Friday, February 29, 2008

Southbay Girls' Friday Leap

I haven't done shit today! Well I shoveled shit, but as soon as I got home that was it! It's a combination of a few things today-I was out late last nite listening to Valley girl sing(I'm a true morning person so late nights aren't good for me even though it was awesome listening to her sing and actually getting out of the house after 6pm!),I swear I still have a sinus infection, I lost a job last night that I was supposed to have(it would have been a full episode of the tv show Cold Case), I also found out yesterday that I'll never go back to work on CSI Las Vegas because the key 1st AC (I'm a 1st AC as well) is intimidated, jealous and threatened of/by me(alot of people on the set like me and my work-and he doesn't want me around for he fears for his job) so he said right before the strike shut them down that I'd never be back! Not working is really beginning to freak me out! Yeah the strike is over-the writers went back to work right away-but what alot of people don't know is that alot of shows were canceled, many aren't starting to shoot until may or june, and the shows that are starting up again are just now starting to shoot-which means for peeps, like me, who dayplay on different shows, work wont start at least 8 days from the first day of shooting! I'm still holding out hope that I'll get calls for Navy NCIS and Brothers and Sisters (both of which I worked on before the strike) but they don't start shooting until the 4th and 11th of March. It's not good here in La La Land! I feel like I have a bullseye on my back! A bullseye for losing jobs!!! It gets harder and harder to stay positive, focused, happy, and upbeat when you haven't worked in 3 1/2 months and you're selling everything you own to survive! It sucks and I'm really tired of it! The few positives from yesterday was my 4.7 mile run-of course I ate pizza and drank wine last night! And the possibility of getting my old job on the tv show Mad Men back. But that doesn't start shooting until 21st April. It's not a super happy day here in the Southbay girl household in cold, cloudy southern california! But my ass will be up to run my 10 miles tomorrow come hell or high water!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Southbay Girl gets a 4.7 mile run on a misty morning

Oh this was my favorite kind of day!!! The marine layer started coming in hiding the sun-it was awesome! I wanted to run this morning because I'm planning on driving up to the valley tonight to see Valley Girl exercise was a must first thing this morning! Velcro and i had a great run! It was the first run with my new shoes-they got christened! At least half of the run was thru White Point Nature Preserve. It's such a peaceful place and I'm really getting hooked on running on dirt and trails! And lets face the facts-Velcro loves it! SO that's all that matters!! She gets to go off leash and sniff stuff!

It was really a beautiful day-the trails were a bit muddier than I was expecting. The run got better as the marine layer started coming in and the sun was blocked! It became that misty/foggy wonderful running weather that I thrive on!!! I am truly Scottish! I was only planning on running 4 but I wanted to run a little further in the park with Velcro since she was having such a good time!

I just ate a scrambled egg and black beans in half a tortilla for breakfast-I didn't eat anything before I went out-I got home ravenous!!!

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RUN: 4.7 Miles with Velcro
(468 Kcals burned)

By the way check the post below-it's Maryland Girl's Birthday today!!!!

Happy Birthday Maryland Girl!!!!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Southbay Girl goes to her 5th prolotheraphy appointment!

I had my 5th prolotheraphy appointment yesterday afternoon-good thing I got a run in yesterday morning!! I always take the next day off after my prolo-usually because my foot is pretty swollen! And it was swollen last night. I think he injected a bit more this appt-maybe because I had pain in my foot after my 9.3 miles running in bad shoes! So my foot was quite swollen and a little sore. But today it's feeling pretty good-it's still a bit swollen, which is normal,but I'm still taking the day off from pounding exercise.I might do pilates tonight!

I also got my back adjusted yesterday-never done that before. My doctor, Dr. Peter Fields, is a medical doctor and a chiropractor. I mentioned that my back was sore after my run and there was a definite imbalance! It feels better now. It was a nice little medical day for me! And on top of all of that........I have my new shoes!!! I can't wait to get out there and run in them!!!


I went to pilates tonight. it's such a huge difference doing it at night! I'm without a doubt a morning person!!!! But, I'm very glad i actually did something today!! Now must cook dinner and give the kitties their meds!

(191 Kcals burned)

Maryland Girl's Tuesday Night Run with PHOTOS!

My training group runs start and end at the Fleet Feet store onTuesday nights. We did 4.5 miles. It was damp and about 45 degrees. It had rained most of the day, but didn't rain while we were running. I had over dressed and was hot the whole run! We start at 6:30 pm so it is dark - at least this time of year. My legs felt like lead last night for most of the run. Right towards the end I "kicked it up a notch" and they felt much better. I took the pictures with my cell phone. The blurry lights - I was actually running and snapping. The other two I actually stopped to take the picture. Can you believe there is bakery right next door to the store! Breads and pastries taunting me after my run! My pace partner, Danielle, is going in the door of the store. Actually there are many food temptations in this shopping center. You get a variety of food smells during the runs! LOL. I haven't decided if it is good or bad. This Saturday will be my first ever double digit mileage run! YIPEE. I'm actually excited! I'm in such a good place mentally and physically this year compared to this time last year (my husband had just announced he wanted a divorce and was having an affair this time last year) that many things are exciting me again!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Southbay Girl does Double Duty on Tuesday

Well since today is my prolotheraphy appt, I decided to get up early and run this morning. I was a bit tired having had a great run last night! So I had to force, push myself to do my silly stupid 2.75 mile run...but I got it in! It was already getting warm at 6:45 in the morning. It's going to be a warm one today!

I can't run tomorrow so I needed about 3 miles today-2.75 will have to suffice! Then it was off to shovel shit-I am officially tired of shoveling someone else's cat shit!!! I have enough of it at my house!!! But I showed up with a smile on my face! I really only want to do it the rest of this week! I'm taking this weekend off to run and herd sheep and hopefully I start getting work calls!

After shoveling, I decided to go to pilates class! Yes I'm a masochist today! But I'll be resting tomorrow because of my prolo foot! But boy,I felt it today! Quite a bit different going to the class right after running. No pain no gain baby!!! Work those abs! Work those glutes!!!
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RUN: 2.75 Miles
(269 Kcals burned)

(229 Kcals burned)

498 Kcals burned before 10:30am!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Southbay Girl's pics from Race on the Base

Running the 5K, knowing I still have another 6.2 miles to run!!

10K run...almost finished with my 9.3 miles-run southbay girl, run!

My shoes have not arrived yet-so I'm planning on a trail run with Velcro around sunset today! Will update later. It's clear and sunny-but thought I might give the mud a day to attempt to dry!!


Yes Southbay Girl got up off the couch and her arse and went out for a sunset run-and it felt GREAT! A really awesome run! Nothing hurt! I was a little concerned that my 9.3 miles on the runways would really put a damper on this weeks running, especially with my crappy shoes, but I was wrong! Velcro and I had a blast! We ran half of it on trails and the rest on the street. We watched yet another gorgeous sunset, saw alot of people out running, she got to sniff and roll in the grass and I got the benefit of watching the sheer joy of being a dog! Every person should learn from a dog! They love life!!! It's so inspiring running with Velcro! She makes me smile and makes me realize what a wonderful life I have!!! And to top it all off, I'm not tired! I could have run further but didn't want to press my luck!!! I started off the day in a crappy mood and now have a smile on my face!!!

RUN: 4.1 Glorious Miles with an amazing running partner!
(411 Kcals burned)

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Need to get on the picture bandwagon!

Due to crappy winter weather and battling a bit of a cold, this weeks running was not happening! The hike I was supposed to lead on Saturday was cancelled because of the weather and then, of course, my training group cancelled too! The long run this week was 9 miles. I managed to run 8 on Sunday afternoon. It was an okay run - considering I had done NO exercise at all all week! I was planning on doing the full nine, but then my body had another idea. I was at the end of my second four-mile loop and I had to go to the bathroom, plus it was getting colder out as the sun was setting and my hands were cold (I didn't have my mittens!) So, I wimped out of the last mile. LOL . Now that I will have more daylight during my runs, I will start bringing my camera. Unlike my blog-counter parts, my only dog shots will be Sampson lounging as he doesn't run any more!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sluggish Soggy Sunday with Southbay Girl

Rest day? Doesn't exist when you are the happy guardian of a cattle dog. I could tell Velcro was anxious to get out-so off we went. I knew I didn't and shouldn't run today~my back is still a little stiff and sore, so I decided on a brisk walk. As long as Velcro can sniff things she's happy. It had been raining, but on the walk the sun came out! We had a nice little pace going-my bad shoes didn't cause me too many problems! Hopefully my new shoes arrive tomorrow!! Oh's now OSCAR time. I have my bottle of wine ready, the dog has had a walk...that might be us in for the rest of the day!!

For those of you that are confused at my graffiti picture~the younguns seem to tag alot.... so I have decided to snap pics when I see colorful tagging...nothing interesting.

WALK: 2.75 miles
(198 Kcals burned)

PLANK: 1 Minute

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Valley Girl Took the Plunge

...and bought new shoes. YES, I have officially committed to running now that I have plopped down over $100 for some brand-spanking new, top-of-the-line ASICS gel running shoes! I proceeded to map out my first official slightly over 3-mile run, in preparation for the Music City Half-Marathon!! Lot of news in this post, no??
South Bay Girl convinced me to take photos during my runs, and this actually made the run even more enjoyable (plus I had Boris with me, and we always have a great time). Here are some photos!

Southbay Girl Runs 15K on the Base!

OK, so I know I was saying how desperate I was to run on a flat course instead of the hills I normally run....well I did today, on a runway! It was just too flat! I could see all the runners all over the course and I could see the finish line! What a tease!! I'd rather the finish line come out of nowhere! But I'm not complaining-I needed to run 9 miles today and this was a way to do it with support (bananas, oranges, volunteers handing you water, and other runners around!) which I normally don't have since I run by myself (ok Velcro is usually with me!). Velcro did not run these two races-couldn't take her on the base, but she would have been pretty bored!No grass to smell and no critters to look at! So I surely would have been dragging my 47 lb weight behind me! But I had my new running skirt! Red polka dots! I love polka dots! I really like my new running skirt.

I started with the 5K, I felt pretty good at the start. I had gotten up at 5am, had a cup of tea, toast with peanut butter and then jumped in the car and drove to the base,so i was fairly awake. I didn't plan on really running fast since,technically, this was a training run for me. My foot didn't feel to bad throughout the entire 5K, when I came to the finish line I was clocked at 37:25. Not too bad considering I really wasn't looking for a stellar time. The unfortunate thing was I had to wait about 10-15 minutes for the 10K to start. I tried to run and stay warm, but it just didn't happen (by the way two other freaks were running both races-so I was not alone). I swapped my numbers: 1514-5K, 1515-10K

When the 10K gun went off I was near the back-I wasn't there to win any division-hell I've never won my division! I tried to pick up where I had left off on the 5K(pace wise) which I did but I had run this way before, I had seen all this stuff already!-couldn't we run another way?? NO! It was the runway all the way! The first 2 miles were pretty easy, I stopped once for a little walk break. But then I hit mile 3 of the 10K( 6 miles for me) that's when my lower back really started to freeze up and ache! God, I so wish I had been running in my new shoes today-but they haven't arrived yet due to my large feet! I haven't had issues with my back in a very long time. I attribute it to running in shoes that are GONE and possibly the runways! It occurred to me that I really mix it up and tend to run about 40% of my runs on trails-I'm seeing it might really make a difference. But who knows what runways are made of-are they harder than normal streets??? There wasn't much I could do but suck it up and walk if my back really started to hurt which I did a few times because I felt every step in my lower back. The back pain was really causing my turnover and my stride to alter~so my legs were working more than they would have been. I didn't feel tired, but my back was really making it hard! I passed the 4 mile mark and told myself 2.2 miles left! I concentrated on my music-listening to it and hoping it would wisk me away somewhere and plodded on trying to fall into a pace that didn't hurt as much. I finished-in about 1:12-slowest 10K I've ever run...but it was mile 9.3 for me.

I did notice that cardio wise, I'm feeling pretty good. It's amazing the difference when I don't run with Velcro-I didn't stop as much(no need to stop for pee and poo breaks). But I missed her! It's nice to have that face looking up at you giving you doggie encouragement!

All in all I'm pleased. It was hard and I'm a bit concerned about my stiff achy back. But backs I know very well....and I have my Chinese Linament and Biofreeze.

Tomorrow is a much needed Day of Rest! I can't wait. I'll be having a beer tonight sitting on my couch watching my Tennessee Volunteers take on the Memphis Tigers in basketball! GO VOLS!!!

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RUN: Total 9.3 miles (5K and 10K Race) Total Time: 1:49:25
(1073 Kcals burned)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Southbay Girl meets Willie in Hermosa Beach

Look who I stumbled into on Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach but Willie!! Ok, we planned on meeting since he was in the Los Angeles Area for a few days working-work??? What's that???? We went and had fish tacos at the Hermosa Fish Market Cafe with a few glasses of wine while sitting outside with Velcro as it proceeded to get colder and colder. Didn't I tell you it gets cold here in southern cal?!! It was really great meeting him!!! Always nice putting a face to a blog!! Kinda cool!!! Now I must go to bed since I have a race in the morning! Thanks for the fish tacos Willie!!! Safe trip back to Oklahoma!!!

Southbay Girl Friday...

The alarm went off at 7am, that was after a horrible sleep, yet again, due to my boy, Winton, crying from 4am on over his water bowl in the bathroom. I'm at my wits ends about what to do!! Pepcid ac tonight! He gets food right before bed, has his high blood pressure medication, I fill up his water bowl and he has a pillow with a blanket on my bed-all the comforts!! But at 3:30/4am he's up and crying!

So the alarm went off and I was a little pissed. Oh well-the joy of pet ownership!I wouldn't change it for the world!!

I went over to the 12 cat household today to shovel cat poo! I so look forward to it! HA! Thank goodness I have tomorrow off-but no sleeping in for me tomorrow. I'll be up at the crack of dawn to drive to the Joint Forces Training Base to run the 5K and the 10K at the Race on the Base~I must be losing my mind! But I thought it would be more enjoyable to run my 9 miles with people!!! But I can't run with my girl!

After being on poo patrol, I went to my 9:15am pilates class. My instructor had been to Joshua Tree National Park, so she was feeling a bit we really got worked today. She really worked our shoulders and legs and of course alot of core. It was nice! I didn't make it on tuesday because I hadn't been feeling well.

I thought I'd show you some pics of the rest of my animal family!!!

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(229 Kcals burned)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"The Spirit of the Marathon"

What an inspiring movie! It made me want to go out for a run-of course I decided against it since it's 10pm and raining....but I still could do it! First of all the elite runners-WOW!! What else can you say. Of course my favorite part was when the older marathoner was asked why he ran marathons "for the t-shirts!" And I thought I was the only one who ran for t-shirts!!! Now I want to run Chicago-it looks flat!!!

I watched as all the novice runners crossed the finish line~I remember crossing the finish line of my first marathon, Los Angeles, and getting very emotional. I had just run a marathon!! Not everyone will do that in their lifetime...then in 2004 I ran the NYC marathon. The marathon I had always wanted to run-and I was even more emotional~it was my first destination marathon and what an awesome feeling it was to run up first avenue and then to run into Central park and be met by my son! I cried!!!Running is a way of life for me. It's my church, gym, bar, everything rolled into a pair of shoes and the outdoors, and of course my dog!! I feel so blessed and lucky to be able to run!!

Southbay Girl on an Unemployed Thursday

Good thing I ordered my new shoes, because my Gel Nimbus are shot as of todays run!!! I felt an ache in my ankle which is the sign. I just wish they were here now!! I have a 9 mile run to do on saturday in crappy shoes-not too pleased about it~but not much I can do. I ran my normal 3 mile-ish run today~and I managed to get up 3/4 of the horrible hill~I was so close to the top I could taste it but it wasn't to be today. My left foot ached and I've covered my blisters, yes I have 2 on the arch of my left foot, with moleskin~it's kinda helping. The ache isn't the normal pain it's the I need new Shoes Pain!!! I'm going to call my Running Store and make sure they've been ordered. But Velcro and I did it. It's a nice overcast day-I wish it had been raining but I didn't want to sit at home and wait for the rain since I'm going to see Spirit of the Marathon tonight at 7:30 (thanks Running Knitter). I missed it last time around and I'm not missing it tonight. My ticket is already purchased!!!

RUN: 3.1 miles
(Kcals burned 318)

PLANK: 1 minute

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Poll from unemployed Southbay Girl and a RUN!!!

So I'm just curious where everyone went to College/University if you went....can you see my unemployed boredom kicking in??

Southbay Girl: The University of Tennessee...GO VOLS!!!

And my fellow runners.....

Maryland Girl: The University of Tennessee
Valley Girl: The University of Tennessee
Frassypoo: went to college in India
Running Knitter: University of Massachusetts - Lowell
Willie: Wichita State University
Central Missouri State University
Park University
But I'm an Ohio State Buckeye at heart! Go BUCKS

It's raining here in southern california~and I love it! It invigorates me and inspires me, so off Velcro and I went for a run! And a pretty good run at that! I really shouldn't live in So Cal. I should be in Portland, Seattle or San Fran because I'd love the weather-but then i couldn't really work in the film business. But wait~I haven't worked in over 3 months so I could move!!!! Enough of that. We had a really nice run today~started at the Korean Friendship Bell and ran along the ocean and into White Point Nature Preserve. We ran against the wind for the first half of the run~and it's windy today!! I thought about quitting-but I refused and sucked it up and continued running(the other reason i was going to quit was my left foot hurt a bit-but once I got warmed up any aches went away!)But on the return portion it was all tailwind baby!!!

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RUN: 4.25 Miles
(390 Kcals burned)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My running partner

This is Boris, my true blue running partner who has trouble running WITH me...he pulls me down the street. It's a chore to keep him by my side, but I'm working at it. I've changed leases, tried the harness, you name it. I think the harness actually encourages him to pull. I can't stand those awful choke collars; they just look inhumane.
Anyway, isn't he adorable? The most spoiled dog in the Universe!!!

Ok, I did it!!!

Valley Girl left her sewing machine on Saturday to run three miles (ok, I walked part of it). That nagging right knee was a bit of an issue (a result of running the 1999 LA Marathon with no training...sheer stupidity). It didn't actually start bothering me til the end of the run, when I was walking. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Should I concentrate more on walking and less on running? (How boring! I don't have the patience for that!)
I ran in my neighborhood and tried to keep my pace pretty steady and slow. I felt like a spring chicken for the first half of the run, then I got fatigued towards the end.
I wish I had Penny's sheer love of just RUNNING. Me, I can't wait til it's over. What's wrong?
I won't quit, though...especially since I just found out that my sister-in-law just quit smoking and has committed to running the Music City Half-Marathon this spring!!!

I will say, though, that I did finish 3 sewing projects, AND I made dinner last night for out of town company, so it was a productive weekend!

Southbay Girl Checking in on a Tuesday

I didn't go to Pilates this morning. I'm not feeling 100%. I don't know what it is but I'm so tired! I went out last night to my Prolotheraphy doctors lecture-I didn't get home until about 11pm and didn't fall asleep until 12...and one of my cats, Winton, is crying again-so starting around 4am I'm having the most restless sleep: Winton cries, I call his name to come here, Velcro jumps off the bed to go find Winton, Winton jumps up onto the bed, Velcro follows....this happens over and over. I'm sure someone will say-close the door and sleep-well I have cat doors in a my bedroom door(remnants from when Velcro first came to the house-it gave the cats a safe, dog free area). So it wouldn't stop the cats from coming in and honestly-I like sleeping with my beasts! My bed would be rather empty without them! So, I am not getting alot of sleep. I think it's catching up to me! I'm going to have to change the nighttime routine for Winton. He will now be getting his 1/4 tablet of pepcid ac, hopefully if he has an upset stomach from his Chronic Renal Failure, that might help!!! I'll start that today!

I am going to try to run today! I've got to give it a few hours though. So, hopefully, there will be an update!!!! I know you'll all be waiting with baited breathe for Southbay Girl's tuesday update!!!

As for running-I'm hoping to run in the Los Alamitos run the runway race this weekend-I'm thinking of running the 5K first and then the 10K so i get my 9 mile run in.....


There is no rest for the weary, sick, ill,infirm, depressed, poor,hobbling, drunk,hungover or whatever one might be when one owns an Australian Cattle Dog....they must exercise everyday or else all hell will break loose. So off I went with my trusty companion, Velcro, for a walk. Yeah, I'm not at 100% but I did something, got the blood flowing so I feel slightly better! But I'm now going to have a spinach salad and head off to bed early!!

On a happy note-ordered my new pair of shoes today!!! The joy of having a rather large foot-must order my shoes!!

WALK: 2.75 Miles
(173 Kcals burned)

Still Recovering!

My whole body aches still! Saturday, I was up bright and early to meet my running group at 7 am. The temperature was 28 degrees! I walked outside and promptly turned back around to add another layer to my legs. I ran the 8 miles! Paced at about 13 minutes per mile. I didn't want to go much faster because I wasn't sure I'd be able to maintain faster through out. It felt good! It was nice too as the sun is coming up earlier, the birds are starting to come back and sing. I even spotted an owl up in a tree while running. I was looking for the pileated woodpecker that was rapping on trees and laughing out loud and there was the owl, napping. I couldn't get a real good look, but I think it was a barred owl.
Sunday, I was up and out early to meet the guy I'm co-leading the hike with next Saturday. We met at 8:30 am, drove to the hike spot and hiked! We did about 8 miles. I used hiking poles when I hike, which not only provide assistance going up and down hills, but the engage your upper body thus making a hike into a full body work out. I really feel it in my back and shoulders. It was a great hike and an awesome work out. We ran into several trail runners while we were hiking. One guy said he was going for 25 miles that day! I would break all sorts of bones if I tried to trail run! It looks like we may get snow towards the end of the week - which will make this hike very beautiful. I will be sure to bring my camera!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well Southbay Girl got up and did it!

The alarm went off at 5am-I wanted to throw it across the room-I hit snooze once but the animals were already at me to get up. So up I got thinking to myself, self why they hell am I doing this for on a sunday morning!!! Isn't sunday the day of rest?? Not for me!! Out the door Velcro and I went. You know, I forgot how much I absolutely enjoy running super early in the morning when no one else is out but the raccoons and skunks and when it's dark! It is so peaceful and it recharges my battery! I love it. It's also fun to see the wildlife out and about! Velcro was off leash most of the run since it was so quiet~so i didn't have my 47lb anchor dragging until mile 7, which I might add is up a rather steep
hill,about a 300 foot elevation climb, near the end of the run. What was I thinking. The problem I have is that I don't live in a flat place!!! I kinda sit near the top of a hill so no matter what, I'm always running up a hill at the end of my runs. The entire area is hilly-it stands in for San Francisco in alot of tv shows and movies-so it's hilly. And yes I have to run up and down those hills. I think next run I'll head to Torrance and run along the very flat strand!!! But it's done. I ran further than I thought-must have been seeing things when I mapped this out last night. I wont say it was easy. The last mile and a half was all up hill and my legs were beginning to feel like lead weights-but hey Velcro felt great-the little shit! Ha she's sleeping now!!

Update-ok all of you who want to know more about Velcro than me-that's ok I'm used to it!!!! Yes we went sheep herding and she was a stubborn shit at the beginning! Note to self-8.5 miles before herding might not be a good idea!!! A 3 mile run is a better idea!! She was awful~stubborn, running off instead of staying with her sheep-so my instructor had me pull her off herding and I hooked her to the fence once she did it again, and I went out with a Border Collie, named River, while little miss Thing watching-her jealousy rising! She was not happy at all-but boy did she pay attention and herd wonderfully after that!! The jealous streak is high with my girl!!

As for pictures-if someone wants to volunteer to come with me to my herding practices and trials to snap photos of us(ok maybe just velcro but I'll be out there too) in action-come on down!!! It's hard to snap pics, hold a stick, with 5 sheep bumping into me and direct a dog-and when she's stubborn it's even harder. I mean I know I'm talented but I think that might go even beyond my talent!! So I take pics of Velcro before and after herding and pics of the sheep.....I posted more pics on BubbleShare of todays practice...she's a tired little Cattle Dog!!! They are the best kind!!

I want to run again...maybe I'll go see a movie

RUN: 8.5 Miles
(815 Kcals burned)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Southbay Girl dusts off the cobwebs of a saturday

I wasn't going to run today, because I'm supposed to run my 8 miles tomorrow, but I had to get out there and do something! I'm getting up at the crack of dawn,5am, to run since I have to be at my shit shovelling job by 8:30....and I'll be running in spirit with Running Knitter who is running her first 10K tomorrow.I just couldn't stand not running two days in a row so I had to dust off those cobwebs and prepare for tomorrow!! Big day tomorrow~ 8 mile run, shit shovelling and then sheep herding all before noon!!!

RUN: 2.75 miles
(262 Kcals burned)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Southbay girl checks in on another friday

Well lets see....first of all it was an amazing sunset last night as I was driving to our to our anti-valentines day get together at a wonderful dive bar called Naja's Place in Redondo and chocolate. The chocolate was yummy!!! I was very good-did not over indulge in beer-even though it might have been easy!! I was home by 10:30-woo late night!!! This morning I was up at 6:30am to head to my shit shovelling job. I was tired...I'm not used to staying out late!! But I got up, did my little pet sitting job and made it to my 9:15am Pilates class. And it really felt good! I was tired and I felt the workout today! I think it's a combination of my runs and crappy sleep the past 3 days....but I went to class-had a good workout and that may be me done for the day. i think I need a bit of a rest from running. The two runs the other day I think really kicked my butt!!

(229 Kcals burned)

Good Run Last Night!

I used map my run and created a lovely 4 mile loop for my run last night. Part of the run was down a neighborhood street which was great cause the traffic was non existent. The other part of the run was on sidewalks on busy streets. I felt like I ran the 4 miles effortlessly and I even had some hills. Is it because I had not run in a few days or is all this training starting to pay off? I really wanted to stop at Ben and Jerry's after my daughter's rehersal, but sadly they were locking the door as we drove up. So home we went. I had a lovely dinner of a Lean Cuisine, some popcorn, and a couple glasses of Yellow Tail Merlot/Cabernet Sav, and a couple Lindt dark chocolate truffles. Sadly, my brain wouldn't shut off last night and I had a horrible sleep. Win some lose some.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lazy Ass Valley Girl

Ok, so just shoot me...I haven't run, I haven't even walked. I've been sewing!!! And now that I created a shirt for a girl in my office, everyone in the office wants the same freaking shirt...! And they're gonna pay me! So I have to do this, and since I work a full time job, the weekends are the only time I can do this...but I WILL run on Saturday, even if it's 2 miles. I really need to do it....I will post more later!! I promise!!

Happy Valentine's Day from Maryland Girl

Crappy weather this week has seriously interrupted my running mileage. I did manage a couple rides on my recumbant bike. Tonight for my Valentine's Day fun, I will run 4 miles through the heart of Bethesda, Maryland, while my daughter is at her 2 hour acting class/rehersal. Bethesda is a mecca of restaurants and bars that I am sure will be busy with the Valentine's crowds. Rather than eating off of an overprice Valentine's Day menu, I will be doing something wonderful for myself and my heart! Don't be cranky P! Negative energy is wasted energy. Focus on the wonderful that is YOU! Of course we all should eat some excellent quality chocolate because it is good for you!

My legs will be getting a serious workout this weekend. I have an 8 mile training run on Saturday morning. On Sunday morning I will be meeting my co-leader for a upcoming hike for the Capital Hiking Club to scout our hike, make sure the trail is good, etc. So on Sunday I will be hiking between 8 and 12 miles. Let me start eating some good carbs now! LOL Does cheesecake count? I'm craving cheesecake today. hmmmmmmmm

Happy V-day...from cranky ass Southbay Girl - Glitter Graphics

Happy Valentines Day to EVERYONE! Everyone deserves a Valentine! Shouldn't just be the lucky few!


Cranky ass Southaby Girl got out and ran!! Unfortunately the rain had stopped, the clouds had disappeared and it started getting hot. What was I thinking, again??? Why didn't I go while it was still overcast, cool and wet? Oh well. I ran~it wasn't the best run. SLOW! I'm tired today! But at least I got out there and pounded the pavement with my 47 lb anchor. Even Velcro had a horrible run! I felt like I was dragging her the entire way today!!

RUN: 3.85 Miles
(368 Kcals burned)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Foggy Crisp Cool day for Southbay Girl

And yes I got up early and went for a run! Not far mind you, what a shock to the system it was to get up and immediately go out...but it's a start. I might run tonight as well since I didn't go as far as I wanted to today-but my ever so busy schedule limited my time. But I'm pleased! I feel alive and awake!!

RUN: 2.64 Miles
(327 Kcals burned)


I actually went out for a second run tonight!! I think the morning run really gave me alot of energy!! So velcro and I headed out on a misty evening for another run with the ocean as our view. It was really a great run-not fast because Velcro had to stop and pee and poo and then we met a Parsons Russell terrier named Lucy that we had to stop and say hello to-the obligatory butt sniffing, and then a bit of play! But I'm not complaining because she never has complained about any of the miserable wet runs I've taken her on!! She's a great running companion!

RUN: 3.04 Miles
(283 Kcals burned)


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A beautiful day for Southbay Girl but a lazy one

Well I think when the sun comes out I get tired! It was an amazingly beautiful day today!! Warm, sunny...and I'm exhausted. I caught myself napping on the couch at 4pm-not good!!! At least I did something today. I got my pilates class in this morning, after shovelling shit at my pet sitting job with the 12 cats!! I think I'm tired because I'm starting to get up earlier and earlier-got up at 6am this morning. I haven't done that since before the strike-yeah that would be 3 months ago....but I must get up and going. I want to start running in the morning again like I do when I'm working. But boy am I paying the price right now-because silly me isn't going to bed early! But I'm sure I'll get onto the schedule. So i didn't run today-what a slacker!!! I'm hoping to get up tomorrow morning and run 3 miles before going to shovel shit! At least that's my goal!!!

PILATES: 1 hour
(200 Kcals burned)

I wanted to share some pictures of the beautiful day with you!!! Hope you like them! I sat and watched the surfers for quite awhile-it was a very pleasant day with velcro!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Pics from the wet 10K from Southbay Girl

Woo-stunning photos! ha ha!

Maryland girl survives an exhausting weekend

As Southbay girl noted, I did run 7 miles on Saturday morning. I felt pretty good during the whole run. My legs started to get a little tight towards then end. I stopped briefly to stretch and then continued. Sunday my legs were a bit sore. I was on my feet most of Saturday, though, so I'm sure that contributed to the soreness.

After my Saturday run, I made my daughter's Birthday cake, pictured above, and then had to finish cleaning up and decorating. We had a French/Parisian theme, thus the Eiffel Tower on the top of the cake. My child is not a girly girl so it is funny that we had a pink cake, but that is what she wanted! I survived 15 preteen girls spending the night Saturday. It was chaotic at times, but all in all they did well and seemed to have fun. Thankfully, I had my Mom and my Brother and Sister-in-law helping out! I would have died without them! I'm still exhausted though!

Tonight I will ride the recumbant bike for an hour or so. At 11 am it is currently 18 degrees and with the wind chill it is 9. Too cold too run outside. I hope it warms up for Tuesday evening's run.

Saturday's run: 7 miles
Calories - 800+ ( I don't remember the exact number now)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Southbay Girl Ran ...

Sunset tonight overlooking Catalina Island off the Palos Verdes Peninsula
Run I did. It took alot to get me out of the house tonight....not a good idea to plan your long run after you've been sitting vegging on a sunday...but I did it. I told myself what a slacker I'd be if I didn't run but RBR had run 10 miles on saturday, See Willie Run, with a bum leg, ran 5 miles saturday and Maryland Girl 7 miles (in between her shots of vodka and her daughters birthday party!!! Go Girl!). So off I went, with my trusty girl, Velcro, for my 7 mile run. The first 2 miles SUCKED! But after that I felt pretty darn good. Of course we had the obligatory 10 pee breaks, 1 poo break and a break to roll around in the grass scratching your back like every dog should do!!!
The only bummer, my arch has yet another blister. I even wrapped it. I'm going to have to wrap it with something thicker from now on. My foot has definitely changer shape since I got my orthotics and since prolotheraphy. I may have to get fitted for another pair of orthotics.

All in all I'm rather happy. Considering all I wanted to do was stay on my couch and finish watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days! I'm thrilled!!

RUN: 7 Miles with my trusty companion VELCRO!!!
(666 Kcals burned)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Southbay Girl's Saturday...

OUCH!!! What was I thinking doing 2 pilates classes in a row. My instructor kicked my ass-she gave 2 different classes so I'd get a true all body workout-well i did. And I didn't go to class today-didn't think it would be wise if I can muster up the energy to get out of bed tomorrow, get in my car, drive half hour to Chinatown and run in a 10K in the sun and warmth of southern california-sorry all you cold weather people!!! I wish it were cooler here right now!! I will go for a short run tonight-watch for updates!! ha ha...I know you'll be waiting with baited breath!!

On a positive note. I do believe the WGA has signed a tentative deal with the producers....which means I might actually be going back to work by the end of February/beg of March!!!

Below is a sunset from last night!

Not going to be able to run the 10K tomorrow...I have a sheep herding lesson at it will be 7 miles on my own at either 5am or 5pm. probably 5pm because I've been a slacker and have been sleeping in since I haven't been working!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Southbay Girl is Girl Friday Again

Wow. So I woke up early this morning-I planned on going to the 8:15 am Pilates class. I got the cats fed, Velcro played with her tennis ball and then had her breakfast and off I went. The 8:15 class is small so it's kinda like having your own instructor-yeah it was a good class today!! But what do I decided to do...stay for the 9:15 class-peer pressure. A few girls were like c'mon stay for this class and I succumbed! And did another hour of pilates. I will say the 2nd hour flew by!!! All of a sudden the class was over! I'm exhausted. I feel great but exhausted!!

PILATES: 2 Hours
(458 Kcals burned)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Southbay Girl is Tired

I think the months of not working is taking its toll! I'm just tired~I think mentally I'm worn down which in turn is making me physically tired. I know my thyroid levels are good and I'm not anemic (since I had those checked last week) and I'm on antibiotics for my sinus infection. Yeah I think my brain is tired! Of course the reason I say all of this is because I'm finding it harder and harder to actually get out and run. I did run tonight~as a matter of fact Velcro and i just got back~but it took me dragging myself out of the house because I was exhausted! I don't do anything to be this tired!!! But I ran. And the run was much better than yesterdays! Not many breaks tonight-just a few pee breaks for Velcro~the norm. My arch burned a slight bit-I must remember to wrap it! Silly me! But my foot felt pretty good-legs felt like lead-but the foot felt good. Compared to yesterday, a world of difference! Thank god, is all i can say! I think once the work calls start things will be different!! The sunset was beautiful tonight!! The joy of running around 6pm~you get to see a beautiful sunset!!

RUN: 3 Miles

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Southbay Girl Reporting in....

Note to self do not run when all these occur at the same time:
  • only having pancakes for breakfast with ZERO protein
  • therefore having ZERO energy
  • running at midday in the brightest sunshine
  • running without a hat
  • running without your water bottle
  • dragging a 47 lb weight behind you
  • running when your arch hurts from having prolotheraphy shots injected into it..
  • running when you have heartburn/indigestion from the pancakes you ate in the morning

Yeah-doesn't add up to the greatest of runs. Actually it was pretty crappy! It took me forever, I felt like shit, Velcro felt like shit, I went up this HUGE hill~honestly what was I thinking???~ Velcro spent a good 3 minutes rubbing her back in the grass(if only I could have joined her!) and when I got home I about collapsed-UGH! What a horrible run!!! But I guess I got out and did something-even if I caught myself walking more than i care to admit!!! Horrible! I should have waited until later-but NO~silly me wanted to go for a run right now so that I can possibly go see a movie later. Whatever silly Southbay Girl!!

RUN: 3.85 miles of HELL
(400 Kcals-yeah right.....there is no way! Not the way I ran today-CRAP)

Maryland Girl's Wednesday Report

I think I've recovered from the busy weekend. I can't stay up late that many nights in a row! But I danced at the Mardi Gras Party at the Hard Rock Cafe! Enjoyed the Super Bowl with some new friends on Sunday night. I shouldn't complain at all! I stayed in bed Sunday until noon watching movies. I kept waiting for the breakfast fairy to bring my breakfast in bed, but it didn't happen! Perhaps I can teach Sampson to make me breakfast. :) After I finally got up, Sampson and I went to a nearby shopping/entertainment area to get lunch and go for a walk. It has a pond/lake with water fowl and a path. He got to visit with many people. He likes that.
My training plan was for either a 3 mile run or a cross training on Monday, but it didn't happen. I took my daughter to see the Hannah Montana-Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds 3D movie. Could it have a longer title? Lots of screaming in the movie theater. She enjoyed it - that is all that matters! The joys of an 11 year old! Although, she likes good music too. She and I are heading to see Linkin Park in a few weeks, courtesy of her Dad who bought the tickets.
Oh yes, running blog...... Tuesday's training run was a 4.5 mile run at a normal pace. My legs had felt tired all day (probably from lack of exercise on Monday). I kept at my normal 12 minute pace for most of the run, but my legs felt tight the whole time and then my nerve issues flared. They haven't done that in a while - not even on my 6 mile run last Saturday. I think the nerve stuff is worse if I'm tired or haven't had enough sleep. It effects my left eye too and it has been a bit droopy and my vision more double lately. So the rest of this week I will try to go to bed a bit earlier. Milk and Sleep does a body good!

Run: 4.5 Miles
Calories burned: 522

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another Tuesday for Southbay Girl-wait a's Super Tuesday and Fat Tuesday. I voted now I need a DRINK!!

You know it's amazing what antibiotics will do. I've been exhausted for about a month-sinus' were just rebelling. Well finally-yes stubborn me wanting to heal myself naturally-I got my z-pac~started yesterday and wow already what a difference. I was able to get up early this morning and go to my 8:15am Pilates class!! Great! This class is very small so I got worked a little extra-all the time using weights when i could. A really great workout today!

My foot is a little sore from prolotheraphy. I really want to get a short run in today~but I don't want to push my foot. I'll see how it feels later on in the afternoon. Maybe a 2 mile jaunt!! I'll see! I know velcro is anxious to go for a run with her momma!!!

I was looking at the pictures from prolo yesterday-my foot really isn't that fat-it gets a bit swollen from the injections-normally I have skinny ugly feet-ha ha!

The Chinatown Firecracker/Year of the Rat 10K is this sunday....maybe I'll run it!

( 229 Kcals burned- felt like more today!!)


HIKE: 5 Miles
( 680 Kcals-can that be right??)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Prolotheraphy Appt #4 for Southbay Girl

wow....not as many shots today-but still a little puffy!
I think my feet are ugly!
Heal baby heal!!!
oops....think I forgot to shave before my prolotheraphy appt!

Prolotheraphy!!! My miracle, non-surgical, method of finally healing my foot and allowing me to run without pain!!! AMEN! I can spout on about how wonderful this treatment is, how wonderful Dr. Peter Fields is and that everyone should try this if they find themselves with injured or weakened joints, ligaments and tendons. I think I had all of the above!! Each appt I receive fewer and fewer injections of dextrose. To me it's not painful-it's like a sting! I'm a convert! Prolotheraphy and Dr. Peter Fields have changed my life!!! He has given me back pain-free running which I never thought I'd see again!! Thank you so very much!!!

Dr. Peter Fields is giving a free lecture in Santa Monica, California on monday February 18, 2008 at 7pm for anyone who is interested in finding out more about prolotheraphy! If you have any interest I'd recommend you go!! It's being held at:

Sha'arei Am-The Santa Monica Synagogue
1448 18th Street ( between Broadway and Santa Monica Blvd)
Santa Monica

Once again you are not allowed to comment on the length of my feet-yeah I know I have big feet! SO!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Southbay Girl Looks like a wet dog!!! At least I don't smell like one!!! Ha Ha Ha!

In the car trying to stay dry and warm before braving the southern california elements!!
My new friend Hillary Clinton-I didn't know she ran!
The 10K runners gathering at the soggy start
Running along Catalina Av between mile 4 and 5-notice the RAIN! It's southern california!!
I think this might be mile marker 5....
Looking south from the redondo beach pier towards Torrance-before the HILL
The Redondo Beach Pier-fun place to drink and eat!
Hey look mile marker 6!! Woo Hoo...almost finished!
I think this might be the FINISH...and yes it's in the rain
The spoils of running in the rain and wind! Beer and Popped Potato chips!!! Yummy!!

You know I've been running since I was in junior high school-guess I always had the bug. In college we'd run before heading out for a night of drinking, then when I became a grown up I really got into it-running as many races as possible including 3 marathons-I was in great shape and happy!. Then 2 1/2 years ago I met the a-hole and everything changed! I don't know why I stopped doing the things I loved but I did. I guess I had reached 40 years old and all of a sudden this 31 year old liked me-so I stopped running, my foot got worse, I gained weight and in hindsight I lost my lust for life. Well-I've found it! I have it back! I can't tell you (well I'm sure you know) how much I've missed running and racing! I guess I didn't really realize it until today when I crossed that finish line! It was kinda the same feeling I had after crossing the finish line of the marathon for the first time! Pure joy and elation! I've found one of my true loves again-she was lost but now she's found!!! And I'll never lose her again!!! I had an amazing race. yes it was windy as F! And wet and I got soaked but I loved it! Mind you-I'm a Scot so running in the rain is like being at home for me!!! I had my capilene on which kept me warm and dry-because the rain jacket came off almost immediately(nothing worse than getting hot while your running)!! And I ran at my penguin pace-very happy to be running at all! The entire race was into a headwind-the wind was coming right off the ocean so it never let up. The wind sucked more than the rain but soon the rain tapered off a bit-turned into the Scottish misty rain that I adore-so i was in heaven!! No sun! Woo Hoo!!! My arch hurt a little-started rubbing on my orthotics which developed into a small blister-I tried to ignore it but it was beginning to burn(I go for prolotheraphy tomorrow I'll make sure to tell my doc)! Just past the 3 mile mark, as we were running down Catalina Av into this horrible wind. I started feeling pretty good! This is the first time I've run a race in 2 years-and the first time I've run without Velcro since I got her( and she's almost 4). So I was battling a few inner demons so to speak! But I found a few people that seemed to have a pace I could stay with and I kept chugging along. From mile 4 on it was slightly uphill along the ocean. Once we hit the 5 mile mark I knew that nasty killer hill up from the Redondo Beach Pier was next. I've always walked up it-this year I was determined to run up all or most of it. And i did!!! At the top of the hill was a water station-yep I took water and then it was all down hill from there-literally!!! And I began to pick up my pace. I picked a few people who were in front of me-determined to pass them. I passed the 6 mile mark and you know what. I felt damn good! Much better than i was expecting. My arch was burning from the blister-but who cares!! I kicked it up from slow penguin to faster penguin pace during the last .2 miles (that's where the photographers always sit and snap pics!!!) and rounded the corner to the finish line!!! I did it! Everyone else bailed on me today but me! I got up at 6am, determined to run even though it was pissing down rain and I did it! And had a FANTASTIC TIME!!! I crossed the line-slower than I've ever run that race...but feeling better than I've ever felt running the race! I wasn't out of breath! And I walked to the beer garden-yes getting a bottle of water first!!! When running this race, one must always go to the beer garden afterwards-if only to see the crazies!! I had my 2nd breakfast of champions (this one was beer and yummy popped potato chips!) and then decided to pocket my 2nd beer and walk to my car so i could go home to my ever-so-dedicated running partner who I had left at home! A big smile is on my face!! I did miss my girl though. Next time Velcro comes with me!!


RUN: 6.2 miles- without my girl Velcro
( 768 Kcals burned-burn baby burn!!!)

Total Time: 1:11:59.1 (whew just squeaked in before 1:12 lets rejoice!!)
Penguin Pace: 11:37 (hey I thought I was slower.....sweet!!!)

And I wasn't last!!! Woo Hoo!!!