-WOW, that hasn't happened to me in about 10 years or so-are the planets aligned in an odd way today? Should I worry!

Malibu 6K trail race tomorrow-my first Trail RACE! and I'll be doing it on very little sleep-oh well! I hope everyone has a great day! I'll be working until at least midnight or so.....Have a friday night for me!

RUN: 3.25 Miles with Velcro 39:44


Running? There will be some....

Hmm I haven't been on a run since last week! I have done some walking and I did a plank and some push ups Wednesday night. My work has been crazy busy and I'm wiped out by the time I get home each night.

Tomorrow I am running the National Police Week 5K. It starts at the FBI Headquarters in Washington DC and goes past the White House. I'll have my phone, I'll take pictures! The temps should be comfortable and it may still be a bit rainy - excellent running weather! Perhaps I'll post a new PR for the 5K. I don't have much history in 5K races, so that might not be difficult. LOL During Police Week, police officers killed in the line of duty are honored. In DC there is a Police Memorial and the names of fallen officers are engraved onto the wall. It is somber for the most part, but then there is some partying that goes on as well. My ex is a police officer, thus I've been to a few police week beer gardens. I'll post my results and pictures tomorrow!

Female surgery issues coming up too. May impact my summer running plans. Surgeon consult is on Monday. Arghhhhhh

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I like going to work on Thursdays because we get paid for the hellacious week we worked the previous week! It kinda makes the long hours worth it! And today was payday! But our checks came late-7pm! But it didn't matter since we worked until 11pm! Another 14 hour day! But we finished episode 2 today and start episode 3 tomorrow! We'll be working a split-work doesn't start until 11:30am and we'll be making rain and hail! Let me tell you-I'm really looking forward to that! Especially since I'm running in the 6K trail race on Saturday morning at 8am. no matter what time I get in from work, I'll be up at 5am so i can make it to Malibu by 6:30...I'll be napping on Saturday!

I did get a run in this morning with my favorite running partner, Velcro! And we ran up "that hill" that has been my nemesis! We ran up the entire hill without stopping! I was very excited! Especially considering I'm a bit tired from working! I dug deep for it and we did it!

After lunch today, and we had an hour lunch because there was a cast read-thru for the new episode, I did a plank! I didn't get to run stairs today-we were a bit behind(yeah 2 hours behind) so I didn't find myself with any free time to jump on the stairs leading up to the perms of the stage! maybe tomorrow!!!

RUN: 3.1 miles with Velcro
Plank: 1 minute at work

BubbleShare .

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hump Day was a short day!

Yes I got exercise today because I'm carpooling to work 3x a week! Which is AWESOME! When the calls get later I'll get to sleep an extra 30 minutes, or get a run in!!! Today-I got my morning run in with Velcro before work! It felt great! I love exercising before work! It makes me happier, keeps me awake and makes me feel like I've accomplished something! And we didn't work too late today. I started work at 7:42am and finished at 9pm....home by 9:40 and I'll geta decent night sleep and a run tomorrow before leaving the house at 7:45am-CARPOOLING! Did I say that I'm carpooling? Love it!!!

RUN: 3.2 Miles 42:29 with velcro

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Tuesday for Southbay Girl

It's tuesday night and amazingly I got home by 8:30 tonight!!! I just took Velcro to the park and am now going to pour myself a glass of wine and watch Women's Murder Club and go to sleep! I didn't run this morning-the body wanted to sleep-so i let it! But I did have to do something today-so I got 100 bicycle sit-ups in this morning and then after lunch, I ran the stairs that go up to the perms of the stage. They were having a private rehearsal-so it was the perfect opportunity for me to get the blood flowing and get my legs moving. So 5x up and down i went-65 stairs to the top and 65 stairs was a nice way to get the heart pumping! Running stairs is a bit different than running!!!

STAIRS: 5 @ 65 stairs up & 65 stairs down

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A sunday night long run

Boy did I need to run tonight! I've been worked at work all week long and then on friday I had a conversation with one of the actors about relationships-and the entire ex-boyfriend mess was re-hashed and it came flooding back like a frigging tsunami! Why??? I've spent the weekend being down and mentally and physically exhausted! I couldn't do anything yesterday and today slept in and forced myself to go on a run. I knew it would make me feel better and it would release anything that I had pent-up...and it did. Yet another run spent listening to music and crying! Poor Velcro-probably wonders what she did wrong! But she was there to comfort me. I know not having the asshole ex in my life is the BEST thing for me! I'm healthier in so many ways with him gone!!! And it's not that I can't be alone-for I can and am actually enjoying(or have been enjoying) my time with myself and my animals. But for some reason, I've gotten a bit down and lonely this weekend. maybe it's because I spent the weekend with my son last weekend and had a great time-and realize that I don't see him much. And I really punish myself mentally for not being "the perfect mother" and not "being there for him." being a single mom is so hard in so many ways! And I thank god my mother and father are so incredibly supportive!!! But I sometimes feel like a failure as a mother-I haven't raised my son, my mom has and it hurts so bad! I'm a virgo, I'm a deeply caring person! A nurturer! And I have no one to nurture! I miss spending time with someone, I miss sharing funny times, miss watching movies and having a glass of wine with someone. My work is all consuming during the week and then BAM I'm all alone on the weekend...and it's kinda depressing! And next weekend is mothers day-and I'll be alone again!

Yes I had a great run, slow but it felt great and I got alot out! Running up hills and exhausting yourself has a good effect no matter who you are! It's incredibly cleansing! I love my dog! Velcro is my silent ROCK! She's helped me in more ways than I could ever explain! And I'm sure some people would think I'm a nut case for feeling so strongly about my dog!

I'm sorry. I just felt the need to cry, vent and write! I've been doing so wonderfully up until this past friday! And all of a sudden it all came flooding back! God I hate him so much sometimes! How could anyone just walk out on a relationship after 2 1/2 years without even speaking or discussing it! Walk out and take all your shit while I was at work! What a fucking coward! I hate you kirby carl fortenberry III! I hope you rot in hell!

RUN: 6.71 Miles at Ocean Trails and White Point nature preserve with Velcro


It's official....

I'm entered to run in the first half of the San Francisco Half Marathon on August 3 2008! I love San Fran and this race allows me to run across the Golden Gate Bridge and run in a green team race! And since my work schedule isn't condusive to a full marathon, I thought a difficult half would be great! I can't wait!

Bib # 18354

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Woo Hoo it's the Weekend!

Holy Crap Batman, I'm TIRED! Another long week for moi-but I survived to live another weekend! We had an 11am call yesterday, so Velcro and I went on a trail run! It started getting hot and of course it wasn't my wonderful dark morning-but I didn't complain because I was on a trail run during the week!!!! I didn't get home until 2am so.....

I'm sleepy today, but I will try to get my arse out to run later tonight after I run all around town doing all the errands a person usually does during the week!!!

Here is to the weekend! And possibly running in the Santa Monica Classic tomorrow morning depending on how my sleep patterns end up!

RUN: 4.0 miles with Velcro at Ocean Trails

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Maryland Girl is here!

I feel like I've been running in circles since I got home and I haven't really accomplished anything! Work and home have been crazy busy! The soreness in my legs subsided by Tuesday. I've been doing some walking, but not much else. I think I may run this evening while my daughter is in her rehearsal. I'm ready to run! Other than that, not much else on my radar. I do have a 5 K planned for May 10 and then I need to start planning other events. The group I trained with all Winter are running this Sunday in the Frederick Marathon and Half Marathon. Good Luck to all those running!

For Running Knitter and any other knitters that may pass by, the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is this weekend. It is an overdose in anything having to do with Sheep and Wool. I am hoping to hit it this Sunday. It is a great event. I will think of my knitting friends while I fondle yarn and of course of SouthBay Girl and sweet Velcro as I watch the herding events!