Monday, March 31, 2008

Southbay girl receives her Final Confirmation Letter from the Country Music Half Marathon

Ok, So I received my final Confirmation sheet and instructions today. I've been placed in Corral # 25 and my race # is 25513. Did Maryland Girl and Valley Girl get their info? I worked another long day! Had a short sleep last night and ended up working on my feet for 13 hours-my feet are a little sore especially considering I ran a 10 miler last night. We were on steadicam all day long on the Autopsy set. Fun times! I'm hoping to get a 3 miler in tomorrow morning. So it's off to bed for me!!! Good Night!

Can I have a new right leg please!

This week's right leg issue: Calf pain. I think I strained it on my 10 mile run on Saturday. It was cold (35 degrees) other than the temp I don't know why this would have happened. I felt good starting out. The quad that had bothered me all week (also right leg) wasn't hurting. My shin pain is gone and has been gone (also right leg). So on the second half of the run, my right glute and calf started tightening up. Go figure! Glute feels fine now, but my calf hurts even to just walk! It was a good run though and pretty good time, 2 hrs 8 minutes I think it was. Not as speedy as my last week 12 miles, but still a respectable run for penguin me.

Thus for you Cherry Blossom fans - I have ZERO pictures. I didn't get down there over the weekend, but I may this week for an evening adventure. Why not. My daughter is back home! I missed her. Thus we may need a week weekday adventure just for fun.

Why has my left leg not been bothered at all? Everything that has ached and pained since January has been my right leg. Even the stupid tiny blister that hurt like it covered the whole bottom of my foot was on the right! Maybe the nerve damage from GBS and MFS that I had in March 2006 makes my left side immune to all this! LOL... My left side was worse of than my right during the illness. Who knows!!!!!

Congratulations to the Lady Vols on their win last night! I stayed up to watch the end!
Congrats to the Nationals on their home opener win. I can't wait to go see a game in the new stadium! I watched this too! I usually don't watch baseball on TV, but Sunday night ball on ESPN is fairly entertaining. I like seeing the strike zone box on the screen.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Southbay Girl gets a 10.06 Miler in on a sunday night!

I really can't believe I had the energy for it! Actually starting off, I didn't feel good at all-I was still super tired and it was windy and I could have easily said screw this! But it was 6:30pm, I knew it would get cooler and the wind would die down and I wouldn't be running in the sun!!! So I sucked it up and kept running-constantly telling myself I'll feel so much better this coming week of work if I run a long run today! I really decided to take it easy-not knowing how I'd feel around mile 8...and most of my run was on the trails-both White Point Nature Preserve and Ocean Trails. About 3 miles total was on the roads, the rest was trails.

All in all I felt pretty darn good! Very surprising to me! I think Velcro was tired too-since we had been herding in the afternoon. We started off at Pt. Fermin Park and ran west along Paseo Del Mar towards all of my favorite trail runs! Here are my split times:
Mile 1 12:24 Pt Fermin Park heading west on the road
Mile 2 13:27 on the road then White Point nature preserve trails
Mile 3 12:18 - trails
Mile 4 16:41 -trails and a very big hill
Mile 5 16:50 -trails and still an incline
Mile 6 14:43 -trails and hills, getting used to it now
Mile 7 13:27 - just coming out of Ocean trails heading to White Point
Mile 8 13:02 - White Point nature Preserve trails
Mile 9 13:23 on the road-BORING!
Mile 10 12:38-road into Pt Fermin Park
Mile .06 .42 sec - WOW what an amazing split!!!!!

Total time: 2:19. I'm actually very happy with it! I felt great when i finished. A little sore-but that's nothing new! I probably could have run further-but decided this was good enough. Tonight was so much better than last sunday!!! It's nice to have done a satisfying long run!!! I'm sure if I hadn't gone on the trails it would have been faster-but I'm addicted to running those trails! Velcro gets to sniff and chase bunnies! How could I not give her that fun especially since I drag her on all these runs with me!!!

RUN: 10.06 Miles with Velcro
Time: 2:19
1251 Cals Burned
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Southbay Girls Half a Saturday!

Well,after finishing work at 5am and then getting to bed at 5:45am, I thought my weekend was shot! But I awoke to the sound of some stupid electric car being driven in the alley and that was my sleep over! It was 12:30 and I still had half of my saturday left! And I've taken full advantage! Velcro and I have been stapled to the hip today! We first ran some errands: the vet to get loads of cat food, target so I could buy some shorts to work in-and a cute little dress, and then to Baja Fish to get some killer Fish Tacos for my first meal of the day! By the time we got home it was 4pm and it would be dark in 3 hours! I said to myslef, SELF.....we will run tonight!! And run Velcro and I did! It took alot for me to lift my arse off my couch, where it had been sitting for about 1 1/2 hours while watching b-ball, but lift it I did and Velcro and I went to Ocean Trails for a trail run! I have to say the weather is PERFECT SOUTHBAY GIRL running weather! 53 degrees, overcast and a slight mist in the air...could rain be on it's way? I really didn't think this run would be any good-but I was determined to just get out there and try to run as much as possible and not stop-because I knew if I stopped I might not start again. Well, it was a pretty darn good run, I wasn't speedy gonzales, but we ran at a nice steady pace up and down the hills until we got to the beach-and that's when my girl found a tennis ball. So, me being the good dog mom that I am, threw the tennis ball to my girl until she was tired, and then we continued back to the car. The sunset was somewhat non-existent tonight since it was super it started to get dark, Velcro and I found ourselves running up the last hill. You know overall, the run was great, considering! I didn't walk much-a nice steady run pace for most of the trail(well until we stopped on the beach). We got back to the car, and i felt somewhat refreshed and more awake than when I had left!! And now I'm having a much deserved glass of wine!!! Cheers!

Here are some pics from my week of work:

Run: 4.63 Miles with Velcro

Friday, March 28, 2008

Nothing today but a walk for Southbay Girl

I just woke up-it's 11am. I didn't get in from work until about I'm a little tired. Another 14 hour work day! I'm going tot ry to muster up a walk right now and maybe a plank....the good thing is Women's Murder Club is shooting just down the street from my house today! YIPPEE!

WALK: 1.8 miles
PLANK: 1 min 31 sec

5:35am on saturday morning-we finished working at 5am today after going to work at 2pm on friday-I am a bit tired and am now going to bed! I hope everyone had a great friday night-mine was non-existent! As will my saturday, most likely then monday it's up early to do it all again!! I'm hoping to get a sunset run in today(saturday)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Southbay Girl gets a slow run in before work...

I wish I had Maryland Girl's weather! But I don't and I had to get some sort of run in this morning before heading off to work, especially since I didn't run yesterday. But it was a difficult run. I had a really long day at work yesterday and woke up this morning earlier than I had planned and I'm pretty tired. I feel much better after my run- the last mile of my run was the best. It took me 2 miles to wake up and warm up-ok it was warm already but you know what I mean! But it was something and Velcro is happy! SO that's all that matters!!! Must now jump in the shower, go buy some Kombucha and then dash off to TIVO is set for tonights game GO VOLS!!!! I took pictures but I can't get them yet on my email-lots of flowers and wildlife today!!

RUN: 3.2 Miles with Velcro

Sore Right Quad and LADIES, WE ARE A MONTH AWAY!

I'm not sure why, but my right quad is killing me! I ran Tuesday's Fartlek training. It was okay, not great, but okay. Yesterday it hurt all day. The high heeled boots I had on probably didn't help. What's a girl to do?? LOL ! Today it still hurts - I am wearing flats today! I think I will ice it today (ICE IS YOUR FRIEND!) while I read about fine particulate matter (found in the air) and the effects on the cardiovascular system. I've moved from the lungs to the heart in my literature review. Fun stuff! I'm not sure if I will get my run in this evening or not. I don't want it to get worse. Maybe I'll do a short run rather than the scheduled 5 miles. It is perfect South Bay Girl running weather here in Maryland today. 50 degrees, cloudy with a wee bit of rain! I don' t mind it either. Yesterday, we had our first real glimpse of Spring. It was sunny and it got to 71 degrees! I was in the office all day so I really didn't get to enjoy it. I did walk to get a sandwich at lunch which probably aggravated the quad due to the boots.

Just for you guys not here to see them in person, I will try to get out to the Cherry Blossoms on the Mall in Washington DC on Saturday to take pictures. The trees are slated to be at peak bloom this weekend and it is also the start of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Of course there is a run associated with the festival, but I missed the sign up date and it fills fast. I think it is next weekend.

Tonight is a GO VOLS! night. I would like to see them go all the way to the end!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Southbay Girl's Blister...

Last night when I got home from work I had to do minor surgery on my blister since it was infected,huge and inflamed(puss-filled) and very sore to the touch and to walk on. Luckily, I have syringes for my diabetic cat! I took a syringe and aspirated the puss out of my blister! It was awesome! I know it sounds absolutely disgusting but I can't tell you how much it hurt and how much better it felt this morning!! After minor surgery on myself, I soaked my foot in boiling, scalding hot water and epson salt.....this morning I soaked my foot again....and what an amazing difference! The infection has gone way down, it was hardly sore at all-my minor surgery was a complete success! And it was a good thing since I worked for 14 hours today primarily doing steadicam or handheld all day long! That was all the exercise I got. Hell I didn't know if my foot could take running this morning~and I knew we had the possibility of being beat up at work~and I was correct! Up at 5:30am, out the door at 6:30, work started at 8am, I was in my car at 10pm and home by 10:30pm. I do believe I'm due a nice glass of wine!!! Tomorrow, Velcro and I will get a run in before I go into work at 11:30am!

Good Night and CHEERS!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Southbay Girls Day #2 on Women's Murder Club

Well today I had to be at work at 9:30am, which meant leaving the house at 8am-plenty of time to get a short run in! My alarm went off at 6:30 and I was exhausted. But Velcro and mom needed a run so off we set-in the fog! Whoo Hoo! I was tired but soon began to feel better as I was running up the first hill! The fog and the cool air were mesmerizing and invigorating and I loved it! This is why I love running!! My blister hurt a bit-and actually hurts like hell right now. I'm soaking it in hot water in Epson salt-but standing on it for 13 hours really doesn't help. I got home tomight around 10:15pm and have to leave the house tomorrw at 6:30am. I don't think I'll be getting a run in tomorrow morning. But thursday and friday I don't go to work until as long as my foot isn't falling off because of my blister, I'll get two runs in-and I'll be sleeping in on saturday morning!!!

And yes my job is crazy! The film industry isn't all glam!! It's mainly very long hours and no life!!! A normal work day is 12 1/2 hours and that's the minimum. And that doesn't include my commute time-which is usually a minimum of 40 minutes! Fun stuff eh? I've worked a 18-22 hour days glam in this profession!!!

RUN: 3.1 Miles with Velcro in the fog!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Southbay Girl gets up and goes to work....

Well, I wasn't planning on running today-but i sure did think about it when i woke up and it was cool! But I have a huge blister on my left foot-ha what's new-and I wanted a day of rest especially on the first day of shooting! Work went fairly well considering it was the first day. We were in downtown LA shooting at City Hall~the show takes place in San Fran. It was hot, I had a camera die on me because of the heat-ha ha sounds like me yesterday! But we finished in 13.5 hours...not bad for a first day. I left the house at 6:30 am and got home at times the entertainment industry is!!!! Tomorrow, I hope to run-I'm heading off to bed now. We'll be on stage with a 9:30am call time-which means I'll be leaving the house at 8am. Shit, gotta get to bed to get 6 1/2 hours of sleep. Goodnight!!! I'll try to take pics tomorrow-it was just too crazy today!

PLANK: 1 Minute

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Screw this ....


Numerous things occurred that should have stopped me from running, but NO! Did I listen! Hell No!
1. I didn't get a good night sleep because Winton cried all night, I went to bed early but that doesn't matter if your sleep is disturbed all night.
1a. Which in turn put me in a cranky ass mood!
2. My left foot is still swollen and a little bruised from prolotheraphy
3. I got up later than I had planned-due to #1
4. Started off on my run at 7am, and it was already warm, later than I had planned also due to #1
5. The wind is blowing in from the desert making it VERY DRY AND HOT
6. I drank so much water on my run because it was hot and dry but didn't have nay gatorade
7. I couldn't sweat and my internal core was boiling like a witches cauldron
8. It was fucking hot!
9. The dry heat began to irritate my breathing-did I bring my puffer? Of course not, why would I do such a thing.
10. I began to get slightly dehydrated even though I was drinking tons of fluids-nothing worse than the feeling that your lips are going to fall off!
11. Seeing brown GUNK that the dry desert winds are blowing out to the ocean-yes that's what we breathe here in lovely southern california

Basically, I should not run when all of these things occur, and they did today! I know, I'm back on the sunny weather subject. But I didn't move to Southern California for the weather-as a matter of fact, I hate the sun and am not a big fan of the beach because I BOIL! I moved to Southern California for $$$$$$$ and that's it! All these people were out today saying what an amazing day it was-fuck that! It was horrible in my mind! I don't like the heat or sun and I sure as hell don't like running in it! Screw this 85 degree heat today! It makes me ill and makes me hate running! And that's what my run was like today! I hated it! Do you know how frustrating it is for me to hate my run? I cried out there because I felt like shit and was miserable and was having a miserable run! I wanted to go home but I physically couldn't get there fast enough. I finally couldn't run anymore and walked the rest of the way home hunting for shade. Not much of it today! Not a fucking cloud in the sky! Velcro hated it as well! She couldn't drink enough water!! I ran out of water around mile 6, thank god we were back on the road heading to White Point Nature preserve from Ocean Trails. Yes my run started at my house and took me to the ocean where I went thru White Point Nature Preserve and then thru Ocean Trails, which is our normal 4.5 mile trail run, then we came out of Ocean Trails and headed back for home stopping to re-fill my empty water bottle, then popping into White Point again before heading back onto the streets for the final 2.5 miles.....well at 9.5 my body said fuck you and quit! I couldn't run anymore. I didn't want to be some casualty on the road or get home completely fucked and dealing with Hyponatremia which I suffered from during the last LA Marathon i ran. Absolutely horrible! Not going there again! So I walked. I didn't have any gatorade with me-schmuck! Gotta get that second water bottle. I know better than to run without gatorade especially in the heat! STUPID! OK maybe it was dumb for me to do a long run primarily on the trails-but I didn't want to drive to Redondo or Hermosa beach to run on the Strand-which is as flat as a pancake-because it was late and it's Easter Sunday which means BUSY! I should have gotten up at 5am like I had planned, but my fucking cat!UGH! I feel like I've been in a sauna for 10 hours, I'm fried(yes the other joy is that I burn VERY easily) and with the dry winds coming in from the desert, more dehydrated than normal. Basically it was a miserable run! I hated it!!!

Please no more comments about how strange I am that I don't like the sun and heat! There are numerous physical reasons I don't like the heat and the sun! I don't live here for the weather, I live here to make a living so i can put my child thru school, not to soak up the rays and heat 365 days a year! I've hated the weather since I moved here-because it makes me feel like shit! I don't do well in the sun and heat, PERIOD! I should be living in a cooler climate-it suits my body so much better than this shit! Unlike all you people that get depressed when it rains, I get invigorated and happy! I'm of Scottish blood-cold wet weather runs thru my veins-I can't deal, physically, with the sun and heat! I never have been able to! Why couldn't the film industry have been based in Seattle??? I'd move there in a heart beat if I could make a living! The sun and heat suck the life and love out of me!
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TOTAL: 11.7 Miles
Run: 9.5 Miles
Walked: 2.2 miles

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Today's 12 mile run was awesome! I will say the last mile sucked and I ended up with a blister on my right foot (I think my shoe wasn't tied tight enough). I ran with the assistant coach, Kanayo, and two other women whose names I don't remember.(I suck with names, initially). My usual partner was away for Easter and Spring Break. I started off running with these guys not thinking about pace or any of that nonsense like "they are faster than me". I kept up and ran my best 5 miles ever - 55.56! and then I was able to keep going. Fleet Feet Gaithersburg store owners Robin and Chris were at the 6 mile mark to give us water and luna moons or the blocks. We all fueled, turned around and off we went. When we hit the 10 mile mark I saw my time at 1hr 54min! WOOO HOOO Whose pace it this? I really didn't think I had this in me. I guess all these months of training are helping! I hit the wall though at 11 miles and there is a hill at the end. UGH! I pushed up the hill thought about walking and then I used what ever energy I had left and ran (I would not call it a sprint) to the end. 12 miles done 2 hr 18 min! WHAT????? I took an ice bath when I got home. MAN it was cold! Ate some food and got in bed for 5 hours switching between napping and watching bad movies! Now that is an afternoon! Now that I have showered and dressed, I will run a couple errands and then come back to make my dinner - Salmon, asparagus, saffron rice and maybe some roasted brussel sprouts. I think I will need a nice pinot grigio to go with that! Now, where is that hot masseuse I ordered up??? LOL! In my dreams!

A Saturday with Southbay Girl

Well, there will be no running for me today~I always take the day off after prolotheraphy. And last night my foot was sore and swollen. I had a big glass of wine, soup and crawled into bed and slept like a drugged animal! But I woke up quite refreshed this morning(before my alarm) and headed off to Pilates with my cat,3 Perf, in tow. I had to take him to the vet right after my pilates class(seems he's doing a bit of excessive grooming on his neck-my little boy may have a bit of a behavioral issue). Pilates was really nice~but I did notice a difference in my flexibility since I haven't been in about 2 weeks. Wow! I'm going to arrange a personal training session with my instructor so she can give me a 30 minute Pilates workout that I can do at home since I wont be making the midweek classes.

I'm home now, basketball is on and the ISU World Figure Skating Championships come on in 10 minutes-yeah I'm a geek, but I love it! I'll be taking Velcro to the park today to play with her Jolly Ball, then, at 6pm, my friend and I are going to Morry's of Naples for a wine tasting by Departure wines. YUMMY! That should be fun. It can't be a late night for me since I'm planning on an early rise tomorrow to get my long run in before the sun heats up the earth and me!

PILATES: 50 minutes-had to leave early for the vet
(190 Kcals burned)

I'll be doing at least a minute of a Plank later since I left class a bit early today!

PLANK: 1 min 30 sec

Friday, March 21, 2008

Southbay Girls Good Friday

First of all to my dear Maryland Girl-I'm so sorry you are having to deal with your ex taking your daughter on spring break with the girlfriend! You are a stronger woman then I am! You will ALWAYS be mom! Don't ever forget that!!!

I woke up today a little tired! This work shit, after being off for 3 or more months, is hard to get the hang of again! But since I had a prolotheraphy appt scheduled for today at noon, I knew I had to get a run in since my foot would be sore and swollen. So Velcro and I took off for Ocean Trails for a trail run. Have I said how hooked I'm getting on running trails? Love it even though it kicks my ass! We got a late start~the sun was out, and each minute the sun got higher and hotter. Now-let me digress for a moment and reiterate that I dislike running in the sunshine. But there are numerous reasons why I don't like it: my asthma tends to act up and I don't sweat! I become an internal sauna when I run in the sun and heat! Which is why I have always enjoyed the cooler,wetter, darker times! I've always had problems with the sun and heat-in high school I had heat stroke while playing in a tennis match-I just wasn't meant to live in a sunny hot climate! So, I know all of my blogging running pals think I'm a nut case, but for me I physically feel better running in rain, cold, wet and dark! Back to my run......

We got a late start, as we rounded the corner from the street where we park, I noticed a fog layer~it was beautiful. It burned off rather rapidly, so I was lucky to catch a glimpse of it. We ran up the hill towards the top of the trail area-from there we cut across towards the west(up and down little hills) and finally make our way down to the beach which is just below the Trump National Golf Course Club House. I was a bad dog mommy today~I did not bring a ball~so we immediately headed up the hill for our return journey. It's a pretty steep hill-I ran about half of it-finally making it to the top to see the Club House and a beautiful View from the top of the hill. On our way back, we were bombarded with lizard sightings! They were all over the place! Velcro only saw one bunny-it was a bit too warm and late for the bunnies. Hey, wait a minute, the bunnies only come out when its cooler and early in the morning and around sunset-maybe I'm a bunny reincarnated as a human! we made it back to the car-it sure wasn't a fast pace today. I've done way faster, but that's usually in the early morning and sunset-there seems to be a pattern developing!! But a run before prolotheraphy is a run! And it was really great to get out and run the trails since I hadn't run since tuesday! God I'm going to miss it once we start shooting on monday!!!

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RUN: 4.41 Miles with velcro
(506 Kcals burned)


So my foot is sore and swollen now. I came home from my prolotheraphy appt and immediately went to the couch and fell asleep. It's quite sore and stiff today. I wonder if I received more injections than I have in the past few weeks-because it did kick my ass. Glad I ran this morning even though it was in the sun and heat! Because I wont be doing much today! But one day of discomfort is SO worth it!!!

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By the way Tennessee won their basketball game!!!

Friday check in!

I've had a rough week mentally and emotionally thus I couldn't get my shit together yesterday to make sure I got my run in after work. I don't go home after work on Thursdays. I go get my daughter, get her some dinner, take her to her rehearsal (its 2hrs long) - and usually I change there and go run while she is in rehearsal. To do that I need to have my clothes and shoes with me in the morning. Not a hard task in the realm of things, but for me yesterday it was. Although the run would probably have been the best thing for me! I may try to get in a short run tonight after work. Saturday is a 12 mile run and of course it is now forecast to be cold and raining and even maybe a snowflake or two. I don't mind the rain when it is 50 or 60 degrees, but not in the 30's or 40's. Reason for my mental/emotional flake? My daughter left today on a Spring break trip with her Dad AND his girlfriend. First time for them to all travel together. I have a bit of an issue with it. I will get over it! If the girlfriend wasn't involved, I wouldn't care at all or if it was a different girlfriend. I'm just going to take some deep, cleansing, yoga breaths, and repeat LET IT GO! Stop stressing over things you have no control. GO RUN!
Tennessee men are playing B-ball against American University as I type. Need to go check the score! GO VOLS!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Southbay Girl checking in on a Thursday...

UPDATE:No Run! I didn't get home until 8:30 tonight-and had had such a shitty day on the prep floor with my camera, crew, phone calls about equipment and all the other bullshit associated with a tv show, that all I did when I came home was pour a glass of wine and drink it! I'm mentally and physically exhausted. And we haven't started shooting yet! Monday I have an 8am call time in downtown LA-which means I should be able to get a run in before work on monday-but it also means I wont be home until at least 9 or 10pm and not going to work until 9 on tuesday. this job is a rat fuck-pardon my french! And I'm really glad I'm only on it for 3 weeks or so!

On another note-Velcro met Kate Beckinsdale today at panavision. She loved her-no pics though sorry! And I'm running tomorrow morning before my prolotheraphy appointment-brace yourselves for another picture or two of Southbay Girls swollen foot!

I'm still planning on my long run being on Sunday-but Valley Girl has bailed due to Easter SUnday..she has promised me the following weekend-you can bet your bottom dollar that she will be guilted into running next weekend with me!!

I must now go book my ticket to nashville and then go to sleep so i can get up and go for a trail run with Velcro and Garmin.

Ciao and good night!

So I had grand plans of running this morning~set the alarm for 5am~but when it went off and all I wanted was just a little more sleep~so sleep I did and run I didn't. I'm on my last day of prepping at Panavision~which means we start shooting Womens Murder Club on monday~hopefully the hours are too crazy!

I did get a plank in this morning, and I plan to run when I get home from work today. Hopefully I'll be home at a decent hour, maybe even sunset pictures~willie don't hold your breathe though~but if I'm home and the sun hasn't set you will get your pics!

I broke down on tuesday and had to buy a new Garmin forerunner. My last one disappeared in the a-holes car when he left, and I've been running without a gps for months. It was time to stop that! I gave myself a gift now that work has started. I probably should have waited a week, but I couldn't.

PLANK: 1 minute 20 seconds

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Southbay Girl Runs the Southbay with Velcro

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First of all-I got up later than I had planned. I set my alarm for 6am, but couldn't stomach the thought of getting up that early on the only day off I have this week(besides good friday). So I set my alarm for 7:30, but woke up at 7am. I had my plans laid out for the day: Go to South Redondo for my run along the beach with velcro, run all my errands and get home before the sun got to high and it started to heat up(yeah I'm not a big fan of running in the heat or sun!). Well-I really blew it! I didn't start running until 8:15-way later than I had wanted(where was the darkness and cool air?). We set off from the parking lot overlooking the beach-I wanted to start off slow since I had my trusty companion, Velcro, with me running her first 11 miles. I'm sure you are wondering-why did you take her? Well, she's a cattle dog and needs lots of exercise, she's been building up just like me and I couldn't stand the thought of running 11 miles by myself in the daytime!! I wanted my sidekick! So the sidekick and I took off. The first 3 1/2 miles were on the roads until we finally made it to the greenbelt(Hermosa and Manhattan beaches' trail). I love the green belt-it's great for my joints, gives Velcro all kinds of things to sniff and lots of dogs to meet and greet. And meet and greet we did-it was a busy day on the greenbelt, everyone was taking their dog for a walk, and everyone wanted to stop and ask me about my Cattle Dog! Can't they see I'm running in the heat and sun and hating it?? Oh wait maybe that's why they always ask me about my dog.....

Of course since it was sunny, I had a 48lb weight that I was dragging behind me. Velcro hates the sun about as much as I do-what a great pair we were today! All I wanted to do was get back to the car since it kept getting warmer and warmer and the wind had died down! My asthma was starting to take hold-seems to get worse while I'm running in warm weather-guess that's a VERY GOOD REASON I run when it's dark and cool, my Asthma! Why didn't I get my ass up earlier so i could run in the dark?? What was I thinking??? Stupid Southbay Girl!

We turned around on our loop at 5.5 miles, and I was cheering-yippee I'm on the way back! Mile 7.5 dumped us off the greenbelt and back onto those damn pounding roads.I had to get all the dirt, rocks and shit out of my shoes and sat down to do it-big mistake! Velcro plopped down on the grass and I thought-we're not going anywhere!! But up we got to continue this shitty sunny-time run! Where is my car? I don't want to be out here in the sun!!! Why can't it be dark?? Argh!

Around mile 9.5 my run turned to ASS! I was over it! No chirping birds like Maryland Girls run, no shade, thank god I had my ipod shuffle-I would have killed if I hadn't. I guess this is a lesson learned-Southbay Girl needs to run EARLY or she becomes a mess! Why didn't I move to Seattle or Portland? Why am I in sunny southern California? Oh yeah the film business! That's it...maybe I should open a bed and breakfast up in the Pacific Northwest, farm my own vegetables, have cows and goats so i can make my own cheese, butter and milk and live in glorious misty rain!!!

Well I did the run! I've grumbled about it but it was run! It was slow but it's completed! My left foot felt ok,helped immensely to be on the trail for half of the run,my right leg began to bother me a bit around mile 10, Velcro was over the running thing around mile 10(mind you she has rebounded and is FINE now the little shit! the Joy of being young!)yeah around mile 10 was enough for the two of us today! But I trucked on-looking for shade the entire way back! Not alot of shade at the beach!

It's done. I felt fine running-not really winded at all, just an achy right leg-not sure what's going on with that and a slight twang in my lower back-hmmm I wonder if the 2 races on the Runway are coming back to haunt my back since it started hurting then????! And my left foot was a little sore-but nothing like it was in October before starting my Prolotheraphy. Just a little comment-there is no way my foot would have allowed me to run this far without PROLOTHERAPHY! So I'm thrilled that I was out there today running even though the weather didn't cooperate to my liking!!! RAIN!! Where is my beloved RAIN???

On a side note to RBR and Willie, who will be running the San Diego marathon in June and would like me to join them. Let me think-probably not! Not that I wouldn't love to join you....but,honestly, once shooting starts on the 2 tv shows I'll be working on, my running will go to crap! I'll be working a minimum of 13 hour days and that's not including my commute time-which at the very minimum will be 30 minutes each way. There is 14 hours out of my day. Now I'll need to get ready for work, 30 minutes, feed the cats, dog, clean litter boxes-20 minutes and-we're up to almost 15 hours and then if I do a run it would have to be in the morning for a minimum of 30 minutes-15.5 hours, then when I get home I must deal with the dog, cats-medications food etc, fill the kongs for the morning, clean litter boxes-probably another 30 minutes-I think I'm now up to a 16 hour day...and that's only if we work 13 hours, some tv shows have been known to work up to an 18 hour day. My guess would be there is no way in hell I'll be able to train for a marathon once I start shooting. Halfs aren't as demanding as fulls. It might be different once we start shooting-but I've been doing this too long, 12 hour days are the minimum we work and with lunch it's 13 hours. Once we go over the 12 hours the work day starts later because of actor turnaround, which means we, the crew, come into work later-and guess what that means...TRAFFIC! There just wont be a way I'll be able to train the way I want to train for a marathon working the hours that I'll be working! I'm sorry!

I'd just like to reassure anyone who thinks it's cruel to run 11 miles with Velcro-she's doing better than I am! We just came back in from playing with her Tennis Ball! I on the other hand am going to sit down and have a glass of wine.

Race wise, here is what I have planned before the half marathon I'm hoping to run the LA Sheriff Dept Mug Run in South Gate on 29th April, gotta run 3 to get a mug. Then I think I'll try to run the Malibu Creek Trail Run on April 6th, either the 9K or 25K. The 25K is marked in PINK! I might have to do it just because of the color!!

RUN: 11.2 Miles with Velcro
(1449 Kcals burned)

The Running Bug

In order to keep my motivation up for running life beyond the Nashville 1/2 marathon ( I have my registration and plane tickets - I can't wait!), I just registered for my first post 1/2 marathon event. It the National Police Week 5K. My ex is a police officer, thus I know many police officers and I support them. It is Mother's Day weekend too! Perhaps my ex will bring my daughter down to cheer me on or at least meet me at the finish line!

The week after the Nashville 1/2, the majority of the training group that I have been with will be running the Frederick Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. I think I may go to cheer them on!

Another friend of mine has asked me to join another 1/2 marathon training group with our local road runners club. I think I just might just to have others to run with! Gotta make this into social thing! Of course that would mean another 1/2 marathon to run too. LOL.. I guess I should get through the first one before I start thinking about a second one!

Side note: The scale has been a bit higher lately. I am hoping that it is muscle, but I am going to have to keep an eye on my eating! I certainly don't want to get fat while I'm out burning mega calories running long distance! I know I'll never been a skinny runner and at my age well... . but I do want to be a fit and trim as I can possible be!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pink for all of you ,from Southbay girl

Gotta love the Pink kitchen courtesy of My name is Earl....

I haven't disappeared!!!!

I am so SO sorry for not posting!!! Let me tell you guys what's been going on....I signed up for this class in Russian language (I'm heading back to St Petersburg in August or September), and man, oh man...what a difficult language!! I've spent just about every spare minute doing homework, listening to tapes, practicing dialogue. What did I get myself into?? Anyway, I refuse to go back to Russia and not know how to communicate with people.
HOWEVER!! It can't get in the way of running, right?? So this weekend, I did go out and run both days...I had no set plan, I just ran. I ran up in the hills of Studio City, I ran to the park, I ran to the bookstore, I ran everywhere! I am SO SORE right now, but I'm really motivated. I payed my registration fee for the Music City 1/2 Marathon, I bought a ticket to Nashville, and I'm committed.
South Bay Girl has motivated me to meet her in Manhatten Beach on Sunday morning for a long run on the beach with our dogs, and I can't wait. She knows me well enough...she gave me 6 DAYS NOTICE!! Ha! That's the only way I can commit to anything!
So...I'll report more this week! I didn't take pictures this weekend. I'll definitely take some photos on the beach!! Boris has never run on the beach, so this will be a lot of fun. More later!!!!!

Maryland Girl is Still Alive too!

Wow last week was a time suck! I had a ton of work and a sick child (inner ear infection, fever, vomiting - a trifecta of fun!) on top of it. I did get in my running though! Tuesday for the group run, we started doing some speed work. We ran over to the near by high school track, probably just shy of 2 miles, ran about a mile on the track - in Fartlek mode, which is speed up for a bit, slow down for a bit. It actually kind of felt like a real training situation as our coach was blowing the whistle for the intervals. I was loving running on the track. Then we ran back to the store. I was a bit sore on Wednesday, but I hadn't run much in the week previous. Wednesday I bought new running shoes! Brooks something or another. I will post a picture and more details later. I ran 4 miles in them on Thursday and they felt pretty good. THENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Saturday I ran 11 miles in them. My legs are sore from my 11 miles, but the other pain complaints are actually better. New shoes must be good! I got to the meeting point a bit late and my usual running partner had already started. So it was 11 miles all by myself. ARGHH and I didn't bring my ipod with me, so I had only my thoughts, humming, birds chirping, etc. I made sure to be chipper and say good morning to all the dog walkers and anybody else I passed! LOL ! I did complete the 11 miles -with a few stops - I had to pee behind a tree at the half way point, I had to ogle at the crows pestering a barred owl, and then the crows and a red shouldered hawk fussing at each other. My feet were complaining a bit, but I think it was because they were not used to all the support they were receiving from the new shoes. Overall it was an okay run. I was so glad when it was done! So in the past week, I logged nearly 20 miles of running. And for you plank doers - I'm up to 2o seconds. What a joke! Need to strengthen my core!

Southbay Girl gets a run in before work...

I'm just prepping a camera today-but I still managed to get up at 4:55am, feed the cats, get my running stuff on and dash out the door with my trusty companion and guard, Velcro for a run. It was a cool, crisp, dark morning-my favorite time to run! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to run early in the morning. Ok, I don't see a sunset, but it gets me amped up for the day!!! I'll do a plank at work-my lunchtime break, and maybe I'll get home in time to actually see a sunset. I have to do my long run tomorrow since I have a day off. So much to do tomorrow before I start 6 months of work....

Now I must get in the shower and head out for my commute-yeah I'll be cursing in traffic!

RUN: 3.12 Miles

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Southbay Girl has a rockin Australian Cattle Dog...and her name is VELCRO!!!

What can I dog is a rockstar!! We entered the West Coast Australian Shepherd Association Herding Trial today(sanctioned by ASCA)which was held at Toprock Training Facility in Acton, CA. First of all-it SNOWED!!! Yes the white stuff fell, and it was falling while we were out there with the sheep! And , drumroll please, Velcro qualified and received a red 2nd place ribbon for Started Sheep!!! I'm so proud of my girl! She still needs practice, but the judge wrote on my score sheet "Nice dog. With time and practice things will settle down more. You have a wonderful dog." Yes I know I have a wonderful dog-but how nice to hear it from someone else!!! It was really a fun day, besides the fact that I seriously froze to death! I didn't bring gloves-hell I never thought I'd be stuck in a f-ing blizzard 1 hour outside of LA on a saturday afternoon!! But it was a white out at certain points of the day!!! It was unbelievable! But who cares because my girl got a 2nd place ribbon and qualified!! Three Cheers for Velcro!!

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Southbay Girl falls off the planet because of her work schedule

Well...I'm here. Been working. I worked wednesday and thursday on Navy NCIS, and then I picked up a camera prep for yesterday, friday and monday for a feature that Tim Allen is directing. I have tuesday off and then I start 3 episodes of Women's Murder Club until the 21 April, when I start 5 months of Mad Men.....I went from nothing to now having no time. And it will be brutal for me to run everyday, if my work hours are longer than 12 hour days! Which I'm expecting them to there may not be as many updates from little ole me....but I'm going to be running as much as my aging body can handle with my work load. I'll have to get sleep at some point! But I'm still planning on the Country Music Half-already told the company that I have to take the time off! And I'm planning my long run for tomorrow, before Velcro and I go herding. Which we're also doing today-an ASCA herding Trial! Now I have no life!!! I'm off for a quick run-will update when I get back and also post some pictures....Don't forget about me as I fall into the abyss that is the television episodic world.....

RUN: 3.5 Miles with a very happy Velcro

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Southbay Girls' Trail Run after work

Well I just finished two days of work in a row, and I work again tomorrow....but I was able to get a run in tonight with velcro since I was prepping a camera package at Panavision and made it home fairly early! So off we went for our sunset run...I've been tired but I really wanted to get out and run....and we did. A trail run which I've really become hooked on! Nothing hurts when i run trails!

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RUN: 4.3 Miles with Velcro at Ocean Trails

Monday, March 10, 2008

An Invitation to all......

OK...I'm just throwing this out there. My Tennessee Vols( take that Willie) are coming to Los Angeles on Sept 6th to play UCLA at the Rose Bowl in Football....I'm going because when the Vols play on the West Coast, I'm there! Last September I went up to watch them play at Cal, and this coming year it will be in perfect is that! Now for my fellow Tennessee alum, Maryland Girl and valley Girl, here it is...the game is saturday the 6th in Pasadena. I'm thinking of getting a hotel room in Pasadena and going to the game.....I will be going to the game. Would love for any fellow football fans to join me. You must wear prison orange and sing Rocky Top!!!

Trail Run for Southbay Girl

Well Velcro and I waited until about 6:15 tonight to go on our run-it was HOT today! And she and I are not big fans of running in the heat! But I'm really glad we waited because what a gorgeous sunset! We ran our trail run, past Trump National Golf Course that takes us down to the beach~and guess what I found?? A tennis ball~so we had to play on the beach! It interrupted our a little bit but I had to throw the ball to velcro! Unfortunatly we got caught in the dark heading back to the car! Luckily I carry a little LCD light on my water bottle. Velcro would have been fine, but I don't have dog eyes!! It was a nice run-loads of up hills and of course down hills and a beautiful sunset. My shuffle died on the way back so I had to listen to myself talk to Velcro on the way back. i'm sure she was wondering what the hell was going on....

I work the next three days, so I'll be getting up early to run!! Enjoy the pics.....

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RUN: 4.3 Miles with velcro at Ocean Trails

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 2 is a nightmare!!!!

Well we didn't qualify today! She was a nightmare dog out there today-a sheep demon!!! All she wanted to do was chase the sheep-and by god she ran them the entire course, which meant that I ran the entire course. Good thing I run is all i can say! It wasn't a good day for the majority of the dogs in her class. The judge only qualified 4 dogs out of 11! And 5 of them retired before finishing the course. At least we finished the course. It wasn't pretty but we finished and I learned alot!!! Yikes! It was UGLY!!! Oh well-we can't be perfect all of the time!!! At least everyone else had a shitty herding day!!

We did run this morning before going to herd. Maybe that's what caused the disaster?! Who knows. She tends to be worse on a sunday than on the saturday....

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RUN: 3.1 Miles with Velcro
(296 Kcals burned) hell i burned more running around the arena chasing after my sheep!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Velcro Qualifies at the Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles AKC Herding Trial at Bel Canto Ranch!!

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My Girl Qualified!!! It was very exciting and nervous at the same time! My brother met us out there, which was very exciting! He had never seen Velcro in action at a Trial! I think he was suitably impressed and was able to snap pics. He said it was much harder taking pics of her because she was always moving!!! Velcro scored a 69 out of 100. Not the best score-but a qualifying score!! And considering this was our first attempt at Course A Started-I'm THRILLED!! My Velcro is a rockstar! She was great!

Of course now we are both exhausted and tired. I'm heading to bed after having some kale soup. It was windy, dry and sunny today!! bed sounds so good!! We drive back again tomorrow for Day #2!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Southbay Girl gets out on a glorious Friday

After being unemployed for 3 months, two days of work about killed me! I was exhausted last night when I got home-of course staying up until midnight after getting up at 5am probably didn't help!! So when I went to bed last night I didn't set my alarm~I was just going to wake up when I got up!! No shit shoveling today and if I made pilates-I made it. I woke up at 8:30 and was still tired and ended up being tired all day. But after sitting at the computer, chatting with the roofing guy,lining up more work for next week,trying to plan my weekend of herding with Velcro and then finding out that my mother had to put her 19 year old cat down today because she had succumbed to Chronic Renal Failure and that my soon to be 100 year old Granny in Scotland has had better days, I decided I must get off my ass and go for the trail run I so wanted to do! And I feel so much better. Of course when you go out for a sunset run with a wonderful running companion like Velcro, it really improves whatever shitty day you are having! For that brief time while I'm out running and watching yet another beautiful California sunset, I forget about all the crap, all the bad things and concentrate on the fact that it's a girl and her dog out on a trail run!It was a good run~we met a very happy energetic black dog around dusk, Velcro chased alot of bunnies~dusk is the bunny witching hour~ and I was mesmerized by yet another glorious sunset!

Enjoy the pictures while I have a glass of wine!

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RUN: 4.3 Miles with Velcro on the Trails at Ocean Trails
(383 Kcals burned)

R.I.P. Saligo 1989-2008

Maryland Girl is in pain!

Okay Shin pain is back on the right leg. Whats up with that??? I started running last night, got a little more than 1 mile into the run and OUCH! So I walked the rest of the route. I diligently put on my compression sock last night and iced my shin. I hoping this is just a temporary thing. I will ice it some more today. My calf muscle was tender and tight all day yesterday - perhaps that was contributing. Saturday's run only has 8 miles scheduled. I may be doing a very poky, slow 8 miles. It is supposed to be pouring down rain too. hmmmmmmm. Maybe Sunday will be a better day for a run.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Southbay Girl on a Thursday-back to my crazy run/work schedule

5am...I'm up and out the door for a quick run~got to get the blood flowing and Velcro a little bit of exercise before I go sit in traffic heading to the Valley for work. I took my dad to the airport this morning-otherwise I would have gotten up a little later and run a bit further~but I got out and ran a fast paced 2.75 mile run in the fog!!! And it was awesome! We were soaked when we got home!!! Now must dash to work! I hope everyone has/had a great thursday-I'm off tomorrow so it will be another sunset run and pics from Southbay Girl!!

RUN: 2.75 Miles with Velcro
(248 Kcals burned)

A few quick shots from work-no camera allowed on the sets so I use my cell...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Southbay Girl's First Day of Work

Southbay Girl finally worked today!!! And it was awesome! I was shooting on the tv show Navy NCIS in downtown LA. It was so nice to leave my house at 5:50am this morning having a place to go!!! We worked a short day, only 10 hours today, so it was a pleasant jump back into the working world!! Tomorrow I'll be on My Name is Earl~I'll probably be starting later so hopefully I can get a short run in before work. If not, I'm off on friday, so I'll run then!!

I'm pretty tired~and my lower back is sore~ I was on my feet for over 10 hours-I haven't done that in 3 months! It was an eye-opener!! But FUN!

I applied for the random drawing for the Nike Womens Half Marathon in October. I decided on the Half on the off chance Valley Girl and Maryland Girl want to go to and apply for the random drawing before the 18th March

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Lame-O Run

I was really feeling under the weather this weekend, but this whole half-marathon in Music City really has put the pressure I took Boris out for a short run/walk, and I'd say we covered a little over 2 miles. I didn't map it. South Bay Girl sent me something called, but I never figured out how to use it. Does anyone else use this?
Anyway, after the run, I did feel better, I must say. 100% better, without a doubt. Running is the best cure for warding off any illness! I didn't bring my camera on this run, so I thought I'd post something from last week's run!

Southbay Girls' Activities on a Tuesday

Ok...first of all Southbay Girl has WORK!!!!! Woo Hoo! I'm working tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday and possibly Friday~waiting to hear about friday~so I'm feeling more like myself!!!! I think I see a huge turnaround in ME now!!! I won't be feeling depressed about not working etc! So I have lots to do today to prepare for work and to get the animal house prepared for mom not being at home!! And of course I have the herding trial this weekend. So my day is Chock-full-o-nuts! I did go to my Pilates class today~she worked us!!! She's having a bootcamp tonight from 6pm-7pm. I may try to go to that but I really want to go for a run with Velcro since I'll be disappearing from her day to day activities starting tomorrow.Maybe I'll do both!!! I feel like a mom going back to work after having stayed at home with the kids. But as soon a I've finished an activity for the day I'll post it.

Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco is taking online registration for 3 days only! I'm thinking of entering as a team-which means if my email is selected, everyone on my team who registers with my email address is selected. Any takers??

(229 Kcals burned)
PLANK: 1 minute 10 sec

Run: 3.2 Miles with Velcro on the Trails
(~270 Kcals burned)

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Bad Southbay Girl didn't talk about herding

Ok...I'm so sorry, I didn't post anything about the other runner on this blog, Velcro, and her herding escapades on sunday! We drove down to Escondido for our practice trial. We have an AKC trial this weekend, the 8th and 9th, in Lancaster(actually I think it's closer to Gorman on the 5 if anyone is interested in coming...). So, we drove down to Escondido-on a side note, all the burn areas are blooming~they may be weeds with pretty yellow flowers but it's growth!!! When we got down to Escondido, I found out we'd be going 2nd or 3rd of the Started group. Started is the first level, in AKC, that gets scored-which means my little cattle dog is competing, score wise, against border collies~so we're at a slight disadvantage going in. Started is a big step up for us from what we've done in AKC i was a little nervous. I guess because I'm a virgo I'm a bit of a perfectionist! And I want my girl to do a great job!! We had never run the started course, which is why our trainer puts on these mock trials. We ran it, Velcro's outrun(which is our start when she leaves the post and is supposed to go VERY wide around the sheep to the back of the sheep) is our weak point and it's because she's a cattle dog-she wants to get right in there on her sheep! Well she got to the back and I started walking with the sheep, with her behind them. We moved to the cone and then took a right to head towards our first obstacle~she had to push the sheep thru a Y-shute(and I couldn't walk thru it). After a few turns left and right, she manuevered the sheep in and we headed to our next obstacle the z-shute, yes it's in the shape of a z-same thing she has to push the sheep thru without me going thru the obstacle. We did that, and then we headed to another obstacle, a panel-which the sheep went thru. Now comes the fun part-the sheep are now looking at their pen, but they can't go to it right away, we have to move the sheep from the right side of the arena to the left, going thru two gates in the center of the field. I can actually go thru these gates.....this is where we started to have a bit of a problem-we eventually got 2 of the 3 sheep thru and took them to the left side of the arena, then it was back to pen the sheep.

Well, it wasn't great-I did notice she did about the same as the other cattle dogs. But her prey drive is way higher! She gets more amped up and barks at her sheep and really runs around them, the others just kinda lope! I think she'd be marvelous on cattle!!!

But this saturday and sunday, we head up to Bel Canto Ranch in the Lancaster area for our AKC Course A Started Trial-I might hurl!

Oh and I picked up one day of work this week-I'll be gainfully employed on Thursday, March 6th-my first day of work since Dec 5th!!! It's one day on My Name is Earl, but better than nothing!! It's a start!

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Southbay Girl gets a great trail run in with Velcro

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Yeah, I'm liking the trail runs!!! Nothing hurts when I'm running on trails!!! Gotta love that! Velcro and I headed out to one of my favorite places on the Palos Verdes Peninsula-Ocean Trails, which actually runs thru Trump National Golf Course(well, on your way down to the beach)! It's absolutely stunning, Velcro loves it and it's a great run! And today it was wonderful! I had quite a bit of energy today! And Velcro was on a mission to the beach! Only because she thought she was going to get to play with a ball! She didn't and we headed back up the steep hill and she ended the run chasing a bunny! She was in heeler heaven!!!

RUN: 4.3 miles on the trails with Velcro
(496 Kcals burned)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Maryland Girl completes her first 10 miles ever!

YIPPEE! I DID IT! The temperature was in the mid-40's and the wind, which was pretty wicked most of yesterday, had not started up too much. Being on the path in the woods kept us pretty insulated us from the wind. We were on the same trail that we've done all our long runs. So it is an out and back run. I didn't see my owl this time though. Heard lots of woodpeckers in the trees! My pace partner, Danielle, and I walked a few times during the run, we kept each other motivated. My legs felt pretty good the whole time, but my knees, ankles and arches were talking a bit especially in the last 2 miles. Once I got home I showered and took a nap! I also suffered a bit of runners tummy issue for a good part of the day - I will spare you all the details. I don't know why this gets me with all my long runs! Best part is I finished this run in 2 hours and 8 minutes. I never in my life thought I would do this! My legs feel pretty good today. I will take Sampson out for a nice walk later today and let my legs get some stretching.
RUN: 10 miles (1146 calories burned)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The LA Sheriff's Dept Mug Run 10K then an additional 4 miles for Southbay Girl

First of all, I want to shoot my neighbors! Is it really necessary to load a van with tables, chairs, catering supplies etc at 5am!!!??? NO it isn't. So why did they do it? Good thing I was getting up at 6am anyway-but seriously how rude!

Well up at 6am I got-much to the animals' joy! Momma getting up means they get to eat! Velcro and I were out the door around 6:45. The race was in Lakewood, which was only about a 30 minute drive. I got there in plenty of time to register, get my t-shirt and figure out if I was going to run my extra 4 miles before the race or after. I decided to run it after the 10k. I took Velcro with me, hoping I might get to run the race with her, but the start was too packed-so I left her in the car with her water. She was a bit pissed but I knew she'd get a run as soon as I was finished!!!

There were more people at this race than I thought would show up, considering the LA marathon is tomorrow. Alot of cops! I've never seen such a neat group of runners in my entire life!

The horn went off, and off I went. I knew I didn't want to go out too fast since this was more than a 10K day for me. But damn my ankle really started hurting between miles 2 and 3. I had to walk-I couldn't run on it! I thought I might have to drop out of the race, which I've never done! But the walking really helped it! I started running again and said to myself, self, once you get into a nice rhythm that seems to work with your foot, just keep going. And that's just what I did. I walked 2 short times after that when I felt my ankle beginning to tighten, but as soon as I began running again it felt pretty good. I'm really bummed my ankle felt so bad at mile 2.5 because I really finished nicely! Kinda pisses me off-but what can I do. Nothing! I tried to really enjoy the last 3 miles! Smiling, thanking all the volunteers, cheering at mile 5 when the young man yelled out my time of 56:36. I even passed a few people on the last 3 miles! yeah baby! The penguin was passing people!!!

I crossed the line with my camera out to snap a shot of my AWESOME time! It made alot of people laugh!!! And it made me smile. There is nothing better than enjoying a race no matter what your time is or what place you come! Anyone can run!! And that's what makes it so much fun!

Once I crossed the line I kept running-I stood in line to get a banana and some oranges and then ran off to the car to get my dedicated running partner, who at this point was pretty pissed then very excited to see me! Off we went. I will say, I got more than a few looks when I took off running again, this time with my dog. I still had my race number on-I'm sure they thought I was nuts!

I had to get my 10 miles in~I had 4 miles to run with Velcro....and it kinda hurt! It occurred to me I haven't run 10 miles since I was training for the NYC marathon-which was more than a few years ago! I don't know if my body really liked me today! The last 4 miles weren't as good as the last 3 of the 10K. Of course I had my 47lb weight-but she was pretty good today! She only pooped once, pee'd at least 5 times and didn't really drag behind! I think she was so excited that I hadn't forgotten about her!

We ran the first 2 miles of the course I had just finished...and as I was running, I felt my blisters on my left foot and I felt the burning of a blister forming on my right. I had on my Injinji socks-yikes might have picked up the ones that are a bit big on me. So here I am out running at mile 7 and I'm thinking this sucks! My ankle felt like shit at mile 2.5 now I'm getting blisters! I hate getting old!!! And to top it all off, I think my back is still sore from my 9.3 miles last weekend on the runways in bad shoes....because it started getting a bit sore. Did I say getting old sucks? Oh well. I did it! I walked a little on the last 4 miles, but I did it! My legs are a bit stiff-I might try another 10 miles next week instead of upping my mileage-don't know if the body is ready for it yet!! Alright enough of my are some pics! By the way, it rained during the race!!! YEA!!!! And if I run 3 of these Mug Runs...I get a Mug!

I did notice my left foot is a bit swollen. Not sure if that's from the prolotheraphy that I had this week or from this race since I was having a bit of pain in my left ankle. Hmmm..............getting old still sucks!

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RUN: 6.2 miles
Time: 1:10:28
(768 Kcals burned)

4 Miles with Velcro after 10K
(411 Kcals burned approx)

TOTALS: 10.2 Miles
(1179 Kcals burned)